Below are some general, and specific character concepts we're looking for in Igen above and beyond riders of all colors and general weyrfolk. Players are encouraged to add their own NPCs to the list, and PC shop owners are encouraged to post job openings here.

Wanted Ranked Characters

Each of these characters are subject to Igen's Activity Requirements. Before applying, make sure that you have read and are willing to comply with these requirements. To apply for these characters fill out our Insta-Ranker Application and mail *iws.

Name Role Detailed Information Suggested PB
Cremla Headwoman A part of the slow creep of High Reaches into Igen, Cremla came after headwoman Prineline set off to Ista for full-time grandmothering. She's known as a no-nonsense woman, who runs a tight ship. Children are wary of her sharp tongue, as are adults who step in her way. She's known to bend the rules when she sees fit and rumor holds that she has more than a few underworld connections. cremla.jpg
Kahar Head Cook When Kahar took over the kitchens he did it by storm. Quick to chastize Kahar has exacting requirements for everything that comes out of his kitchen. Years of neglect in the Igen kitchens leave him a long way to go. Take a step in the wrong direction in his kitchen and he'll quickly toss the person out on their butt, regardless of rank. kahar.jpg
Ceapan Bazaarmaster Long time bazaarmaster at Igen, Ceapan is known for playing every element in the bazaar against one another for his own particular benefit. Oily and sly he sucks up to the weyr when it serves him, while wining and dining with the slicker elements of the bazaar when it serves him. Bribe is a word he knows more than well. ceapan.jpg

Bazaar Job Openings

Each of these players are for player-run shops, with the exception of The Tea Room, The Pit, and Rosie’s Daughters. PC Bazaar shop owners are encouraged to put their shops here if they are looking for specific positions, but do not have specific personalities attached to those positions.

Shop Detailed Information Job Openings Contact Information
Dustbowl Cantina Weathering every storm Igen throws at it, the Dustbowl Cantina is an Igen establishment. Riders, bazaarites, traders, and holders clash in conflicting personalities and desires. Currently managed by Topiltzin, the Dustbowl is neutral ground in all bazaar conflicts. Waiter/Waitress, Busser, Mixologist, Bartender, Bouncer, Cleaning Crew @mail *iws and Topiltzin for more details or to apply!
The Pit Pern's only organized fighting arena, The Pit is managed by the once-trader, now firmly established Steen family. Ruled by the clan's patriarch Vitus, The Pit's organized fights give anyone willing to pay an entrance fee the chance to duke it out. In the underworld of the Bazaar, the Steen's are the enforcers of the rules that keep order and make sure that the underworld stays the underworld. Bouncers, Professional Fighters, Steen Family members, Managers, Fight Organizers @mail *iws and Vitus for more details or to apply!
The Tea Room Run by an offshoot of the Steen Family, The Tea Room offers an upscale alternative to doing business in the Dustbowl Catina or The Pit. While connected with the underworld of the bazaar, the Tea Room claims no connection and affirms its neutrality. Tea Servers, Manager @mail *iws and Vitus with more details or to apply!
The Menagerie Owned and operated by the Steen family, the Menagerie offers a wide variety of interesting animals to see and visit. If its winding paths also serve as a covert spot for meetings by those who would prefer to go unseen….Well, wouldn't that just be the oddest thing? Caretakers, Managers @mail *iws and Vitus with more details or to apply!

PC Wanted Characters

Are you looking for a character to fill a role in your character's caravan, business, craft, etc.? Any Igen player is welcome to toss their requests up here - just make sure to provide a contact name for would-be takers to utilize!

Name Detailed Information Contact Information Description
Segany Guardsman who grew up with Th'bek as Igen Weyrbrats. Flexible character type. Th'bek via @mail placeholder.jpg
Nivor A Reika Caravan member. Grew up in Bitra and left with his family. Older brother of Naomi and Netai. A smith within the caravan. Flexible character type but a slightly overbearing brother type. Naomi via @mail placeholder.jpg
Netai A Reika Caravan member. Grew up in Bitra and left with his family. Younger brother of Nivor and older brother of Naomi. A herder for the caravan. Flexible character type. Naomi via @mail placeholder.jpg
Sephus Vitus' youngest son. Dutiful. Follows Vitus around the Pit doing odd jobs. Vitus via @mail placeholder.jpg
Mirana Vitus' only daughter and youngest child. Dutiful and quiet. Pretty. Her mother died giving birth to her. Vitus via @mail placeholder.jpg
Igaro A Master Starcrafter posted at Igen Weyr, Igaro clings firmly to his conservative (he calls them traditional) views. A tall and slender man, he has a sharp, severe face, and the ability to seem like he's always looking down his long nose at people. A man of few words, he spends a great deal of time in his studies, preferring books to people. He's tough on all the crafters posted under him, but keeps particularly high standards for female Starcrafters. Beris via @mail placeholder.jpg

Plot Hooks

See our Plot Page for more details and ideas! Adoptables here are more general concepts that fit into the plot theme rather than specific characters. The sky is the limit!

Plot Name Detailed Information

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