With three heavy wings in the upper tier, Arroyo flies dynamic troubleshooting formations relying on the quick wit and faster wings of their smaller dragons. To say they fly circles around Parhelion is not a dig against their mid-tier counterparts, but rather the role of the lighter, faster Wing while Parhelion does the heavy lifting. They've traditionally had progressive views, sporting a higher-than-average number of female riders even during the Interval, but tensions always simmered over those views.

Those tensions peaked when W'rin (Weyrleader at the start of the Pass) removed the Wingleader of turns and placed Trek - a blueriding female - in charge. Arroyo has gone through a few different Wingleaders since then. In month 7, Turn 6, a Weyrleader’s son and traditionalist, but not totally unkind to capable females under his authority, Th'bek, sought bright riders to collect and add to Arroyo, priding himself on his quantity of fast greens and blues. Agertha stepped ably into the role and lead for the better part of a Turn before an injury sidelined her and Kestrath. At the start of the 12th Turn of the 12th Pass, T'ral, another bluerider, has assumed the mantle of leadership, he is steeped in taking best advantage of agile chromatic dragons. After T'ral's tenure, H'terk (NPC) was Wingleader with brown Hridaynath, until bluerider Zaria, transferred from Ista to be a Sandblast Wingsecond, was promoted into the role three months after her arrival at Igen.

  • Leadership: Wingleader Zaria & blue Azrith; Wingsecond B'taar(NPC) and bronze Kukonth
  • Wing Objectives: The 'workhorse' wing, they are the most likely to be outside of the Weyr giving aid to noble Holds and far flung outposts alike, excavating irrigation canals, situating boulders for living arrangements, even carrying livestock trapped on hillsides. They do not come across as arrogant to civilians, willing to get dirty with them side by side and watching their dragons in action on the ground. As a result, Arroyo is often used by Weyr leadership to negotiate with Holders, traders, and desert tribes, having most earned their respects and judgment.
  • Reputation: A flashy wing of fast dragons and many young riders, they are largely loyal to each other. Promotions are made sometimes without regard for color or gender, and many traditional Nowtimer viewpoints are discouraged if they’re antagonistic. Arroyo also makes a regular game out of flying through dust devils over the plains, the winning riding pair 'tagging' the most and receiving the Ruiner of Winds gold metal straps attachment.
  • Nickname: Royos, although a few non-fans call them the Yoyos.

PC Roster

Current NPC Riders

Name Dragon Note
B'taar bronze Kukonth Early 20's. Wingsecond
E'stu brown Teratoth Gullible
H'terk brown Hridaynath Former Wingleader. Injured badly and had to step down.
S'ror brown Theriuth Male weyrmate Krias is a tanner often at Last Call taking measurements and selling leathers and straps
R'bior blue Adrutth Former wingsecond. Mid-50's. Suffers from liver damage. Good with customs and history
S'chen blue Etengath Weyrling from Clutch 6
Th'sher blue Githanth Agertha's cousin
Tl'kar blue Baetrexth Lost an arm just below the elbow
Kl'val green Voikuoth TBD
D'dema green Avyleuth Talks a lot
L'dyd green Izeztomath Quiet, but dependable. DO NOT KILL
D'nnet brown Cnenyath On Leave


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