Igen's Metaplots

Metaplots underlay all RP at the Weyr itself. They provide some of the flair and theme for Igen, and give players a chance to immerse themselves in the clash of cultures that is Igen's charm.

Oldtimers and Nowtimers

Following the successful recruitment and transport forward of the riders and residents of 10th Interval High Reaches and Ista Weyrs, Igen has gone from an understaffed Weyr to one populous and bustling. Tensions are thick in the air from conflicts of social mores and expectations.

Sparks of Change

As the old and now mix, a new breed has emerged from the chaos of Threadfall, death, crime, and poverty. Survivor blood runs thick and new ideas are not quite the anathema they once were. Within this blood necessity takes center stage and innovation has a chance to flourish. Within the embrace of the bazaar new ideas spring forth from the mixture of ideas. Tradition clashes with expediency causing each to bring forth the best that can be created. Here, out in the isolated, mountainous midst of the desert, the spark of change is glimmering. The Igen Renaissance begins.