Clutching Mail:
Message 76 of 79 on *Igen Weyr (#22815):
Date: Sun Feb 4 13:07:59 2018 PST
From: Nasrin (#28362)
To: *Igen Weyr (#22815)
Subject: Clutch I!

The clutch of thirty-two eggs spawned by Nokteryth and Rajakhelath were laid at the month's start without much for fuss or flourish. Candidates are cropping up as well as the occasional poker game both gold and rider have allowed on the sand's edge…

Hatching Mail:
Message 79 of 79 on *Igen Weyr (#22815):
Date: Wed Feb 14 16:49:04 2018 PST
From: Nasrin (#28362)
To: *Igen Weyr (#22815)
Subject: Dragons, part I!

Nokteryth and Rajakhelath's thirty-two eggs hatched on the sands, freeing the area up for the next mother. These are purely NPC, the better dragonets are coming a little later ;)

12 greens
10 blues
8 browns
2 bronzes

PC Insta Weyrlings:

Other NPC Impressees (Available Adoptions):
2 bronzes, 8 browns, 10 blues, and 12 greens