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For Turns now, the the conservative Nowtimers have been mixing with the more liberal Oldtimers, but not all changes are easily accepted. Female riders on fighting dragons have become more and more common, much to the chagrin of some of the more hidebound Igenites. For the most part, those grumblings have been left to corners with others that share their views, but from time to time, they're bound to flare up!

With recent heavy losses to the wings and the bazaar seeing a recent spike in minor crimes, the rumblings have become louder of late. Is the young Weyrleader to blame? Or perhaps it was the Wingleaders he selected? Baseless or founded, plenty of accusations are flying in all directions!

Please read through the following topics and if you have any questions, please reach out to *iws.

Key Points

Character Creation is open for business! Use your own character concept or look through the Adoptable Characters and Wanted Concepts! Once approved by a guide, simply @send *iws as you would any other character request


OOC Date Title Summary
5/25/18 Surprise Fall! A Surprise Threadfall over Igen on a very windy day leads to high casualties for all wings, particularly Arroyo.