Month 1 Summary

This month will focus on three things:

  1. The bond between you and your new lifemate - and your clutchmates.
  2. Learning to control the mindlink.
  3. Learning the basic care for your dragonet.

Month 1 Vig and RP Ideas

  • How does your character feel about impression?
  • What are those first conversations with your dragon like?
  • What does your character think about the change in their future/cutting up meat/scooping poop?
  • How are your fellow clutchmates doing?
  • Does your dragon get along with others? Is he a menace? Is there someone in the clutch who is?

Month 1 Rules and Restrictions

  • No high or intense emotions (they can confuse the dragonet, who can't process these things yet).
  • No alcohol (you don't want your dragonet to think you are dead because you passed out and go between).
  • No physical relationships or prolonged physical contact that could induce temptation toward physical relationships (these are a form of emotions - they don't know what is happening to you and they will freak out, and could accidentally hurt themselves).
  • Uniforms of yellow and black must be worn at all times. You do not have to sleep in them, though. But please sleep in something.
  • You must be with your dragon physically at all times and therefore are limited to the places they can reach on foot. Baby dragons sleep a lot. So if you go too far, you will have your dragonet out passed out in the middle of a bowl - and some weyrlingmasters very angry at you. Your best bet is to not go past the training grounds.
  • For the first couple of days of weyrlinghood (longer, if deemed necessary by those in charge) you will not be allowed visitors. You should be focusing on your lifemate and the bond between you.
    • This does not mean that your dragonet cannot reach out to other dragons as they try to get to know their new home, or that the more curious dragons of the weyr may not reach out to the dragonets. What it does mean is that the focus is on you, your lifemate, and your clutchmates.
  • The second or third IC day you will be allowed to start having (infrequent) visitors. They are not allowed inside the weyrling barracks.
    • The barracks are a "sacred" place for you and your clutchmates as you all try to figure out what the heck is happening in your lives. Impression is not just a new "job" - it is a complete transformation of life. All dreams for the future you had, all relationships you had, everything, is forever changed - for better or worse - and nothing can change it back. And everyone needs a quiet (okay, so it will rarely be quiet) safe place where they can work that out.
    • Guests should meet you in the training grounds, or just outside in the North Bowl.

Month 1 Lessons