Month 3 Summary

This month will be focused on getting ready for your duties once you can fly as weyrlings.

  1. Learning to pick out leather for straps. It is more difficult than it sounds.
  2. Learning to sew straps. You'll be doing this more than once as your dragon grows.
  3. Bagging and practicing tossing firestone.
  4. Keeping working out; you'll need to be bigger, stronger and have more conditioning.

Vig & RP Ideas for Month 3

  • How are you dealing with the intensity of physical training?
  • How are you and your dragon feeling about next month when you will mount for the first time?
  • Have you taken any time to get ahead on formations? Why or why not?
  • How are you doing with firestone bagging and tossing? Are you and your dragon worried about the responsibility being placed on you?

Month 3 Rules and Restrictions

  • No high emotions.
  • No alcohol.
  • No physical relationships.
  • Uniforms of yellow and black must be worn at all times.
  • Dragons can be alone for short (but longer) periods of time. When and if you leave them you must be within a distance that you can get back in a hurry, so no going outside the Weyr - and even then, use good judgement inside the Weyr. The dragon is your main (read: only) responsibility.
  • If you do go somewhere with your dragon, make sure they can reach the distance easily and return. You don't want your dragonet falling asleep and blocking the traffic in and out of the Weyr.
  • Now that all of you can leave your dragons, you'll be assigned chores around the Weyr again.
  • Don't forget you are in charge of feeding and cleaning up the aftermath of your dragons meals - until they can hunt, and do their business between.

Month 3 Lessons