Month 7 Summary

  1. You'll be taking theory on ::between:: this month, and at the very end of the month you'll take your first jumps, individually and under VERY strict supervision.
  2. Perhaps slightly less dangerous, or maybe more depending on your dragon, dragonets will be taking their first bites of firestone and producing flames. Try not to burn the place down.
  3. As soon as you've successfully gone ::between::, you will graduate to Senior Weyrlings! Which means two things:
      1. you have more duties during a Fall, and
      2. one of you will be appointed Weyrling Wingleader, with one or two wingseconds.

Vig & RP Ideas for Month 7

  • How are you feeling about going between? How was your first time? How do you feel about some day not having a weyrlingstaff member checking your destinations before you go?
  • How did flaming go? How quickly is your dragon catching on? Was s(he) able to control what was going on?
  • Being a senior weyrling and learning to between means that soon you will be a much more active participant in Threadfall. How are you dealing with this idea? Excited? Scared?

Month 7 Rules and Restrictions

  • Cleaning, bathing, oiling your dragon.
  • Exercise.
  • Chores.
  • Memorize formations.
  • Weyrwarming parties.
  • Drills.
  • Physical Training, Physical Training, Physical Training.
  • You'll be running lots of ground drills.
  • Extra classes, if you have them.
  • You may fly now, but you cannot between, so you need to stay where your baby dragons have the energy to fly back, and you can fly with any full rider (like having your learner's permit).

Month 7 Lessons