Welcome to Weyrlinghood at Igen Weyr! As part of our effort to simplify the OOC process and focus energy on the IC, Weyrlinghood at Igen runs for nine weeks, with a strong emphasis on giving new riders a chance to hit all the 'ling highlights, without months of slogging in between. This page exists to give you guidance during this time, as well as provide you with RP ideas and code help!

The Who's Who

Everyone listed here are people who will be involved in weyrling training immediately — folks who are either training, mentoring, healing or weyrlings themselves. Any PC on these lists are welcome to be in any of the weyrling spaces at any time without permission; others require an OK, at least ICly!

Your Weyrlingmaster staff and fellow weyrlings, Mosaic Wing:


Name Dragon Position
Vosji blue Iskanzivoth Weyrlingmaster
Miel green Ivaenth Assistant Weyrlingmaster
Eala green Oriahysciath Assistant Weyrlingmaster
Aili (NPC) blue Firineth Assistant Weyrlingmaster
B'ram (NPC) brown Duilath Assistant Weyrlingmaster
Tzielle green Oreyth Jr. Weyrling
R'dan blue Dukahnth Jr. Weyrling
Casla gold Jaehnieseyth Jr. Weyrling
Ember green Chayallanth Jr. Weyrling
Q'y bronze Yujnth Jr. Weyrling


And other important PCs:


Name Dragon Role
Doji brown Raktraeth Dragonhealer (Weyrling Specialist)
Zetali brown Odksovith Weyrling Mentor


For all logs tagged with your clutch's log tag, please check out Igen's Weyrlinghood Logs!