How to Apply

  • Log onto the game using port 7007.
  • Create a character, and follow the directions to get guide approval.
  • If you have a PB in mind, check the faces page to see if it's been claimed.
  • @send *iws with a blurb about your character. More detailed applications can be found below.

Applications for Characters

Staff's aim is to approve all characters within 24 hours of submission, but may need up to 72 hours for characters that require code or consensus (ranked characters, insta-riders and insta-weyrlings). If you do not hear back within those 72 hours check in with a staffer to make sure we received your application.

Somewhere between the Weyrfolk and Traders lie the denizens of the Central Bazaar - established merchants and members of families and clans that have been part of Igen's Bazaar culture for Turns, decades - or more.

In your @mail to *igenstaff, please provide is with following information:

  • Requested rank/title. PLEASE NOTE: Anyone wishing to PC the head of a clan needs to fill out the insta-ranker information as well!
  • Family name/business.
  • A brief history of the family (if not previously established).
  • A BRIEF summary of the character's history.
  • One or two lines about what you'd like to have them do at Igen.

Additional Applications

Rank at Igen weyr is a goal for many players, and having IC rank adds depth and vibrancy to the area. Newly made characters are more than welcome to app any ranked positions in the weyr. Visit our Rank Policy page to learn more about all of the different ranks within Igen Weyr proper. Before applying for a particular position, make sure you do your homework and make sure that there is not a PC currently holding that position. Staff reserves the right to deny an insta-ranker application if the rank requested is already filled by a PC.

If you are requesting rank with a newly created character be aware that all ranked positions in the weyr are subject to Igen's Activity Policy. Rankers who do not meet the activity requirements will be removed from their rank.

In addition to the above application, please submit the following information for an insta-ranker to *igenstaff:

  • How did your character achieve this rank? What distinguished them from the competition? You might also include why they would do a better job than current NPCs, though that is just a suggestion, not a requirement.
  • What do you want to do with your rank? We're not looking for full on plot hooks, but we do want to know how you intent to impact the area as a ranker.

Igen Staff will generally get back to you within 72 hours. If it takes longer, please give someone on staff a page to doublecheck that we received your @mail!

Channels and Mailers

Channels at Igen Weyr are the way we comunicate with the area. We encourage all Igenites to do addcom alias=ChannelName. Keeping them on is optional though!

  • [Desert Discourse]- This is our main chat channel! Any and all miscellaneous chat goes here. A certain level of Spam is expected here! However, we ask that you keep the channel chatter at a general PG-13 level, and all links be Safe For Work. If there is an issue, staff will contact you.
  • [Desert Bidness] - Specifically for activity involving the Bazaar, including Crafter and Trader activity and plots.
  • [Desert Raiders]- This is our RP Channel! If you're looking for a scene toss it out here. Keep non-RP related chatter off this channel- some of our players keep Discourse off so they can focus on RP. As as staff we'll contact you if we feel chatter is getting away from the purpose of this channel- RP RP RP.
  • [Desert Schemers] - This is our TP Planning channel! We want to encourage you guys to toss ideas for area plot arcs here so that everyone can be involved in the discussion. (addcom ds=DesertSchemers)
  • [Crossroads] - We highly encourage cross-Weyr RP. Ask here to see if someone in Southern might be willing to RP! - Don’t worry if you’re not a rider, NPCS are great for “traveling” and there’s usually someone of enough NPC rank to justify you going somewhere! (addcom cr=Crossroads)
  • [SandStaff] - Sometimes it can be hard to catch a staffer via page. SandStaff allows players to reach out to staff with quick questions. If a staffer is active, they'll answer. (addcom ss=SandStaff)
  • [+SandCzars+] - A channel for IC Leadership to coordinate news and activities. (addcom cz=+SandCzars+ if part of IC Leadership)
  • [Igen Underground] - The channel for Igen's Underground Hold, officially now called Kurkar.