So you're interested in becoming one of the mysterious Zingari? That's absolutely wonderful!!!! We would love to have you!!! You are in the right place! Just fill out your application below! Then @send it to Willimina or S'ayde or Tallel.

  • What is your name?
  • What Job Would You Like?
      • Take a look at the Job section of the Wiki and let us know what Job(s) you'd like. In List form. Example: Dancer, Actor, Jester
  • Are You Zingari By Birth?
      • Let us know who you are! Are you Zingari By Birth? If So, What Zingari clan are you from? (( See: Clan Section on wiki.If It's a new Clan, please add a description of where they are from on Pern with the clan name)) Are You a Refugee Taken In By Willa? A runaway From The Weyr? Transferring From another Caravan? If You are not from a Zingari Clan, Tell us what Weyr, hold, or cot you're from.
  • Have You Read Through All The Caravan Pages on The Wiki?
  • Do You Have Plans To Impress This Character In The Future? (We're just curious)

Activity Requirement for Zingari Players

Activity Requirements range between 1 and 3 Scenes a month. As long as I can see that there is consistent play, I won't be too picky if the requirement is missed once in awhile!!! I'm not all aggro about activity, really I'm not! Unfortunately, we've had a couple of people dump characters they don't know what to do with in our midst and then never use them. Due to this, 4 months of inactivity will result in Willimina asking Igen Staff to remove you from the Zingari Ranks. If there is a true RL situation that is preventing you from being active, that's perfectly fine, just please do @send Tallel or Willimina and let them know. We know RL gets in the way sometimes and that can't be helped.

I've been approved by area Staff! What do I do now?

  • NOTE: The wagon will NOT let you @sethome if you haven't been added to the resident list, so make sure you follow the instructions above.
  • Now you'll want to add yourself to our mailer, again, the mailer won't let you subscribe if you haven't been added to the readers list, so make sure you get those @sends out! To add yourself to our mailer, type @subscribe *zingari.
  • You'll also want to add yourself to our caravan channel, and to do so you just type:** addcom zing=ZingariAfterHours. Then type:** zing on, and you'll be set!

Welcome to the Zingari! Help us show Pern a bit of mystery, seduction, and fun!