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2016 Logs: 73 Scenes

03 Jan 2016 05:00: Two Trees ∴ Comments 3

M'noq pays Keelie a visit. They try to put a label on things… in their own way.

m-noq_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg

08 Jan 2016 08:00: Racks, and Rumps, and Everything In Between ∴ Comments 2

Myziri is having some quiet time after Sahizath's bath. Then Vi'ano and later Keelie show up; conversation ensues, mostly centered around Clem's rack..or butt..or both. And some other less trivial stuff. But Myziri eventually chases them both away with her poor people skills (and her rollercoaster buzz speak). Poor Sahizath's stuck with her, tho.

myziri11.jpg vi-ano_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg

11 Jan 2016 08:00: Crossing Paths in the Jungle ∴ Comments 0

Sa'mael and Keelie cross paths in the jungle and catch up.

keelie_default.jpg 142.png

13 Jan 2016 05:00: The Hollow Tree (Vignette) ∴ Comments 1

Keelie still has some contact with her sisters.


17 Jan 2016 05:00: Flower Meadow ∴ Comments 0

Keelie sees M'noq's secret place for the first time, and they plot new adventures.

m-noq_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg

18 Jan 2016 05:00: Chasing Promises (Vignette) ∴ Comments 3

Keelie's experience of Gruffith's first time chasing in a mating flight.

keelie_default.jpg gruffith_default.jpg

18 Jan 2016 05:00: A Man of Ice and Snow ∴ Comments 0

Keelie and Gruffith are on sweeps above Southern's snowy mountains, and come across a lone traveller cloaked in furs. Are they strangers, or are their pasts linked somehow?

hassun17.jpg keelie_default.jpg

19 Jan 2016 05:00: Tangled ∴ Comments 3

After Gruffith loses his first flight, M'noq rushes home to find Keelie in his Weyr. They get more than a little bit tangled up together. This is the aftermath.

m-noq_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg

03 Feb 2016 05:00: Serval's Pantsless Adventure ∴ Comments 0

Serval goes to scout out some clay. Seriously, they're looking for mud.

keelie_default.jpg z-bor_default.jpg arianne_default.jpg lisette_default.jpg

04 Feb 2016 05:00: Beauty and the Slime ∴ Comments 0

Xia wants to turn Loe's face green, and Keelie does not think that is a good idea.

xia_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg

18 Feb 2016 05:00: Tired Dragonriders Be Tired ∴ Comments 1

M'noq comes by to visit Keelie. They try to talk, but end up falling asleep.

m-noq_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg

26 Feb 2016 08:00: LYNX: Fly Another Day ∴ Comments 2

The Lynx Wing Banquet. Gifts, gab and surprise Thread!

a-kehm_default.jpg catryn_default.jpg j-ran_default.jpg jedi_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg m-noq_default.jpg myziri_default.jpg rocio_default.jpg t-ral_default.jpg z-ok_default.jpg

04 Mar 2016 05:00: Trapped - Part I ∴ Comments 0

Keelie and Gruffith come upon Renalde and a wildling hunting party in the mountains. The Lord Warden asks her to lead an expedition into a cave… which results in them being trapped inside.

renalde_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg

05 Mar 2016 05:00: Trapped - Part II ∴ Comments 0

Renalde and Keelie are still trapped inside a mountain. Renalde laments his bad parenting, Keelie shares a bit. It goes about as well as can be expected.

renalde_default.jpg keelie19.jpg

08 Mar 2016 05:00: One Rock at a Time ∴ Comments 0

Renalde, Keelie, M'noq, T'ral, Hunzak, Various miner NPCs

It's been four days, and, thanks to the miners preventing further rock-slides, things are looking promising for getting Renalde and Keelie out of the mountain. M'noq has been working round the clock, T'ral arrives for another shift, and Hunzak is part of the excavation team.

renalde_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg m-noq_default.jpg t-ral_default.jpg hunzak_default.jpg
gruffith_default.jpg ravaith_default.jpg esanth_default.jpg

03 Mar 2016 08:00: P-p-proddy? ∴ Comments 0

Takes place before It's Easier With Friends: Yerenath is proddy, and J'ran is cracking. Ione, Keelie, and Jedrek attempt to intervene.

125.png jedrek_default.jpg j-ran_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg

10 Mar 2016 05:00: Back to the Weyr ∴ Comments 1

Keelie is finally out of the mountain, and M'noq brings her home and takes care of her. Takes place after One Rock at a Time.

m-noq_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg

Thread was SUPPOSED to fall over the Feline Plains, but this is Southern. Of course it fell over the Boardwalk.

arianne_default.jpg bailey_default.jpg clementine_default.jpg 22.jpg ione_default.jpg io-v_default.jpg k-ane_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg k-lir_default.jpg k-vvan_default.jpg loe_default.jpg oz-keyn_default.jpg rocio_default.jpg 37.gif t-ral_default.jpg t-zaim_default.jpg xia_default.jpg z-bor_default.jpg 94.png Lis19%281%29.png caelth_default.jpg khalyssrielth_default.jpg sekhaenkath_default.jpg niatskivhiath_default.jpg ilhiannaevryth_default.jpg dhioth_default.jpg gruffith_default.jpg bryntaeroth_default.jpg nadeeth_default.jpg valmoth_default.jpg niamyth_default.jpg c3.png esanth_default.jpg denivoth_default.jpg zafroxth_default.jpg ozriath_default.jpg nemekhath_default.jpg dhiammarath_default.jpg syzaith_default.jpg

07 Mar 2016 05:00: {V} Hold On ∴ Comments 3

Keelie holds onto the light.
A vig from when Renalde and the former wildling brownrider were stuck in the mountain.


01 Apr 2016 04:00: It's Raining Socks ∴ Comments 0

Two of Southern's redheaded brownriders are doing laundry and discover where the lost socks in the Weyr go.

arianne_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg

10 Apr 2016 04:00: A Strange Deviant Spy ∴ Comments 1

Clementine and D'cen are being checked over the day after a fall, Keelie is in the infirmary to steal cotton balls.

clementine_default.jpg d-cen_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg

11 Apr 2016 04:00: The Lumberjack and the Wildling ∴ Comments 0

Halkarie is chopping wood and Keelie is getting in touch with her roots.

halkarie_default.jpg keelie21.jpg

14 Apr 2016 04:00: River Klah ∴ Comments 2

Oz'keyn and Hirikoth meet Keelie and Gruffith.

oz-keyn_default.jpg keelie21.jpg

17 Apr 2016 04:00: White Leathers ∴ Comments 0

An assistant weyrlingmaster and her previous charge have a short exchange in the Nighthearth.

varvara_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg

05 May 2016 04:00: River Raspberries ∴ Comments 0

Two friends catch up.

rielle_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg

17 May 2016 04:00: Cornered ∴ Comments 1

Talobi is betrayed by his knapsack and is caught by K'lir and Keelie.

tal_icon24.jpg k-lir_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg
gruffith_default.jpg bryntaeroth_default.jpg

18 May 2016 04:00: From Desert to Southern ∴ Comments 0

The stables are a good place to hide from Igen's sandy wind. And an even better place to find candidates!

tanjek02.jpg keelie7.jpg

19 May 2016 04:00: With friends like these... ∴ Comments 1

Loe and Keelie have a proposition for Kasavi.

kasavi113.png keelie_default.jpg loe_default.jpg

21 May 2016 04:00: Shipmates ∴ Comments 0

M'noq is weyrsitting and has something to ask Keelie.

m-noq_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg

27 May 2016 04:00: Egg Touching... Again ∴ Comments 0

The eggs are still weird.

clementine_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg k-lir_default.jpg arianne_default.jpg jorlen_default.jpg halkarie_default.jpg tal_icon24.jpg

28 May 2016 04:00: Home Scents ∴ Comments 0

M'noq and Keelie are looking for flowers and herbs for their new weyr.

m-noq_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg

01 Jun 2016 04:00: Where the wild things are. ∴ Comments 2

Candidates are chopping underbrush, and a couple of dragonriders show up randomly.

keelie_default.jpg loe_default.jpg tal_icon24.jpg

01 Jun 2016 04:00: Blueberry Pie ∴ Comments 2

Myziri and Keelie finally meet for pie on the beach. (Not to be confused with cake by the ocean.)

keelie26.jpg myziri28.jpg

People come and go.

amarante_default.jpg kasavi_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg loe_default.jpg rhuysarr_default.jpg talyla_default.jpg t-zaim_default.jpg

03 Jun 2016 04:00: Hitching A Ride ∴ Comments 1

Halkarie has a favor to ask of Keelie. He speaks in full sentences… a little bit.

halkarie_default.jpg keelie14.jpg

04 Jun 2016 04:00: Missing a Home ∴ Comments 0

Talobi has some questions for Keelie.

tal_icon24.jpg keelie11.jpg

10 Jun 2016 04:00: After the Late Shift ∴ Comments 3

Keelie and M'noq share a quiet moment.

m-noq_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg

11 Jun 2016 04:00: Keelie for AWLM ∴ Comments 2

Keelie asks her wingleader for a promotion.

lisette_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg

16 Jun 2016 04:00: Post Mortem ∴ Comments 10

After the dragon-rider deaths, Tal seeks out Gruffith for reassurance. Keelie joins them and tries to help.

keelie14.jpg gruffith_default.jpg tal_icon4.jpg

20 Jun 2016 04:00: Family Aftermath ∴ Comments 0

After M'noq's father's unwelcome visit, Keelie returns home.
Takes place after Visit Home.

m-noq_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg

It's a hatching!

a-hali_default.jpg n-dric_default.jpg iska_default.jpg j-rlen_default.jpg t-jek_default.jpg amarante_default.jpg rhuysarr_default.jpg tal_icon7.jpg a-idan_default.jpg t-zaim_default.jpg d-cen_default.jpg clementine_default.jpg hannah_default.jpg arianne_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg k-lir_default.jpg

26 Jun 2016 07:00: Impression Hangovers ∴ Comments 0

Weyrlings and weyrlingmasters wander about the yard as the new Impressees get used to their bonds.

varvara_default.jpg tal_icon19.jpg keelie_default.jpg a-hali_default.jpg
valkyrinth_default.jpg ten_icon17.jpg gruffith_default.jpg ohanaveth_young.jpg

05 Jul 2016 04:00: New Knots - Still Teenagers ∴ Comments 0

Keelie has AWLM woes, M'noq has a shiny new knot.

m-noq_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg

06 Jul 2016 04:00: No Fly Zone ∴ Comments 5

A weyrling attempts to flirt with an AWLM. It goes about as well as can be expected.

keelie28.jpg d-ean_default.jpg

07 Jul 2016 04:00: Babies are Cute ∴ Comments 2

Rielle, Myziri, Keelie, Xia, Baby Zariel

(Updated!) Busy clutchsiblings and Rielle's new baby meet up in the Nighthearth.

Rielle16.jpg myziri02.jpg keelie_default.jpg xia_default.jpg

12 Jul 2016 04:00: Haters gonna hate ∴ Comments 0

D'ean has something on his mind.

d-ean_default.jpg ione_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg t-zaim_default.jpg

16 Jul 2016 06:00: Pony Dragons 2 ∴ Comments 0

Now with more falling off of dragons, AWLMs, and a surprise reprising of his role: D'ean!

a-idan_default.jpg halkarie_default.jpg francis_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg d-ean_default.jpg

23 Jul 2016 04:00: Flying Pony Dragons Ep. 1 ∴ Comments 0

Dragons fly for the first time! Some dragons land better than others.


24 Jul 2016 04:00: Firelight ∴ Comments 0

A quiet moment during weyrlinghood - Iska and Keelie chat in the Nighthearth.

iska_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg

The weyrlings from Nemekhath's clutch graduate from junior weyrlinghood. There's crepe paper and streakers 'cause Southern.

a-idan_default.jpg d-ean_default.jpg ember_default.jpg francis_default.jpg hannah_default.jpg ione_default.jpg j-rlen_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg m-noq_default.jpg priya_default.jpg rielle_default.jpg t-zaim_default.jpg varvara_default.jpg vi-ano_default.jpg 3.gif

A crazy Southern-style clutching!

a-idan_default.jpg bailey_default.jpg d-ean_default.jpg hannah_default.jpg ione_default.jpg iska_default.jpg k-ane_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg t-zaim_default.jpg z-ok_default.jpg

12 Aug 2016 04:00: T'zaim Died :( ∴ Comments 3

All the things go on fire.

a-idan_default.jpg clementine_default.jpg d-ean_default.jpg francis_default.jpg hannah_default.jpg ione_default.jpg j-rlen_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg renalde_default.jpg sa-mael_default.jpg t-zaim_default.jpg vi-ano_default.jpgdenivoth_default.jpg nemekhath_default.jpg swyrrth_default.jpg

18 Aug 2016 07:00: Keelie (and Myziri) of the Jungle ∴ Comments 0

Keelie's communing with her jungle, and Myziri comes along and joins her; there's girl talk.

keelie_default.jpg myziri26.jpg

Southern's weyrlings graduate. Oriecorth rises in her maiden Flight. Typical Southern Weyr stuff: CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS.

a-hali_default.jpg a-idan_default.jpg clementine_default.jpg d-cen_default.jpg d-ean_default.jpg francis_default.jpg j-rlen_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg lisette_default.jpg loe_default.jpg myziri_default.jpg t-jek_default.jpg t-zaim_default.jpg

25 Aug 2016 04:00: Escape to the Beach ∴ Comments 3

Weyrlings are graduated! Things are discussed.

d-ean_default.jpg keelie11.jpg

25 Aug 2016 04:00: {V} The World Above ∴ Comments 2

A moment of grief, beauty and reflection.


02 Sep 2016 04:00: Shadows of Grief and Guilt ∴ Comments 0

Keelie has been worried about M'noq.

m-noq_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg

08 Sep 2016 04:00: Dragonet's Passing ∴ Comments 1

Khalyssrielth and Varaeth's eggs hatch, but, spoilers, it ends in tragedy.

a-idan_default.jpg bailey_default.jpg d-ean_default.jpg m-noq_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg z-ok_default.jpg

06 Oct 2016 04:00: A Day for Shopping ∴ Comments 0

Renalde and Keelie are on important missions.

renalde_default.jpg keelie8.jpg

10 Oct 2016 04:00: Iced Klah, Puzzles and Not Pirates ∴ Comments 0

Three dragonriders and a questionable guy walk into a bar…

d-ean_default.jpg m-noq_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg argento_default.jpg

14 Oct 2016 07:00: Seashells by the Sea Shore ∴ Comments 2

Myziri is sorting shells, happens that Keelie's collecting them as well. The two friends meet and update each other on their lives.

myziri28.jpg keelie_default.jpg

14 Oct 2016 06:00: Clown Cars Wagons Boats ∴ Comments 1

Pirates descend upon where Rylov's vacationing. CUE CHAOS.

renalde_default.jpg argento_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg abriem_default.jpg inessa_default.jpg michelet_default.jpg isadora_default.jpg luciana_default.jpg zavyr_default.jpg drex_default.jpg d-cen_default.jpg francis_default.jpg m-noq_default.jpg

14 Oct 2016 04:00: {V} Concussed ∴ Comments 7

Keelie has a concussion.

default_keelie_fire.jpg gruffith2.jpg

27 Oct 2016 04:00: Proddy in Pink ∴ Comments 0

Myziri is hiding in the archive library for some reason. Keelie and Francis find her.

keelie_default.jpg myziri34.jpg francis_default.jpg

28 Oct 2016 04:00: Starry Night ∴ Comments 1

Amidst the chaos happening at Southern, M'noq surprises Keelie on her turnday.

m-noq_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg

30 Oct 2016 07:00: Rook Captures Pawn ∴ Comments 2

Renalde has opportunity to make good his threat on Zavyr's life. Except not.

renalde_default.jpg d-cen_default.jpg d-ean_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg zavyr_default.jpg

Southern Riders raid a den of criminals. Two wanted pirates are taken down.

argento_default.jpg franhoodie.gif k-vvan_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg m-noq_default.jpg 37.gif sona_default.jpg c21.png gruffith_default.jpg nadeeth_default.jpg oriecorth_default.jpg ravaith_default.jpg

10 Nov 2016 05:00: {V} The White Doe ∴ Comments 2

Keelie is looking for Rylov.

keelie_default.jpg gruffith_default.jpg

10 Nov 2016 05:00: P&P Concluding Act ∴ Comments 2

The Weyr's final confrontation with the remaining crew of the Wandering Disgrace.

abriem_default.jpg d-cen_default.jpg francis_default.jpg k-vvan_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg luciana_default.jpg m-noq_default.jpg rylov_default.jpg zavyr_default.jpgdenivoth_default.jpg nemekhath_default.jpg oriecorth_default.jpg raxsonath_default.jpg

16 Nov 2016 05:00: Letter from Igen ∴ Comments 0

M'noq gets a letter from his sister and discusses his concerns with Keelie.

m-noq_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg

23 Nov 2016 07:00: Stormy Threadfall ∴ Comments 1

Everyone's eyes are bleeding.

t-zaim_default.jpg francis_default.jpg leevi_default.jpg d-ean_default.jpg sorvani_default.jpg xia_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg ione_default.jpg kvv35.jpg

30 Nov 2016 05:00: Grand Theft Redfruit ∴ Comments 0

M'noq and Keelie are getting food for their weyr and run into K'vvan and then Ione.

k-vvan_default.jpg m-noq_default.jpg keelie_default.jpg ione_default.jpg

08 Dec 2016 05:00: {V} A Wild Heart ∴ Comments 2

Some things never change.


2016 Mentions: 57 Scenes

07 Jan 2016 08:00: Hard Heads and Thick Walls ∴ Comments 1

A chance meeting on a hillside trail leads to friendly banter that goes down a path neither really wants but leads them to, if not complete understanding, at least a meeting of the minds.

109.png myziri20.jpg

11 Jan 2016 06:00: Purely Platonic ∴ Comments 0

J'ran drops in on Myz at her weyr and they chat until the wee hours.

j-ran_nude.jpg myziri37.jpg

13 Jan 2016 08:00: Patsies and Poetry ∴ Comments 3

M'noq helps T'ral out of a sticky situation that neither of them understand. There may also poetry for an unknown redhead.

m-noq_default.jpg t-ral_default.jpg

04 Mar 2016 08:00: Last Friday Night ∴ Comments 2

[Backdated] The morning after W is for Whiskey, Myziri and Ione celebrate their hangovers by trying to remember the night before.

113.png myziri11.jpg

04 Mar 2016 08:00: A Lot to Think About ∴ Comments 2

(Backscene - prior to the Lynx banquet and Sven's murder) Sweepriders take shelter from the rain in truly Southern style. Sans a dead body. So… half-Southern.

m-noq_default.jpg t-ral_default.jpg

10 Apr 2016 04:00: Weyrmates Catching Up ∴ Comments 4

While escaping her weyr for a little, Clementine runs into M'noq. The two have plenty of catching up to do.

m-noq_default.jpg Clem13.png

15 Apr 2016 05:00: The Revenge of the Attack of the Warm Fuzzies (Vig) ∴ Comments 2

The prank war spreads.


19 Apr 2016 05:00: Sandwiches and Stolen Maps ∴ Comments 2

It’s all fun and games until the prank war starts affecting wing business.

myziri_default.jpg m-noq_default.jpg

18 May 2016 04:00: Filling the Silence ∴ Comments 2

Wherein Tanjek's questions are (mostly) ignored, Halkarie and Tal let him do pretty much ALL of the talking and Tal discovers firestone.

halkarie_default.jpg tal_icon24.jpg tanjek02.jpg

19 May 2016 04:00: That Isn't Your Sister ∴ Comments 1

There's egg watching and catching up over prank wars.


19 May 2016 04:00: Sorry Gruffith - Nothing Personal (Vignette) ∴ Comments 9

Tal is, y'know familiarizing himself with the place, not because he's lost (Lies - LIES!)


19 May 2016 04:00: One little push is all it would take. ∴ Comments 2

After their none-too-friendly run-in, these two bump into each other on the Star Stones.

loe_default.jpg rhuysarr_default.jpg

20 May 2016 07:00: You're What Now? ∴ Comments 2

Rielle is looking for a quiet bath but ends up giving Myziri suprising news when she crashes the party. Ember? She took the wrong job.

rielle_default.jpg myziri32.jpg 8.png

28 May 2016 06:00: Awkwardness and Wonderment ∴ Comments 0

An awkward meetup on the beach is tempered by a moment of amazement in the midst of it all.

h-ris_default.jpg Zbor_9.jpg Rielle40.png

31 May 2016 04:00: Star and Mouse ∴ Comments 0

Two young friends from very different worlds meet once again.

casis_default.jpg kneesa17.jpg

03 Jun 2016 04:00: Trading Notes ∴ Comments 2

The upshot is Halkarie wants Tal to arrange a new ride for him and Halkarie is (sorta) fixing Tal up with a new flame (sorta).

halkarie30.png tal_icon24.jpg

08 Jun 2016 06:00: Released {Vig} ∴ Comments 3

Caught between a promise and a desire, Halkarie goes to find some peace. (Backdated because vigs take time to write.)


09 Jun 2016 05:00: M'noq's Reply (Vignette) ∴ Comments 5

Another one of M’noq’s dumb grudges. (Sorry, T'ral.)


12 Jun 2016 07:00: A Talking To (Vignette) ∴ Comments 3

T'ral finds himself at a loss, struggling with conflicting duties.


12 Jun 2016 04:00: Revolving Door (Vignette) ∴ Comments 6

Dear Diary.


13 Jun 2016 05:00: Healing ∴ Comments 2

In which M'noq is a good wingsecond, and Z'ok is not quite over some recent stuff.

z-ok_default.jpg m-noq_default.jpg

14 Jun 2016 05:00: Visit Home (Vignette) ∴ Comments 9

M'noq, NPC's

M'noq visits his mom at High Reaches. And has an unexpected visitor when he returns home.


22 Jun 2016 07:00: Comfortably Numb ∴ Comments 1

Myziri is drowning her sorrows; Vi'ano joins her for a while, and M'noq stops by as well.

myziri07.jpg viano_default.jpg m-noq_default.jpg

22 Jun 2016 04:00: Animal People ∴ Comments 0

Two animal people meet up in the animal building.


01 Jul 2016 07:00: To Knot or not Knot ∴ Comments 2

M'noq, Myziri, K'ane (Fly By!)

Myziri's tracked down her pick for Wi2; unfortunately, M'noq needs some convincing. K'ane stops by to help (or hinder).

m-noq_default.jpg myziri03.jpg k-ane_default.jpg

01 Jul 2016 07:00: Business As Usual ∴ Comments 4

Myziri's finally getting her pie on, and Sam joins her out of the blue; the conversation really is business as usual for them.

176.png myziri37.jpg

04 Jul 2016 04:00: M'noq's Weird Rash ∴ Comments 1

Check out the title.


07 Jul 2016 04:00: Watch Out For The Purple Ones ∴ Comments 2

Someone really, really likes pink flowers. (Hint: it's not A'hali or Rocio)

halkarie38.png rocio_Confident.jpg
ohanaveth_flower.jpg niamyth_default.jpg

07 Jul 2016 05:00: Unsolicited Advice ∴ Comments 0

This might get a little dark.

d-ean_default.jpg m-noq11.jpg

13 Jul 2016 05:00: The End of the Prank War ∴ Comments 0

Peace negotiations at last… and one last prank.

xia_default.jpg m-noq_default.jpg

14 Jul 2016 07:00: Gabbing Gone Agley ∴ Comments 0

T'jek's working through a strap/harness issue, Vi'ano tries to be helpful (despite T'jek's horrible sketching capabilities); while it all starts out pretty well, things go somewhat awry toward the end.

vi-ano_default.jpg tanjek13.jpg

19 Jul 2016 07:00: Knotty Bits ∴ Comments 0

Nothing as delightful as the title implies. M'noq is stranded at Igen during a sandstorm and stumbles on T'ral.

m-noq_default.jpg t-ral_default.jpg

20 Jul 2016 04:00: Cheese and Wine ∴ Comments 5


clementine_default.jpg iska_default.jpg

30 Jul 2016 05:00: Decision Point (V) ∴ Comments 6

Kas deals with all the shit going on in her life the only way she can.


03 Aug 2016 04:00: The Obsession Continues ∴ Comments 8

Lots of talking about vacations.


08 Aug 2016 05:00: Last Words (Vig) ∴ Comments 4

Another Threadfall casualty.


12 Aug 2016 05:00: Everything But the Yelling ∴ Comments 3

M'noq has to face the music.

myziri_default.jpg m-noq_default.jpg

14 Aug 2016 05:00: Smoke and Reflection ∴ Comments 0

Two consider possibilities for rebuilding.

clementine_default.jpg m-noq_default.jpg

23 Aug 2016 05:00: Practice Doing Nothing ∴ Comments 3

The Klah Bark, where you can practice sitting on what doesn't freeze off

115.png m-noq_default.jpg

25 Aug 2016 07:00: Timing is Everything ∴ Comments 0

D'ean and T'jek repair to the Kitten (sans Sareena) to try to figure out why A'idan didn't appreciate D'ean's gift (Sareena); they fuel this (and other) topics with booze.

d-ean_default.jpg tanjek06.jpg

13 Sep 2016 05:00: Ways to Avoid Work ∴ Comments 1

This is not a date.

clementine_default.jpg m-noq_default.jpg

19 Sep 2016 05:00: Closest Thing to Home {Vig} ∴ Comments 2

Chelsa writes a letter to her brother, M'noq.


22 Sep 2016 07:00: Early Morning Encounter ∴ Comments 0

Myziri and R'ik end up having breakfast together at SBH and discuss various topics.


12 Oct 2016 05:00: Don't Ask About Page 22 ∴ Comments 4

Lynx wingleader and wingsecond meet up after sweeps. They talk about more than just business.

myziri_default.jpg m-noq_default.jpg

14 Oct 2016 05:00: Letter for a Weyrling {Vig} ∴ Comments 2

M'noq writes a letter to his sister Chelsa.


14 Oct 2016 07:00: The Higher You Fly.... ∴ Comments 2

….The harder you fall.

rielle_default.jpg myziri13.jpg

18 Oct 2016 06:00: No Painless Solution {Vignette} ∴ Comments 3

Rielle attempts to figure out how to salvage a suddenly shaky friendship.


18 Oct 2016 07:00: Bridging the Chasm ∴ Comments 0

Rielle and Myziri meet unexpectedly in the baths and a confrontation ensues.

Rielle54.png myziri30.jpg

19 Oct 2016 07:00: The Gloves Come Off ∴ Comments 0

Clementine outlines what she desires of Lynx to the wingleader and wingsecond.


20 Oct 2016 07:00: Pronoun Issues ∴ Comments 0

Zavyr goes visiting one of the nabbed healers, who is secured in the brig.

zavyr_default.jpg 9.gif

26 Oct 2016 07:00: Stupid, Lucky Pirates ∴ Comments 2

Myziri's reporting to Clem her various findings; Zylene also comes with some information.

clementine_default.jpg myziri35.jpg zylene12.jpg

27 Oct 2016 05:00: Why Is It Our Job to Burn the Ships? {Vig} ∴ Comments 7

Because someone has to do it.

m-noq_default.jpg ravaith_default.jpg

02 Nov 2016 07:00: To Pirate or Not? ∴ Comments 3

M'noq asks of Zavyr, questions.

m-noq_default.jpg zavyr_default.jpg

05 Nov 2016 07:00: Checks and Balances ∴ Comments 2

Myziri and M'noq meet to discuss wing matters.

m-noq_default.jpg myziri03.jpg

10 Nov 2016 07:00: Unofficial Debrief P&P ∴ Comments 1

Zavyr, waiting for the baths, gives D'ean the low-down on the final pirates action.

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12 Nov 2016 22:00: When All Is Said and Done (Vig) ∴ Comments 0

Some things are meant to be and some just aren’t.

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28 Nov 2016 11:00: Drinks before Meteors! ∴ Comments 0

Two gold-riders and a lower caverns woman enter a bar…HEY DID YOU KNOW THEY ALL LIKE TO DRINK?

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