2017 Logs: 9 Scenes

21 Aug 2017 05:00: Surf, Sand and Stitches ∴ Comments 0

Kelati is looking for stuff on the beach and ends up being recruited for a medical procedure instead!


25 Aug 2017 04:00: Hide Care Lines ∴ Comments 0

Bathing is for awkward naked small talk, developing Kelati's new dragon spa products, and Search.

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06 Sep 2017 06:00: Bend the Knee ∴ Comments 0

Take one innocent swimming lesson, sprinkle in some Candidate classmates coming by to watch, then add a dash of K'ane and Dhioth- no, just a dash. A DASH. *sigh*

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08 Sep 2017 05:00: Pooling for Ideas ∴ Comments 0

Kelati thought she could work on her robe undisturbed, but nope. A wild D'wane appears.

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10 Sep 2017 04:00: Brown is the New Black ∴ Comments 0

There's oil that's the wrong colour, a barrel of something that's spilling, a trio of candidates, a D'ex and then the Weyrwoman walks in.

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13 Sep 2017 07:00: Was it important that they were in stick form? ∴ Comments 0

Rhuysarr brings a bunch of sticks as a plot device, D'wane's drills set them on fire. Kelati doesn't catch flame.

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17 Sep 2017 04:00: But Everyone Else Actually Sent Theirs ∴ Comments 2

Everyone was writing letters home, so Kelati got in on it too. Sort of.


High noon on a sweltering Southern Summer's day, Dhiammarth and Dhioth's Eggs decide to break free and find their own destiny!

SOUTHERN WEYR'S 20th clutch (7th PC) hatches!

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05 Nov 2017 04:00: Nice and Simple ∴ Comments 0

Miel comes across Kelati gathering plants on a river bank; some polite conversation is had, with a teeny bit of mystery…

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2017 Mentions: 3 Scenes

07 Sep 2017 04:00: {V} The Hatching Sands are Lava ∴ Comments 0


Nox has a weird dream about the hatching.


07 Sep 2017 04:00: On the Riverbank ∴ Comments 2

The river clearing is a good place for herbs, flowers and brownrider chit-chat.

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17 Sep 2017 05:00: Picnic Run Ins ∴ Comments 0

Two harpers and a candidate all run into each other at the picnic grounds. Good thing one of them brought a picnic basket.