Name Relationship Details
K'ane Weyrleader Fuck you. <— they have an up and down relationship that at least once did involve fucking, except now K'vvan's mad? Apparently getting laid doesn't work for him.
Lisette Friend? Totally saw K'vvan at his worst, did some healing thing, and is now Weyrmated to his Wingleader. He's pretty sure of the whole friend thing.
Clementine ????? Look, he kinda likes her, but then like, what if he doesn't and then there's the whole afraid-of-physical intimacy thing. Oh, and she's a goldrider. So there's that.
Prymelia Wingrider/Friendish He once thought she was the squeeze of his then-not-boyfriend, except she wasn't. So it's awkward. But they more or less get along.
Rielle Nadeeth's Friend K'vvan's not attached, but Nadeeth loves to play with her dragon, so K'vvan's kind of forced to think she's okay.
Cha'el BFF There's not much firmer of a friendship K'vvan can give. He'd do just about everything for Cha'el without second question.
Ksenia BFF's Wife Cha'el's weyrmate, Ksenia's quickly become the family K'vvan would choose for himself.
Jedi Mother of his Children They were almost friends before a flight got her knocked up. Now K'vvan sabotages the relationship pretty much every time he turns around.
El'ai Wingleader He's a little young, and of course, Bailey's brother. But they get on well enough so long as he keeps his hands off K'vvan's paperwork.
Sienna BFF Closer even then Cha'el, Sienna's K'vvan's closest confident. It's hard now that she's on another continent though.
Erissa Er - WTF? Erissa and K'vvan. Not BFFs. But they don't hate one another any more, which is a serious improvement.
Sadaiya Former Sr. WW They almost started to get along at the end. Almost.
Teyaschianniarina …. She likes tea. That's the end of it man.
Zeyta B…witch They were a good pair. But K'vvan's pretty sure she's evil as fuck.
Yukie Uh? K'vvan's not sure what to think of her, but she's not a bitch like most people
Bailey Nadeeth's Mother Pretty sure that Bailey is the spawn of the devil, but he also doesn't hate her. It's weird. And kinda tiring to think about really hard, so he doesn't.
Mayte Not Quite Friends They totally use to be. And then they weren't. He's bitter.
W'rin Respected Dead W'rin is who K'vvan would like to be when he gets there. It's never happening, but he totally named his children after him.
Hannah Not Evil Weirdly K'vvan isn't sure what to think of quiet Hannah. She's… not evil? Mostly? At least she hasn't shown it.
Kyara They'd take care of Sienna's Kids Together So… they're not exactly friends. But if something happened to Sienna they'd be co guardians?
D'ean Coworker K'vvan's hard on the poor people he has to work on. D'ean's the friendly clean-up guy. Poor sucker. He shouldn't be so personable.
Francis In Between? She was once an Ocelot and then that jerk A'idan took her to be a AWLM.
A'idan Dislike