====January 6th, 2014
====Vashae contemplates a befuddling man.

Who Vashae
What Vashae contemplates a befuddling man.
When There are 0 turns, 3 months and 9 days until the 12th pass.
Where Public Baths, Igen Weyr



Public Baths
Stout walls have been erected around several naturally formed pools, serving to provide a semblance of privacy and protection from the harsh wind and sand. Above the pools, well cleaned walkways criss-cross beneath tiled arches and descend with a stairway or two leading down to each pool to provide one means of slip-free access through the area. Surrounding the pools there are benches, receptacles to put used clothing and towels in, and areas to get sweetsand and towels from - if you didn't bring your own.

Though glows are furnished at night for nighttime bathing should there be the need, there's a definite lack of people actually in the pools of the baths. Oh sure, there are some here and there, mostly finishing up for the night, or dosing in the pool they've been in for a while, or some such, but by and large, the pools lack the volume of people that daytime provides.

That is precisely why Vashae has come here now.

The lack of people means no one to interrupt her train of thought, a train that's been playing on her mind most of the day. She was thankfully able to push it away during drills and sweeps, but as soon as business was over…the train descended again.

As the woman steps unclothed into the warm water of her chosen pool, her expression remains carefully blank. A mask time has perfected, and recent days has fallen into disuse.

Her mask falls around him. Why, she doesn't understand; is it merely because she finds him physically attractive? Perhaps it's to do with that disarming smile, or the way he actually seems like he cares about how the women in his wing are treated.

It's inexcusable, the failing of her mask. Kind, sweet, charming he may seem to be, but how much of it is real? How much of it is merely a visage he projects to others? What is he alike, when no one is around to see him but his avianlike blue lifemate?

She wants to know.

That thought frightens her almost as much as her mask's failure around him.

And yet…

As she scrubs, and rinses, and eventually departs, her mind turns to other things, and other people. But eventually, curiosity always wins out. Eventually, she'll give in.

Eventually, she'll find out if he's worth surrendering her mask for…and perhaps even actually let him in.

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