====January 7th, 2014
====Renalde, Jedi
====Jedi manages the impossible feat of confusing Renalde.

Who Renalde, Jedi
What Jedi manages the impossible feat of confusing Renalde.
When There are 0 turns, 3 months and 9 days until the 12th pass.
Where Upper Bowl, Southern Weyr

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Upper Bowl
The graceful sweep of spacious bowl lies scoured clean by an easterly breeze. Detritus is whisked neat to the eastern steppe of the bowl that lies several feet lower than the western plateau. White walls contrast the rough granite of the rivercliffs: the giant maw of the Hatching Cavern lies in the thickest part of the western wall, sheltering the training grounds and weyrling barracks lying nor'west. Directly north lies the leadership courtyard, heavily humid and subtly scented by intrigue.

A moment of quiet has rested itself upon the upper bowl as the residents of the weyr gather in other corners. Only a handful of people spread out the bowl, each with a destination in mind. Renalde, alone, takes steps towards the Leadership Courtyard, his gaze far away as he considers whatever thoughts hide behind those ice blue eyes.

There is sun enough that as a dragon flies overhead, copper-gold eyespots on either wing of the large brown gleam with radiance. It's not long after those wingbeats that the dragon lands with a huffing sigh. The brown eyes the headman with interest for a long moment, before turning his attention elsewhere; the same direction that the catapulted toy that suddenly crosses Renalde's path comes from. A little girl no more than two, perhaps three turns follows not long after. She stops in front of Renalde for a moment, gives him an adorable, if cheeky grin very like her mother's and flees after the toy. Jedi pauses briefly when she spots Renalde, perhaps debating whether or not to turn the other direction and flee..but continues after the second of her twins after a the moment's hesitation. "Headman." A simple enough greeting, without any initiating attempts at seduction or anything in such a neighborhood. "Sorry about that." For her daughter potentially getting in the way, supposedly.

The brown above had caught only a glance from the headman as he continued his path, even as he had landed. For this is a weyr, and such landings are much the norm rather then the exception. What does cause Renalde to pause is the girl who races across his path. He follows her progress for a moment, his mouth opening when she pauses to ask a question before his eyes rise to meet those of the female rider coming towards him. A reserved smile crosses he headman's lips as he turns just slightly to watch the progress of the tot. "There is no need to be sorry. She is yours?" Even for Renalde, keeping track of all of the children of the weyr is a chore…. there are quite a bit of them.

A wry little smile crosses Jedi's lips at Renalde's own reserved one, and the redhead nods despite the Headman's having turned away. "She is." It's mere confirmation of fact that the man had already correctly guessed, but considering Jedi's normal behavior when coming across Renalde.. Her own eyes follow the child, perhaps relaxing a hair when the girl retrieves her toy and returns. Jedi picks her up before she can flee or throw her toy again, and props her on a hip. "Say hello to Headman Renalde, Jinx." At which Jinx giggles a little, and waves at the older man..and presumes to hide her face in her mother's shirt. Wry smile softens, and Jedi adjusts the girl a little. "She's gone and fled into shy mode lately, unlike her twin." It's said with quiet laughter that softens the unusual lack of familiarity Jedi seems to have placed between them. "Ah, but you're busy." As he always is. "We shouldn't keep you. Should we, Jinx?"

The shyness of the young girl causes a real smile to spout upon Renalde's face, causing faint laugh-lines to appear just at the edges of his mouth. "It is good to meet you little Jinx," the older man lifts a hand to mirror the youngster's wave. Upwards from the hiding child Renalde's eyes travel to rest upon Jedi's face again, the smile not fading away. "She looks to be the right age for it, two… perhaps three? My own went though that stage, though with how busy the weyr… he grew out of it soon enough. Where are you walking to? Perhaps we might walk together."

Jedi knew there was something more in him than professional!Renalde. Her own expression has softened to one of fondness, even as she adjusts Jinx on her hip a little. "She'll be three in a few more weeks." She reveals quietly, "along with her brother. Jeriko hasn't settled into the same shyness as her, but perhaps he just inherited more of their father." Another smile crosses Jedi's face again, accompanied by a slight shake of her head. "We were headed for the nannies, actually. I've sweeps late, tonight." That she probably volunteered for, considering her recent cessassion of one of her favorite nighttime activities. "Yours is T'ral, isn't he?"

Renalde turns, now facing the pathway back towards the lower bowl, rather then the courtyard. "Yes, though he is hardly mine any more." There is a slight sigh to Renalde's voice before he changes the topic. "Is you son already there?" He folds his arms behind his back, the fingers wrapping around one another. A small gaze is cast towards the little girl, perhaps he can catch another one of those shy smiles.

"He's with his father. We split them up for the day..as much as I love that they have each other, I felt it would be wrong to let them get too co-dependent on one another." Jedi's almost says more, but falls silent instead. Jinx peeks at the man, and then hides her face again when she catches him watching, muffled giggles emanating from where she hides against her mother. Apparently she thinks they're playing a game. "Just because he's Esanth's now too doesn't mean he's any less yours, Renalde." A slip in familiarity, let alone what the redhead has the gall to say. Though from the glance she sends at him, she's all too aware she could be wrong in her interpertation of his feelings. "Do you regret not having more children?"

The giggle causes Renalde to chuckle lightly himself, the sound strange upon the lips of the reserved headman. As he begins to walk beside the smaller woman he continues to cast slight glances at the small girl, the game easily afoot. "Perhaps there would have been more; if my wife had not passed away." Though he continues to attempt to catch the eye of the young girl, Renalde makes little more effort to engage in the conversation.

Had Jedi not been here herself, she would have sworn that any rumors of Renalde doing anything kin to laughing all naught but rumor. Instead she stares at him in momentary surprise, and then looks away at his reply. "I'm sorry." Sorry's not enough, it's never enough, but there's not really anything else that the short woman can say. As inept and pathetic as it is. She makes no further immediate attempts at conversation either, other than murmured comments to the child on her hip. Who does, every now and again, glance up and catch Renalde's eye and either smile shyly, or giggle, when she spots him looking at her.

"Do your twins like Nevelyn? She seems much more suited to work with the children then others have been." The small laughter has faded, though the smile remains firmly in place. "And they seem to adore her." The conversation starts rather abruptly again, between one giggle and shy look from the young firl.

"They like her well enough, though I suppose they'll get to like her much better soon enough." Jedi's answer is quiet, as if she's worlds away even while right here. Her smile's taken a turn for something indescribable, though it's still mostly smilelike. Jinx is adjusted in how she's held, making the pair's game easier to play. After being adjusted, the little girl is a little shier about the game again. "Mine don't stay with the nannies often, not between how often family and friends snap them up. But since most of us are 'riders..that'll have to change." Like they're party favors.

Part of Renalde's smile fades away as the woman makes her clear allusion. "They will be in the best of hands my dear." There is a bit of rough sympathy in Renalde's tone, and he unwinds one hand from where it has rested to briefly on the woman's shoulder. "And loved as best as we are able."

Renalde's words earn him a small smile from the shorter, redheaded woman. "I've full faith in all of you for that." She says quietly, holding her child perhaps a hair tighter. "I knew what I signed up for when I joined the others in coming, but I do regret that she'll have to see it." The look she gives him says volumes, but then she shakes it away and fixes a smile on her face. "But she'll be strong, just like her parents." Whether they're there or not. "If anything, that freak Threadfall has at least taught us a lesson. One we would have already had to learn, but at least we learned it earlier rather than later." She falls silent again, hesitant to say more.

Renalde allows his hand to fall away. Together they walk in silence for a few paces. Renalde's gaze falls again to the child, though he speaks to her with a soft smile returning for the shy child, his words are for her mother. "Yes. It is an attribute I admire much about all of the riders I have had a chance to work with. They radiate an inner strength."

"I'm glad you think so, Renalde." Jedi neither agrees with or dismisses his observation, knowing all too well herself the weaknesses riders can have. "When Thread comes in ernest, I wonder if you'll still think the same." The look she gives him says that she doesn't doubt what he thinks, merely wonders whether his opinion will change in time. "Back before the Jump, we were the lucky ones. Thread was gone.." Now she gives him a cheeky grin, but it's still somehow subdued. Thinking on the chances of one's survival tends to do that! "Now we're just the crazy ones."

With all the dryness in the world, no hint of emotion in his voice. Though one eyebrow quirks up just a bit. "I will make no objection to the hum… crazy. Though perhaps call it…. creative thinking instead." Perhaps this is the reserved Renalde's attempt at humor, to draw the rider at his side away from her morose thoughts.

This time his comment earns him amusement, though not laughter. "Creative thinking. Is that what you'd call my drunken attempts to seduce you, as well?" Jedi stops walking briefly at the entrance to the living caverns, studying his face for a few long moments even as she cuddles her currently dozing spawn. "I meant what I said the other day, Renalde. And I said what I meant. Being drunk just helped me say it." Then, if only because it's made things awkward (in her mind, at least!) the short woman flees into the caverns. To drop off her child. But not before smiling awkwardly, and saying, "it needed to be said. Today, too. I'm sorry." FLEE.

Renalde is left quite behind as Jedi flees. For once, no creative come back. No swift retort. Nothing. The headman stands rail straight with a look of utter perplexity on his face for full seconds before he gives himself a mental kick and slides the impassive face right back into place. As he turns to head back to the leadership courtyards he looks back once, shakes his head, then steps away.

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