====February 15, 2014
====Sienna, Tuli, Veresch, Elicheritath, Kehemath
====Elicheritath is proddy, and Kehemath makes an unwise gift. Sienna and Tuli commiserate; Veresch gets some questionable advice.

Who Sienna, Tuli, Veresch, Elicheritath, Kehemath
What Elicheritath is proddy, and Kehemath makes an unwise gift. Sienna and Tuli commiserate; Veresch gets some questionable advice.
When It is midmorning of the twenty-second day of the first month of the first turn of the 12th pass.
Where IGW - North Bowl

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Igen Weyr - North Bowl
In the quieter spaces of the Northern Bowl, there is less activity; all is kept serene for young, forming draconic bonds. Beneath the sweep of skies' ever-changing colors, this round little panorama hosts the short distances between the Hatching Cavern and the weyrlings' ultimate destination: the barracks and training grounds. More packed dirt and tiny little hillocks than clean white sand, the floor is an uneven thing, a startling trap for the unwary and the clumsy. Further onward, the Ground Weyrs beckon, a haven for those who may seek medical attention.

A cool winter's morning in Igen, and the air is still, things are calm, the sky blue. Thank Faranth. Standing in the bowl near to the leadership ledges, Sienna is working on a new pair of straps for Kehemath, while the playful green keeps trying to nibble and nip at the bits of leather dangling off her hide. "Shardit, quit," Sienna mutters without heat, digging her thumb into the green's shoulder. "Hold /still/, these are new measurements because you've gotten so muscular…"

Morning means jogging, at least if you're Tuli. The goldrider comes huffing and puffing from the Central Bowl, her dark skin shiny with sweat and her hair up in a frizzy puff: she's obviously on her way back, alternating between stretches of walking and stretches of running. Sienna and Kehemath happen to be in her path; Tuli slows to a walk as she approaches. "Yo." It's not unfriendly, precisely, though there's no saluting or other hoopla to accompany it. Given that Elicheritath's shiny, SHINY hide is quite visible up on the ledges above, it's no mystery that she might be in a Mood.

Sienna is well aware of Elicheritath's shiny hide, and what it might mean for the foreseeable future. And more Weyrlings, too. Straightening, Sienna shifts the leather to her left hand so her right can snap up in a proper salute. "Ma'am. Good morning," she adds, her formal expression softening to a smile. "How are you and yours this morning?" Meanwhile, Kehemath is taking advantage of her rider's distraction to gently gnaw on the end of the dangling leather bit, the green resting on her side with just her mouth working, tongue licking ever so gently to get it between her teeth. Nom nom nom.

"Nngh." That's Tuli's initial response, accompanied by a hand thrust irritably into her sweaty hair. With an effort, she manages to correct herself: "Sorry. You know how it is." She waves her hand vaguely up towards the ledge. Stupid FEMALE DRAGONS. "I'm - fine. Elicheritath," the goldrider's tone turns sour, "is enjoying herself immensely. My weyr smells like a shardin' abattoir. I keep telling her she's gonna get fat if she eats all those, ugh, brains." A deep breath, as she reins it in. "Yourself and Kehemath?"

Sienna grimaces in sympathy, and then her nose wrinkles. "She…likes brains?" Then a nod. "Yeah, I know how it is." As for her and Kehemath, she turns to smile fondly at her dragon only to discover she's /gnawing/ on her straps, which Sienna yanks from her mouth and then thumps her on the muzzle. "We're fine, except she's…she needs to go /play/ but I need to get these straps measured. Her shape has changed a bit since the last set…" Eyeroll. Kehemath whines, the tip of her tail flicking as she eyes those straps. Those are /hers/, right?

"She fucking loves brains. And guts, too." Tuli's voice raises a half octave, into distinct tones of whine. "Do you have any idea how badly entrails smell - " halfway through the sentence she remembers that, oh, right, AWLM, and modifies that to " - well, of course you do. But seriously. It's so gross. And she's got all these stupid bronzes bringing her them, so it's not even like I can leave her at the pens to eat her fill of brainmeat, because…" And BREATHE. The goldrider does so, then lets it out in a gusty sigh. Her tone turns marginally more conversational as she eyeballs Kehemath and the straps in question. "Heh. Getting muscular from Thread drills, or?"

Sienna waits out Tuli's little rant, expression nothing but understanding and sympathetic. "She won't have them bring her the brains on the rim, perhaps? A higher perch from which she could survey everything?" There's a nod. "Yes, I know…" She eyes her lifemate again, and Kehemath just wags her tail a bit and whines softly. Eyeroll. "Yeah. I /had/ her measurements memorized but now…it's off. So I'm trying to get a new set measured out and made." Kehemath sits up a bit then, perking up before she kicks into the sky. Sigh. "Well. Guess I'll do this later."

"That's an idea. Lemme see if -" There is a moment of busy silence to follow. Tuli's expression shifts from 'hopeful' to 'irritable'; Elicheritath, sprawled upon her ledge, doesn't shift at all. "No. Something about how she likes to have them in her lair." The goldrider pauses, frowns up towards her dragon, then turns her gaze back to Sienna, with a brief glance up towards the departing green. Her brow furrows. (She also idly brushes off some dust that the green's wings blew onto her sweat-soaked shirt.) "Is Kehemath this annoying when she's ready to rise? Out of curiosity."

Sienna sighs with an apologetic look. "Sorry." She tried! She's fairly good at that sort of dragon trickery, given her lifemate. "She…is always annoying?" she says with a small smile of understanding. "She doesn't give me much warning when she's going to rise, so…it's impossible to predict."

It's a crisp winter morning, and the North Bowl retains the hush of early hours, broken only by two women talking near the leadership ledges. These are Sienna (whose Kehemath has just left in a flurry of dust) and Tuli (who is sweat-soaked and obviously just done with some sort of exercise). Up above, Elicheritath is visible on her ledge, ominously gleaming. "Honestly, I think that would be nice," Tuli observes, scratching idly at her hair. "I fucking hate how long golds are proddy. And El is quick for a gold! But still gives me a sevenday of feeling extra snappish and desperately wanting to punch a motherfucker out… You're lucky if Kehemath is a stealthy one."

It's likely rare seeing non-riders in this area of the Bowl, a fact that Veresch is uncomfortably aware of as she trots past to deliver a note to one of the weyrs in this section. It's on her return journey that her stride hitches a bit, lingering on the two women talking before her gaze flicks towards the ledge and Her Ominousness. A healthy sense of self-preservation coaxes her towards a slightly larger circle around that area, which takes her into earshot of the two talking riders. Somewhere, predictably right around 'punch a motherfucker out', she stumbles. Right. Another note for the mental cussing file.

Sienna nods, "I guess I am." There's a case to be made for some /warning/, but…Sienna isn't about to argue the point with Tuli. "Why don't you go work with the guards? Punch one of them out?" Because /she/ isn't going to volunteer. Though she might have to, as Kehemath swoops back towards Elicheritath's ledge with a happy warble, asking permission to land. And she's bringing gifts! Though…it's not brains. It's a tree trunk. Surely there's more to it than that? Sienna looks around again and notices Veresch stumble, and she giggles. It's soft, and she looks guilty right after, but there /is/ a little laugh for that perfectly timed trip.

Up above, Elicheritath graciously makes room for Kehemath, even if she seems a little… bemused… by the green's arrival, and her gift. After a moment's careful examination, the gold can be seen to be giving the log a test nibble. Just in case it contains brains, you see. Meanwhile, down below: "Oh. Oh. That's a thought." Tuli steeples her sweaty hands below her chin. "I can go find that dumbshit I drafted into the guards, give him the punch he's got coming. Sienna, you're fucking brilliant -" and then the stumble. Tuli half turns to look, and STARE. Poor Veresch.

As if it's not enough that Sienna just snickered, Tuli's stare hits Veresch directly amidships, making her subsequent scramble to get up off the ground less than elegant, far less so than usual. Her cheeks aren't flushed, but there's a distinct look of embarrassment as she pats her clothes clean and dips a head surrounded by flyaway dandelion-fluff hair — early morning bath hair, if there there was any. "Apologies… Weyrlingmaster, Weyrwoman." The scrape-scrape-scrape upstairs of a log being gummed straightens her out a bit as well. "Sorry to interrupt." Please don't punch her.

Surprise! It DOES. Brains and other bits of stuff. This is one of Kehemath's toys, you see. Nooks and crannies stuffed with goodies to keep the nosy, mouthy green occupied. So, a quick stop to get her trunk, a stop at the feeding grounds to kill some things and shove their bits into her favorite hiding spots, and off she goes to deliver the gift to the queen. Moving back a few steps, she croons in pleasure. Hi I brought you a present don't you love it? Sienna grins, pushing curls behind her ear. "Well…someone always has a punch coming, right? Just have to match up the puncher with the…punchee." That's a word. "Good morning," she calls kindly to Veresch. Said the spider to the fly… "Are you alright?"

Elicheritath casts a benevolent gaze upon Kehemath. A low croon follows: congratulations, you may live. Then the gold gets down to unwrapping (gnawing apart) her PRESENT. Tuli pays this process very little attention, because to her, this is normal. "Someone always has a punch coming," Tuli agrees, pantomiming socking someone, pow, right in the kisser. And then, Veresch. Sienna is the benevolent one: Tuli is just the tall, threatening woman, throwing punches at the air, and STARING.

Yes… no. Veresch doesn't trust either of these … lovely older ladies. "Yes'm." She's on the verge of inching away when there's greetings, and her hands strangle into the sides of her tunic. For a moment she looks milquetoast, all water and shock, before her chin comes up and she breaks: "Exactly how does one punch a guy out?" Because, seriously, there are some around the Weyr that she'd love to render unconscious. It's also rushed, as if her courage is tripping over her hesitation. Because, seriously. These two? Scary as hell.

"Aim for their nuts," is Sienna's sweetly offered suggestion. "I wouldn't even try to punch them in the head. Most of them have skulls so thick you'd break your hand first." Sienna isn't scary! She's just caught up in Tuli's billowing proddy irritation. Crouching down, the greenrider begins to sort through the long bits of leather that she now has to move back into the weyr, because Kehemath is eagerly watching the queen find the goodies in the log, and she won't be back for some time. Also, she's happy she gets to live. And…she isn't going to try and steal it from Elicheritath. No, that idea /never/ crossed her mind and Sienna's sudden sharp /glare/ to the ledge is just coincidental. Kehemath settles.

"Well, you make a fist -" Tuli demonstrates "- and then you… punch them. Or knee them." Sienna is given a nod of agreement, though the goldrider has the addendum of: "I actually think the stomach is smarter to go for than the balls, they protect their balls… A guardswoman I used to know swore by stomping the instep, and then kneeing them, and then punching them. In the nose." She takes a (slow, and clearly mock) swing in Veresch's general direction. "Try to avoid the jaw, tempting as it is. Teeth are sharp." Bits of log skitter and fly over the ledge, as Elicheritath wreaks a path of destruction. It's not even a question of whether Kehemath would be permitted to steal the log, it's a question of whether the huge golden maw would notice she was there before bitemarks ensued.

"But he ducks every…" Yes, not politic to mention /that/. Instead, Veresch assimilates the advice with a narrowed gaze and a nod, fingers twitching at her side as if she too wants to punch the air. Despite that, she stands still as Tuli air-punches in her direction, seemingly fascinated. "Instep," she choruses obediently. "Knee 'em, then punch 'em." For a moment there's the most delicious, unholy look of glee creeping into her eyes - surely a fantasy of doing it to someone - before the splinters start and she looks apprehensively upwards. Er, yes. Eau de brains is getting more evident by the second. "Ah… good appetite," she hazards over a jerky, quirky bow. "Thank you, ma'am, ma'am."

But…that's…Kehemath whines softly, slow, pulsing sounds as her toy is /descimated/. And Sienna's eyes unfocus as she reassures her green that she'll get another one for her, it's okay, that one was old anyway, it'll be fine, she'll have another one…etc. Whine. Whine. Whiiiine. Back to the conversation, Sienna blanches a bit but then nods. "Ah. Well. Maybe? I'm really not sure." She really does need to ask about adding self-defense lessons to Weyrlinghood. Or maybe Candidacy. "You look like you have someone in mind," she remarks to Veresch with a little smile.

This is where Elicheritath, normally, would be the first one to notice the trauma she is inflicting upon another's toy. But today the world is upside down, for it's Tuli who says (yelps, actually): "OY. EL. GET YOUR FAT ASS AWAY FROM THAT LOG." The gold pauses, giant teeth still wrapped firmly around the wood. She does not let it go. Her wings rustle pointedly. Tuli is unmoved. "YOU'RE SPRAYING SHIT EVERYWHERE." With an air of great reluctance, Elicheritath huffs, and drops it - and starts sulkily moving back towards her lair. "Fucking dragons, man," the goldrider complains to the two nearest her - and then says, quite calmly, and as if nothing untoward just occurred: "Who you thinking of punching?" An afterthought, delivered bluntly: "Also, who are you?"

Veresch looks slightly guilty, slightly I-don't-care-if-it's-wrong as she glances at Sienna. "There's this guy that I met in the Bazaar originally," she finally mutters. "Taller'n me by about five inches, with a really bad mouth and the habit of smoking those nasty, stinking fags. Probably picked them off a drunkard somewhere in the back alleys, they stink that much. He … kind of deserves a punch in the face." There would have been more explanation, really there would, but she's distracted by Tuli's dulcet commentary. Her mouth hangs open again, eyes slightly star-struck, as she repeats the phrase to herself. "Hu… ah. Veresch, ma'am. Runner here at the weyr." Pause. "Pleased to meet you, ma'am. And you, ma'am." And your vocabulary too.

Kehemath is quick to snatch up her toy when the gold drops it, fairly sprinting into the air and up to the ledge she and Sienna still have rights to, despite living with the Weyrleader. There…/she/ will gnaw it to pieces. Because it's already ruined, right? Down below, Sienna is getting a headache. Rubbing a hand against her temple, she shoulders the straps. "I've got to go get these things done. If you'll both excuse me. Well met, Veresch." Good luck.

Poor Sienna. Tuli shoots the older woman an apologetic glance - for her dragon, for her volume, for the universe - though the bulk of her attention is on Veresch. "So about yea tall -" one inch shorter than she is "- with a surly personality and dumb hair?" Her dark eyes narrow suspiciously. "Was he a guard recruit, by some chance."

Veresch's brows furl as Sienna leaves, but the Weyrwoman's grabbing her attention, and she only gives a small wave. "…yes!" she says, grumpily. "He's the meanest boy I've ever met, and if he flicks any ash on my head again I'm going to… to…" Her fists clench, this time much more visibly, and finally she manages to call up a Stepford smile. "Then I'm going to give him something to be sarcastic about. He thinks, just because he's taller, he can loom and… and talk /smack/. I wanna punch him so badly I can taste it. I wanna make his nose /bleed/." Bloodthirsty little savage, this one.

"Listen," says Tuli, quite seriously, "if he fucks with you again, come lemme know, alright? Because I can inflict some fear on that measly, short -" shorter than her, anyway "- stupid little shit, alright? Fuck it, I would love to, actually." Her fist comes smacking into her palm. "Fucking teenagers." Pause. She remembers her present company. "I mean, not you, you seem fine."

Now there's mutiny on her face. The girl is obviously in the mood to settle her scores herself. "But…" That 'but' fades as she looks up at the Weyrwoman's eyes and considers her, the situation, the possible backup Thierry might have. "But it's okay if, you know, I accidentally-on-purpose kick him in the balls before I run away for help?" Her jaw sticks stubbornly and lips tremble—there's some anger there, some very real, very visceral anger, and just a skotch of fear. "I sometimes have to run messenges through the Bazaar. If he's there and our paths cross… instep, gut, punch?"

"You have my permission to punch him if he threatens you." Tuli offers these dangerous words with an airy wave of her hand. "But then you run right away to get help, alright? And do have the common sense to do it while his awful little friends aren't around, and when he's not in his guard uniform, alright? …Personally I think he's more talk than walk, some stupid little kid who thinks he's a man, so I bet if you fight back he'll step down." Listen, no one ever said Tuli gives good advice.

Naked relief washes across Veresch's face. "I… yes, ma'am. Thank you, ma'am." See, it's all kinds of formal now. She gives a little step back and a brief, real smile as she dips into something between a bow, a bob and some kind of mutant curtsey. "I'll do my best to punch a motherfucker out." Impressionable! "And… er, good luck with, you know…" Her thumb hikes upwards towards the ledge the gold stomped away from. "No disrespect. But wow." It's hard not to respect a queen showering you in bits of brain-fat splinters.

"I'll probably regret telling you to do that," even proddy, Tuli is somewhat self-aware, "but fuck it. Everyone deserves a little joy in their life." And punching out Thierry is obviously a reason for joy. The girl's awed… remark… as regards Elicheritath has Tuli herself turning to look up at the ledge. "Should probably go tell her to stop sulking. She's an asshole right now. Don't judge her by it, she's usually the nicest gold you'll ever meet -" And without so much as a how-do-you-do, the goldrider is turning on her heel, loping towards the staircase up into the leadership ledges.

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