====November 30, 2013
====Tuli and Teyaschianniarina
====Teya has a surprise announcement! Tuli is slow on the uptake.

Who Tuli and Teyaschianniarina
What Teya has a surprise announcement! Tuli is slow on the uptake.
When There are 0 turns, 7 months and 3 days until the 12th pass.
Where IGW - Galleries

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Igen Weyr - Galleries
Though occasionally cleaned by ambitious (or neurotic) drudges or weyrbrats being disciplined, the lack of Eggs over the last several Turns has led to the Galleries falling into a state of disrepair. Sand can be found…well, everywhere. On the benches, under the benches, on the railings and walkways. There is also the random tidbit leftover from people who've wandered into the gathering place since the last cleaning. A random bit of cloth here, a bit of something that might have been a carving-in-progress once there.

'Any day now': that's the prognosis about Elicheritath's clutch, now, their shells to cracking hardness and their dam on high alert. Speaking of whom: there's the gold now, lurking in the midday shadows, as close to invisible as a giant goddamn dragon in the middle of the goddamn Sands is ever going to manage to be. She's watching the progress up in the Galleries, where a group of Candidates work hand in hand with the drudges in getting the place spotlessly tidy for its eventual swarm of spectators. Tuli is amongst them, looming: she is holding a clipboard. "- Alright, now, make sure we're getting under the benches as well." Her voice rings. "That bloody sand gets everywhere."

Out of sight, but close enough that his outward-polite, inward-disgruntled presence is profoundly present, attentive to his lurking-looming dam on the Sands without being obtrusive: Ryglinath, still close enough to freshly bathed and oiled that his hide's shimmers and glimmers haven't had a chance to be dulled back to something more dignified. While not always the case, today where Ryglinath stands attentive sentinel Teya is not far behind - there is a brief and furtive flash of dirty-blonde and frizz at the Sands' entrance, there and gone again in a matter of seconds. The latter half of her disappear-appear trick, though, is to come trooping up the Gallery stairs, boots ringing against stone as she approaches the fringes of the scrubbers and sweepers. Rather than wading in, she waits until there's a good chance that Tuli's all-seeing eye will catch the movement, and lifts her hand. Not quite a salute, not quite a wave, surely not a summons - just a hand, at the end of an arm, in the air.

If Ryglinath was foolish enough to venture closer, Elicheritath might destroy his dignity in a single maternal swoop (with a single maternal grooming). But as it stands, she won't venture from her newest babies, even for the sake of her elder babies. So he is SAFE. Teya is not, however, safe from Tuli. Not that she wanted to be, but. It takes a moment for the preoccupied goldrider to notice the newcomer, but when she does, it's an immediate "TEYA!", followed by the clipboard's summary handoff to a nearby assistant headwoman. Candidates and drudges scatter before her as she makes her way towards the brownrider, a flash of a grin on her face. "Heya. Coming to see the progress?"

This knowledge (and the hits his dignity has already taken today) are, likely, what keep Ryglinath at his slight remove; it is enough to send forth an inquiring mental ping, all quiet rumble rumble along the do-you-need-any-things lines without any specifics added. Teya has no such compunctions: once Tuli shouts her name her face breaks into a familiar-wide, uneven smile, and she wades into the breach. (Into the crowd of scattering candidates and drudges, that is.) "Tuli," is pleased, pleasant, a little bit tired around the edges. "Coming to see the progress is definitely on the list of reasons," is paired with a neat salute for formality's sake, then an elbow-grab body-drag into a brief hug for friendship's. "But not the only one - it's nice being on this side of one of her clutches," nod toward Eli and the eggs on the Sands, "just so we're entirely clear." She doesn't quite herd Tuli toward a less-occupied space, where they can a) keep sharp eyes on the candidates while b) talking without being overheard, but man. It comes a little close, as Teya just keeps them moving (albeit slowly) until she's happy with the arrangement.

It's not a proper vocal response that Ryglinath gets in return, just a general brush of presence. A little spinner roosting somewhere in his mind, tiny, barely noticeable. His dam, it seems, is well: she just needs these damn eggs to hatch and then she will be great. "Couldn't pay me to Stand again," Tuli agrees, post-hug. She affably permits herself to be herded, a hint of inquiry appearing on her face as she begins to recognize the essential sheepdogness of the motions. But when there's a spot that a) lets her continue to menace the candidates while b) being reasonably private, she takes a seat, and cocks an eyebrow. And then gets right to the point. "Something up?" A hint of worry underlies her friendly tone.

This response is one found pleasing by Ryglinath: that little spinner stays safe and tucked away, but not undisturbed - it vibrates faintly with the background-drum of his thoughts, of his presence. He adds, through weight and implication rather than verbalization, that should that change - well. He will be easy to find. "The two of you," Teya finger-flicks a gesture between Tuli and Elicheritath out on the Sands, "were a lot of the reason I was willing that last time." Once they are suitably set up for menacing at a distance, Teya answers with, "There's definitely something," and a thump-scuff of her boot against the stone at her feet. "I'm going to need a transfer," she says, without modulating her tone toward the positive or the negative - just a clean neutral that she is clearly working to maintain. "Not yet, but in a few months - before the Pass is supposed to start, so it might be moot anyway but I'd rather drill with Mirage than not drill at all." She's deliberately not looking at Tuli as she says this, giving the candidates a bit of narrow-eye that's made kind of extra creeper because the corners of her mouth keep threatening to turn up.

A faint thrum of maternal love, vibrating down the gossamer strands of Elicheritath's consciousness, blending into the boots-and-beats of his own mind. That she can rely on her brown son in a pinch, well. She's never doubted it. If Elicheritath's mind is serene with certainty, Tuli's face reflects a growing bemusement. "Well, I dunno that Ryggles is gonna turn gold any time soon," she says, slowly, carefully. There's such an obvious solution to this puzzle. You can actually see the moment her draconic half, lurking on the Sands, Figures It Out. But the human half? Her first guess is, uh. "Are you taking up dragonhealing? Huh! Well, you're welcome to Mirage, though you do know you can get in a fighting wing, right?"

From Teya's draconic half, there is a brief beat of pride (bemused, though, definitely still bemused) when the glow-basket moment happens; from Teya, though, kicking her foot against the ground in the galleries, well. She stops trying not to grin, but she shakes her head too and says, "Wrong twin," in response to Tuli's assertion. She should just out with it, she really should, but she goes with, "Not quite, though. Eli's off incubation duty earlier than I am," she hangs there, lets the pause draw out as she looks over at Tuli all, 'come on, make the connection,' before rolling clear through to, "which is just entirely unfair, if you ask me."

"I don't get it." It's not often that Elicheritath makes noise, that creeper, but her loud CHUFF of humor vibrates in the cavern. Tuli frowns. Give her a second, give her a sec - "FARANTH'S TITS woman are you pregnant." TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH.

Teyaschianniarina's whooping laugh is abrupt and loud, enough to set a scattered handful of nervier candidates to anxious prairie-dogging at irregular intervals through the galleries. The brownrider claps both hands over her mouth to muffle the sound, makes a strangled spluttering sound instead and just sort of gives up, dropping both hands and answering, "Yes." It is still a little bit strangled. "Sorry, sorry - I thought you'd guess when I brought up the transfer, um, anyway, right, so. Yes. This is a thing that has happened. Is happening."

"I just!" Tuli gestures energetically at the air, without much clarity to her movements. "Teya!" She milks the invisible cow with great enthusiasm. "Teya have you been holding out on me. When did this happen! WHO DID IT? How does Ryggles feel about it, is he looking forward to the baby oh my goodness you are having a baby." The goldrider reaches out to snatch her friend's shoulder, intensely. "TEYA. I am going to kidnap your baby." She means this… positively? Evidently?

Tuli, with the invisible bovine action and the enthusiasm isn't helping Teya keep it down, but there's a measure of profound relief in the sound as well, tension Teya wasn't even aware of taking its abrupt leave. She shoulder-snatches back, bracing herself against her friend and trying to sort through the questions in some semblance of an order. "Yes, maybe - only a little bit, though, you're still like — the top of my list of people to tell in person who aren't involved in the situation or related to me by blood, um. This is ENTIRELY ELI'S FAULT," that part is shouted out over toward the Sands. "Her flight," is the rest of the explanation for that, "K'ane, he's excited now that I'm excited Tuli I am having a baby." Her breath's run a little bit ragged by that, and she frees one hand to scrub it over her eyes before rallying back with, "Oh thank Faranth you had better."

"K'ane!" Tuli just cannot decide if she's entertained or angry or happy or horrified, and so she tries for ALL FOUR, writ like the complex tapestry of undigested baby barf across her face (which, incidentally, Teya is soon going to have a lot more of in her future.) (The barf, not Tuli's face.) (Except Tuli's face, too, come to think of it.) "I am going to punch him - well, I'm so happy for you!" There is no real pause between those two very different strains of thought. The punching and the happiness, they are connected. "Bloody good timing on Eli's part, then. This is the time for this." There is a hug of bone-shaking proportions, that suddenly softens at the end - in that 'oh crap right pregnant' sort of way. There are Candidates and drudges, staring at them. With dignity, Tuli manages: "Of course I'll arrange the Mirage transfer."

"You're allowed to punch him for getting your best friend pregnant," Teya informs Tuli with all the tattered dignity she can muster, "although to be completely fair it was pretty mutual, there was some aggressive jumping-of-each-others' bones involved. He's good - good people. Also about as surprised, too, nobody planned this at all." Obviously. The hug is returned FULL-FORCE, and then Teya thunks her head against Tuli's shoulder, a little too hard to be entirely comfortable. Then she pulls up, reaches for dignity once more as she offers a heartfelt, "Thank you. It's not - we're still running drills, Ryggles and I just don't between, but it's not fair to the rest of the wing to not have more time to get used to whoever will actually be there with them during the first Falls. I'm - pretty much in a race with the beginning of the Pass, so I don't know-" she sucks in a breath, blows it out hard and makes a shooing motion towards their collective lookie-loos. "I am so completely making this up as I go," is quieter, more direct-to-Tuli than available for other (very) attentive ears. "Just - so we're both clear on that, entirely making it up as I go."

"No offense," says Tuli, with conspicuous nose-wrinkling, "but you're practically my sister. In the heart, and all that." She waves away the embarrassing sentimentality with a ruthless determination, explaining the outflow by way of: "I don't want to think about you and K'ane jumping each others' bones." Her dignity mustered about her, she this time settles for a manly shoulder clap. THUMP. "Ryggles will be a nice addition to Mirage, anyway, as long as it lasts. Poor thing. Around so many golds." Indeed, there is the faintest rustling sound from the Sands, as Elicheritath makes a subtle, significant movement with her wings. It sounds suspiciously like a raspy laugh. "S'alright to make it up as you go. Do you want a different weyr for the duration? Closer to the ground? We let Sienna have an empty gold weyr when she was heavy."

"Fair enough!" Teya grants with a lift of both of her hands and a lopsided grin. It widens with the shoulder-clap, her amusement further manifesting in an oh, oh so dignified snort. "Poor thing - he's partly to blame for this, too. I doubt it would have taken, if he hadn't gotten his stubborn hide grounded, so-" she does not, however, seem terribly displeased by this outcome. "I've got experience with a flamethrower, too, so you won't be getting an entirely raw deal." The brownrider scrubs both hands over her face as she considers Tuli's questions. "I do miss my stairs," is said in a brief moment of homesickness, but she shakes her head afterward. "I think for now I'd like to stay in my own weyr - I'm not even, I mean you can't even really tell," she makes vague, probably unhelpful gestures toward her midsection, "especially if I'm dressed. So maybe once I'm," this gesture is easier to interpret, both arms stretched out and curved in toward each other in front of her abdomen, "but not - yet."

"Right." It's hard to tell what Tuli is saying that in response to, really. Could be EVERYTHING. "Well, it's just as well, I've some refugees camping in Corelle's old weyr right now -" because that's not awkward for them or anything "- and I hate to shift them until we've got permanent quarters available. But that gives me a good reason to put feet to the fire about expanding the terraces, so." She considers the situation for a silent minute, bursts into a shit-eating grin, and moves to haul Teya (gently) up out of her seat. "C'mon. This lot -" the drudges and the candidates read her tone in an instant, and the lookie-loos amongst them move HASTILY to concentrate on their work; goddamn goldriders "- can carry on without me. We should go have a dr - game of darts or something, to celebrate. Eli can do without me for an hour."

"I'd rather not put people out who need the space," although yeah, Teya so made a little instinctive flinchy face over them being in Corelle's weyr - super duper awk. "But I am forever willing to be used as an excuse to get some asses moving if they need it. K'ane's going to be involved, too," which is sort of neither here-nor-there, "so if transport ends up an issue I'm not too proud to lean on him and Dhioth both." Hauling is allowed, and cheerfully so - the brownrider herself is a lot less gentle in her movements (and general enthusiasm). "I'm not made of glass - yet, anyway," is gentle, though. "Ryggles says he'll stay close while you're gone," she relays, "so let's go before they change their minds, or before they," her gesture is still vague, but it's very descriptive this time, a generalized sweep toward the candidates et all, "manage to cause some kind of emergency that requires our attention combined."

"Well, he'd fucking better be involved, he already absentee'd one of my clutchsisters and my dragon's dam's rider, he can actually be useful for once, not just apparently horrifically virile -" That's hardly fair to K'ane, but man, like she even cares. Nor does Tuli care that she is saying this with the tender ears of Candidates well within hearing range. Tuli is the worst. She nods, sharp, at the confirmation that Ryglity-Piglity will remain nearby, and starts moving with all due speed for the exits. It's time to celebrate this, after all! Celebrate with sharp objects.

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