====June 5, 2013
====Madness stirs, as does realization.

Who Vergora, dragonhealers, Healers
What Madness stirs, as does realization.
When Winter, 2 Turns and 28 Days until the 12th Pass.
Where Igen Weyr

Date: Wed Jun 5 12:04:29 2013 PDT
From: Vergora (#25661)
To: *Gossip (#627) and *Igen Weyr (#22815)
Subject: Madness Stirs

In the pre-dawn hours, five days after the double gold flight, messengers were sent to inform the Weyr's council members that Kohleth had finally opened her eyes and was coherent enough to express to the nearby dragons that she was thirsty. The dragonhealers managed to get a couple bucketfuls of water into her, plus about half a wherry, then she fell asleep again. It is little news, but better than nothing.

Nearly simultaneously, in a ground weyr just off the dragonhealer yard, Vergora also stirred for the first time since collapsing in the bowl. It would seem the various healers' theories were correct. Unlike her dragon, however, the weyrwoman did not fall asleep. In the first hazy moments, she too was given food and water, but all efforts were interrupted minutes later as the broken old woman dissolved into inconsolable weeping that lasted most of that day. The healers were eventually forced to resort to fellis, just to force Vergora to sleep, and when dawn broke on the sixth day, she seemed… better. Used purely in the relative form.

This morning, after choking down some food then sending the healers away with unintelligible words, Vergora made her painful way toward her lifemate where she collapsed and has remained ever since, curled like a child against Kohleth's side. The gold, at least, remains more lucid during each brief waking period, but she has been unable to move much save for her head, which means more work for the dragonhealers and the poor folk conscripted to clean up after the disgraced queen.

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