====September 02, 2013
====Dimitri, Hannah, Nika
====Dimitri almost gets himself in trouble…only to get himself in trouble. Warning: Extreme cuteness inside.

Who Dimitri, Hannah, Nika
What Dimitri almost gets himself in trouble…only to get himself in trouble. Warning: Extreme cuteness inside.
When There is 1 turn 4 months and 0 days until the 12th pass.
Where Nighthearth, Southern Weyr

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A comfortable nook, this natural extension of the living room is cozily attired with overstuffed chairs and a couple of well-worn loveseats. All have been covered in various shades of green, giving the very incongruous appeal of a miniature forest hidden away inside… a grove of man-made proportion. Fish stews and spicy white-wherry chili are often kept hot on the minor hearths east and west of the main, for those whose hours defy when meals are kept. Ornate, the largest hearth towers high, rich with carving and utilitarian in fashion: it holds court by providing the weyr with rich klah, the air thick with the scent of cinnamon wafting.
You see Veritas here.
Obvious exits:
Living Caverns Stairs

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It is midmorning
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There is 1 turn 4 months and 0 days until the 12th pass.
It is Winter and 58 degrees. It is cloudy.

Hannah is so not hiding like a dirty, nasty chicken little, because nothing is quite so un-awesome as the entire weyr knowing (and some even seeing) who you ended up with the night before. Not at all. That is not why, in the midst of the mid-morning breakfast lull, she's tucked away in the farthest corner of the nighthearth. That is not why, in this far, far chair, she's curled up into the smallest space possible — which given her height and tiny-ness, isn't hard — with her face buried in a hide. Or several hides. Although, despite the work that she's surrounded herself with, she seems to be holding of far-away thoughts. Daydreaming? Or conferring with her lifemate? Hard to tell.

Oh no, poor people who ended up with COMPANY for the night, undoubtedly comfortable and warm! Maybe there was even some SLEEP. Whereas some people have only freshly returned to the Weyr — indeed, Dimitri's looking a little worse for wear, having been who KNOWS where. Unwashed clothes, tired eyes, there's even a tiny bit of STUBBLE. "I know, I know! The dorms, I know where the dorms are I sleep there. I'll be there to fix your stupid glows in a bit." He calls this over his shoulders as he stumbles his way into the room, one hand rubbing tired eyes, then passing briefly over a cut on his lower lip and a greenish, slowly healing bruise on his jaw. Bleeaah. He's taking a BREAK from having spent the little time he's been here today working. And look where he goes now. The very back of the room, bleary-eyed and inattentive. Until he lets himself fall sideways onto a lovely little loveseat, his eyes closing the moment he hits it, arms and legs sticking out every which way as he squirms to at least get his torso comfortable. Naptime. At least — while he's under the impression that no one else is near.

Why? Why must the world be cruel? Hannah is juuuuuuust hunkering down for a good bout of invisibility when Dimitri makes his way over to her little nook and puts his beanpole frame into the seat next to her. Just pulling herself out of her thoughts is about the moment that the drudges arms and legs are flopping about, and one long-armed flailing hand gets close enough to smack her right where the temple meets the edge of her eyesocket. Whatever glow of invisibility the goldrider had before is gone as hides fall straight from her lap to the floor while both hands come up to clap to the side of her fact. And she yelps. Like a baby seal — or, I suppose, like a wounded kitten. "AIIIIEEEEP!"

Someone else is near. SOMEONE ELSE IS NEAR. "HUAGH!" This is all Dimitri manages before the YELP prompts a KICK of his legs and he half-intentionally launches himself off his seat, landing on his back, on the floor. He curls inward at the sudden impact, breath caught for a moment, as teeth grit and eyebrows lower. Doubly so when he opens his eyes properly and sees Hannah sitting there. Oh no not this again. "Y-yeah— okay I'm fine, I'm— going shh. Don't" He rooolls slowly onto his side, a little stiffly, and rises to his feet with both hands up, "Just… don't. I'm going. Calm your" Tits. "Calm."

Both of Hannah's hands are held over one green eye, the other one startled and then finally narrowing to find Dimitri on the floor. Dimitri. The goldrider is dressed far more sensibly than she's been in the last few weeks, a modest dress of sky blue that's revealed when the blanket she was under falls to the ground with her hides. "You— " she chokes out, glancing wildly from Dimitri to the rest of the nighthearth and back to Dimitri again. At least she's not in a rage, just startled. With both hands still over one eye like an eye-patch. "— just hit me." Maybe she thinks it was on purpose. STARTLE.

It there is one thing Nika is good at it's finding the one person in the room with a raincloud cast over their head and bursting through with sunshine and happiness. And that person today is one screetching sealcat of a goldrider. And there she goes skipping through the caverns up to the nighthearth with her mug of klah clutched in tiny hands, nary a drop spilt. "Weyrwoman!" Is squealed with happiness, until she hears that scolding voice from the woman. Someone hit her? Her eyes slide to the loveseat where she missed the person there. Oh NO! It's him. Her eyes widen in awkward teen horror as she spots Dimitri. They never look as good when the chase wears off do they? Only, a slight blush rises and she forces her eyes back to Hannah. "How are you weyrwoman?" Meep.

"Come on, I didn't…" For a moment looks like Dimitri's about to protest! Because clearly he knows what his own limbs are doing at all times, right? Right. But something - be it his lack of sleep or something else - manages to steer him just THIS side of making a good decision. "Alright. I hit you." There it is. Matter-of-factly. "I didn't mean to, you were just sort of THERE," He straightens up and gestures both hands wildly to where Hannah IS, before… noticing someone else instead. Freezing mid-gesture with one fuzzy caterpillar of an eyebrow absently quirked. Oh. He does look a bit of a mess. "Right. So in short, I hit you, it was an accident, and if you'd like to banish me again, I'll be… somewhere. Else." This is said to Hannah, yet he's still looking, inexplicably, surely, at Nika.

A cyclops look is given to Nika first, surprised to find the world suddenly painted in sunshine and rainbows and love, then Dimitri but quickly switches back to Nika. Something in the bluerider's expression has Hannah settling back on her chair, finally pulling her hands away from her poor injured eye. Inexplicably — perhaps she, herself, is in a good mood — she leans over and gathers up the blanket and hides. "I'm good." Sunny smile is directed Nika's way, something settled in the moments where Dimitri's fate hung in the balance. The look she gives the drudge is not exactly friendly, but it's not entirely unfriendly either. Perhaps it is a ploy to keep the boy on his toes. "Very good. Glad to wake up to such a good day."

Nika just keeps her eyes peeled on Hannah, but easier to pretend that someone isn't here. "I'm glad you're okay! You're going to have babies! Dragon babies!" That is very exciting. "I bet it gets kinda boring on the sands and hot. I can bring you stuff when you're stuck down there if you want." Beam, a beam which falters at Dimitri and she turns slightly little curls bouncing in definance. "You hit the weyrwoman so she'd send you a away? I didn't think it was that awkward Mitri…we can still be friends?" Right. Pleading brown eyes, big and round fall first on the male and then turn to Hannah. Make this okay, please. He's her friend.

… Dimitri just stands there. He's not quite believing what he's hearing from either of the women, and gape-mouthed confusion turns to a slightly manic-sounding chuckle. If ever he kept his cool through acting, he appears to have givn up on it. Nope! Drudges don't have NEED for performing, after all. He does nothing to hide his amusement. "A good day. A good day, of course. And… you were the one who ran." He notes to Nika, though his smarmy grin only widens for it — apparently he's not overly bothered. "I mean, if I remember correctly." His eyebrows lower again, like he really ISN'T quite sure. "It's sort of a haze, I think I jumped into a river shortly after, and then my clothes were wet so I had to hang them out to dry somewhere, and then I had a nap in tree, and…" He trails off, one hand reaching to clap down over a shoulder blade as he stretches. Trees are not the most comfortable thing to sleep in, evidently.

Oh how the puzzle pieces shift and move as Hannah watches Nika and Dimitri with a gaze much sharper and clearer now that she's not being distracted by the proddy. In fact, Dhiammarath's contentment and languor seems to be the influencing factor for the goldrider's lack of rage at being smacked in the face by the drudge. That, and it was an accident. "Dragon babies," she chokes out, making sure that knowledge is clear. Tucking the blanket down around her legs, she pulls it up until it's just below her chin, content to watch the pair like a cheshire cat. Just waiting for the right moment. "Oh, Nika. It'll be fine, boys are just denser than a box of rocks." Which, about sums up Dimitri.

There are no puzzle pieces, at least not Nika she isn't complicated enough to be a puzzle. "Yooouu!" Her little curled up fist land heavily on her tiny hips. "You made me run away. Sides. If you wanted that why didn't you do that before it was all dragon-y!" Yah she'll call him out. Because like all social endevours she just crashes through propriety and lands smack in the midst of the truth of things. "You just shut your mouth or I'll just kiss you right here!" That'll show him. Her eyes flicker back to Hannah and she throws her tiny arms up in frustration. "I'll say! Doesn't he know he's supposed to do that." Geez! Boys! Can't even do their jobs right. "Maybe I should try that thing you taught me!"

Dimitri eyes Hannah like a weasel might eye a snake. Hoping its belly is full, and if its not, whether it is at all smart to fight back, or to simply FLEE. He WAS going somewhere, wasn't he? But Nika is still talking. The threat of a kiss appears to do very little to deter him. "Are you… are you serious." He pauses, but only for a hearteat to look between the women. "I'm supposed to be living here now. But I'm not, though, am I? Every time I interact with anyone who means anything to anyone, all that happens is…" The rest of his sentence is a wordless, frustrated exhale. Defeated. Still, even now, bitterly amused as he turns, arms up. Clueless! "I'm going to find somewhere else to nap. Maybe the stables. Some nice hay." After a step or two, he notes with a tilt of his head upward, "You still owe me lessons!"

It is at this point that Hannah rises from her nest that she made in the chair big enough to swallow her whole. "Nika, you," she glances to Dimitri, brows rising, considering the drudge — something causes her eyes to narrow and some judgement be made — "know what to do. I leave it it in your capable hands." Picking up her hides, she slowly saunters out of the Nighthearth, hey nothing is going to spoil her mood, with but the tiniest of whispers to the bluerider. Oh and a final thought to Dimitri, "Be good, boyo." Lest he think running is wise. Matchmaker Hannah? Bounces right on out of the Nighthearth. Whistling a spritely tune. Happy, Happy, Happy!

You overhear Hannah mutter, "… him … … … … seduce … if … don't … the … … … know what's … Go … … … … …" to Nika.

"No time to think…" Is whispered softly by the bluerider as she eyes the drudge. Only for all her smiles and socialness she's never been in this particular situations, nor any good at these things in general. Nika does manage to close the distance between them, hello there Dimitri. The male surely one of a handful of people who has been given the chance to see any hint of insecurity in the girl. "…Hannah says I should kiss you, but I don't want to make it awkward if you don't want to." Because nothing says not-awkward quite as eloquently as that. Her tiny fingers wring each other nervously.

Everything is ridiculous. Everything is ridiculous. This thought dawns upon Dimitri slowly and sticks around a while, resulting in him stopping his little walk out and staring straight into Nika's face as she talks. Baffled, it seems, at her words. And then— cheerfully unbothered, gives the most exaggerated shrug he can manage. "I give up. I've been on the road for years and years, I've seen loads of weird people, but you? You're something else." Whether… that is good or not, or whether it's 'you' in the plural or singular sense of the word remains a mystery! Because apparently he's leaving this up to neither Nika NOR Hannah, and takes matters in his owh hands — quite literally, as he just reaches to pull Nika in around her waist, and plants his terrible unshaven unwashed face right onto hers. You want a KISS? HAVE ONE.

Ridiculous, yes! Baffling, yes! But that is Nika's charm isn't it? "Yes, I a…" What would be Nika's affirmation of his take on her is cut short by another mouth pressed against hers. This is different. It is her turn for arms not to know what to do, and so they just flail about in the air wildly. And when she's released she stares at him with wide eyes, "You! You kissed me!" It a statement of bewilderment. Is she happy about? A ball of fury because of it? Suddenly her tiny arms wrap around him in the tiniest bearhug of all.

"I did." Dimitri states in absolute seriousness, though — after a few seconds of that, even he can't really help but let just a SPOT of happiness return to his face, eyebrows up and the corners of his mouth absently curling. Because tiny bearhug! That is probably not fury. There's a press of his own arms in return. "I'm just going to go ahead and assume this wasn't the first lesson. Though if I did fail it, my excuse is that I slept in a tree and my breakfast might've been in bottle shape."

Nika nods as he confirms his own actions, this was unexpected turn of events. "Not that wasn't a lesson. I mean, your lessons should probably be about talking to goldriders without hitting them in the face, and not - you know. Kissing them." Her nose wrinkles up, cause that would probably just get him kicked out again. She finally releases the man with an apologetic look and a giggle. Woops. One little foot twists at the toes, as she clasps her hands behind her back. Soooo. "Why did you sleep in a tree and not just come home?" Curiosity wins again.

Something of the old Dimitri springs back to life in the drudge, then, in the sense that he straightens his spine and stands up straight once more. He looks vaguely surprised when she draws away, but then— appears to remember the state of himself. And looks down to inspect his still jungle-smelling clothes with a groan in displeasure. Augh, when'd he get so much more unkempt than usual. "I can't go to the wagon," Or, well, he COULD have seeing as Cerise wouldn't have been there, but he didn't know that, "and I loathe the dorms. So far inside, stale air, I gotta MOVE. So I saw a tree and I figured, hey. Why not." He looks back up to Nika now, idly rubbing the bruise side of his face. "And now I know it's muscles. Muscles is why you don't sleep in trees. That, and if you turn just this way?" He holds his arms out in fromt of him and shifts his weight in place, as though to demonstrate, continuing cheerfully, "apparently that's how you fall and crash halfway onto a lower branch and nearly break your nuts!"

When the old Dimitri reappears there is a brief look of disappointment in the girl's face, but then her giggling self bubbles to the surface again. "I dunno think your sister was in the wagon…" Or at least that's what the talk was about, not that it is unusual for enemies to end up in bed together during goldflights, it isn't always happiness that the lust latches on to when driving people into each others arms, but they happen so infrequently that it provides hushed gossip at least for the next day. "You can't just sleep in trees!" Laughter curls through her words, "You could always hang out in my weyr." It takes a mere second fo her eyes to widen in horror, and a hand to clasp over her mouth. So different from her grasping at him yesterday, color floods her cheeks as she meeps quietly and the hand drops. "ImeanIhaveacouch. You could sleep on the couch. The couch I have in my weyr. AndIwouldn'tsleeponit, cause youwereonit and I'd sleep in the bed." Random words spilling together as energy ignites her nervousness. "I just mean…I didn'tmean…and…" Tiny hands press to her cheeks as she tries to hide the blush, and her eyes search frantically for an exit strategy.

Yet Dimitri is patient. Oh so patient. If his eyebrows would go any high they'd probably come clear off. Nika is, apparently, his very own personal entertainment system and he looks content just to watch her for a moment. "A drudge in your weyr!" He exclaims, just briefly looking around (maybe to make sure Hannah is REALLY GONE), before continuing with, "How's about… you let me borrow your couch, and in return I take your lessons seriously! Because I wasn't going to. Not even a little bit."

"You think that's payment?" Nika's shrill anger returns with a vengance. "That isn't payment! You don't have to take my advice out of pity!" Hands have left her checks and are stretched out behind her in tight little fists, as leans toward him enraged yet again. How can one man cause so many conflicted feelings in her, oh wait, that's always the guy she falls for. "You jackass! I was offering for you." On fury filled finger jabs at his chest, certainly that will leave a mark, or he might even feel it unless he stops it. "Damn you! Dimitri!"

"Remember the joking thing, the thing— with the joking!" Now it's Dimitri's turn to yelp some high-pitched words in feigned panic, as he's JABBED mercilessly in the chest. It drives him backwards a few steps, toward the exit, cracking a grin as he fails to stifle a laugh. "You're all so serious around here! Even you, Nika! And you're the best person HERE." And with that, apparently, he's off on his way out. Slow enough to catch up with — he even waves a hand to hurry up. "C'mon, then. Show me that couch you definitely will not sleep on. I'll need to see whether it suffices."

"I wouldn't be so serious if I knew what was going on!" Nika calls, surprised at his leaving, more surprised at his final summons. "Um. Okay?" And she's jogging after him toward the bowl.
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