====September 5, 2013
====N'thu, Itzquintlith
====Itzquintlith didn't chase Ofrovth.

Who N'thu, Itzquintlith
What Itzquintlith didn't chase Ofrovth..
When The couple of days around Corelle's dragon rising.
Where Itzquintlith's Ledge / Igen River Area

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It was probably, in some senses, a betrayal.

Some might see it that way, anyway — the Tlatoani, for sure, would disapprove of the blatant loss of their tie to an even higher power. And really there was no doubt that Teya would be demoted as soon as he wasn’t holding the Weyrleader’s knot: that was the one thing that N’thu truly regretted about this decision, a decision he had consulted no one about except one soul who agreed with him — who was firmer on it than N’thu was. Teyaschianniarina probably deserved to keep her knot. Some might say N’thu deserved to keep his.

He thought they were both too young. They worked well together, but if someone older, more experienced, were in place, would it not be better for the Weyr?

« And maybe someday, » that everpresent voice reminded him, a hum of the birds in the trees, « someday Ryglinath and I will lead Igen Weyr again. When it is time. It was not our time. We were going to be Wingsecond. »

They were going to be Wingsecond soon, when Kohleth rose. Wingsecond had been their goal; Itzquintlith liked to do things in order, not skip things around. Trying to save the gold’s life changed things. Complicated things. Complicated careful plans and intelligent orders of things. And no matter how much Tizoc Tlatoani had liked it, no matter how much part of impulsive N’thu wanted to prove to Pern that Igen was capable, that he was capable — it wasn’t right for them then.

It hadn’t been much of a discussion.

“So, when Ofrovth rises,” N’thu had started, leaning against his dragon’s leg whittling at something as they both caught the sunset on a high-up ledge that wasn’t theirs but presently didn’t belong to anyone —

« We will leave, » Itzquintlith agreed before N’thu even got to float it to him.

“I — what? I thought you would insist on —”

« No. It was too soon. We were to be Wingsecond, » and that had been the first reminder, « and we were not ready to be Weyrleader. The others will forgive us. It is better for someone else to help Igen now. »

“You’re serious. You’re not even bothered. I thought for sure you’d want to —”

« When Elicheritath rises, » the bronze told him clearly, decisively, « we will be here. »

Sinewy slippery creepy meddlesome Elicheritath might not have been N’thu’s favorite dragon in Igen, but he liked Tuli all right and he had actually gotten a lift from the gold a time or two. And really, it was rare that he ever held his dragon back, so it was an easy agreement, though not voiced out loud: Elicheritath, yes. Jivayath, too, if you want. Just not Ofrovth. Not now. Not this time. I can’t do this right now.

« We are too young, » Itzquintlith agreed, and while there were no words on the subject of Jivayath, there was definitely a mental chime of satisfaction. Jivayath, too. She did not belong to Valiuth. And the last dragon to catch Elicheritath wasn’t even there. He could be a clutchfather again and not have to do it alone.

Briefly, he extended a vine out of his mind to touch briefly upon his children, sleeping though they all were at that hour, lingering longest on Jovianth. Wingsecond of Samyeli. Itzquintlith was proud.

“You’ll have other children,” N’thu had promised him. “And maybe someday —”

« Someday you will be a good Weyrleader, » Itzquintlith was sure of it. Certain. « You were never a bad one. You are just not ready. We do things in their proper order. »

So when Ofrovth rose, they were far enough away; still in the Igen area, but far off enough upriver that Itzquintlith wouldn’t feel the pull. And they left early enough that anyone remaining who wondered where they were wouldn’t worry for long.

They found a spot upriver where N’thu half expected N’zi and Zateriyath to join them, though they didn’t, and that was okay. He went alone, no matter how tempted he was to invite Nys along; alone, just N’thu and Itzquintlith, having already left the Weyrleader’s knot behind.

He just hoped it went to the right person.

Come on, Valiuth … he dozed off thinking.

Itzquintlith woke him with the news it had been W’rin and Valiuth indeed who won. Their choice. The ones they wanted to look to. The ones they knew they trusted, just as Valiuth and W’rin had trusted them.

They would do what they could and what they must and what the Weyrleader asked of them, because they trusted the Whirlwind leading pair. Knew they could look to them and rely on them, and knew that in turn W’rin would find the right place in the Weyr for them to go.

When it turned out to be a Wingleader’s knot instead of ‘second, Itzquintlith only complained for a few seconds.

« Well, » he finally allowed, « I guess we already have some experience. »

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