==== September 14, 2013
==== Aaron, Nathanael, Renalde, Sori, Sytin
==== Sytin's punishment continues, unbeknownst to Nathanael, resulting in a cranky Aaron.

Who Aaron, Nathanael, Renalde, Sori, Sytin
What Sytin's punishment continues, unbeknownst to Nathanael, resulting in a cranky Aaron.
When There is 1 turn 2 months and 24 days until the 12th pass.
Where Southern Weyr - Smith Wing

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Smith Wing
And here, architectural integrity fails: chunks of the ceiling litter the floor, and in the gloom only spinnerwebs are visible in the high, arched emptiness above.

Early afternoon finds the Smith Wing abuzz with the clang of metal, the hiss of steam and the roar of the forge. It's a noisy symphony that is non-the-less comforting to any Smith in its strange way. Unless you're Sytin, and then it's just an unwelcome racket. The boy is stuck over in a corner, on his hands and knees and scrubbing a currently unused forge with, of all things, a toothbrush. He's covered in soot and grime, his pouring sweat doing little to cleanse the dust from his flesh. Clearly the boy is being punished for something but he's tight-lipped at the moment, focused on his tedious task.

A long sea voyage behind him, Nathanael has been freed again. His first stop? Well, after a BATH, fish isn't the best smell on a hormonally smelly 13 year old, is his newest friend's area. Into the Smith's area Nathanael RUNS scooting to a stop only once there are people around for him to run into. Eyes look, look, look, THERE! Zoning in on the apprentice Nathanael weaves his way around the smiths all aworking. "Sytin!"

I've been working on the Smith forge, all the live long day! I've been scrubbing off the Smith forge, just to pass the time away! If such a ditty existed on Pern it would certainly be Sytin's anthem right now, albeit with much less cheer and far more gloom and doom. The voice of his friend somehow manages to ring high and clear over the din and to his ears and the Apprentice cranes about, peering first at Nathanael's shins and then after some adjustment at the boy's face. "Hi." It's a bit dull and lackluster of a greeting, but it's still complimented with a bit of a smile. A grubby hand moves to his lips to gesture silence and secrecy to the boy and Sytin scoots back further into the corner, motioning the Seacrafter to follow him. "I'm in trouble," he explains, as loudly as he dares without being overhead. Fortunately there's a good level of cacophony to mask his explanations from prying eardrums.

Oh, they're being sneaky? Nathanael casts a look around, sure to cause people to know he's being sneaky. Dropping down into a crouch he peers at his friend in the corner. "What'd 'e do? Not 'cuz 'v 'e mud fight?" His eyes are wide and his voice lower, though still loud enough that his boyish tones easily carry to nearby ears.

Shaking his head, Sytin draws his knees up to his chest and lets out a heavy and rather explosive sigh. "No, apparently standing up for weaker people to weyrwomen is a bad idea." In the boy's mind he was just trying to come to the rescue of poor Donner. "I suppose I should learn when to keep my fat mouth shut and just do what I'm told." Head shakes and it's clear that this idea doesn't settle well with the Smith. "How was your trip?" Time for a subject change!

"DUDE." Nathanael STARES at Sytin. "'e DIDN'T talk back 't a GOLDRIDER." His voice level rises quickly with shock, breaking into its lower octive on gold rider. "'r 'e DAFT?"

Aaron comes stomping out of his office right about this point, moving his hand across his throat. The various workers, most of whom have been watching the figurative clock, are all more the ready to cut it out for the day, and the first spoken word that Aaron hears is Nathanael's high-pitched 'daft'. "WHO SAID THAT?!" he bellows, in a voice that could've been easily heard over the pounding roar of the Smithy.

Nathanael's bombastic response gets a rather lackluster one from Sytin. "Eh, I don't care if she's the queen of Pern. You shouldn't treat people like that. Even stupid ones." Trust the Smith for having a bull-like stubbornness when it comes to his perceptions of right and wrong, at least at his age. "I'm not daft, just—" Whatever he was going to say gets cut off by Aaron's bellow and the Apprentice looks suitably spooked and tilts forward, landing back on his knees and starting to scrub the forge with his piddly toothbrush again. "Shards and Stones, he has the timing of an Oldtimer!"

Nathanael JUMPS, blond hair peaking up from over heads for just a moment as he whirls around to see the large Smith roaring. Whatever response he was going to offer to his beleaguered apprentice friend is quickly cut off. "um. O'er here sir, m' 'pologies f' yellin'."

Sori has been here the whole time, and the clang of her hammer on the last of the runner shoes echoes through the shouted question from Aaron. The girl simply finishes the shoe, and when it's done it's placed with the other three before she's turning to look around. Oh, there are other people here trust Sori to not have noticed any of it. She'll just stay where she is, and figure out what to do next shall she?

Aaron notices that little peek of blond and snarls, a distinctly unpleasant sound amongst the emptying forge. Waiting until most of the other Smiths have moved off in search of baths and food, he starts moving towards the pair of apprentices. Sori gets an EYE for that last clang, but Aaron's anger isn't reserved for her… "Nathanael," he asks, sounding dangerously kind, "just what are you doing in my forge? Does your father need something for his ship?"

Sytin has only a brief glare to toss at Nathanael for revealing their position. Sometimes honesty is not the best policy! Lips curl in another less audible oath and the Apprentice scrubs harder, doing his best to look productive as Aaron storms over and towers above them like a wher ready to devour some tasty herdbeast. He looks like he might even manage it for a moment before his sense of justice gets in the way. Mouth opens to try and protect the Seacrafter, probably much to his detriment: "Sir, Nathanael just got back into harbor and came to see me. He didn't know that I was busy." Busy is probably the most politically correct thing this Smith has said all day!

"um, Aye sir." From a belt Nathanael pulls a roll of hide, "'e wanted me t' give 'e this. 's askin 'f 'n update on 'e order of hooks 'e placed 'fore we left." Innocence is all over Nathanael's voice, and he casts a guilty look at his friend. "'m sorry, 'e didn' know 'e was 'n trouble."

Aaron takes the roll of hide, looking it over for a moment a nodding. "It's done," is all the Journeyman states. Looking around, he spies Sori and gives the poor girl a warm smile. Arm extends, holding the unrolled hide out to her. "This should be over in bin 87," he says, gesturing towards the far side of the Smithy where the finished projects are kept. Turning back to Sytin, he glares. "Apprentice Sytin, what part of 'no outside contact' did you not understand? You should have directed your friend to one of the other apprentices, the journeymen, or my office. Why did you not?"

"Jus got 'er, didn't tell 'em what I came for sir." Nathanael offers up with BIG BLUE EYES of PLEADING. Please don't hurt my friend.

Right about now is a good time for Renalde to briskly walk into the Smithy. "Journeyman Aaron," he calls out upon spotting the angry smith who rises high above the crowd. "I would have a moment of your time."

Sori nods as she moves to take the rolled hide, and then off to the area indicated. She's in no hurry to gather the required items, and so it's no surprise that there's the sound of things being moved around. Likely they don't need to be moved, likely Sori's just stalling. She's maybe not always the most circumspect person around, but she does know when it's best to just find a place to hide in.

Not trouble, busy! Sytin would perhaps correct the boy but Aaron's booming reprimand has him scrubbing harder for just a moment, swallowing nervously. He's about to try and explain when the Seacrafter jumps to his rescue. It's a bit embarrassing, but the Apprentice isn't about to turn away any help he can get right now. "I was just trying to explain it to him as you came out, sir! That's why he called me daft." Brownie points for honesty? Well, almost honesty? The Smith's expression as Renalde comes in and interrupts Aaron is almost ready to kiss the Headman in relief. Sori, well, Sori's predicament is very understandable to the Apprentice and gets no guff, verbal or otherwise, against it.

Nathanael rolls on the balls of his feet, quite uncomfortable to be caught here because that it is friend but Aaron is a journeyman. When the headman rolls in he gets a smile, and a "sir!" quipped up at him from the smaller apprentice.

Aaron just glares at Nathanael, before moving on to Sytin. "There is no need for you to explain anything, apprentice Sytin. Apprentice Nathanael is here on business, and I've not found you fit to conduct the business of this craft." Because mouthing off to goldriders is STUPID, and STUPID gets people killed. Ouch. Turning, he spies Renalde, and bends his great head in a nod. "Headman. How can I help you?"

The two apprentices get the full power of the Headman's gaze for a brief moment, but they are not his to disipline at the moment, so he turns back to the large Smith. "The seacrafters," Nathanael gets another brief glance, "have discovered one of their southern walls has a crack up it. The original structure was stone. I want to get a few of you out to inspect it and see if it can be replaced, perhaps with brick."

A loud clattering from the finished projects area is followed by Sori finally returning with the completed order. The fish hooks have been carefully placed into a small bag, "Here you are," she says handing the bag over to Nathanael. Then oh look, there's a Renalde and Sori is quickly finding something else to do just to keep busy.

The Seacrafter gets a sympathetic glance from Sytin, and a faint nod. 'Go on, don't worry about me' would probably be the gist of the gesture. The Apprentice actually flinches a bit at Aaron's judgement of him, shoulders slumping slightly and the forge promptly absorbing his whole attention span with an uncomfortable swallow. He's obviously just a bit miserable at having let the Journeyman down, but at this point he's a bit stuck with his remorse.

Nathanael wavers between staying beside is friend and taking the fishhooks just handed to him and running. The sudden gaze flick of the Headman has him freezing in his boots, and he listens to the conversation. There was a crack? WHERE?

Aaron has turned from the apprentices towards Renalde, and nods. "Shouldn't be a problem at all. I can come look at it now, if you'd like. As far as bricks go, though… Well, we'd either have to have them shipped down from the North, or make them here. Sori found a likely clay pit while her and Rimer were looking for a sand pit for me, but I just don't have the manpower to spare. That complex is rather large, and even just one wall would need a lot of bricks. Shards, I was thinking about redoing this place," he gestures to the still-unfinished Smithy, "in brick, but I'd need thousands. It's not that they're hard to make, it's just a labor intensive project."

Renalde taps a long finger on his cheek, pondering the Smith's words. "I might have the manpower to spare, though not for a week or so. Would your apprentices be able to assist?" His gaze this time moves onto ALL THREE. "I am sure the Seacrafters would lend their children to the effort."

Bricks? Oh lovely, "What style of brick are you looking at?" Sori asks, because for all her finding other things to do the apprentice has been listening to the conversation. Bricks? Oh Sori knows about that, if for no other reason than learning brick making was a great boredoms killer.

Soot and other debris are slowly being removed from the sides of the cool forge thanks to Syntin's efforts. His toothbrush is starting to look like it's ready to bite the dust, however. He perks up a bit as he hears Aaron mention possibly leaving. Do Pernese pray? This Apprentice just might wish for a savior right now. All hail Renalde? Amber eyes shift to glance at the Headman hopefully but quickly divert back to their task, lest the Journeyman spy the wistful look. Look at how clean that forge is getting! It may even sparkle when he's done!


Nathanael flicks a glance down at Sytin, but he's totally working all sorts of hard, so no relief is offered there. He fidgets under the gaze of the Headman, shifting a bit in place.

Aaron casts a glance about the Smithy, and nods. "Not all of them, Renalde, but a few could. Sori knows about bricks, and Sytin needs something to keep him occupied and away from the goldriders. So far as young Nathanael, that's something for his father to decide." Because, after all, he's not Aaron's apprentice.

The smith girl gets an eye for her lack of respectul talk, but other then ignoring her question, simply looks back to Aaron. "I'll have it arranged then, when I have sea crafter support." He raises an eyebrow at the mention of goldriders and teenage boys. "I do not remember the children in Benden being quite so apt to cross the weyrwoman."

Aaron looks over at Sytin for a moment, then back to Renalde. "I'm trying to put some manners in 'im, and a little intelligence, but that's a lot of ore for a little iron. Shall we go have a look at that wall?" And with that, the Smith is leading the Headman out…

Renalde pauses at the doorway. "Apprentice Seacrafter, go find your father and have him meet us outside the building along with," insert random ranked seacrafter here. Without waiting for Nathanael to respond Renalde sweeps out after Aaron.

Sori has finished her work for the day, and is now headed out of the smithy. It's time for something, the girl just isn't sure what? Food? Sleep? Maybe a bath? Whatever it is, she's not going to find it hanging around the forge so off Sori goes to find something.

The forge will surely sparkle by the time poor Sytin is done with it, though the Apprentice quietly suspects that it may take the whole pass to complete his atonement. Aaron's mention of his name gets a tiny little glance, furtive and quickly diverted back to the task at hand. Renalde's comment is going to go unanswered, for the Smith isn't suicidal. The same goes for Aaron's commentary, though is anything it seems to depress Sytin further. So he scrubs quietly until Aaron moves out of earshot and then glances at Nathanael. "Go on," he urges, shrugging his shoulder in a gesture towards the point of egress. "Don't get in trouble on my account, 'Thanael."

"Sorry man," Nathanael says with FEELING. "'a bring 'e somethin later, 'n make sure y' Journeyman dun see it." With one last commiserating look the small apprentice streaks out of the Smithy feet loudly pattering on to find his father for scary headman.

Sytin shakes his head negatively at the Seacraft. "S'my fault, I mouthed off." He shrugs. Nathanael's shoulder gets a brief cuff of brother-like affection despite his sooty palms and a slightly forced smile before the fellow Apprentice scurries out, leaving the Smith to his gloomy thoughts, even as the other Smiths slowly complete their tasks and filter out for their evening meal, finally leaving the Apprentice alone in the silence and fading embers of day, the sound broken only by the bristles of his scrubbing toothbrush…

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