==== September 16, 2013
==== Aife, Sytin
==== Peeling roots in the kitchen results in a surprise conversation.

Who Aife, Sytin
What Peeling roots in the kitchen results in a surprise conversation.
When There is 1 turn 2 months and 18 days until the 12th pass.
Where Southern Weyr - Kitchens



Renowned, the culinary prowress of Southern, and suitable her kitchens to the task. A broad and airy sweep of room, it cannot help the sweat-drenching heat — though hearths are cleverly set within the ground itself to maximize efficiency. Big copper pots gleam along long tables, cooks hustling to and fro to prepare the necessary meals. There is never a candlemark the kitchens are left unstaffed: even in the wee hours of the night, bakers can be seen shaping loaves and mixing biscuits. For those who miss meals, a sideboard brims with leftovers that are easily transformed into portable potables, complete with sweet herbal tea and a large wheel of a soft, white, crumbly cheese.

The morning finds Aife in the kitchens, tracking down a meal and keeping out of the cooks' way. She looks scrubbed and cleaned from the last time she's been seen around - though her clothes look at though they could use a bit of scrubbing themselves. All the same, her mass of curls seeming to act like a beacon to where she's leaning against the wall, she's there with steaming cup in one hand and a roll in the other as she watches to activity about her with mild interest.

Tucked away in a back corner, Sytin is peeling vegetables for lunchtime. Bright orange fingerroots are being bared under his deft knife strokes. He's doing it properly, scraping the blade away from him. It makes little shick sounds as he works. Around the gangly boy bowls are filling up with various sorts of root vegetables in various states of undress, but from the ratio of undress to dress it would seem he's been here for a minute. Aife is spied as she floats in the corner of his version and he offers her a knife-bearing wave. Hullo!

When Aife spots him, she grins and lifts up her cup in return greeting before approaching from her side. "Thought you were a Smith," she teases once she's close enough to greet properly, eyeing Sytin's handiwork with the fingerroots. "Here you are, peeling. How's it going anyway, kid? Better since that boss of yours is around?" She makes a show of looking around towards the entrance.

"I am," Sytin concurs as he continues peeling. "But some bronzerider decided I would be better forged if I stood on the Hatching Sands." The vegetable is deposited in a nearby bowl and another one picked up and started on. "Since I had so many eyes on me telling me yes, I decided to not be contrary for a change." He pauses, reaching over for his klah mug and taking a good long pull before resuming his work. "What brings you into the kitchens? I thought only staff was allowed."

"Some bronzerider?" Aife archs a look his way before biting down on a roll. Her eyes take in the shiny new knot Sytin has on right then before both brows go up and she meets his gaze. "Shit, you got Searched? That's great!" She leans over to nudge his shoulder with knot on it with the fist holding the roll, adding, "Does this mean you can't be a smith anymore? I've seen some boys leave the hall I was at when riders came around, too. Will what's-his-name…Aaron, will he say something?" She remembers what happened last time, at the living caverns. As for her, there's a nonchalant shrug as she chews and looks around. "Oh, yeah? Only staff? Huh. I'm used to hanging in kitchens. Thought I'd grab myself something to eat," filching, that is, "before I get to this cleaning clothes business."

Sytin chuckles a bit. "Yeah. Th'seus." A beat. "Didn't you say he was your brother?" The fingerroot slowly bares beneath his blade, though he pauses as his shoulder is buffeted by her playful punch, eliciting a grin from him. "I can't decide if I should be excited, nervous or terrified." Peeling resumes thoughtfully at the mention of Aaron. "I- Honestly I don't know. I hope I can still be a Smith if I Impress. I'll certainly go back if I don't." He sobers for a bit and then grins at her laissez-faire attitude. "Well, I won't tell on ya!" he winks with boyish playfulness at her.

Aife is studying him in surprise when her brother's name is brought up. "Th'seus?" she echoes, pausing in her chewing. "He searched you? Yeah, that he is." She slowly returns to her chewing though, keeping her eyes on Sytin even if she has to move to get out of a cook's way. "I haven't seen him yet. He's probably busy watching over that clutch. And, maybe you can be all three of those? Excited, nervous, and terrified? I think I would be. Is this what they have you doing now?" she gestures towards the fingerroots before she pops the last of her roll into her mouth. On Aaron, there's a smile and a shaking of her head as she says, "I bet you can," on still being a smith. "Maybe not so much if you Impress. I've heard those little dragons can be a handful from some of the apprentices back home." Sytin's last earns him another light punch to the shoulder as she moves to settle to the side of him before she states a jaunty, "Good. Wouldn't do to be causing trouble before I've even said 'hello'. Besides, I can always say I'm here to help you out or something." Right. There's no knife in her hand, by the way she's indulging her drink, she doesn't look to be grabbing one anytime soon, either.

"He looked pretty harried," Sytin admits. "Then again, he could have just been faking it." A bit of a shrug from the Smith. "I've gotten some pretty crazy looks when I've told people he Searched me. Like it means something. I mean, Search is Search, right?" His root is now properly undressed and he tosses it with the others, picking up a whiteroot this time and hacking away at the russet flesh. "I got rolled with kitchen duties today. They figure putting me to use peeling vegetables keeps me out from underfoot I reckon." Shick shick shick. "I really do like Aaron." Shifty-eyes. "Just don't tell ''im I said it." The second shoulder punch nets a little giggled "He-ey!" from the Candidate who just barely stops himself from returning the fist bump. "Eh, I apparently cause trouble everywhere I go. Maybe you're in good company?"

"Strange looks? Are you sure it's not because he searched you?" Aife hazards a guess, frowning. "Maybe he doesn't search people. I think it would be weird if he searched me, anyway." There's laughter on the job, and his liking Aaron, but it's an easy laugh. "He seems nice," she does admit. "Have you seen the eggs yet? I haven't yet." His giggled cry earns him a brighter smile as she drinks, that last getting a wry, "You and me, troublemakers. Nothing's wrong with having a partner in crime, I'd say. Can you imagine doing what you're told all the time?" She can't. She even wrinkles her nose a bit at it. "At the Hall, I was always being sent in for something. I suspect it's really because I'm a girl, and girls should be seen and not heard there. Even if I could close up a cut better than half those boys."

"Nary a clue," the former Smith responds cheerily, whacking away at the oblong root. "Either way I'm definitely going to go with a little of all three." This in reference to the earlier emotional states. A nod to the comment about Aaron and then: "I was there when they were laid, ironically!" Maybe it was destiny. A wry grin creeps across Sytin's face. "Well, I don't always mean to be a troublemaker all the time, but on occasion it's fun to… bend the rules." The Candidate tosses the now clean whiteroot into the pile and takes a bit of a break, sipping his klah. "Well, I don't think girls should be only heard, but I think we should look after you. It's the responsible thing, I think." Thus spoke the 12-turn-old.

"Oh yeah? Are they really all the hype I've been hearing?" Aife asks as she nurses through her own klah, folding her free arm underneath the other. At least she's not pilfering anymore rolls for now. On bending the rules, "Yeah sure," she tosses with a briefly raised cup, "I don't always mean to be one, either." Somehow, it doesn't sound the same when she says it. "I get pegged as the one though. I remember one time I was helping this boy turns ago get up since he slipped and fell. He claimed that I punched him, but, I really trying to help him up. Matter of perspective, I guess." She snorts on the last, hooking her leg behind herself against the wall as she prompts, "Do I look like someone that needs looking after?" She prompts a look Sytin's way.

Sytin grins. "Colorful, to say the least. I'm at least a bit excited to see what comes out of those gleaming shells when they crack. They're already betting in the Barracks." The Candidate takes another long sip at his klah, contemplating her statement of anti-troublemaking with some grains of salt it seems. It seems that Aaron has smacked a bit of sense into him though, because for a change he doesn't open his yap to question her statement. Instead, subject change! "Not by me," he admits, picking up another plant to peel. "But if someone big and mean came after you, maybe then, by someone stronger than me." It's heartfelt honesty, that opinion.

Perking up just a tad, "What's the betting at?" Aife asks as she drains her cup. "You think a little gold might hatch out of one of them?" She's full of questions. Sytin's last in answer gets a low chuckle as she looks into her now-empty cup before she straightens up from her lazy lean. "Oh, I'll be fine," she's easy to state with a wink being tossed his way. "Been on my own for turns. Back at the Hall. Now. But here, guess I won't have to worry about stuff like that anymore, right?" She goes to drop the cup where the other dishes are being washed before returning with her hands wiping down on her skirt. "I better head on out and get back to my own work," she says with head-gesture back towards the entrance. "I'll see you around? Maybe we can go look at the eggs sometime."

"I don't think there is," Sytin volunteers, for all his opinion matters. "Dhiammarath doesn't seem overly protective of any particular egg. All the Weyrfolk in the Barracks talk how if there was a gold egg it's be bigger and shiny and she'd be focusing on it." He shrugs, whiteroot occupying his hands, falling silent to listen to her statements of self-reliance with a bit of a grin. "Well, remind me not to cross you." He inclines his head politely. "I'm sure you'll find me everywhere now, but yes, perhaps we can venture a look at the eggs sometime." He beams in boyish fashion and waves her off.

"Too bad," Aife states, looking over at the roots Sytin's done. "I'd have liked to see one straight-up." She meets his gaze right them for a moment before she hitches up a grin and makes as if she was about to ruffle up his nice hair. She pauses from doing so, though, laughing at his polite comment before answering, "Better not, kid. We'll go have a look soon. First I've got things to run. See you around?" She doesn't wait for an answer. The healer's already heading out with a flutter of fingers.

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