==== September 22, 2013
==== Donner, Kapia, Kultir, Sytin, Yulena
==== Dawn comes too early for the Weyr, but at least there's time for breakfast!

Who Donner, Kapia, Kultir, Sytin, Yulena
What Dawn comes too early for the Weyr, but at least there's time for breakfast!
When There is 1 turn 2 months and 0 days until the 12th pass.
Where Southern Weyr - Living Caverns



Living Caverns
Grand and spacious, the cavern curves high aloft in naturally-vaulted ceiling that soothes any sense of claustrophiba. Rich woods line the cavern floor, varnished and stained a rich mahogany, while round tables scatter about candlelit and intimate. The largest table lies southerly next the sideboard, long trestles that seem oriented to providing for the weyr's youngest. The rich blue of Azov can be seen from a distance in good weather, when the heavy stone doors covering the entrance are allowed to stand open.

It is the morning and the Living Caverns are astir with the early morning feeding frenzy. The chomping and noshing of the crowd nearly drowns out the mutters of it's-too-early and who-set-Rukbat-to-rise-at-this-hour. Those indignant cries pass over the head of one Candidate, sitting at small table with a mug of klah, hearty breakfast, and some scrolls she's reading through absently. Food is speared into Yulena's mouth bit by bit, frequently followed by gulps of her favorite beverage. Good morning.

Kultir steps into the caverns, freshly washed and clean after his self-imposed morning workout. He moves toward the trestles set with breakfast foods and starts loading a plate with egg pie, tubers, porcine strips, breakfast pastries and a large mug of klah. The boy turns to survey the room and spies a fellow Candidate and moves in that direction. He plunks his plate and mug down without so much as a good morning or a may I join you and starts shoveling food in his mouth. Neatly … but still … shoveling.

Kapia still has that air about her of someone who is quite unfamiliar with this particular Weyr. It takes her a while to figure out where to get a tray and silverware, then longer to figure out where to get her actual breakfast. She seems vaguely harried through the whole process. Finally, it is accomplished. She looks about for a place to sit, spying the candidate with the scrolls. She's about to say something when another candidate takes the seat she was eyeing. But no matter, time to try again. "May I join the two of you?"

Sytin is doing his usual impression of a Dragon this morning. With a very empty stomach. His loaded plate is already half gone when Kultir takes a seat, though he does offer the man a smile and a broad one at that. "G'morning, Kultir," he offers jovially before taking a sip of his klah. A sniff. "Decided to ruin that good bath you had last night?" he teases before tackling his plate again. Om nom nom. Kapia gets a glance and a welcoming smile. "I don't, but beware, we elbow people. Not intentionally, mind, just, yanno, crowded." He chuckles and gestures to an empty spot near him.

Looking up, Yulena notes the new company, and huhs at Kultir. There's no inflection to it, just the simple fact that she now has company. Her parchments are shuffled briefly to make more room, and Yulena is entirely ready to return to her reading but… New person! Innnteresting. Yulena eyes Kapia for a moment and then waves her mug of klah in the direction of the free chair as pointed out by Sytin. "Feel free. I'm Yulena. That," mug-wave, "is Kultir and Sytin. What do you think of the klah?" Whether Kapia has a mug or not is immaterial. Speaking of which, Yulena quaffs from her own for a moment.

Kultir glances up at the girl he'd met briefly the day before and nods a greeting before he turns a grin on the younger boy. "Mornin' Sytin." he says, still chewing his mouthful. A shrug is given as he forks up another bite to pop into his mouth. Too hungry to really care about manners right now he points at a chair near Yulena and away from either boy and says, "Ye migh' wanna sit over there … we be like t' eat ye'r food if ye ain't careful." He waves his fork between himself and Sytin, giving the girl a grin and a wink. He drains half his mug in answer to Yulena's question and grins mischievously at her. "Wakes me up …" he quips in the ex-cooks direction, eyes sparkling teasingly.

"… I see." Kapia replies cautiously to Sytin, not knowing quite how jokingly to take that warning. She sets her tray down and slips into the seat which Kultir points out, taking an abundance of caution. She has a sip of her morning klah as her eyes scan over the faces of the candidates, trying to match each with the names given. "Yulena, Kultir, and Sytin. Nice to meet you all. I'm Kapia. You're all candidates? I saw some of you on the sands at the touching…" She blinks and looks into her drink. "The klah? Pretty good, I guess…"

"Don't mind Yulena, she used to be a cook." Sytin grins at her. He means it in the most loving way possible. In fact, he even sips his own klah to show how much he appreciates it! Kultir gets a quirked eyebrow but no immediate comment, just a little grin before he shovels another mouthful of porcine into his face. Chewing ensues and the boy glances over to the newcomer, swallowing. "Yeah, white knot. That's me." He points at himself with the fork. "Them too. And we don't bite — well, I can't say about Maosa — but we are just a bit ravenous, so…" He smirks. He's joking. Mostly.

A bunch of white knots and some unsuspecting new Weyrperson are sitting around a table, quietly noshing. Yulena's defending her klah, giving Sytin a bemused look, and mentioning, "I'm glad you like the klah. It's my own family recipe." Which means it's in her head and not even Aaron's pry-bar could get it out, "You should try the iced klah in summer. It's really refreshing. Took off here like a prairie fire." One hand waves away Sytin and Kultir's warnings, "Nevermind that, they know that there's always plenty more food coming, and there is always more klah." See? Yules grins and waves a mug around at Kapia, "Soooo… ya been here long?" If there's a dearth of manners here, it's probably exemplified in Yulena's conversational habits, "Where did you come from? Are you staying? Are you here for the hatching?"

Kultir is busy munching through his breakfast to do more than just nod every once in a while Thankfully Sytin has taken the time to answer for him so he can concentrate on food. His eyes darken and a frown creases his brow at the girls mention of the Sands but otherwise, no reaction. Soon enough, he's going to run out of things to eat and then … he'll have to go back to work so, he slows down on the shoveling in of food. Besides, he's curious since he'd not gotten to ask the girl the day before.

Kapia gives Sytin an uncertain smile. "… Oh." She replies. "I guess that makes sense." She takes another long sip of the klah while listening to Yulena extol the virtues of it. "Oh! Well. It is really tasty. And iced would be good. I have no idea how everyone survives in this heat." She shakes her head a bit. "I mean, in that hatching cavern especially! I wasn't even on the sands, and I could barely stand the heat…"

With a bunch of white knots at the table, it must mean that it's a candidate wide break— Donner included. He seems to be a straggler to the caverns, weaving towards the food table, his height slumped and a frown on his face; whatever sads plaguing a lot of the candidates hasn't left Donner unscathed. He turns on a heel, scanning for the most favorable place in the caverns to sit down, and he moves to pull a seat up to the table with familiar faces. "Can I sit?" He doesn't wait for an answer, plopping down nearest Yulena with a wan smile. "Oy, whose that?" He points towards Kapia with a curious tilt of his head, "You're not a candidate." Because natch, Donner assumed this was the candidate table.

"Yeah?" Another sip of the super secret family recipe. "I'll definitely make a point of it." Sytin could be being serious, but he might also be jesting slightly. It's hard to tell with his dancing amber eyes. Some scrambled eggs are shoveled into his mouth and he glances side-long as Kultir just in time to see his reaction, which elicits a small frown. Chomp chomp. He swallows but for a change actually exercises discretion and glances to Kapia instead, beaming. "I came down from Nerat. It was pretty balmy there, though not nearly like Southern. Nerat summer is more like Southern's winter I think." He chuckles. "I suppose you just get used to it though. That, and working a forge tends to toughen you to a bit of heat, at least in my case." Fork points at Yulena. "I bet the kitchens are just as bad as the Sands in that regard." Donner's arrival gets a cheeky grin. "Well, you may sit, but can is up to your joints." It's a light teasing, the boy trying to make jovial gestures. At the boy's remark about Kapia's status the visitor gets a glance and then gaze turns back to Donner. "Your point?"

Kapia does not seem to know what to make of suddenly being the topic of conversation, but sends a friendly smile in Donner's direction regardless. "Uhm… no, I'm not. My name's Kapia." She looks around at the abundance of white knots she's suddenly sharing a table with. "I, uh, didn't realize this was a candidate table when I sat down…" She shovels a little more of her breakfast into her mouth before looking at the former cook. "So you get used to the heat with time, then? I guess I just have to find lighter clothes until that happens…"

Yulena snorts a little at Kapia, "It can be uncomfortable, but I prefer the heat to the never-ending winter rain." Sheets and sheets of rain. "I thought I was going to look out a window and see shipfish floating by, sometimes." Har har! Donner's seating next to her is met with a return un-smile of understanding. Saying sorry, asking permission, that kind of thing. The table is eyed quizzically, "It's a table." Eloquent shrug. It holds Yulena's klah from falling to the floor. Good table. Have a cookie. "Now, Kapia, is this your first Hatching, or have you seen others? Don't mind Donner." Speaking of whom, the newly-seated Candi gets a quick look, "Oh. How're you feeling?" It could be some weird back-feed in the Caverns but Yulena's voice sounds a touch… more interested than usual.

Kultir glances up at the newest arrival and chuckles softly, shaking his head. "Have a seat, Sw …. errr, sorry, Donner." he says, just barely catching himself from uttering that forbidden nickname. He looks up and shakes his head at Kapia. "Don' ye mind him … he's not very bright of a mornin' d' ye ken?" is whispered across the table to her with a sly look at Donner. His empty fork encounters an empty plate which causes him to look down and frown. He sighs and shrugs slightly. "Guess that be my cue I gotta get back t' chores. Any ye all wan' t' break a sweat … I be in the woodlot till luncheon …" He stands, gathers his dirty plate and mug to dump in the tub and nods a polite farewell to Kapia and his fellow candidates.

"I'm just making an observation," Donner whinges, shooting both Sytin and Kultir a stern glower before turning to his food with lackluster. "She's new, and not wearing a white knot— right?" He directs that final question Kapia's way with a returned smile, less eager than usual. "Well met Kapia; just be glad you aren't wearing one of these knots." Yulena's question gives the teen pause, and he chews thoughtfully around his food for a moment before answering. "Eh, fine, I guess. I mean— no. Horrible actually. Between the egg touching and the extra physical training punishment, I'd rather enjoy a day curled up in my bed." This feeling, hopefully, is understood by Sytin and Yulena both. "This sucks."

Kapia finishes her meal and gives Yulena and Donner each a little smile. "It is very nice to meet all of you. But I have to get going… skipped out on duties yesterday. Going to have extra today." She sighs as she stands, but manages to keep her smile up all the same. "And I need to find something that doesn't make me feel like heat stroke is imminent at any time. Nice meeting you all, again!" With that, she departs.

"Lighter clothes definitely help," Sytin agrees, plucking at his lightweight tunic. "Breathable fabrics." Someone paid attention to a Weaver. "Well met, Kapia. Sytin, as Yulena kindly pointed out." Fork stabs at a thick cut of porcine flank. "Oh, I dunno, Yules, the rain can be kind of nice. Bit moody, but nice." He tears into the meat, biting off a chunk to preoccupy his molars, listening to the rabble around him for a bit. Kultir's departure is met with a grin and a wave. "I might!" he calls after the elder boy and then turns his attention back to his plate. Food, glorious food! Donner's glare is either unnoticed or outright ignored. At the mention of the egg touching he does look up though. "They weren't all bad! Some of them were very nice and comforting." His eyes speak to a deeply personal experience he had, but he doesn't elucidate more, instead paying his respects to his stomach with more sustenance. Kapia does get a wave goodbye though; he's not entirely without manners!

Kultir's departure gets a little nod of farewell. Hah. Sweating. And then Kapia is taking off too, and Yulena waves to her new klah-buddy, calling, "Come back sometime, y'hear?" Donner gets a raised eyebrow, "But just think of the fresh air, the klah," which is GREAT by the way, Kapia said so, "The food… the klah…" Ahh, that's what life is made of. And then Yulena goes ponderous, "But you're better at it than you were before. The getting up, I mean. And now no one's dumping klah on you." The Barracks need a sign: 'It's been __ days since someone got woken up by klah dumped on their head'. A little pat is laid on Donner's shoulder, "They're young in the shell, and probably feeling a bit nervous about us too." There's a faint treble of doubt in her voice, as if Yulena's winging it, "Maybe they need time to get used to us, too." Sytin's comment of 'nice egg' gets a little chortle, "At least we haven't bitten through our tongue, like poor Cerise…" Poor Cerise indeed!

"Yeah, after thirty extra push-ups the other day, I'd hope so. But all it made me feel like I was going to vomit." He shovels another forkful of food into his mouth, idly nodding to Yulena's positive retort. "You're so optimistic about it— I haven't had more klah poured on my head, though. Not yet anyway." He muses this with a tiny sniff, waggling his fork in Sytin's direction. "You were lucky; all of the eggs I touched made me either depressed, in pain, or want to vomit. If that's indicative of anything, it means that those dragonets don't want me." Yulena's mention of Cerise, causes Donner to stab at another piece of his food with a little too much force. "Yeah, poor Cerise." His tone is quiet, but there's the obvious hints of bitterness lacing his words. Someone is feeling rejected.

Yulena shrugs a little, "Optimistic? Me?" She's not going to outright deny it, "It's just something different from cooking. I like seeing how far I can make it." Push it, baby. "Well, they probably don't want to get out of their bed, either," she says with a little touch of vinegar. "So we're probably waking them up and making them cranky." Since when did cooking lead to philosophy? Yulena sighs a little and starts to clean up her hides, her klah, and her empty plate, "I guess I should be heading back to the laundry. See you both later?" A nod to her conversation mates and Yulena stands, taking her dishes with her and leaving them in the appropriate receptacle on her way into the Inner Caverns.

Donner's own departure is quick and sudden; suddenly Yulena's there, and then she's not, and the teen lapses into silence, staring down Sytin with a perplexed look. "Well— I guess I'm going to go back to chores then." Yeah, because spending any time one on one with Sytin is just bad news bears— at least with Donner's current mood. He scoots out of his seat, throwing a half-hearted salute the other boy's way, "See ya Sytin. Keep out of trouble." Oh, a surprisingly nice farewell, and then the gangly teen is weaving back through the caverns to go back to candidate chores.

Plate clean, Sytin offers a nod and a wave to the departing pair as they finish their breakfast ruminations as well. He gives his plate a somewhat forlorn look, as if he's sad that it's over, but soon polishes off his strong mug of klah and pushes his way out of the chair and deposits his dishes on the way out as well, due for chores somewhere and by the look of things trying not to be late!

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