==== September 25, 2013
==== Kapia, Kultir, Sytin
==== After a long day a gaggle of friends degrimes and unwinds.

Who Kapia, Kultir, Sytin
What After a long day a gaggle of friends degrimes and unwinds.
When Shortly after ...Down by the Sea
Where Southern Weyr - Baths



The steamy fog of the baths could be an entirely different world, transitioning from the well-lit brilliance of the inner caverns: a different world entirely, one wrought in dreams and humid fog. Steam lifts from hot waters, obscuring those who bathe within, drenching any who dare enter. Well-maintained, well-stocked, the baths offer pre-netted portions of soapsand in various scents, fluffy towels in orderly rows, and five separate spring-fed pools, all of differing temperature: from scorching hot to soothing chill.

Kultir is sitting on the edge of the pools, examining the foot that got mashed by the berk on the boardwalk and sighs before putting it into the hot water and slipping off the edge. As usual, he foregoes the 'modesty bathing suits' most often seen in the co-ed bathing pools, letting it all hang out for the world to see … and long for. As soon as he's in, he dunks under to wet his hair really well, holding his breath as long as he can under the hot, calming waters. He surfaces very slowly and slicks his hair back before reaching for the bag of soapsand so he can start scrubbing the berry stain from his chest and hopefully he can get someone to do his back as well since he's pretty sure there's at least a little goo left back there … if it hasn't run into his asscrack by now.

Kapia follows along, arm in arm with Sytin, making a nervous little attempt at awkward small talk. The awkwardness only increases once they get to the baths and nudity begins to make an appearance. The redness returns to her cheeks as she nervously plays with a button on her tunic. "Uhm… is this okay?" She asks, tilting her head to one side. "… Yulena told me I shouldn't take my clothes off in the Weyr. Something about it made a platform collapse?"

Leading Kapia into the baths, Sytin offers her a reassuring smile, patting the hand of the arm hooked through his. "It's fine." He guides her over to the rack with all the various scents sands and towels. "You can slip into something modest if you like, but no one is going to give a shard about naked flesh. They're all used to it." And if they aren't they'd better get used to it quickly! He gently removes his arm from hers and begins to undress. Belt goes first, then boots, followed by his tunic and trous. He stands there, wearing only his undershorts, and grabs a sandbag that smells like sandalwood. "There's some nice floral ones…" he suggest helpfully, snagging a towel for himself and moving toward a pool. "Besides, Aaron made that new platform. I bet even he couldn't break it." That's a pretty daring bet! With that final effort at reassurance he's stripping off his last clothing and leaping into the pool with a boyish sploosh!

Kultir hadn't heard Kapia and Sytin follow him into the baths since he was underwater so he can't say whether taking clothes off in the Weyr makes platforms collapse or not. If it does …. he's in trouble cuz he takes his clothes off whenever he has a chance … which isn't often lately, moresthepity. However, despite not seeing the two enter … the teen does see a flash of Sytin's lily-white backside just before the younger Candidate splashes down into the pool, swamping the elder with the wave straight to the face. Kultir sputters and stumbles away, wiping soapy water out of his now-stinging eyes. "Shard it!" he growls. "Look before you jump in, ye dimglow!" The boy's day is just not going well at all, apparently.

Kapia spends a moment pondering. On the one hand, she was warned against exactly this. On the other hand, she just doesn't see how clothing removal could possibly lead to structural collapse. And so, Yulena's advice is disregarded. "Ooookay. Just a sec, guys." In a concession to modesty, the girl tries to find somewhere out of view of the bath to remove and hide her borrowed clothes. Then she hurries back, slipping into the water with much less fanfare than Sytin.

The younger lad is torn somewhere between apology and angry, and the later wins out for a time. "Why in Faranth's name are you sitting on this side of the pool and not expecting that?" He seems a little on edge himself, the long day perhaps getting to him after all. With a little snarl — that probably sounds more kittenish than manly — Sytin snatches up his soapsand and wades over to the deeper end of the pool. Who cares if he gets in over his head, anyway? Satchel is plopped down on a convenient edge and the boy ducks below the water, having enough sense to close his eyes, unlike certain other Candidates. Whilst under the surface his fingernails scratch at his scalp, dampening his short hair and loosening some debris to be swept away by the flowing waters.

Kultir snorts at the younger boy and shakes his head as he returns to his scrubbing and muttering to himself, "I were tryin' t' get wet! Shardin' blue stain … gonna look like I got me a tattoo or sum'n f'r a sev'nday …" He glances up with a distracted look as Kapia enters the pool and does a double take. Hmm, that was nice. He blinks and returns to the scrubbing, trying to ignore the sensations suddenly flooding his adolescent system with all kinds of 'nice stuff'. He hopes that the reddening of his face is attributed to the heat of the water and his supposed anger with Sytin splashing him.

Despite her general shyness and awkwardness, this whole thing doesn't seem to cause all that much more nerves than usual for Kapia. Hey, traders had to get clean somehow on the road, right? She actually looks a little puzzled by Kultir's reaction. Surely she can't be that interesting, can she? She eyes the two candidate boys with some uncertainty as she sinks in the water, up to her neck. "Er… is there soapsand here, or…?"

Sytin emerges from the depths, now thoroughly soaked and some of the grunge starting to peel away from his hide. Satchel is untied and pulled open, hand dipping into the sands before dipping them into the water and promptly dumping them on his head. "Maybe some people will think you got into another fight." There is a is gleam to his eyes that suggests that could play out badly for the other Candidate. Clearly this one is feeling off kilter. Fingers dig deep into his scalp, scrubbing until his black hair is white with foam. Kapia's nude form doesn't get more than a cursory glance from the twelve-turn-old, who hasn't quite decided how to feel about girls yet.

Kultir motions to the cabinet over by the door where things like that are stored for those who need them. "Ye'r welcome t' use mine but … tis prolly more … guy … flavor or … wha'ver th'n ye'd want … seein's ye'r a girl." he says with a shrug, offering his for her acceptance or denial. Another snort goes to the younger Candidate and shrugs. "Iff'n ye say I got in a fight … I'll be f'r blamin' you as th' tother fighter, eh?" If I'm going down, I'm taking you with me sort of attitude going on as Kultir's eyes sparkle at his friend.

The offer of soapy products is considered by Kapia with an uncomprehending blink. Evidently, she doesn't immediately grasp why some soap might be for guys, another for girls. But once again, she proves painfully vulnerable to the power of suggestion. "Oh… okay. I'll be right back." She climbs on out of the pool, dripping water as she pads over to the rack by the door, peering curiously at the products available.

"What makes you think I'd start such a rumor?" Sytin's brow quirks with the faintest hint of snootiness, which looks pretty sharding ridiculous on his face. It's gone in almost an instant and he looks candidly at the other man. "And for Faranth's sake would you drop that fardling accent? It's like you're trying to play dumb." Whether or not Kultir bites on that one remains to be seen as the boy ducks below the surface, scrubbing his scalp furiously and the suds drift away toward the egress of the pools, water slowly clearing again as the last of the suds come out. Like a shipfish he surfaces and blows hard from his nose, sending out a spray of water before slicking his hair back and reaching for the soapsand again. Kapia is just, well, not ogled. Because ew cooties. Or indifference. Could be both, either or neither.

Kultir's attention is diverted from Sytin by Kapia's exit of the pool. Yeah, he's staring … at her nekkid backside … *gulp* What? He's a hormonally healthy adolescent … oh yeah, he's also a Candidate. He tears his eyes away and blushes furiously. However, when Sytin yells at him for his accent he looks hurt but it fades almost immediately into embarrassment. He swallows hard and concentrates on his scrubbing, maybe another sudsing or three will get that blue stain off … yeah, that's what he'll do. "Sorry …" is muttered in Sytin's general direction when the kid surfaces before the older boy heaves a sigh and shrugs. His red cheeks get a little redder and the expressions flitting across his face indicate a severe dialogue going on inside his head.

Fortunately for all concerned, Kapia does not have eyes in the back of her head. And her attention is focused on trying to figure out which soapsand is the 'girl' soapsand. She settles on a basket of something pink before turning and making her way back to the pool, eyeing the boys a little uncertainly as she slips back into the water.

Hairless underarms are given their due attention by Sytin, who barely overhears the muttered sorry from Kultir. A sigh escapes him and he stares up briefly at the ceiling, having a hard time maintaining his ire. Sand and scrub becomes his monotonous routine as he works through his own psyche for a little while, washing the bodily aches and pains away, but still trying to cope with some of the recent emotional ones. His back is turned to Kapia as she returns, so he isn't likely to notice any of her fine physique.

Kultir sighs softly as the ambience of the baths takes on a more somber note. This late in the day, all the emotional upheavals and physical exertions of the day having taken a toll on the severely restricted Candidates have given rise to that most dreaded of things … private thoughts in the baths. He shakes his head as he hears Kapia return to the pool and glances up to give her a little smile of apology for his … previous banter. "So … have you been to see Renalde, Kapia?" he asks, enunciating clearly since Sytin has scolded him for his less than stellar diction.

Upper torso scrubbed practically raw, Sytin ducks below the water letting the suds be swished away before surfacing again, his tanned hide flush with sanguine undertones. He moves to a ledge, sitting so he can work on scrubbing his legs now. "I find the best time to catch him is early in the morning," he offers Kapia helpfully, scrubbing between his toes. Kultir gets a look and it's one of regret, shoulders slumping. The former apprentice is clearly upset with his treatment of someone he considers practically a brother. "… Such a fardling dimglow …" he can be heard to mutter to himself.

Kultir nods as he moves to the ledge himself to scrub the caked on mud from between his toes and behind his knees where he'd kicked dirt and sand up on himself during his run. The mud now flowing freely off his body with the scrubbing motions. "Yeah, Renalde's got a lot of work to do and he's usually up and going before sunrise." he says, suppressing a slight shudder as his instincts all tell him to hide behind that accent. He gives another shrug before continuing. "If you need clothes though, just go down to the Stores and see what's available. And if you can sew at all, you can alter the stuff you find to fit you better." He glances up at the girl measuringly, remembering the parts that he'd seen earlier and nods slightly. "You're about the size of some of the female riders … there should be some clothes somewhere that'll fit you."

Kapia is still not entirely clear on the etiquette of weyr baths, so she follows Sytin's lead. Once her upper body is relatively clean she pulls herself mostly out of the water and onto a ledge, raising one leg for scrubbing, then the other. "Going to the stores is what I was trying to do." She says with a little pout. "But then that Weyrleader was there, and I… froze. I guess I'll have to try again. I have something borrowed, but it doesn't fit well. And I'd hate to inconvenience a rider! I'm just some… nobody."

One leg done, Sytin lets it sink into the flowing waters to tackle the other. Kapia's statement of being a nobody is met with a frown. "Last I checked you were a somebody." He scowls a little. "Just because you're new doesn't mean you aren't important. Maybe not Weyrleader or Weyrwoman important, but shells, you still matter!" He gives her a serious look. "And besides, those clothes are there for just that reason! You shouldn't feel self conscious about taking them." Silence falls and he scrubs for a bit longer, glancing toward Kultir and trying to figure out how to break the ice after setting fire to the rain.

Kultir smiles slightly at the girl and nods as Sytin tells her what was just running through his own mind and sighs. "He's right. That's what they are for and just because you're newcome to the Weyr … well, remember that weyrfolk are higher up on the food chain that Candidates." He winks at the girl as he slips off the ledge to suds up his hair one final time. Dark brown hair turns grayish as he works the lather into the strands, loosening dried sweat and little blobs of mud and sand that he'd missed in the first quick lathering. He ducks below the water to rinse, staying down longer than truly necessary as he lets the hot silence of the water calm him a bit further. Maybe he'll be able to sleep tonight. Maybe the dreams will leave him be.

Kapia is silent for a moment as she finishes scrubbing the sweat from herself, pondering the words given. "… It's very kind of you to say that. Both of you." She murmurs, giving a smile that hints she doesn't entirely believe the sentiment. Noting the increasingly muddy quality of the water, she exits the tub. "… I think I'm going to go see if I can find some more clothes before the sun goes down." She grabs a towel, drying hastily before returning to her borrowed clothes. "I'll see you guys later, okay?"

Other leg scrubbed, Sytin lets it also drop and sits on the ledge, water coming up just over his waist as he watches Kapia and contemplates her words. She earns a smile with her departing works, along with a solid nod. "Count on it!" he reassures her and then slides back into the water, letting it cover home completely as he holds his breath for a good minute beneath the flowing springs, surfacing and shuddering despite the hot water. A glance toward Kultir has him turning his back, scooping more sand to give his scalp a second round.

Kultir sighs softly as he finally feels he is mostly clean … except for that one spot in the center of his back that he just can't reach no matter how he stretches. He watches as Kapia heads out to find new clothes and then turns to his friend. "Sytin? Could … could you scrub that goo off my back? I can't reach it but I can still feel it." he asks, a wry smile curling his lips. He can't stay mad at the younger boy for long and … his friend was only trying to help anyway.

Scratch my back and I'll scratch thine? Sytin surfaces from his last rinse, dark hair dripping wet and plastered down. He turns and offers Kultir a smile, wading over. "Sure, why not, you big lout," he teases gently, reaching over to scoop up some sand and begins to scrub the elder's back vigorously, putting some muscle into the effort. "I really hope Impression is worth all this…." He trails off with implications of rules and long days. Hands move in broad circular motions to slough away dead skin cells.

Kultir sighs softly as the younger Candidate manages to make his back stop feeling like that gooey pie gunk is sticking to his skin. "Is there a stain there too?" he asks, knowing that there has to be since there's still a faint tinge of blue on his chest. "I wish they'd find berries other than the ones used for dyeing in the pastries …" He attempts levity to break the somber mood, though it'll probably fall flat as they are both too tired and wrung out. He nods at the other's sentiments. "Faranth, I hope so … I don't know if I could do this again if I don't Impress this time, Sy." he sighs heavily, stepping away to dip down to rinse the suds off his back. He turns toward the boy and smiles his thanks.

"Unfortunately," Sytin grunts as he tries to scrub the skin free of the strain to no avail. Look out, Kultir is turning into a Smurf! "Could be worst, though. This bright shade it will be hard to mistake for a bruise." Good or bad? You decide. He rinses his hands in the water, but when Kultir comes up the young lad sneaks up and gives the elder a surprising but brotherly hug. "I'm sorry about earlier… I was a real berk."

Kultir nearly chokes as Sytin gives him that unexpected hug and stiffens briefly before he relents and returns that hug just as brotherly. "Yeah … ye were 't that." he says, playfully shoving the younger lad away and nearly ducking him under the water. He grins and moves away, daring the boy to try anything now.

Sytin allows himself to be shoved away by the elder, squeaking as he is nearly pushed under without warning, causing him to flail and splash about mightily until he rights himself. "Oh, is that how it is now?" The first genuine grin crosses his features and he charges Kultir. Well, attempts to, anyway. Slogging through the water is proving a far more daunting task than originally anticipated, so instead he dives under, using the current to swim over to Kultir and giving the elder's ankles a sharp yank. Going down?

Kultir is laughing when Sytin dives under and yanks his ankles. The bottom of the pool is slick enough that his feet skid out from under him and he flops down, just barely getting a lungful of air before the water closes over his head. A quick kick of the legs and he's loose, but he manages to snag the other boy's arm and shove him further toward the deep end as he erupts out of the water like a breaching whale. He moves closer to the shallows where the water is only over his waist, much more difficult to dunk him again.

Sytin comes up splutterings and laughing at the same time, which results in coughing instead of laughter as fluid goes placed it out not. Fist beams at his sternum and he chuckles wryly but weakly as he clings to the edge of the deep end, forehead coming to rest on the stone, taking slow breaths. "You win," he manages hoarsely, still chuckling faintly. "Remind me never to challenge you to a wrestling match." Because reasons. He's silent for the moment, half floating as the current tugs at his lightweight form.

Kultir laughs softly as all the fight goes out of the younger boy. Shrugging his broad shoulders he moves to relax at the edge of the pool. "You'll get there. You just gotta get yer growth is all." he says. "You get your growth and we'll try it again, see if you can hold your own against me in a few more turns, eh?" He sighs softly and lets his eyes drift closed as he allows the feel of the slight current and the quiet in the baths relax him even further. After a few moments of silence he cracks open an eye to peer at his friend. "What's the matter, Sy?" is the question asked though there is no obvious reason for it, just a feeling in his gut.

Sytin heaves out a deep, soul-felt sight. "Yeah," he lets out a half chuckle. "I'm sure once I put on some growth I'll best you." It's a half-hearted jest and he forces a smile before falling reticent again. It hangs over the baths for a moment until Kultir breaks it with his question, so open ended and full of meaning. The younger boy winces, shoulders hunching. "I- N-nothing." He rolls around, putting his back to the stone and closing his eyes. "I don't know. I just… I feel like something's wrong, but I can't put my finger on it."

Kultir snorts softly at his friends admission that he feels like something is wrong and nods slightly. "Ye'r feelin' it too?" he asks. "I'm not sure what's going on either but … it feels like a bad storm brewing and I can't see where the clouds are coming from." He shrugs, making the water slosh away from and then back to his body. The soft plshing echoes roll around the large cavern till it's silent again except for that every present sussuruss of moving water. "You suppose it's because the eggs are closer to Hatching?" he asks, trying to pin down this nebulous disturbance that is invading his dreams of a night.

"I wonder sometimes if I'm just going stir crazy," Sytin admits, arms folding over his chest and a shiver rolling down his back despite the bath's warmth. "Jest, in my gut, yanno…" His words slur a little without thinking. "Could be the eggs, maybe I'm just getting a case of nerves." He chuckles and rubs the back of his neck, looking chagrined. "I'm probably just chasing shadows." Still, arms come back, and lower lip is chewed. "Faranth knows my dreams have never been so vivid…"

Kultir sighs softly and can't help the shudder that runs through his body at the mention of dreams. "I know what you mean." he says thoughtfully. He draws a deep breath to let it steady him, instead it seems to draw that shudder back and causes his teeth to chatter briefly. He clenches his jaw and clamps his arms over his chest … that chill was just too strong to hide. He looks down at his arms and is amazed to see all the hairs on his arms standing on end with gooseflesh puckering his flesh. "It's got to be the schedule … we're up before dawn, we work and drill and study and work some more. It's not surprising that we're having weird dreams and all." He sighs again and glances sideways at his friend. It's just the schedule … right? Maybe …. then again ….

Sytin rubs his hands up and down his arms, trying to smooth the raised flesh from standing. He draws in a slow breath and exhales, though it causes another shudder to run through him. "You're probably right," he concurs, latching onto the notion. "Worked to the bone from sun-up to sun-down, it's no wonder we're wrung out." He looks over to the elder man and offers a smile, doing his best to shake free of the cloying gloom. "C'mon, we probably just need to get something in our stomachs and a decent night's rest!" He reaches over to clap Kultir with a cupped hand on the arm, starting to wade toward the edge. "Don't want to let Donner eat everything!" he quips, tossing back a grin, even if it's still a little forced.

Kultir sighs and nods at the logical thoughts Sytin puts out there. He pushes away from the pools edge and climbs out to dry off and dress in his loose lounging pants and tunic once more. "I guess you're right … seems like m' stomach is making itself cozy with my backbone." he says, running the towel over his hair one last time before dropping it into the hamper near the door. "Shells … I just hope I can sleep tonight." He shrugs and shoulders his small pack of dirty clothes and bathing accessories. "Well, let's see what's on the tables, shall we?" He pauses to allow the younger Candidate to catch up with him and walks companionably with him toward the caverns and promised food.

Sytin vaults over the edge of the pool and lands with a little splash, snagging his towel and starting to briskly dry off. It doesn't take long for him to finish and he gives his hair a quick tousle, managing to make it not look too crazy. Clothing is pulled on, skin mostly dry now, and he offers a sympathetic smile to the elder's hopes for slumber. "You and me both," he admits before dropping his own laundry in the hamper on his way by, though he hops trying to get into his boots, grunting. "Hopefully something other than stew!" counters the Candidate as he races to catch up with Kultir, and they both leave the steaming sauna behind.

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