====September 29, 2013
====Hannah, Teyaschianniarina
====Teya comes to visit Hannah, much catching up happens before the two scurry off like little mice to take a gander at Dhiammarath's clutch. At some point, Teya is mothered into a guest weyr and into staying for longer than an evening.

Who Hannah, Teyaschianniarina
What Teya comes to visit Hannah, much catching up happens before the two scurry off like little mice to take a gander at Dhiammarath's clutch. At some point, Teya is mothered into a guest weyr and into staying for longer than an evening.
When There is 1 turn 1 month and 9 days until the 12th pass.
Where Tavern, Southern Weyr



Of course this should be renovated with alacrity: though the glass is yet to be replaced in the windows, there is a large marble-topped bar along the western half of this standalone building, and a random tangle of chairs and tables much like the living caverns. For now, assistant headmen man the meagre stock of beer and wine and whiskey, and no fancy drinks issue forth.
On the perch are Scout, Ninebirds, Quid, Scheme, Tuesti, and Pi.
Teyaschianniarina is here.
Obvious exits:
Swinging Door

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It is late night
It is 9:20 PM where you are.
There is 1 turn 1 month and 9 days until the 12th pass.
It is Spring and 80 degrees. It is slightly overcast.

Late enough to have the tavern be nearly empty, but not so late as to be the middle of the night; the velveteen night skies are softened by shadowed clouds though a sprinkling of stars peek out from behind the diffuse light of the moons. The tavern itself is man'd by two bartenders on duty, one clearly green and another the infamous Sevreni herself. Hannah's sought some private refuge in this place, finding a spot in a dark corner where she can hide. Or perhaps it's just the fact that shadows gather to give an air of mystery as she seems quite content to sip on a frozen drink that comes complete with jaunty drink garnish. If one were to notice such things: from beneath the table, she swings crossed ankles with carefree abandon. Otherwise, she is ALONE.

Oh, woe to Hannah's privacy: while it is not invaded immediately, it is eventually - the junior weyrwoman has enough time to make some inroads into her lazy-sipped drink, at least. When that invasion comes it is not in the form of a local, no. It is a tourist: Igen's sun has lightened the furthest tips of fluffy dirty-blonde curls and scattered freckles by the handful across nose and cheeks but otherwise Teya is largely unchanged in the months since Hannah's departure to Southern. Still charitably plain of face and unforgivingly coltish of build, the largest difference is in the complexity of her knot and the weight of authority born with it; there is a greater measure of cheer returned now that several wings' worth of responsibility have been removed. Also, she comes bearing fruit. In a loose-woven, knotted-cord bag. This is her introduction and her hello: she plonks it down onto the table in front of Hannah, and grins her always-uneven grin down at her.

Teya's arrival earns a welcoming grin from the junior's expression, Hannah sitting up straighter when the gift of fruit is plopped down. "Teya!" Who ever says her whole name? When Teya is so much EASIER. The fall of green eyes to the less complex knot earns a pensive look before she brushes it all away. "You look well, sit, sit." She does take in the kissed-by-the sun look the brownrider has, grin widening even further. "And you look relaxed." An indefinable moment passes where the goldrider has a moment of loss for such a competant figure Teya cut in the previously held rank. "And tell me of news of Igen. I am sands bound and stir crazy. It won't be long before I get a spear and start wielding it in feline hunts at this rate." Hannah jokes. Really. Then, pointing to the fruit, fingers come to rest on the loose-woven canvas of the bag: "For me?" Excitement filters into husky tones, pale brows lifting in apparent excitement.

In this time? Her lifemate, and anyone who is trying to prove a point; otherwise, it's Teya all the way. Hannah's glance doesn't go un-noticed, but the brownrider's grin tempers only slightly bittersweet over it. Sitting is far more crucial at the moment, however, as is fruit: once Teya is firmly planted her grin has widened once more, her, "All for you - unless you feel like sharing, of course." Of course. "A taste of Igen," in precious desert succulents and a package of something probably akin to dates, "along with a side-trip to Ista," because Hannah, more than any of them, is both time and locationally displaced here. "Igen is - in good hands," is her diplomatic response, "more experienced ones. It's both a relief and, I will admit, a little bit of a disappointment. But," there is still pride in her voice and her face as she appends, "being wingsecond of Parhelion is … good. It's really good." She nudges the fruit-bag closer, and grins again. "We've got eggs, too - but you've probably heard that. How does sands-sitting here compare to," she waves a hand, the gesture vague but meant to indicate 'back then' or 'back there' or any number of other things.

A grin displaces any shadows that might linger over the change in Teya's status, focusing on the fact that the brownrider has brought her something. "Oh, Teya, you didn't have to!" Hannah's husky tone of delight indicates her pleasure in that she did however. Expression softens more when the brownrider thinks to swing by Ista, a fondness for the island of her Impression; this gratitude is etched upon her features. "You know," she says slowly, "When I am freed here, I want to go to Ista. I've not seen it since… before we jumped. I've not had the gumption to see what it's like here." A musing thought as Hannah turns over a date held in the tips of her fingers. A grin comes to play again, "Igen is in rocky hands, Teya. The moment they removed that knot. You'll do well by Parhelion, I know you will." Teeth sink into the date, brows raising again. "Taste of Igen. Mmmmm." A slow dip of her head, and once the bite is chewed, she comments, "I've heard it's a strong clutch. How are W'rin and Corelle doing as Igen's leaders?" Maybe she's heard stories. Maybe she's just nosy. Maybe she's so bored on the sands she's grasping at other weyr's daytime drama. SAY IT AIN'T SO!

"I know," Teya admits, but her joy in Hannah's obvious pleasure is genuine. "Consider it partly a gift, partly an apology for having stayed away so long." A bit telling, that it has taken the once-weyrsecond so very long to make her way down to Southern, but she doesn't linger long over the point. "I've felt the same way about High Reaches," she admits, then snorts. "The same way and more after everything, truth be told - maybe visiting your old home might be less painful than mine." It's sort of like she's inviting herself along; it's hard to tell if it's deliberate or just a badly-phrased aside. "W'rin and Corelle are more - traditional, than N'thu and I were. But they're also less painfully - mm." She doesn't say young, given that she and her table-mate are nearly of an age; instead she substitutes, "Inexperienced. I sometimes wonder if W'rin would have made a different choice, had different ones been made after Q'fex's departure - but, speaking of," of course, "how is Southern?"

"A weyr changes so much when its leaders change," Hannah muses quietly, considering Teya. A quick aside, "You want something to drink?" before going onto the more complex (but not as important, truefax; alcohol is a must!) topics. "We could sneak in," is that a conspiratorial smile there? She definitely doesn't seem at all perturbed at Teya inviting herself along to visiting the old stomping grounds. "I can't imagine how we would be without Lendai and Q'fex as 'leaders," she continues, in the previous vein, "Though I can see how, ah, experience would influence, but I do want to point out that you did a fine job holding so much together." Praise that filters into the green eyes that rest upon the brownrider. She waves her hand, laughing a short bark of laughter, "You mean when we aren't finding the bones of dead people or animals? Or wondering how we're going to have enough dragons to fight Thread or even enough firestone to fight it WITH? Or the fact that ships that come down the long corridor of the Black Rock River have a tendency to arrive devoid of people and things… drifting along eerily." A flash of a smile, tension-tight, comes before a husky faux-cheeful chirp: "Swell, I'd say. Enough problems to sink a ship, literally." A beat. "In truth, outside of that, I really do like it here. Dhiammarath's clutch is about halfway hardened, I'd say. Caught by a nowtimer."

"It does," Teya concedes, but she allows herself the distraction: her smile flashes, bright and uneven as she answers, "Something cold and preferably fruity - that is the advantage to being down here, isn't it?" It's a tease, but a light one - interrupted by a self-aware muting of her expression as she accepts Hannah's praise. "Thank you," is heartfelt but quiet. "Maybe in a few more turns, another change of leadership or two…" Who knows. "I've heard that you were having trouble with the weather, and something about ships - Jedi writes, occasionally." She may still be slightly distressed to have discovered her fellow brownrider having spawned much after the fact. "Are you sure you don't miss the simple things like dead bodies in wells and complex conspiracies that are uncovered at the cost of friendships?" Jedi might not be the only thing she's still a little guilty-to-bitter over. There's a pause, before she adds, "I tried convincing Ryglinath that we should come down and take our chance, but he wasn't having it. Hopefully it's not too dreadful."

"We had a rainy season, but truth be told," now Hannah leans forward, a sparkle coming to her eye, "I kind of enjoyed exploring one of these abandoned ships. It was an adventure." She doesn't mention how stupid of an adventure it was or the part where her happy ass fell through a hole in the ship. But those are just meta details here. "I am sure of that," she gives the brownrider a more serious look, green eyes delving into the other's countenance to pick up on the nuances of expression. "You should linger, Teya. Lance old wounds." This would be Hannah's gentle voice, the maternal cast to her tone and demeanor probably a side-affect of having a clutch on the sands, but she does care. "There are good things here." This last thought is finished with a tiny little smile. "But really, tell Ryglinath that he really must come visit more often. He is more than welcome upon our jungles."

"I thought that might be your answer," there may be traces of regret there, but really - it was an offer mostly in jest. "But if you ever feel the urge for abandoned caverns instead of abandoned ships, you know where to find us." Teya reaches for a date, looks at it as she turns it over in her fingers for a moment rather than immediately taking a bite. "There are good people here, too," is quiet, and then there is a date in her mouth and she is half-grinning around it over, "'course, I had to come see you first. Treating myself to the pleasant before the possibly-awkward, you know?" She swallows, then adds, "I think Ryglinath's main objection was the glowing at the time. He's pleased by the welcome." As is she, but apparently that goes without saying.

"I will," Hannah comments lightly, though she reaches for another of the tasty morsels that Teya has brought, choosing one of the succulents. A true taste of Igen. The Istan offerings are being hoarded, kept for later so that they can be savored. "I'm glad you came to see me first." And she is, even laughing off the glowing. "Okay, yes. That probably would have been awkward. I think I would have embarrassed myself quite shamelessly in your presence." Green eyes sparkle with an echo of the memory of that time. "The flight itself was even worse." Beat. "With the shameless embarrassment." Teasingly stated, that. "Just remember. It can't get more awkward than dead bodies - whether they're in walls or in wells or on ships. Just imagine them all naked, it'll help. Promise." Even if it doesn't, it can only add humor to an awkward situation.

"He chased Inlayraith," Teya puts in, because Hannah needs to understand, "while Br'er was in the brig - didn't catch. But. That didn't exactly help things in the awkwardness department. I'm sure it couldn't have been worse." It's unclear whether she's talking about that flight itself, or the potential for awkwardness surrounding Dhiammarath's. There's a beat, then a grimace. "Not as awkward as naked dead bodies, though, thank you for that." She scrunches her eyes shut, pinches the bridge of her nose between thumb and forefinger, and shakes her head from side to side - then opens one eye to look back at Hannah for a moment before dropping her hand and leaning back with a laugh that's equal parts groan. "Faranth, Hannah."

"I accused Br'er of all kinds of things before the jump," Hannah comments, cheeks pink. "But now, we are — " she breaks on this, because it's the first time to really voice it to someone else who is not an emotional wreck, "— friends. I can't explain it, but, I see a lot of good in that man. Where before I only saw… something else. I have been naive. I have been stupid. And if Br'er can consider me a friend after trying to get him into the brig, then I think." Her thought is cut off so that she can reach out to place her hand on Teya's if the brownrider will allow. "I think, then, it'll be okay for you. Br'er is also in a happier place." She doesn't mention that he's with Q'fex. At least not yet. Because when she laughs on the heels of Teya's groan, she adds, "Well you can think of naked dead bodies or you can think of Br'er and Q'fex on a romantic interlude. Naked." Maybe she has naked on the mind. "If you'd believe it… I'd consider Q'fex as a friend. He's a capable leader, and he tries so very hard."

There is an intensity of expression as Teya catches that break, but it resolves into something akin to relief at Hannah's admission of friendship. "I'm - glad to hear that. I did, too - I always did, I just didn't show it when it counted. Because I didn't want to seem biased, because I - wanted to be able to come to him victorious, having cleared him - anyway. It's good that he has you for a friend, now. You're a much better friend than you are enemy." She turns her hand under Hannah's, squeezes encouragingly - maybe even hopefully. "I - woah, wait, back up. Br'er and Q'fex - no, okay, I can see that." Musing over this for a moment, she abruptly shifts to, "No, okay, I can see that, and it's like picturing my, I don't know. My brother, or something. Moving on - I'm glad Q'fex is doing better here than he was at Igen."

Hannah's soft laughter is what comes on the heels of Teya's surprise at the change in direction with Br'er and Q'fex's, ah, friendship. "It's been a little rocky, but I think things have settled down now. At least in terms of, Br'er and Q'fex." Pensive is thy name, Hannah. The whole Lendai intrusion into the affairs of the green- and bronzerider is not mentioned, but the underlying complexity is hinted at in the goldrider's demeanor. "Yes. Moving on. Q'fex is doing very well here. He's a good Weyrleader. Even if he is an ass at times, you can tell that — that his behavior hides an underlying softness." She bites her lip and drops her voice, giving Teya's hand a squeeze. "He cares. What more can we ask of our Weyrleader?"

Teyaschianniarina is not unaware of that pensiveness, but further inquiry into it is, apparently, for another conversation. Instead there are the considerations of leadership, and considering their leader. "There's little more that you could ask of any leader, I think. That they care, and that they do their best to serve the weyr in its entirety, rather than their own goals. I am glad that you've found that, in him. That he's found that in Southern." She squeezes Hannah's hand back, then relinquishes it so that her own is free to round up the few stray fruits that are trying to escape their bag. "Now, I seem to remember something about a drink, and I'm absolutely dying to go make all the appropriate noises over this half-hardened clutch Dhiammarath is surely proud enough to want to show off." Or possibly she's just making excuses to hang around Hannah for a little while longer, with smaller chances of being overheard.

"Yes. Let us get your drink and enjoy this fruit in the sweltering heat of the sands. The weyr made a platform for us," Hannah's chattering as she hops off the chair she was sitting in, and swipes up her drink and the gift of Igen's flavor. As she motions Teya to follow, there will be a drink gotten and the furthering of conversation as the goldrider takes the brownrider towards the sands. Talk of platforms, of screens, of chairs all fill the time between here and there, and when they arrive, the pair will use that platform to catch up on things not awkard. Of Igen, of Southern, of nowtime, of oldtime, and possibly sharing more than one drink between them. In the end, it's a nice visit that might even end with Teya finding herself mothered into a guest weyr, complete with plump cushions and lovely blankets. What? Did she really think she was going to go home tonight??
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