====September 30, 2013
====Kynedir, Ranivar, tasna
====A day in Southern's tavern.

Who Kynedir, Ranivar, tasna
What A day in Southern's tavern.
When Spring, 1 Turn, 1 month, and 6 days until the 12th Pass
Where Tavern, Southern Weyr

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Of course this should be renovated with alacrity: though the glass is yet to be replaced in the windows, there is a large marble-topped bar along the western half of this standalone building, and a random tangle of chairs and tables much like the living caverns. For now, assistant headmen man the meagre stock of beer and wine and whiskey, and no fancy drinks issue forth.

Kynedir stumps into the Tavern, kicking a few stray clods of mud from his boots at the doorway. He heads to the bar and orders a drink and settles onto a stool when it arrives. The stool creaks slightly from his weight but he's been told that the Weyrsmith frequents the establishment so, if they'll hold that large man then they should hold Kyne who is slightly smaller. He sips the amber liquid of his drink and scans the room, nodding a brief greeting to any who meet his eyes.

Tasena enters carrying a wooden crate filled with an assortment of bottles and dishes. She lifts her head in greeting to the bartender on duty and hefts the crate to her hip before heading farther into the tavern. It isn't until she's lifted the crate to the bar top that she gets a decent look at Kynedir. She gives him a simple, "Hi," accompanied by a crooked smile, then starts unloading the crate. Bottles come out first, arranged just so both under the bar and on the wall behind. Not all have labels, but she seems to know where they go, anyway. That done, the dishes are lifted out and stacked by type on the bar before she moves the crate out of the way, stacking it on another empty one, both likely destined for the storage caverns again. "You're all set?" Tas asks, switching her attention between the apprentice and the other 'tender.

Kynedir's eyes light on a woman entering with a crate and smiles when she greets him. "Hello." he says, cordially in his gravelly voice, at odds with a man so young. He lifts his drink and sips, eyes sparkling over the rim, and nods. "Aye, got just what I need, thank you." He sets the glass back down and cocks his head at her. "Ye work here, then?" Not that he'd know, this being the first time he's been here since coming to Southern.

"I do," Tasena answers, then starts putting the dishes away. She glances at Kynedir again, between stacking the new bowls under the old and grabbing the new sets of glasses. "Do you?" This is punctuated by another smile before she gestures toward the door. "I mean… in general. You already know my trade." Clink, clink, clink go the glasses.

Kynedir chuckles softly and nods slightly. "Yeah. Come from the north couple sevendays back." he says, sipping his drink again. "Sr. Apprentice Miner turned Smith Kynedir, at your service, ma'am" He lifts his glass of amber liquid to her in a toast and takes another sip, savoring the flavor as though he's more than versed in sipping such a harsh beverage.

"Oh, a newbie," Tasena replies, leaning her forearms on the bar, hands folded loosely together. "Kynedir, huh? Named after your folks?" She straightens and grabs a damp washcloth, then gives the bartop a quick clean to make sure there are no bits of crate debris there. "Well, Mister Smith, how do you like Southern so far?"

Kynedir chuckles at her expression and shrugs a shoulder. "I suppose so, bein' new to the continent and all." he says, leaning against the bar with one elbow planted on the edge and his glass resting on his right thigh. "Can't rightly say, ma'am … was orphed at less than six moons old. Miners, they was … killed in a shaft collapse from what I was told." He shrugs again, no bitterness, no sadness, just a bit of pity that they'd been killed in his tone. He takes another long pull at his drink and waggles a hand back and forth. "Eh, haven't had a chance to go lookin' for any mines yet but … I'll get there. That's what the Miner's told me I'd be doin' down here but, haven't met the Weyrsmith yet."

No 'ma'ams' here," Tasena corrects in a light tone before arching a brow quickly, though it doesn't last long. "So… are you a Miner or a Smith?" The bartender has a mildly puzzled expression on her face, but that too doesn't last long, because another patron enters just then to distract her, though she turns back to Kynedir when the other bartender takes care of the new person.

Kynedir's gravelly laugh echoes in the tavern, not nearly as loud as he's heard the Weyrsmith's laugh booms, but still a respectable echo. "Aye, well, since ye give me no name to go by … I gotta call you something." he says, teasing. Her question gets a slight shrug before he says, "Both, I guess. Miners sent me down here to see if there was any decend Firestone sources, told me I'd be transferred to Smiths while I was down here."

"You could call me 'Bartender'," Tasena suggests as she leans with her palms against the edge of the bar. "'Barkeep'. Or just 'Keep'. Though I knew a guy named Keep once, so that might be weird." She pauses, then takes out a pint glass and fills it with water from a pitcher a few paces down the bar. For herself, mind. The crate was heavy. "Anyway, my name's actually Tasena, but…" Her shrug ends the sharing as she grins again. "Not too bothered about it. Just don't call me ma'am."

The doors open to admit not only a whoosh of fragrant and humid Southern air, but a long man topped with emphatically RED hair. Caps necessary. Dabbing at his lobster burned forehead, Ranivar strides towards the bar itself in time to hear the conversation at hand. "Well then, dear Barkeep, I don't suppose you've anything cold? Or at least not sweltering. I am positively parched," he half-wheezes, managing a winning smile for a moment. The Smith gets a nod of greeting and, carefully, the Harper settles in front of the blissfully cool marble-topped bar, resting his forearms fully on its top with a contented, relieved sigh.

Kynedir chuckles softly and nods. "Aye, well, you aren't here all the time and if I come across you some where else, I can't very well call you Barkeep, eh?" he says with another toast to her. He breaks off what else he was going to say as the wheezing, red haired man enters. He grins and shrugs at the man's theatrics since it's not all that hot here.

"Just sit tight," Tasena informs the Harper, trading places with the other bartender to get into the ice box. With real ice! You've gotta know the folks with the liquor have good connections, right? There's a moment of hammering with an ice pick, but soon enough there are some small-sized chunks dropped into a pint glass, followed by water and a squeeze of lemon. "Start with that, we'll talk more after," Tas instructs Ranivar before getting back to Kynedir. "So. You're looking for mines in the area? Like… ancient old ones or something?"

"You are a lifesaver," breathes Ranivar with overflowing gratitude. An eighth mark is the physical representation of his thankfulness, and it makes a small click as it is placed on the bar's top. Though he does take a sip of his drink, it's after its blissfully cool glass is pressed against his sunburned forehead for a moment. His ablutions give him time to listen, though, and he shifts subtly to drop his full-on Harper Attentions unsubtly on the conversation between Kynedir and Tasena.

Kynedir shrugs slighty at her question. "Don't really know what they expect me to find, tell you the truth." he says, gulping down the last of his drink. "I haven't had a chance to go walkabout yet, but … I saw some likely lookin' sandstone out beyond where them big felines roam." He glances hopefully at Tasena and gestures to his glass, "Could I get another, please?"

Tasena gently taps the shoulder of the other bartender in regards to the Smith Miner's refill, then picks up Ranivar's tip with a bright smile of thanks. "I'm here to serve," she quips, winking, then gestures with a hooked thumb. "I need to finish stocking for the evening shift, but you're in good hands. Good luck with the mining opportunities," she adds for Kynedir, then with an empty crate in either hand, she heads out of the tavern once more.

As she walks away, the Harper gives Tasena a small waggle of his eyebrows and a crooked smile. Hate to see 'em leave, loooove to watch 'em go. The Smith being left open makes it Ranivar's time to strike with EXTREME friendliness. "So you're a stone smith then?" he asks curiously, his bearing far more comfortable as his temperature evens out to a more normal level. "Though I've heard a lot of excavations have been going on here regarding the mysterious notes and findings in the Weyr itself. Do you suppose it could be related?" While his posture is easy, his eyes are sharp, their dark gaze intense within his friendly face.

Kynedir was watching the backside of Tasena himself and catches himself licking his lips as the door closes behind her. He pulls his attention back to his drink and the man at the bar. "I suppose so. Miner turned Smith, anyway. I know rocks." he says, taking a swig of his liquor. He shrugs, having heard those rumors himself. "I doubt it, really. They gave me a map and all the places I'm supposed to walkabout are rather far from the Weyr." He glances at the man's knot and frowns slightly, "Harper, are you? You get exiled down here or you ask for the job?"

The question gets a warm laugh from Ranivar and he shifts more to face his partner in conversation and ogling. "A bit of each, really. My sister is a brownrider here. Arianne, if you've met her. Her dragon is Caelth. But, mostly, it was to fill in for the rather abrupt outgoing harpers. Not that I mind," he assures quickly, taking the moment to squeeze his lemon into his drink with careful fingers. "It's a fair sight different here from Ruatha. The attitudes, the lack of constant drizzle. The, ehm, women who don't have more hair than I do on their body. So what got you to switch from the mining craft?"

Kynedir ahhs softly and smiles at the man. "I haven't met her yet, course I haven't met many folks yet." he says. "Just wait, I hear tell the winter storms'll make a man wish for the north. You'll have to get used to that … the hair thing, most of the women here wear a lot less on the hot days too so, make sure your eyes don't bug out." The big man takes a long pull of his whisky and sighs. "Well, I was told that since they didn't have a Weyrminer yet, I'd have to switch to Smith and answer to the Weyrsmith for now. The don't take Apprentices as Weyrcrafters I guess."

"THAT I'm accustomed to," Ranivar laughs, even as he reaches over to take a napkin and slip it under his sweating glass of water. "My sister and I grew up in the Reaches. A small hold, nothing exciting, but we're fully accustomed to dealing with being snowbound. It'll be practically nostalgic if I get the chance to, say, pelt her with snowballs." He pauses, making a great show of affecting a frown and stroking his beard. "I'll grant you, she's that giant lifemate of hers now, so it may not be the most advisable thing. I'm sorry. I do tend to go on." He waves himself off with a small laugh. "Are you enjoying the cross-craftery, at least? Where did you come from?"

Kynedir laughs again, another gravelly echo as the man misunderstands. "Ah, no, they don't get snow here … winter storms are all cold rain and drizzle. I hear the temperature stays around a chilly spring up north. We're just into spring now and this is nice to me." He takes another swallow of his drink and sighs. "I come from a mine up by Benden. And … I guess I'm liking it. Haven't gotten to do much yet."

An exaggerated cringe jerks Ranivar back from Kynedir. "You got me," he groans, chuckling. "I hadn't researched the area much since it had been, up until somewhat recently, a bit of an empty ruin as far as we knew. Then again, I never expected to leave Ruatha until I'd achieved Mastery, but when the craft tells you where to go, you go. You know how that goes, no doubt." He twitches his eyebrows, conspiratorial. "Oh, Benden! You're quite fortunate. I never had a chance to spend much time there, but it was quite welcoming. Though I'm unsure as to how our out-of-time guests would find it. Did you know they were THERE when Crom was destroyed? The underground fires have been going for that long."

Kynedir's laugh drops to a chuckle as he shakes his head at the man, eyes snapping sparks of amusement. At the question, the big man falls silent and nods. "Aye … those fires won't go out till all the Cromcoal in them mountains is all burnt up." he says with a depressed sigh. As a miner that tragedy affects him most since Crom was the most profitable place to be a miner. The man glances out the window and sighs, draining his glass of whiskey. "I'm afraid I must get back to my area, Harper. I'm supposed to meet with the Weyrsmith and they said that about this time is the best time to catch him."

"Mm! Well, we should get a drink again sometime. I could use friends around here, admittedly." Raising his glass, Ranivar salutes the apprentice in the best way for a bar. "Well met… oh, I didn't catch your name. I'm Ranivar."

Kynedir holds out a rather large hand to the man and nods slightly. "I'm Kynedir, but you can call me Kyne. Pleased to meet you, Ranivar." he says, deep voice warm and friendly. "I'll keep you in mind if ever I'm looking for a drinking buddy, eh? Enjoy the rest of your evening, Ran." The big man shorten's peoples names as a matter of course.

A friendly wave. "You too, Kyne," Ranivar calls.

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