====October 10, 2013
====Gritta, Trek, Zalara
====Window shopping, subtle compliments, and unintended insults.

Who Gritta, Trek, Zalara
What Window shopping, subtle compliments, and unintended insults.
When Winter, 1 Turn 6 days until the 12th Pass
Where Central Bazaar, Igen Weyr

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Central Bazaar

All roads in the weyr ultimately lead here, to this center of commerce. Canvas awnings jut out over time worn, sandy cobblestone, sheltering customers and wares alike from the majority of Igen's elements, and funnel scents both mouthwatering and vomit inducing through the thin streets. Almost all store fronts are open air, delineated by sandstone arches with intricately carved facades. The insides of these stone-shingled buildings act as an amplifier for the salesmens' bawled enticements, and are held up by the chipped swirls of marble pillars.
It is Winter and 50 degrees. It is a bright, sunny day.

It is well into winter at Igen Weyr, though the clear sky today has been conquered by Pern's sun and the air, crisp as it is, is warmed slightly. The bazaar's finest clothing establshment's matron steps out of her store, The Night Flight, escoring a pleasant plump lady holder. The fat woman's arms wrapped tightly around at flashy box complete with lavendar ribbon. "No, no love. If your daughter puts on any weight before the wedding I can have it altered. Even the day of, I know a woman -" She brushes off the woman's concerns with a rolling of her elegantly aged hand through the air, the other grasping the rounded wooden top of her adorned cane. The hand slowly stops gracing the sky with its presence to draw her laced, immaculately white, shawl tighter around her supple blue dress. "Off you go now, she's a gorgeous creature, I'm sure a bite won't touch her lips that you do not approve…" Though as her customer fades into the crowd and out of hearing range, her free hand joins the other perched on top her cane and with properly pursed lips tsk softly.

Trek is just taking a stroll, properly enjoying the pleasant winter day. She peeks into some shops, passes by others, greets other passers-by with a wave or salute and ignores a few choice looks. Probably because she's out of her riding gear but not into a dress, and she just might have spiffed up her rider's knot. See the blue? Yeah, that's right. Trek watches Gritta's customer take her leave, then she gives the older woman a pleasantly polite smile and nod, inquiring, "Good business today?"

Zalara is out and about walking and looking around at the shops. She has an hour or two to herself. She's bundled up against the cold and she is just doing some window shopping. She rolls her eyes as she hears the woman talking about wedding dresses, but she nods politely to both the woman, the shop owner and then the rider.

Gritta's eyes are just a second ahead of her smile as the both land in grandmother splendor upon the rider, "Always a good day at The Flight, m'dear." Tt isn't their way to give respect with military salutes down the streets of the bazaar, but the elderly woman inclines her head on slender neck to the rider. "And you have a day off? Always the most pleasant way to spend it, is it not?" One hand flourished gently in the direction of the rest of the stores down the way. And as a female smith appears, her well maintained brows lift just slightly, though her lips curl farther upward in a far from jugemental way. "Can I help either of you ladies with anything? Just got some lovely winter scarves in. Light blue is all the rage this turn."

Trek tucks stray hair behind her ear and smiles more brightly at Gritta. "In a way. I was called off drills to help stitch up an idiot rider's poor dragon. Nothing serious, but it did manage to free up the rest of the day. And so…" She trails off and gestures slightly to the bazaar. "You never know what you'll see here. It's exciting. Even when nothing does happen." Trek waggles her fingers to Zalara, then shakes her head to answer Gritta. "Just browsing. It's almost like a sport sometimes."

Zalara gives a polite wave back to the rider and she shakes her head, "Thank you, but I am just looking too. I'll remember that if I get any pocket money. Although I'd probably want something thicker something that will last me a long while."

A soft 'hmmm', as Gritta's lips draw outward and down as frowns in amusement and old woman knowing. "I see, dear. Well window shop you should, they work you all so hard over there." Just across a wall of stores and terraces, but a different world all together. Her soft, graveled with age, laughter is drawn out by Zalara's assertion of need over beauty. "Yes, m'dear. An astute point. Pragmatic is not what our clothes here are designed to be, our aim is asethetic pleasure." They are both given a wink of long drawn lashes, feminine even from her wrinkled eye.

"A most efficient use of fabric," Trek says, grinning at Zalara. "Not all occasions require efficient, though. Dances, for instance." She looks over to Gritta, hazel eyes squinting for a moment. "Which come to think of, I only brought one of my dresses when we came to Igen. Might need to change that someday, hmm? After all, there's another hatching coming up. Can't wear the same dress to the after -party, now can I?"

Zalara shrugs, 'What's the use of them then if they are pretty and they make you cold. A scarf is supposed to make you feel warm and keep the cold away. I'd whether be warm then pretty." She looks at Trek and she hmms, "Why not if you look good in one dress you'll look just as good when you wear it again."

"Keep you warm, yes dear." Gritta's hand lifts to press against what little of her chest is exposed. "Of course, but beauty is important too. Even the smiths are so practical as to forget beauty in their work. There are some metal pieces in my store which are to elegant to describe. But yes, we are willing to give a little on the effective to gain on the eye." An appreciative linger is donned for Trek, "In a row? Never" There is some show of pho-exasperation as she fans herself with a twinkle in her eye. An eye which appraises the rider quickly. "Light blue is in, but with your skin love it'd be a waste. Something darker for you, but not so dark you are out of keepings."

Trek seems rather amused by something Zalara said, but whatever it was, the rider keeps it to herself, instead answering the girl's question with a light shrug and a light-hearted, "It's just not as fun." Gritta's assessment is met with arched brows in interest. "Come to think of it, most of my clothing is rather dark. I suppose I never thought about it too much. Just… liked it, I suppose."

Zalara shrugs a little bit, "If you say so, boys are stupid anyway, I wouldn't want to freeze just to impress them. No boy is worth that. My feet are still hurting from where A'dan stepped on them when he danced with me."

"Not freeze love." Gritta's scolding is softened by her smile. "I didn't say all practically. Just some." Her lids draw close for a moment as she shakes her head lightly, "On your feet, m'dear? Never take a man for a husband who can't dance. It means he's bad a politics or he doesn't care about where he's headed." Either one means an impractical man. Though her attention is drawn away by the rider again, "Of course love. Trust your instinct. A well dressed woman has good instinct, or is controlled by someone who does."

Trek very nearly giggles at that one, her eyes sparkling down at Zalara. "Who said I'm trying to impress anyone?" the rider asks before giving the girl a wink. "It's not all in the clothes… but they help. It's also how you wear them. Or how you dance." She sizes up the pre-teen for a moment, one finger resting just beside her chin. "I suppose dancing lessons aren't generally part of Craft lessons. Didn't your Harpers teach you how to avoid stupid dancers' feet?" She stops her chattering to turn back to Gritta. Still no giggles, but her smile is even warmer this time. "I'll second that. A man who can't dance isn't worth the breath it takes to tell him to take a hike." Darn, those oldtimers with their opinions. She smiles again and lifts her own scarf. "I had help with this particular outfit. Have you met Kanga, yet? Brown Ruenalth's rider?"

Zalara hmms, "I didn't say that you were. I just said that I won't. I'm more then just a pretty face. I'm not a giggly flighty girl. I'm a smith. I was trying to avoid his feet, but every time I tried to avoid his feet, he'd step on them." Maybe it wasn't A'dan's fault that her feet got stepped on. "A'dan is nice otherwise, but he's older, more like my father so he's more mature and wiser then some. I haven't. Another person to try to meet."

Gritta's face draws ever so slowly toward Zalara, "Child, are you trying to insult me or just my life's work? Are you suggesting that the only thing my clothes are good for are giggly girls and nothing else?" And though her tone stays light and smile easy, the way her brow pulls upward ever so slightly, and cools the the air around her, suggests something more dangerous lurking beneath her honeyed words. Silence lingers as she dismisses the girl without so much as another sound and turns back to the woman with sense, "Kanga? I have not, do send her around if she understands the value of a well wearing dress, as you yourself do." The wrinkles round her mouth pull upward with all the wisdom of age into a smile. "Now, if you'll excuse me, m'dear. I have the world to run." Eyes lid slowly at Zalara and then open again as she turns away, a long fingers move independently in a wave to Trek. And then she disappears back into her store.

Trek acknowledges Gritta's request with a nod, then waves back as she disappears. Slowly, Trek looks down to Zalara and arches a brow before grinning. "Well, still lots and lots of time to learn dancing. Helps to find dance partners who are the right size, too." She tucks her hair away again and resettles her scarf.

Zalara shakes her head, "No I'm not insulting you. I'm sure your clothes are good for all those that wish to look pretty. I don't." She waves, "Good bye." She shrugs a little bit, "Maybe but I don't have time to dance I have to learn how to be the best smith I can be."

Trek laughs softly and shrugs before she sticks her hands in her trouser's pockets. "You know the adage, 'All Work and No Play'? Well, it's spot on. Just… you know." She gestures with a hand, though it's a vague gesture. "It's okay to be a kid, too. You'll miss it before you know it's gone."

Zalara nods, "I have heard of that before. I know it is okay, but I do have to learn to get ready to become an adult and I don't want the other boy apprentices thinking they are better then me just cause they are a boy."

Trek makes a quiet sound of assent and bows her head momentarily to Zalara. "Fair enough. I guess I still forget sometimes." She glances around the bazaar eyes squinting as a light frown touches her expression. It's soon gone, however. "It might not be that way forever. But I guess…" Whatever she might guess is interrupted by a pair of riders passing by. Instead, she looks to Zarala again and smiles. "What kind of smithing are you aiming to do?"

Zalara nods, "Trust me they don't let you forget. It's just so infuriating sometimes. I hope not cause I'm tired of it all ready. Stupid boys." She smiles, "Tinkering and gadgets hopefully."

Trek's smile contains just a hint of sour. "I suppose they don't." She glances up toward the retreating backs of the other riders, then shifts her shoulders slightly. "Truth be told, they don't for us, either. I just ignore it. When I can." A puff of wind causes her to yet again fix her hair. "I like gadgets. They're fascinating," she tells the young smith, back to smiling. "So many tiny pieces."

Zalara nods, "Yah i love to try to put them together and figure out how they all work so that the gadget can work. I'm told there is a journeyman who's supposed to be all right that teaches about it. His name started with a T."

"Can't help you there, I'm afraid," Trek answers, smile going a little crooked. "Haven't gotten to know many of the smiths here yet. Other than yourself, that is!" She holds out her hand. "I'm Trek, by the way. Kanyith is my dragon. He's a dark blue with sort of yellow… I don't know. Darts or something on his wings."

Zalara smiles, "It's nice to meet you Trek, rider of Kanyith. I'm Zalara, but I think I said that before. I'll be sure to keep a look out for him."

"Nice to meet you, Zalara," Trek replies, still grinning. "Keep your chin up. And your toes safe!" She gives the girl a casual sort of salute, then heads into the thick of the bazaar to continue her purported window shopping.

Zalara gives a wave, "It was nice to meet you too. I will." She checks the time and heads back towards the crafter area.

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