====October 15, 2013
====Hannah, Lendai
====A sick Hannah, a Stinky Lendai… it degrades from there.

Who Hannah, Lendai
What A sick Hannah, a Stinky Lendai… it degrades from there.
When There are 0 turns, 11 months and 21 days until the 12th pass.
Where Baths, Southern Weyr

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The steamy fog of the baths could be an entirely different world, transitioning from the well-lit brilliance of the inner caverns: a different world entirely, one wrought in dreams and humid fog. Steam lifts from hot waters, obscuring those who bathe within, drenching any who dare enter. Well-maintained, well-stocked, the baths offer pre-netted portions of soapsand in various scents, fluffy towels in orderly rows, and five separate spring-fed pools, all of differing temperature: from scorching hot to soothing chill.
On the perch are Lockheart and Hyzenthlay.
Lendai is here.
Obvious exits:
Inner Caverns

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It is noon
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There are 0 turns, 11 months and 21 days until the 12th pass.
It is Summer and 95 degrees. It is a bright, sunny day.

Summertime. Living is not easy. For whatever reason, Hannah has come down with the death plague, and so she retreats to the Baths. Being cloistered, steamy, and bigger they are better equipped to deal with solving her problem. Her problem? Phlegm. It's barely a shade past noon, and while everyone is eating — Hannah is not and has not for a day or so now — the baths are EMPTY. At least, they are NOW. The wracking coughs and moans of, "Auuuuuggggghhhh," heard from the small, tiny huddled figure that clings to a lukewarm, damp towel wrapped around her slight form — well, this might have chased them away. The goldrider is the picture of abject misery with lank, pale hair draped in wet tangles around her face and cheeks high with an unhealthy color and glassy green eyes.

Hannah is not the only person retreating to the baths while the rest of the Weyr is eating their lunch. Lendai had much the same idea, though perhaps for a different reason. She's not dying of the black death, just smelly arm pits. As the Senior Weyrwoman walks into the baths, she spies around the area, before delicately lifting her arm, dropping her head, and taking in a whiff of the aroma. Her head rears back, her face wrinkling in obvious distaste for her own disgustingness. Assuming she's alone, for all of a few moments, she's about to take another smell just to reassure her self that yes, that scent is coming from her when Hannah's moans of pain reach her ears. Arm is dropped, back is straightened. No one saw anything. "Hannah?" Even congested, Lendai knows the sound of her favorite (sorry Bailey!) junior's voice. Moving through the steam from the warm water, the goldrider comes upon the younger woman. A look goes over the diminuative dragonrider, with a 'tsk tsk tsk' soon following. "Only you would get sick, in the middle of summer, while sitting on the burning hot sands." There is light amusement coated with sympathy. Her own bathing supplies are dropped at her feet as she begins to disrobe.

Luckily, the junior's attention is self-directed to the abject misery of the SICKNESS that's got it's grip on her. Hannah totally didn't (maybe didn't) see Lendai sniffing her armpits. Laughter is expelled as a caught, amusement glittering in the shiny glass of her green eyes. "Own-dly me." Only the words come out muffled and thick. It is a GOOD thing that Hannah's nose is not really in working odor, for Lendai's pit smell? Not a good thing. But that's okay, because this goldrider smells like sick. That scent that faintly medicine-y, and faintly just gross. They make a pretty gross pair. Listlessly, she pats the bit of stone where she's perched, legs dangling in the hot-hot-hot bathing pools. "The stheamb hewps." She inhales hard, the rattle of congestion LOUD — beyond caring at how unladylike this is — before she's clear enough to sound less like an idiot. "I don't know how, Lendai, I got sick, but one day I woke up with one nostril closed. The next? I feel like I'm dying." Although, clearly, she's not. EVEN IF SHE FEELS LIKE SHE IS.

Yeah. It's pretty nasty up in here. Sick and smelly. It's a wonderful combination from two of the three most powerful women of this Weyr. Her butt bare now, frilly pink panties tossed behind her shoulder, her naked rear end takes the accepted seat next to the junior weyrwoman. Feet are allowed to linger in the super hot water, a sigh of relief leaving her lips as some tension leaks free from her form. "That's nice." She says softly, swirling her feet around in silence for just a few moments. "Make sure you see the healers if it gets worse." Lendai finally cautions, all while lifting her tunic over her head and tossing it in the vicinity of her panties. Aaaah naked! "Last thing we need is you getting extremely sick when those eggs are due to hatch soon." A flurry of movement and Lendai releases herself from her seat and dips into the pool. Water goes up and over her head, submerging herself fully. The surface is broken, water is wiped from her face and she hovers back over by the edge near the other goldrider. "Speaking of hatching, how do they feel? Hard? Any day now?" There's some sadness in her tone, from being unable to go on those sands herself to check.

There is a REASON why the baths are empty. "I thdid." The thickness is back in Hannah's voice. She kicks her feet when Lendai's sigh of feel-goods comes with the senior's own feet splashing into the hot-hot-hot water. "I haf sthuff to thake." She pauses, and rubs the back of her hand against her nose, clarifying, "Medthicines." Words, they're hard. Wheezing out of Hannah's narrow chest with effort. So silence is key here. When Lendai slips into the bathwater — its too bad Hannah's too sick to appreciate Lendai's fine form, but, she's barely able to EXIST — she ditches her towel and drops in, as well. "Althmost." Holding her hand out, she wiggles it back and forth before leaning into Lendai, giving her the saddest, most pathetically sad look ever. Also, you know, shooting her plague germs Lendai's way with every breath. She shares. "Sthe's althmost forgot'en. Hathching day, you should," a cough wracks her frame — luckily, she leans away from her friend for this — "be okay." It's not that Hannah is unable to speak, it's just a lot of effort, and it takes some deciphering through the congested lisp. Plus, c'mon. THOSE PATHETIC EYES. They do brighten — she's not in her right mind — and whispers something to Lendai. "Pwomise — " cough, cough, " — thnot to thell."

"I was hoping to be out there on hatching day. Figuring she'll be too distracted to care about my presence." Lendai comments, moving over some as Hannah comes into the water. "Let's hope you are well by then. I can't imagine being sick in the middle of a hatching. All that excitement, all that chaos, all while you're barely able to be understood." True story, the Weyrwoman only understands about half of what poor Hannah is saying, though she won't say as much. She's a good friend. Her eyes widen somewhat at the secret that is shared, all the while her hand is up near her lips, making a zipping motion. "I won't tell a soul." Though there is definite mirth on her lips. "Wish you would've picked another, though. Such a dick." And not in the good way. If ya know what I mean. Swimming a little, before dunking her head to rewet her hair. Reaching back over the side of the pool, her own personal sweetsand is hefted up and a good amount is deposited on her scalp. Scrub, scrub, a lather is formed, then Lendai is back to facing the younger junior while the soap does its job in her hair. "So think you're going to…" She casts a look all around the baths, ensuring the two of them are completely alone. All the same, her tone hushes even more as she moves closer to the ear of her friend. The whispered word of 'weyrmate' may or may not be said. NO ONE KNOWS.

This conversation is doomed. Poor Hannah's horrible congested, half-alive thick tone of voice is nothing on the fact that her ears are horribly stopped up. She's nodding gamely, however, to everything Lendai's saying. The slightly vacant expression is likely due to feeling badly and not to the fact that her head feels like it's stuff with cotton. Oh no. The smile is pained, though, because of the lack of BREATH. "Shthee wo't thotice. Pwomisthe." A sudden bout of coughing shakes her slight form, shoulders drawing up as the cough reaches deep into her lungs. It's these moments when stuff comes up that her voice clears enough to be understood. "REDECORATE?" she's suddenly half-yelling like a half-deaf old Auntie. "Thno, Thno. But I thdo wanth to get my scthreen an' thair to my thweyr." Tipping forward, she slides deeper into the water with an aaaaaaaaaaah. She does whisper something ELSE to Lendai that sounds like 'underwear'.

Lendai just stares at Hannah now. A loooong stare as her brain tries to incorporate the words stated to her ears and decipher them into plain Pernese. "…yeah. I wouldn't want my spleen and hair sitting in my weyr either. Probably pretty bloody and gross. And we need our spleens too, don't we?" What even is a spleen? Lendai has no idea, though now she's poking at her own midsection in a vain attempt at locating her spleen. She'll find it, just gotta poke a couple of organs first. Jab! Nope. Stomach. Jab! Ribs. Not even an organ. Jab! Bladder. The urge to pee suddenly attacks her. Though she holds it. For now. If it suddenly gets warmer, though, be warned. "Aaah." She states, at the whispered word. "Mums the word!" Again, she totally zips her lips. Cause it's fun to do!

Hannah stares at Lendai. Nibbles her lip. Takes a deep breath. "Sssssss-kaaaa-reeeen." She works really hard not to let the congestion and lazy, lethargic words mangle them. "Chhhhhhhh-aaaiiiiirrrrr." Now she's draping on the side of the baths, cheek pressing into the crook of her elbow while she watches Lendai miserably. If there's a warm spot spreading, Hannah will retaliate with her own warm spot. She's got very little chains of restraint holding her back right now. Because the weyr needs two of the most powerful women peeing in the bathwater. Suddenly. Hannah starts laughing. A wheezing, choking giggle. Because c'mon. It's obvious they are BOTH THINKING ABOUT PEEING. A worried look comes to play, but only briefly. She don't have time for worries. "Wanna keep them." Presumably the screen and chair. And it's not like she's lost her ability to speak but, y'know, the thickness of voice and the lethargy that has her lying like a dishrag just doesn't help.

Lendai listens, she really does, as Hannah enanciates to be better understood. A shame that Lendai misses the mark entirely. "Oh. Ooooh! Ooooh!" Suddenly the Senior Weyrwoman is lightly elbowing the other woman, waggling her eyebrows up and down in complete understanding. "Scream. Screeeeam. Yeah. Yeah, I got'cha. I can be a screamer too." She's all teeth now, her smile a mile wide as she continues to nod her head. "Oooo, yeah. Chilly air." Totally sounds like 'chair'. "Yeah. I can see that. The heat from, y'know, with the chilly air, then some good screams." A light shove at Hannah now, a girlish giggle from Lendai. "I never knew you were such a freak! Doing it on your ledge, in the cold, I bet people have seen you!" Far off base? Nooo. Not at all. There's a silent moment though, as the warm water moves through both women and, y'know, anatomy and biology take place. Thinking? Thinking is done. There's pee in this water now, and as Hannah laughs, Lendai laughs. All the while the two marinate in each others urine.

Animation comes to Hannah now — stewing in a mixture of their urine stew (gross), although LUCKILY it's not like tepid, unmoving water; wait, didn't Lendai suds herself up? So there's SOAPY PEE?! Ahem. "No, no, no — " but she falls into laughter, clinging to Lendai as she tries to wheeze herself through this fit of giggles. "Thnot on by ledge! By weyr!" Laughter wheezes through, as mirth fills Hannah's once dead-looking green eyes. High spots of color only deepen. Hey, it felt good to pee, okay. More pee probably happened because of the laughter. Ew. "Itth's thot as Faranth out there! Len-dye." She holds up a finger for the other woman and by now it's clear why Hannah's speech is a little strange. She's definitely been huffing some strooooong anti-sickness crap from the healers. "By shit fromb da platform. Ssss," front and bottom teeth come together, and hey Lendai might get a little spittle… but what's a little spit among the PEE they're sitting in. "KREEEEN. Nnnnn. THNot SCREAM." She pauses, then shrugs. "I sthcream too, but."

Didn't you know pee is what makes your hair super shiny? All the Ladies of the Major Holds use it. Lendai is just making sure she's on par with all those Holders. Speaking of hair, the goldrider dunks her head, happily rinsing her hair free of her pee soap. A hard bristled brush is drawn out of her bathing basket and brought up to yank through her dark locks. Brush, brush. Brush, brush. All the while, she's once again trying to understand what, exactly, her poor sickened junior is trying to say. Eyes are squinted in concentration, and her lips are pursed as she tries to work it all out. "Ah! Okay. Okay. I got it now." Probably not true. "Your weyr!" There's a word Lendai can make out. "You do it in your weyr and you scream! Damn. Must be really loud if— oh. Oh! Not scream. You…" Her head tilts to the side, a look of some horror on her face. "You shit on the platform?" The rest of what Hannah has said is lost completely, she's too focused on what is obviously not feces sitting on the platform on the sands. "Shards, Hannah! That… that's… that's gross, hun." The older goldrider says as gently as possible. "I hate that platform too, but you didn't need to take a shit on it. Out there, in the heat… doesn't it smell? Like. A lot?"

Hannah stares at Lendai, glassy-eyed but incredulous. "I DO NOT SHIT ON THE PLATFORM I WANT MY SHIT OFF THE PLATFORM INTO MY WEYR!" Screaming, it seems, blows past some of that congestion and lack-of-being understood for sheer volume. Or, hell, maybe it just makes it more confused. However, the horror — okay, let's face it, laughter — in the goldrider's eyes, probably suggests that Hannah is not into two girls, one cup here. Since she's not here for a bath — just a pee soak, apparently — she leans against the side of the baths and looks at Lendai. Just looks at Lendai. And starts laughing. Wheezing. Laughing. Coughing. Laughing. Her nose is running, she can't be understood for shit. "I'm fucked up." Thus is her rather intelligent assessment of the situation. But. There's always a but, isn't there? "Len-dye." Her expression pales. "I think I might — " breath, breath, breath, " — be — " Wait for it… Nothing comes.

Screaming does help! Finally, Lendai understands! "OH!" Oh! "That's much better than you taking a dump on the platform. 'cause that's seriously nasty." Hannah also gets the award for referencing two girls, one cup in a pose. Just saying. The goldrider finishes brushing her locks and moves onto scrubbing at her nasty, vile armpits. Maybe even shaving a bit, since it's a jungle in there. And not the type of jungle someone wants to roam in. In the jungle, the hairy jungle, the lion is stuck in there tonight. The other woman's laughing fit as well as her sudden onslaught of quick breathes and pale expression has her dropping any cleaning tool in her hands and rushing towards Hannah. "What? What? Are you dying? Is it firehead? You can't die, you hear me? Dhiammarath would fucking kill me!" Plus she's be REALLY sad. Hannah's her favorite (SORRY BAILEY!) after all!

Hannah waves away Lendai's worry, but at least she manages not to puke in the baths. That would be the kicker. "I think I need to lay down." So carefully enunciated lest Lendai thinks she needs to go down on her bedpost or something. Furniture porn… Okay, okay, the mind is going at this point. Using Lendai as a way to get out, she asks, giving her senior (and friend) a pathetic look. Look at those big eyes. Nevermind that she's standing there dripping naked. It's the EYES. WOE BEGONE. Bottom lip slips out. Pafetic. "He'p mbe home?" Blink, blink, blink. A towel is grabbed — this is not a sexy look, people, sick as a dog, and two shades shy of throwing up — and wrapped around her body. If she had words, she'd be pleading for chicken soup. As it is, she's exhausted her pop porn references, yo.

Puke would totally have completed this moment. Pee, poo, vomit. All the gross things that come from the human form have now been identified in some way or another. Lendai's very few and small maternal instincts rear (fuck you, hormones) and she gathers her things quickly, tosses them out of the baths, and then carefully and stably helps Hannah up and out of the water. "Come, come now. Let's get you home." After the towel is wrapped around Hannah, Lendai quickly dons one herself before throwing an arm over Hannah's shoulder she guides the woman outside. Totally leaving all their things in the baths to be picked up later. Talicanitath awaits them the moment two semi-naked ladies hit the bowl and aids the two back to Hannah's weyr. The younger of the two goldriders is tucked in, fed soup, given cool drinks, and let with a bucket next to her bed just incase. Later on, Lendai will return to the baths, retrieve most of her and Hannah's belongings. However, two pairs of panties seem to be missing. A shame. Those pink ones were Lendai's favorite.
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