====October 23, 2013
====Mayte, Sadaiya, Trek
====Corruptive forces plot a way to improve the upcoming dragonets' menu.

Who Mayte, Sadaiya, Trek
What Corruptive forces plot a way to improve the upcoming dragonets' menu.
When Winter, 10 months and 27 days until the 12th Pass
Where Central Bowl, Igen Weyr

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Central Bowl

Cradled, childlike, in an easterly mountainous embrace, the steppes of the central bowl nestle cozily between lake and weyr. The latticework of dusty adobe paths spider out from the southerly Weyr Road, the wagon-ruts of which curve lazily to the northeastern bazaar, the adobe sprawl of the New Weyr reflected in the lake that dominates a large portion of outdoor Igen. A small footpath, just as abused, ambles away from the shores, travelling over rock and hill to the northern dragonet complex and branching itself due west to end at the entrance of the blessedly cool inner caverns. One cracked path, faint with disuse, leads southeast to the crumbling ruins of Igen-that-was. All around, the dizzying heights of the caldera's sharp-sloped sides are pocked here and there with ledges, the weyrs' draconic occupants needing no path to guide their way.

The sun is setting, quickly sending the bowl into growing shadows. Trek and Kanyith have landed within the last couple minutes, with the rider still in the stages of removing the blue's riding straps. The buckles have all been undone at this point, so she's slowly drawing the leather down from Ky's shoulders and neck, catching them so she can begin looping them over her shoulder.

Mayte is traipsing across the bowl, intent on dinner in the Living Caverns. She's not exactly full-speed-ahead today, taking her time to enjoy the surroundings and the weather. She's eyeing the various dragons (though nothing new to a Weyr) as she passes by or under them (if they're aloft), occasionally letting her eye settle on one or another. A streak of yellow makes Mayte pause in her tracks for a moment, eyeing the blue that carries it, even pausing in her step to watch the way Trek removes the leather straps, because no knowledge is ever wasted.

The last loop of leather goes over Trek's shoulder, then the whole neat lot is eased to the ground. Trek stretches her back while Kanyith stretches his neck, which is how the blue notices he has an audience of one. Large, whirling eyes focus on Mayte momentarily before the blue settles to the ground, but whatever the exchange between rider and dragon, it causes Trek to takes a look at the teen before lifting a hand to wave. "Good evening!"

Loop over the shoulder, then put the straps on the ground. Mayte nods, almost to herself. Cool. She didn't intend to be noticed, but Trek's greeting gets a grin from the Apprentice, "Hi! I didn't mean to be rude or anything," since staring could be considered such, "I was wondering how heavy those straps are." She eyes Trek, who is her own size, and Kanyith, who is not, "Do you have to carry them a lot?" That doesn't sound disconcerting to Mayte at all.

Trek glances from Mayte to Kanyith, then back with a grin on her face. "Try them out! Ky… Kanyith, I mean. I call him Ky. He's kind of skinny for a blue, so I lucked out on that end. Less leather." Now that the riding straps are done, Trek starts unbuttoning her riding jacket before tugging off her gloves. "Anyway, it wasn't rude. Ky just noticed you looking and let me know, that's all." She pauses long enough to remove her jacket, then tucks her gloves inside a sleeve. "You like dragons?"

Mayte isn't about to turn THAT offer down, and moves over to the straps. She picks one up and weighs it in her hand - not light, but manageable, so she goes for a few more, and nods, letting them settle gently back into their strategically placed loops again, "I can see why less would be better," she grins over at Trek, "I haven't met many dragons, but the ones their riders introduce me to have been really nice. Nadeeth and I sometimes play in the water." See? See? And then after a pause, remembering good manners hammered into her skull, Mayte turns to the blue and says, "Well met, Mister Kanyith." O, and to Trek too, "Er, I'm Mayte. Vintner Senior Apprentice."

The rider slings her jacket over a shoulder, then reaches out a hand. "Trek. Oldtimer, though I don't look that old. I hope," she teases lightly. Kanyith reaches his snout out toward the two, whuffling gently against the teen's shoulder. Trek gets a crooked cant to her smile, eyes twinkling as she turns back to Maybe. "He likes you. And Vintner, huh? One of my favorite crafts." Not teasing, that time.

"Hey guys," Sadaiya calls, waving tiredly and managing a wan smile. "Didn't know you were ac…quain…ted…" Her sudden distraction makes her voice trail off, and her smile goes from wan to significantly amused. Trek is given a slight shrug, Kanyith a grin even as Jivayath moves in to headbutt gently at her son's side with motherly, draconic affection.

Mayte isn't phased by Trek's announcing she's Oldtimer; in fact, she grins broadly and puts her hand forward to take the rider's, "You don't look a day over…" random guess, but Mayte's eyes gleam, "Four hundred and eighteen." Someday that joke will die, but not this Interval. Kanyith's whuffle gets Mayte to stand very still, looking over into the greyish snout but she giggles at the feel, "We have a store just off the Bazaar, if you ever get a chance…" Sadaiya's voice does make Mayte move, blinking as she watches the big gold say hi to Kanyith, but she tells Sadaiya, "We just met, weyrwoman. How are you tonight?"

"Ah, the cork place?" Trek asks Mayte, grinning even wider thanks to the joke. Yeah, the joke still works. Kanyith ceases his inspection of the apprentice to turn toward Jivayath while Trek tosses off a casual salute for Sadaiya. "Ma'am. Just getting to know each other. Mayte here was going to see how it feels to lug around a dragon's straps, and I was explaining how a skinny dragon like Ky makes the job easier than… say the one you've got," chin-pointing toward Jivayath's considerably wider neck.

Sadaiya returns the salute first, then pulls a face, her tongue lolling out as her nose wrinkles and her eyes cross. "She ain't lying, though you better not be saying Jivayath's got a big butt. But yeah, it's worth it, don't get me wrong, but I do wish some of our riders wouldn't smirk so much watching my short, round self try to negotiate walking and hauling them around." Her hands rest on her hips and, with more than a dollop of somewhat feigned exasperation, she shakes her head. "Oh, you should definitely try some of Mayte's product. It's amazing, especially for an apprentice."

Mayte nods enthusiastically to Trek's good guess, "Yeah, we're always open." SAdaiya's description of her getting Jivayath strapped in gets a giggle from Mayte which is very quickly hushed. Let's not let the big Queen dragon think you're teasing her. But Mayte continues grinning, even shrugging only somewhat modestly as the goldrider comments on her wine, "It's a lot of fun. And drinking the mistakes aren't bad either." Liver? What liver? Though Mayte then ventures to wonder, "The bigger the dragon, the more stamina, right? But less agile?" This wondering is done in a whisper, in case either dragon hears her and takes offense. Ahem.

"I'll know we're in a tight bind when you have to start putting straps on Jivayath's butt," Trek replies with a soft laugh. She turns back to Kanyith for a moment and reaches up to rub her hand against the very tip of his snout, then she turns back to Mayte and Sadaiya. "Stamina, sure. But you should see what Kanyith can do in the air," the bluerider tells the teen, winking. A low hum of agreement emits from the blue, whose eyes have turned an odd mixture of orange-tinted electric blue. Trek looks up at him again, then tosses her riding jacket on top of her straps. "Uh… Sadi… I mean. Weyrwoman? Ma'am?" Hazel eyes cut Vintner-wards for all of half a second. "Don't suppose I could have a really quick word with you. My apologizes, Mayte. Just a bit of, uh. Rider… business."

"Half a mo'," Sadaiya says, holding up a finger to Mayte and scuttling over there (there being any number of paces away to ensure silence). "Though I think I know what's up." Every inch of her is no longer the weary, post-hoosegow jailbird, but a vibrating mass of excitement and smiles. She even goes so far as to clap her hands together lightly as she moves towards the mysterious 'there'.

Mayte giggles at the idea of straps across a dragon butt, and nods, opening her mouth to say something but Trek cuts her off. Mayte doesn't mind, she's fascinated by the entirely new colour of Kanyith's eyes, watching the nearest eye whirl. She's used to Journeyman discussions happening out of hearing's reach, though if Kanyith weren't here, she'd be sidling closer. "Sooooo," she tells Kanyith and Jivayath, if either dragon is actually listening, "How about those eggs - sure are a lot of them right?" Talking to two dragons who don't talk back is strange even to her, so Mayte lapses into silence, just flicking attention between the riders, the dragons, and anyone who might scold her for distracting the first two.

Trek cuts her gaze toward Mayte once more, smiling reassuringly as she moves off to the side with Sadaiya. Once they're a little distance away, she leans in to murmur something quietly. Kaniyth, however, is still looking at Mayte. Rather intently. Now and then he tilts his head one way then the other with a sense of sizing her up.

You overhear Trek mutter, "Is … rule still in … … … … uh… … … knots? … robes? Though clearly … … … … is a … force. Just look … me … … …" to Sadaiya.

Is that rule still in effect? You know, about, uh… girls? And knots? And robes? Though clearly girls impressing to dragons is a corruptive force. Just look at me and Ky, right?

Jivayath is content to rest her head on the ground, eyes whirling with mischief and deep, deep interest. She makes quite a show of exchanging what could be construed as covert looks with Kanyith, going so far as to bat her lids in a fair imitation of her rider, who is deep in conversation with Trek, looking over her shoulder here and there.

You overhear Sadaiya mutter, "Yeah, … … though I've … … … … … … … … few … … … … some … on … sand … … … the cost. … … especially since … … … … well, … … … you're … … corruptive force … your … and … vagina, Idunno. But we have … … in … Cut her hair, … her boobs, … her in … … … the … … … a … … if … grabbed in …" to Trek.

Yeah, it is, though I've the support of N'thu, Zeyta, A'lory, and a few other riders who want some girls on the sand no matter what the cost. It's imperative, especially since our most talented riders… well, like you said, you're suuuuch a corruptive force with your skills and your… vagina, Idunno. But we have a plan in place. Cut her hair, bind her boobs, hide her in my weyr until the hatching, maybe with a couple others if they're grabbed in time.

Mayte is fascinated, just fascinated at watching Jivayath's head on the ground, not quite understanding 'covert draconic body language'. In her fascination, she only hears a few things from Sadaiya and Trek's conversation, something about vagina and boobs, so Mayte shrugs that off, something about a woman. One? More? Who knows, there are dragons right in front of her, that's neater than other girls. "So, do you like it in this time?" she asks the dragons, as if small talk with dragons is commonplace for her.

Whatever the entirety of Sadaiya's message to her, it has Trek looking far less stressed. She lets out a post-nervous laugh and nods, then gestures that she's going to head back to Mayte, to whom she says quietly, "Got a second for a, uh… proposition of sorts?" the bluerider asks the apprentice before shooting Sadaiya a smile. "See… when I said Kanyith likes you, I meant… he has a nose for this sort of thing, and I know the Senior's put all these rules in place, but um… well. Ky hasn't been wrong yet. So if you're willing to bend the rules, want to see if we can find a way to get you on the sands?"

"Y'know, what we kinda talked about before? Or, rather, hinted? Mayte is A'l's sort-of-niece. Kinda. And a trusted friend, but I didn't like detail it up," Sadaiya explains in a quiet voice. "Though I wasn't… I'm not the most gifted at searching out, or rather Search-ing out, not like Trek and Kanyith here. You'll have to be kind of hidden, though, since you're well loved around here. Probably will scoot you into my weyr. It's a shame about your hair, though…"

Sooo, small talk with dragons? Not going so well. Mayte is floundering here. Trek's return is met with relief, though Mayte's eyes pinch a bit at the edges when Trek mentions a proposition. Wait, not a financial one? Mayte's expression clears, "Sur… wha?" A slightly astounded look is directed at Kanyith, and Mayte peers at Sadaiya. Oh yeah, that conversation, "I remember," she says quietly, and an unbidden hand reaches to tousle in her locks, "But… We don't know when the eggs are gonna hatch, right?" Despite the wariness of her posture, Mayte looks more fierce with anticipation. "Hair will grow back," she decides, though it takes a moment before her hand returns to her side.

"Does that mean you will?" Trek asks Mayte, eyes shining. "Hair's a pain in the ass anyway, come weyrlinghood. Gotta cut it off, regardless." That's how sure Trek is about this. She glances at Sadaiya, then, smile faltering. "We're going to get in such deep crap for this. But if the right dragon's out there, it's worth it. None of these lame-duck boys they have right now."

Sadaiya's chin comes up, her default attempt to make herself more imposing or important looking. "That doesn't matter. I'm willing to take 100% of the blame for this, if it comes down to it, but I know, in my heart, that we're doing the right thing for the weyr. And I trust you, Trek. And Mayte's a strong girl and will be a wonderful, wonderful rider, and that's what matters with Thread on the way." She sighs, then, her shoulders curving down. "It just sucks because W'rin and Corelle are sort of friends, though after last night at the party, I don't think Corelle considers herself such anymore. W'rin's probably waiting to scream at me for not just doing what I'm told. Heh. Do you think we should wear bikinis to the hatching? Hurr hurr hurr."

Hey, if someone's wearing bikinis, Mayte could probably run around in a tutu and dye her hair electric green and no one would notice, but she won't try that. "Yes," she tells Trek with a brave-nervous nod and smile. Sadaiya's praise make the nervousness fade a little, but she shrugs at Sadaiya, "The Weyrleader can yell at me." After all it's not like he can ground her like A'lory can, right? Right? But Sadaiya's admission of the party draws Mayte's sharp glance, "You were there? We heard about it later." Speaking of 'we', Mayte bites her lip a moment, "Um," and evidently she's thinking something through, "Can I tell my journeywoman? She won't say a thing, I promise."

"You wear the bikini," Trek tells Sadaiya in a mild drawl. "I'll watch." The corners of her lips turn up just a little more. "For that matter, maybe I'll watch even without a bikini." Corruptive. Force. She turns back to Mayte with a more innocent smile in place. "I'll have to let our fearless leader here sort out the details with you, but if you need anything," she says emphatically, complete with hand gestures, "you let me know right away, all right?" As to the question of getting a journeywoman involved, Trek defers back to Sadaiya with a curious look.

Just the tip of her tongue peeks out from between her teeth and Sadaiya grins and waggles her eyebrows at Trek. "Gooooodneth me," she drawls, a-giggle with adrenaline. "Oh yeah, I was there. And I tried to exonerate everyone since the worst thing I saw was some lady trying to get all up on Tanmorand. It was poker and drinking, so far as I could tell. But nooo, my word meant squat since I was a juuuunior weyrwoman. It was crazy! Not that Gritta stayed around to prove that nothing was happening." She rolls her eyes, then smiles, abashed. "Though I did, uh, sort of slap a guard. He kept talking down to me. Tan drew his knife because he had too much ale, but they should've backed down when I said nothing was happening. Isn't that how the whole knot-thing works?"

Mayte eyes Trek with the wide, not-quite adult eyes of growing adoration, but she nods quickly, "I'll definitely let you know," she promises, and turns to Kanyith. What to say? Mayte gives him a pressed-lip smile, in case her unrestrained one should crack her face. Sadaiya's story makes Mayte's grin grow from straining-to-repress, to laughter, "You got to slap a guard? I hope it's the one that got me on the chin…" though Mayte considers, "If he's still there." And Mayte doesn't care to find out, so she moves on, "The guard didn't listen to you? Even with the new Captain?" The apprentice is mystified, "He was one of the Bazaar guards, right?" Unless someone's running a private army around here, it's a safe bet.

Trek arches a brow at Sadaiya, though her expression just as quickly clears. "So it's true, then," she muses quietly, not specifying just which part of Sadaiya's tale she's referring to. It's cleared up with another quick smile, in any case. "I'm going to stash my gear and find something to eat," the bluerider announces before pointing at Mayte. "I meant what I said about help. As for others knowing… just remember it's your butt on the line, too, kiddo. As that little shindig proved," this with a side glance at Sadaiya, "even a junior weyrwoman's reach only goes so far at Igen." Is that a sour note detected? Quite likely. Trek grabs her jacket to sling over one arm, then hefts Kanyith's straps over the other shoulder, though the blue seems content to stay right where he is. Watching Mayte. Creepy blue. Trek nods her farewell to the other two women, then trudges toward the dragonhealing area of the bowl.

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