====October 26, 2013
====Ralina, Trek
====There is more mutiny afoot.

Who Ralina, Trek
What There is more mutiny afoot.
When Winter, 10 months and 18 days until the 12th Pass
Where Central Bazaar, Igen Weyr



Central Bazaar

All roads in the weyr ultimately lead here, to this center of commerce. Canvas awnings jut out over time worn, sandy cobblestone, sheltering customers and wares alike from the majority of Igen's elements, and funnel scents both mouthwatering and vomit inducing through the thin streets. Almost all store fronts are open air, delineated by sandstone arches with intricately carved facades. The insides of these stone-shingled buildings act as an amplifier for the salesmens' bawled enticements, and are held up by the chipped swirls of marble pillars.

Despite the shining lovely day, the chill is enough to make Ralina glad to have a coat to wear. Rali weaves her way from shop to shop just gawking at the various wares. Well not gawking so much as comparing what she knows to what is done here within the Weyr. She manages to acquire herself a steaming mug of something or other to sip on while she wanders through the Bazaar.

It would seem that Trek and Kanyith have been doing a little bit of delivery duty. The skinny blue is crouched down next to one of the furniture vendors, wearing more riding straps that would be necessary for just passengers. He's no longer carrying anything, though, and his rider can be seen shaking hands with one of the merchants before she strolls across the flagstones toward her lifemate. Said lifemate just happens to be looking in Ralina's direction, following her progress with stalker-like attention.

Ralina notices the gorgeous Kanyith of course. Who wouldn't notice the dragons lurking in the area after all? She doesn't pay it a whole lot of mind though as she moves in the direction of Trek and her lifemate. Her attention is on a table layered with belts of all sorts of length and variety. As she's currently wearing nearly everything she owns in life, the necessities are what she's more in the market for this day. And the borrowed pants while tightly fitting in the leg, are loose 'round the waist. Made for a woman with a butt, not the impishly skinny Rali who's built more like a young man than a young woman. More's the pity. She skirts 'round the strap laden blue and maneuvers herself into a position to sip her drink and finger a belt or three.

Trek nears enough to soft-punch Kanyith in the shoulder. "All in a days work, eh, Ky?" she asks, but the blue is /still/ watching Ralina. The rider mutters something that sounds a little bit like "not again", but it could be anything. She moves around so she can see just what it is Kanyith's looking at, which is when she spots the skinny teen. "Are you trying to get my hide skinned?" Trek says more clearly before she sighs a little bit and obligingly nears the belt-shopping girl. "Anything look good today?"

Ralina startles a bit when Trek appears beside her, but quickly recovers. Dropping the belt in her fingers to etch out a salute to the bluerider, "Afternoon ma'am." She smiles and drops her hand to wave at the belts. "I'm considering the one with the blue tint to it honestly." It looks a decent enough length to fit 'round her waist and the leather looks well-tanned beneath the dye job. "Am I in the way? I could pass by again a bit later." She has been trying everything she can think of to keep her head down and be useful since she'd drug her ash smudged near carcass into the Weyr some time ago.

"That is nice," Trek agrees, after glancing down at the indicated belt. She quickly turns her attention back to Ralina, though, then holds out a hand. "I'm Trek. That's Kanyith over there." The mentioned blue has lowered his head, the better to get another look at the teen. "Did you… want to meet him, maybe?" There is an oddly hopeful note to the question, but not hugely obvious. Right?

Ralina drops the belt she'd been eyeing once more and slips her calloused hand into the 'riders. "Ralina or Rali if you prefer." She's been known to answer to both or worse. She glances over her shoulder to find the blue in question eyeing her like she's a potential snack. "Uh.." she doesn't look entirely sure that it's a good idea. But she doesn't want to offend Trek and get tossed out on her behind. Therefor nothing to do but force a smile and nod. "I suppose so?" It's meant to be an acceptance and comes out more of a question.

When Ralina seems unsure about the meeting, Trek gives Kanyith a look, the expression's equivalent of what likely just went across their mindlink. Are you sure? But, the girl does agree, so Trek ushers her over to the blue, who's lowered his silver-tinged muzzle even lower. Low enough to get a really good sniff. If she doesn't run, terrified, of course.

Ralina isn't terrified just nervous. It isn't every day that she gets introduced to a dragon after all. She's met a few 'riders sure. But none have actually done any introductions to their lifemates. The sniffing of the blue gets a laugh and she holds her mug up and away to keep the beast from snorting the hot liquid up his snout. "Do they all sniff at you like that when you meet them?" She glances at Trek looking for clues as to how to say hello. "Kanyith right?" She repeats it to be sure she gets the intonation correctly. "Pleased to meet you both."

"Well… no," Trek admits, answering Ralina's question. She glances up into Kanyith's big, whirling eyes, then back to Ralina. "He's been really intent lately, though, on… certain people." She looks around them quickly to check for eavesdroppers, then leans in to add in a near-whisper, "People he thinks should be candidates." She'll just let that soak in for a minute.

Ralina can feel the blood draining from her face and downward to her boots. Did the 'rider just say candidate and look at her all shifty eyed? She didn't imagine that, so she assumes she'd heard correctly. "But," she leans toward the 'rider to whisper back, "girls aren't allowed anywhere near the Sands are they?" She'd overheard something of the sort back in the bar one evening. Playing darts of course and fleecing a few marks to purchase her necessities. "So why's he sniffing /me/?" She knows it's easy to get confused by the short cropped hair and boyish build. But still jeeze!

"Yeah, but the dragons don't care about that," Trek replies. There is just a little heat to the reply, and understandably! There's no honorific apostrophe in her name, is there? "That's just a dumb ass rule the people here came up with." She takes a moment to calm the heat in her voice while Kanyith sits back again, head held high, gaze still locked on Ralina. "He's pretty sure, though, and… there might be a way." Trek bites her lower lip briefly, then glances up at Kanyith, whom she instructs, "Tell Jivayath." Then she cuts a look to the girl again. "Sorry, I mean… if you're interested. It's not exactly… by the book."

Ralina hadn't meant to cause a full on rant or anything. So she stands there blinking and sipping her rapidly cooling drink. After all who is she to say what rules are stupid? She thinks all rules suck in general. "If it's something I'm not supposed to be doing," she looks all innocent for a moment as she glances around. Nope nobody looking so she looks back at Treck, "then I'm all in." She doesn't figure she stands a snowballs chance in Southern of impressing. But hey, it isn't as though she has any family left to warn her off doing something crazy.

Trek looks both joyful and triumphant for a moment before she can contain it. Sneaky, Trek! Sneaky. Kanyith just happens to shield them a little bit with a wing while Trek draws closer to Ralina again. "See, we'd take you over to, uh… somewhere safe." Because she didn't already give away the name "Jivayath"? She's new to this sneaky stuff. "And we wait until the eggs start moving. We'd have to, um…" Trek screws up her face a little as she takes in the girl's appearance. "Kinda.. man you up a bit. Though you might actually get away with it…" She suddenly stops and looks at Ralina again. "That's not… I meant… not in a bad way."

Ralina downs the last of her drink and hears the 'rider out. "So I'd be staying somewhere?" Good thing everything she cares about is on her person she supposes. She doesn't recognize the name Jivayath and so has no 'rider to put with it. Her brows shoot upward when Trek actually accuses her of looking like a boy. But she waves her hand, "Don't worry about it. I know full well what I must look like these days." Her hair had singed badly in the fire so most of it had been cropped off. The only real telling feature of her budding womanhood unfortunately. "So how do I get to this hide out?"

"Well, I think it looks pretty nice, actually," Trek admits, but she almost looks more furtive about that than about bringing up a potential candidacy. "But, uh… we'll have to go see Sadaiya. She's one of the junior weyrwomen," she explains, fidgeting with a strap on her riding jacket. "We can walk there, though. It'll draw less attention."

Ralina glances around a bit and tries not to look obvious about it. She's looking for a place to set her mug. Yeah that's it. "Let me get rid of this." She walks away to drop it in the bin of a vendor before stuffing her hands in her pockets on her return. "It's definitely different," she pulls a hand out of a pocket to brush her fingertips on her barely there do. "One of the women I've been bunking with was nice enough to style it for me." At least someone had took pity on the girl whose parents had burned to death not /that/ long ago. "I'd be glad ta walk an' talk with ya." She maneuvers herself next to Trek and tucks her hand back into her jacket pocket.

Kanyith intrudes gently, and just far enough to deliver his brief message. Mindvoice is almost sterile, the scents and colors that usually add depth completely missing. He is just trying to be stealthy. « Jivayath, my rider would like to bring someone to your rider's weyr. » There is a brief pause, as if he might be retreating from her mind, then he adds, « They are headed that direction now. » Better to ask forgiveness than permission?

Trek rests a hand on Kanyith's side. "You go on home, Kanyith. I'll let you know when I need a ride up." The blue rises to his feet, though first begins walking toward the bowl. Taking off in the middle of the bazaar isn't always the greatest idea. Trek, meanwhile, motions for Ralina to follow her, quietly filling her in on the plan as they make their way up to the queens' ledges.

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