====October 28, 2013
====Hannah, Jedi, Th'seus; Dhiammarath, Llioramasith, Vossuth
====Another ship found, more elements of the mystery exposed though it raises more questions than are answered. (ST'd By Hannah)

Who Hannah, Jedi, Th'seus; Dhiammarath, Llioramasith, Vossuth
What Another ship found, more elements of the mystery exposed though it raises more questions than are answered. (ST'd By Hannah)
When There are 0 turns, 10 months and 12 days until the 12th pass.
Where Lake Shore, Southern Weyr



Lake Shore
A small, pebbled beach clings to the side of the cliff face at the eastern most edge of the lake itself. Formed from the long ago erosion of part of the cliff wall, the little beach is bordered by impassible cliffs on one side, and the waters of the vast lake on the other sides, jutting out as a half-moon formation before the lake bed sharply drops away. The cliffs are choked with greenery, making it impossible to see the hints of grey and beige stone beneath. In the summer time, the pebbled sand formed of small rocks and broken shells is only delightfully warm against bare feet, making it a favored place to relax and sunbathe.
It is Summer and 89 degrees. It is a clear night.
Gold Dhiammarath is here.
Th'seus and Jedi are here.
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It is evening
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There are 0 turns, 10 months and 12 days until the 12th pass.
It is Summer and 89 degrees. It is a clear night.

Darkness has fallen and not the dusk of a newborn night, but the depths of a night well past dinnertime. The moons cast silvery light across the rippling waters of the lake that sits on the edge of the Black Rock River. As the shore sweeps around the end in the river's flow, a darkness gathers: the hollowness of what can only be a vast cave. A pale-lit star, massive, has folded herself nearest the closest edge of a cave that's fed by the river itself and large enough to fit a decent sized ship; Dhiammarath is no sneaky beast, with the moon's light shining off so pale a hide. Hannah stands at the edge of the cave's mouth, a narrow and winding pathway disappearing into the shadows of, seemingly on the verge of tossing caution to the wind and not waiting, even though promises were made to not go haring off alone. Dhiammarath, ever dutiful to her lifemate's survival, surely alerted Vossuth and is surely trying to argue against just rushing in. Dressed head-to-toe in black, with a black knit cap even, the goldrider is harder to see, except for the brilliance of the fire-lit torch she wields as she paces too and fro.

"I thought we talked about only coming to these places during the day? Did I imagine having those conversations?" Vossuth must have landed with extreme silence tonight. Because Th'seus has managed to make it all the way up to gold and rider without making much noise at all. The bronze waits in the shadows, making no mistake that he's put out the feelers to a certain brown dragon and rider in some of his casual thoughts. If any thoughts of his could be considered casual and relaxed. Meanwhile the Lynx rider, clambers up to the stony entrance to the cave. He folds his arms over his chest, stares at Hannah's black cap and then down into the looming entrance of the cave.

Speaking of said brownrider and dragon, the pair are not long in arriving themselves. Llioramasith doesn't mask his approach or landing, but if only because he is harried. Once his rider has dismounted and begun walking toward Th'seus and Hannah, he slips backwards into shadows like the very ones that Vossuth lurks within. Gotta love shadows. "Wingleader. Weyrwoman." Jedi is the -height- of professionalism tonight, it would appear, although the quick grin on her face as she joins them belays her voice's seriousness. "It's no fun exploring during the day, Th'seus." Amusement has crept into her voice now, and Jedi turns her gaze from Wingleader to Goldrider. Not asking, not yet - but the openly curious expression on her face, even in this light, should speak all the volumes needed.

"Nooooo, no, no, no," Hannah might jump and whirl around at being SURPRISED by Th'seus, though her husky voice is hastily rattling off those no's. "We agreed that I wouldn't go off alone. Night was no where involved in those discussions." As Jedi approaches and launches into the perfect explanation, the junior's smile — cast in flickering orange chased by deeper shadows from the glowing light of the torch — is large, warm. "That's it exactly, and I thought I saw something in there." Does she gesture towards the cave? Perhaps. The winding, stony pathway looks like it could actually be a pathway, or it could be a drop off into certain death. Jedi's open curiosity is glossed over with a, "Well come on." Because unless someone stops her, Hannah is bound to skip her way right into the darkness. "Jedi! Did you bring your spear?" Which might allude to an unfruitful, possible feline hunting experience.

"You're not helping this situation, Jedi." Th'seus warns. However just like before, unless he plans on tackling both the women involved that want to wander into the pitch black cave (and probably certain death)? They're apparently going to go right on ahead. The bronzerider sighs and lifts his chin to stare up at the sky overhead for a moment. "I swear that I mentioned not at night." He mutters under his breath and largely to himself before he begins to follow along after them. Patting his jacket down, he seems to be reassuring himself that he has things in his inner pockets. "How do you know about Jedi's spears?" He wonders, glancing from Hannah on over to Jedi.

"My— One moment!" Which is of course a definite YES from the brownrider, as she all but scrambles back down to rejoin her lifemate. After a couple of moments fiddling with his straps and muttering to him, she re-emerges victorious; and holding a pair of spears! "Alright, I'm ready when you are!" The grin that crosses Jedi's face this time is one of APPROVAL as she rejoins them. "I'll let you have this," she says, offering the second spear to Th'seus. "Hannah's terrible with them. As our fruit-search proved." They totally ended up finding fruit, right? So they can call it a fruit search?

You overhear Jedi mutter, "… over-reacting, we'll … … … I'm sure." to Llioramasith.

"You worry too much, Wingleader," which is Hannah's way of skirting the issue of whether or not night was ever mentioned as NotAnOption. She's got the torch, but no spears as there are few that are short enough for her stature and besides, she'd end up poking her eye out as Jedi well knows. "Fruit search. We had to — we were shoving spears up into the trees to — to hook fruit." Distracted lying tends to not really lie all that well, but Jedi's got this, right? So the woman with no weapon is the one that decides to take point. But she's got the light! The first step onto that pathway sends an echo as boot heel strikes stone, the clatter of falling rocks pinging into the waters of the river as the current sweeps deeper into the cave. The orange light forms a halo around Hannah, casting everything that was made of pale platinum into burnished gold. The bubble of light touches on Th'seus and highlights the red of Jedi's hair. The path winds long into the darkness. A hush falls as the stone surrounds those first steps. Dread is an aura that clings to the rocks and courses through the eddies of the hot night's currents. Summer still holds sway, the tight fist of humidity making everything damp. The pathway is narrow — Th'seus is likely going to have to ride by himself, but Jedi and Hannah could walk two abreast if they thought about it. "I saw it," did she fail to mention that part? "I saw it go down this way." A pause, look back with her free hand placed on the stone wall to aid in balance. Everything is wet and slippery.

"Fruit-search? A fruit-search with spears?" Th'seus doesn't appear to believe that for one second and narrowed eyebrows are directed onto Hannah's back as he accepts the item from Jedi. Who he also gives a look too. Slow and excrutiatingly dubious, "Hooking them out of the trees with sticks that don't have any hooks." Oh, distracted lying is so terrible. He rubs a hand over his face, dragging it down to his mouth before continuing on after her. He keeps a broad hand along the wall, closing up the rear behind the two women. And that pathway certainly is narrow. The bronzerider drops his eyes down to it and up again, being very carefully not to misplace his big boots on the slippery stone path.

"I mentioned Hannah is terrible with spears, didn't I?" Jedi answers, her eyes widening innocently before she follows after Hannah quick enough to catch up. "Saw what, Hannah?" It's the question of the hour, of the night, perhaps even of the Turn! The benefit to walking next to the goldrider is being right near the light - which Jedi uses to the advantage of examining their surroundings as they go as best she can. Sure, maybe there won't be anything more than rock, but you never know! Other than her two questions, however, Jedi remains silent - thinking, or perhaps being watchful. The light only goes so far, after all..

"Don't think too hard about it, Th'seus," Hannah warns, lest the man's mind get trapped in the halls of Pandora's Box. "They had pointy ends, that you jabbed at the fruit — what's that?" Perhaps as a ruse to distraction initially, but Hannah is right when she points one thin arm in the direction of something bobbing on the river's current, calmer here and filled with eddies. Her bubble of light pauses when she touches that same hand she used to point to Jedi's shoulder, to halt the brownrider. "That," the thing bobbing in the water, "is what I saw." For a second, it almost looks like she's contemplating just splashing into the water to see it, but on second thought she's turning to push the torch to Th'seus. "See if you can get the light to shine that-a-way," because he's taller by quite a bit than either of the women. What the light will reveal, reflected off the shiny-wet wooden sides is a small dinghy. Caught in the eddies of two conflicting currents, turning lazy circles. Eerily, something seems to be caught at the bow, though aged and all but rotten. The flash of bone… white, perhaps? "What… is that?" Hannah steps a little closer to the edge of the pathway, squinting.

Dhiammarath thinks to you, « I bespoke Vossuth with: The lightest thread of cool jade carries on a bubble of consternation. « Do not let her fool you. They were hunting felines. » »

"Too late for that." Th'seus is already thinking very hard about what they could have been up to. But that's neither here nor there, even if he's not falling for their little white lies on the subject. It doesn't quite stop him from giving Hannah a 'we're going to talk about this later' glance as he takes the torch out of her hands. Shifting the edge of the narrow pathway, he holds the light up high and over to shine it on the floating dingy. The flash of what could possibly be someone's body part draws a look of vague disgust to cross the bronzerider's face. He cuts a quick look in Jedi's direction before, "I'm not sure. Can we hook it and bring it-" There's a brief glaze to his eyes as he's interrupted by a relayed internal message. At which point his mouth forms a stern line and he takes a steadying breath as his fingers clench around the handle of the torch. Tightly, "Can we hook it somehow and bring it in?"

Dhiammarath senses Vossuth is full of unsurprised resignation. « Of course. »

Jedi halts when Hannah's hand touches her shoulder, and tilts her head as she considers the distorted blob in the water. Th'seus's words get a brief face from the brownrider, but it's pushed away just as quickly. Well, at least the matter is dropped for now! That in itself is a boon, and although a brief apologetic look may be sent in Hannah's direction, Jedi's attention is quickly snared by the dingy. When Th'seus takes the torch, and it is better revealed, Jedi stills for a moment. And then, a terse, "worth a try, sir." Although Th'seus probably has better reach here for such a thing! Tall man that he is, and short women that they are. "Let me see if I can…" Without much further thought, Jedi splashes into the water. Just far enough to perhaps be able to reach it with her spear, unless it proves to be too far away even then.

Jedi could get a few paces into the water before a sharp drop off would have her swimming, but that would put her well in line of the little dinghy. Hannah meets Th'seus's 'we're going to have a talk look' with upraised brows and the quick turn of her attention to the brownrider and her endeavors. "What is it?" The Wingleader's tight tone does not go unnoticed, but that only causes her to step one black boot into the water. "I see a — " All the suspense is laid out for something very simple: a bleached wood barrel, dry and empty of whatever might have been stored in it. The bones of the wood lie broken as the rings that ran around the top and base are rusted beyond use. Rotten fabric clings, the remains of an old tarp that possibly was used to cover and mask the dinghy as the color that remains is a very faded forest-green. "— nothing. But surely if this came out of here there's more further in?" A hand is held out for Jedi, even though there's little Hannah can do to help. Except wiggle her hand for the torch again. "Let's go deeper!" Adventure is infectious, right?

"Are you sure that you want to-" Th'seus probably wasn't planning on going even that far out into the unknown waters. But then he's a good foot taller than both of them so he wouldn't really need to. He seems to be utterly relieved when that reveal turns up nothing but a bunch of broken up pieces of wood and some old tarp. Stepping back from the edge, there's a certain tightness to his shoulders and expression that weren't there earlier. Even if he was complaining earlier. It's different. "Yes, lets go deeper." Brushing his gaze past Hannah, he keeps it mostly focused on Jedi for now even as he hands the torch back over to their fearless leader.

Jedi exhales sharply in pure relief that it wasn't what she worried it was, and makes her way back out of the water eagerly. Adventure is not without it's own tension, and she smiles in agreement with Hannah. "Deeper in we go!" She agrees with a semi-tense smile, but the uneasiness she feels will fade soon enough! "There might be a ship nearby.." The brownrider points out with some degree of hopeful caution. Last time was no picnic…but then, that's why Jedi carries spears now! Th'seus's look is met, if only briefly, and Jedi shakes her head a little. "Shall we?"

Hoisting herself back onto the path, Hannah eyes Th'seus thoughtfully and then down the long, dark pathway deeper in. For the first time, she shows a hint of restraint, of second-guessing this maneuver, evidenced by the way she slowly take the torch from Th'seus. With the wet squelch, squelch that her boots make, the stealth factor is gone now. Jedi is given a brilliant smile, a touch too forced, but then she's forging on. The stone walkway is narrow, and the time it takes to walk the length of it is uneventful. The cave slowly narrows, until only a single ship could get through and certainly not a dragon. Unless that dragon happened to be Inlayraith. None of their dragons would make it this far. The circle of light bobs with every step Hannah takes, bouncing orange light off of Jedi and Th'seus, back of the bus and all. A one point, it's to be noted that the pathway is steadily, gently going down into the bowels of the mountain, and the inlet of the river that fed this tunnel-like cave is getting narrower. Little bits of debris here and there show signs of what must have once been life here: bottles, broken and bashed, cracked crates that once possibly held something valuable, and the tell-tale signs of the char of what might have been campfires. Hannah does pause at one of these, but something at the very edge of her light catches her eye. "I see…" Steps quicken, as she raises her arm high above her head to get the furthest cast of light upon the bones of an old ship; a relic that has long since gone to rot at the very edge of where the small river falls into the cavern of enormous size that spills straight into the earth itself. A rickety bridge crosses the chasm, though luckily the weathered and old shipwreck is on this side. Green eyes sweep across the broken masts, the rotten boards and thankfully doesn't want to hop onto it: but the rickety bridge. "Is there something on the other side?" All around the ship are signs of people having used this hollow at the end of the cave for places to shelter. Turns have gone by since human inhabitants have been here, however, but their detritus remains.

A downward sloping path means big brutes like Th'seus have to be even more careful where they put their feet on slippery ground. He's a little slower than the two women ahead of him, but he manages to remain in the edges of that bobbing light even as he falls relatively behind now. What really drags him behind once they enter the larger cavern is the evidence of human living quarters strewn around. His expression remains the same tight, concerned one as before. But now he's kneeling down to poke his fingers into a pile of rubble. And those things he patted in his pocket much earlier on? It would be a good time to pull some of them out. Like the small pocket glow wrapped up tightly in his chest pocket. It's not so bright as the torch, but it'll due as the women pull on ahead of him.

Evidence exists of what probably held space for hastily erected tents: the pegs still driven into the ground with scraps of rotten canvas stuck to them. It's not the living spaces themselves that should draw the eye, but what's littered off to the side, cloistered in what was obviously once a stacked-crate area. Greasy, oily bits of rubble are strewn here and there. One conclusion to that once it's smelled; something a rider would know.

Where the sheer enthusiasm regarding adventuring has faded somewhat, Jedi is still very curious, and she pauses briefly at the sight of all of these leftovers of human presence. "Makes you wonder why they abandoned this ship.. And their belongings." The tone that follows her words is warily curious, even as she pauses near one of the crates to examine it's rotting self. But only briefly: she is torn between the bridge, and further examining what lies around them currently. "I doubt it's very safe, Hannah.." The woman points out, even as she examines the remnants of a campfire. Perhaps some token, or letter, or something exists to further explain this place's abandonment, and that of the ship? "Who knows how long it's been…left alone."

"There's something over there," Hannah's voice is far away, a dream-like quality held to husky tones as she steps closer to the rickety bridge. She kicks at the point where it's attached to this side of the narrow chasm, though even she is not lacking in enough self-preservation to just hop right on it. "Looks like you could almost jump it…" But that's more of a mutter to herself than anything else. Squatting, she brings the firelight closer to examine something on the ground. The sound of rushing water falling into the belly of the underground falls is a roar that only masks sound and adds a damp-quality to the air.

As the torchlight is brought lower, it scatters off the objects on the ground, stretching their shadows and giving an eerie quality to just about everything. Even Th'seus is a lump of a shadow, encased in only the faintest light of the torch as Hannah is farthest from him with Jedi in the center. Sifting through the thin layer of silt will yield a ripped bit of hide. A stain on the corner — what is that? — and the faded markings of a seal. If only the light were brighter.

The remnants of the living spaces keep his attention for awhile. But without much to keep him there, he drifts past them and towards the rubble that's strewn across another section of space. He kneels down again, bringing the dim light of the glow over the oil remains of something. Th'seus sticks his hand into it and brings the material up to his nose, taking an experiemntal whiff of it. His forehead furrows together in a series of lines, eyebrows drawing together as he does in fact recognize that scent. His attention only broken by it so he can twist around and stare after Jedi and Hannah, just to keep an eye on where that bobbing torch happens tobe.

The torn scrap is picked up, and squinted at - but of course the light is too dim to see it. Instead of trying harder Jedi straightens, absent-mindedly wiping her fingers upon her pants. The scrap is tucked into a pocket for now, as she heads to rejoin the goldrider and her torch. "Something? There's always something.." The last bit is more muttered to herself than anything, because the lure of something just outside of sight is too curious for her not to investigate. She comes to a halt next to their fearless leader, and stares into the darkness past the torchlight for a long moment. Curiosity killed the cat? Or perhaps it will - because Jedi's apparently going to test how well the bridge is attached to this side. Surely her former smithcrafting days will come to some kind of use.

A glimmer of something catches the goldrider's eye, as the woman slowly straightens so that by the time Jedi makes it over to the rickety bridge, she's staring into the darkness that hides much on the other side of the narrow chasm. Hannah's lines are tense, breath almost held. "Jedi." Husky voice is strained, fingers tightening around the torch. The bridge groans as soon as any weight is put upon it, but that's the least of their worries, because what mystery is held across the way is coming for them: in the glow of refracted lights, the low-strung grown of danger. "Jedi," now a sense of urgency fills her voice, along with a quaver of fear, given that she is weaponless and looks about ready to chunk the torch at the creature that looks ready to pounce, "Now would be a real good time for that spear." To a woman of her size, that feline looks like a monster, another whining growl emanating from it. The shadow of it's form gives the impression of a wriggle of a hind end, preparation to pounce and leap the distance of four feet that's all that spans the narrow gorge.

Wiping off the remains of the greasy crap onto his pants, he straightens up and begins to move forwards towards Hannah and Jedi once again. There's some time expended to drag the light of the dim glow over some of the crates and boxes that he passes, but it doesn't take him an exceptionally long time to be within hearing distance once again. The growl of the feline across the gorge is what alerts him, he hears the echoes of that before he hears the goldrider's urgently uttered words to the wingsecond. The light of the torch just illuminates the animal and he's still too far to get there quite in time. But not so far that he can't hurl something. Which he does. Instead of wasting the spear he stoops down and picks up a hefty, loose stone and flings it in the direction of the aggressive animal. If anyone's lucky he has decent aim.

"Oh Faranth's Flaming Fucking Crotch." The phrase is hissed through clenched teeth, when the growl registers. Jedi straightens slowly, spear rising defensively. There may be a litany of curses being muttered - which Hannah would be privy to at the moment, if only because of their proximity to one another. None of them are for the ears of children, only to be followed by, "back away, Hannah, yeah? Real slow-like. I'll follow, if it doesn't." Even as she says this, however, she's angling to put herself between Hannah and the definitely alive feline not too far away. "Please." It's added as an afterthought, in a tone that says she's more focused on the danger in front of them. "Th'seus!" Wingleader's too far away to help, probably; or at least he was last she looked, but maybe Hannah can at least reach him. The arc of the stone catches her eye for a moment, before her eyes lock back onto the feline's sleek form. "Bring it on, mother fucker."

In Th'seus's world, that stone would hit and drive the animal off. The stone actually bounces off the bridge and plunks far down in to the gorge below, echoing long after that initial musical 'thunk' that sends part of the bridge into the darkness. Hannah is trying to back away from the animal, which would give Jedi more of leverage to put herself between them. However, the feline is half-starved and intent upon a meal or escape — it's hard to tell. Briefly, before all hell breaks loose, an old rusted collar still clings to scrawny neck, the dangling of a broken chain hanging loose between its front paws. Then those eye are rising as powerful muscles hurtles the animal in the direction of Jedi and Hannah. Involuntarily, the goldrider gives a yelp as she backs away hastily, stumbling over some of the debris which sends her twisting around towards Th'seus in a strangely cat-like move that people sometime make when under duress. "Th'seus…" It all happens at once because the torch falls when Hannah falls onto her butt and the feline lands squarely in range of Jedi. It is a scrawny one, yes, but full grown and angry.

Of course it doesn't hit. Why would this be a perfect world?~ "Who the fuck keeps chaining up all these felines?" Is what Th'seus would really like to know. Naturally no one here is going to have the answers for him. So he's limited to the options of running closer, slipping along the rocks as he goes. Until that is, Hannah comes crashing to the ground some feet in front of her. Without much in the way of gentle touchings, he grabs her by the arm and just about yanks the goldrider back. Hopefully she can get to her feet in time. Or else there be some dragging going on until he gets his own feet firmly planted in the ground to drag her up on his own.

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Hannah might not actually be one of Jedi's children, but her mama instinct is rearing all the same, and she is RIGHT THERE all up in that feline's business - giving Hannah the chance to escape, hopefully, and maybe even harming the feline itself in the progress. More likely than not, at least: she's had her spears for a WHILE, now…but she hasn't been constantly practicing with them. "GET THE FUCK DEAD, SONOFABITCH!" It's more grunted than shouted, but there's force behind Jedi's snarl. She stabs at it again - right as it's claws slash her shoulder. Jedi yelps in a mixture of pain and surprise, and takes a few harried steps back. "I really, really hope you two are getting out of here!" Thank Faranth for adrenaline.

The torch rolls out of Hannah's grasp the moment Th'seus is yanking her up. A cry of pain comes at that same moment, oddly pitched for what the bronzerider actually does. Scrambling to find purchase, she does finally get her feet beneath her. Only a few more steps and she trips again, palms hitting the stone in that half-run, half-crawl that comes when a person's training to gain momentum from ground to flight. She is not going back for that torch, running for the darkness in an almost blind panic accompanied by the mad rasp of rapid breath. It's a good thing Hannah doesn't pick up the torch for it gives Th'seus the opportunity to see the way the feline's claws dig into the stone, the slight limp to a partially lame back hip — hip displasia — and the precarious way that back end is nearly on the rickety bridge. A few false jabs and the thing might go over the edge. It is, however, probably utter chaos as the high-pitched curl of a cat's scream comes before it readies to launch again.

<Southern Weyr> Dhiammarath senses that: Llioramasith is one big ball of sudden inky darkness and raging anger. There is not even a whisper of breeze, or creak of a cricket in his mental landscape. No light pierces the dark, not even the briefest flicker of scenery passing by. There is only the darkness, the rage, and Llioramasith.

"Up, up." That's Th'seus urging to Hannah as he all but helps drag her to her feet now, shoving that dim piece of glow into her hand as he does so. "Go." He hisses before pushing her onwards and away from him. With Jedi's borrowed spear still in his possession he leaves the junior goldrider, hoping perhaps that she'll take this opportunity to escape now. The injured brownrider is the one that takes precedence now, in the immediate danger that she's in. The torch is snatched up from the ground along the way and he flings that at the lame, hungry animal before jabbing his own weapon aggressively in its direction. At least if Jedi's going to be eaten alive it won't be alone this time!

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Jedi is attempting to use her spear as more of a knife, now. A really, really long-hilted knife. It's…not really working too well, not since the injured arm is the one she normally uses. Which is definitely part why she's all too happy when Th'seus throws that torch at the feline, and takes a few more steps back. Although this time she's probably more happy to see him in the, 'yay I won't die alone!' sense. "I dunno if I got it." She informs him with more calm than she really feels at the moment. It's probably not for his sake. "I hope I did, but I dunno." Another step backward, and, "Hannah? You okay?" Her eyes aren't going to leave that feline until it's either dead, or she can't see it anymore.

Hannah is not stupid; with that glow in hand she is lost to the darkened shadows. The feline, however, has one more lunge in play before the torch comes flying at it. This time, Th'seus's mark strikes true — true enough to off balance the cat so that when both Jedi and the bronzerider go at it with their spears, the animal goes over the edge of the gorge with a yowling cry and the mad scramble of talons. This will be a story that could be much rivaled: who took care of the cat? Only the cat knows and she's not able to tell! Only once the cat is gone does the silence descend — Hannah doesn't answer, but likely because she's much further up the path. The torch miraculously survived, dimmer yes, but in one of those strange instances of life it's not been snuffed out. To find the goldrider, all one must do is follow the drippy blood trail.

When the feline goes over the edge and down into the gorge, Th'seus bends over and puts his hands onto his knees. He stays that way for a moment, staring at the empty space just to make sure that the animal doesn't somehow reappear over the edge. "You got it now." He comments dryly before straightening up. The dimmed torch is taken up again and he looks towards the path back, sucking his breath in when he notices it's a trail of drippy blood. "Perfect." The bronzerider delivers Jedi a long look before muttering something to her before he takes after their retreating junior.

You overhear Th'seus mutter, "… … … … a team. … … want … … … … dragons … you're … to … Lying about things … … … the … I … … … … …" to Jedi.

Jedi turns around when Hannah doesn't answer, and relaxes a hair when the goldrider isn't in sight. "Yeah, got it now." She agrees, semi-happy about that fact. Until she spots the blood. Th'seus's long look almost goes ignored until he starts muttering at her, and Jedi slowly raises an eyebrow at him. "We weren't lying. Not entirely." Normally her words wouldn't be as terse as they are, but a) she's bleeding and in pain, and b) Hannah is also apparently injured. She follows him as he starts after Hannah's trail, muttering something at him as she does.

You overhear Jedi mutter, "… never saw anything, and … … … … … … fruit. … case, … isn't … time for …" to Th'seus.

The hidden cave has yielded all of the secrets it's going to this night, so when wingsecond and wingleader make their way after Hannah, they will find her at the point where the the pathway once more follows the river, sloping upwards. Sitting on the ground, legs splayed outward, Hannah's holding the small glow cradled in both hands. Dim light is cast faintly upon her features, making her eyes dark and too big for her face. In the scramble, she's lost the cap that covered her hair, which now hangs messily around her face. As strong as she clearly tries to be, she struggles to hold onto her composure. Her breathing is loud in the sudden silence, and she seems to be blindly staring into the darkness — hoping for the presence of Jedi and Th'seus.

"Split hairs all you want, Jedi. A lie is a lie. And you both did it, to my face. Twisted the truth to be something that wasn't quite reality." Th'seus steps away from the brownrider, throwing up one hand at her as he moves onward and away. "Let me know when it's a convienent time for you to be honest with me, wingsecond." Sure, this probably isn't the right time. But his patience for this situation and all the other things has pushed him onto the brink of actual annoyance. When they get to the point where they reach Hannah, he's more composed even if he's not back to being in high spirits again. Offering his hand to the woman on the floor, he's prepared to escort her out. Albeit in relative silence from him.

Jedi isn't sure which is worse: bleeding, or Th'seus's disapproval. The brownrider waits a few long moments before following him further, just barely on the skirts of the torch's light. Her face turns from whatever it might have been before to a carefully blank mask as they walk. She doesn't say anything further until they see Hannah, and then she says something along the lines of 'glad to see you're alive'. Being Jedi, she's stubborn enough to refuse help past getting mounted up, once Hannah's taken care of, and even then, she's silent the entire way back to the weyr. Nothing to say here, not even something sardonic or sarcastic. Although she might have some choice words for whichever unfortunate Healer gets tasked with tending to her shoulder.

Three entered this place and three leave. Whatever tension might be had between Jedi and Th'seus and whatever tension might be held for Th'seus to Hannah is beyond the goldrider's recognition. Robotically, she takes Th'seus's hand, her own slippery and cold and uses his strength more than she normally would but other than the strained breathing, she is silent. Jedi and Th'seus both get a blank, empty look beyond the relief they're alive. Withdrawn to an internal place that leads to leaden steps and unseeing eyes, until Dhiammarath — not content to sit silent — is reached. Even still the withdrawn silence does not abate, even for how eager she is to escape to the safety of her weyr.

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