====October 30, 2013
====Hannah, Lendai
====Hannah catches hell from Mount Lendai.

Who Hannah, Lendai
What Hannah catches hell from Mount Lendai.
When There are 0 turns, 10 months and 6 days until the 12th pass.
Where Latrines, Southern Weyr



Spotless and clean, the toilets shine with the glow of units well-worn from the numerous backsides of residents of Southern. The left half is for skirts, the right for pants, and there is a little protest petition tacked up under that skirt sign… something about discrimination, with a Serval rider's name prominently displayed.
To the southeast, you see two people.
Lendai is here.
Obvious exits:
Inner Caverns

-- On Pern --
It is midmorning
It is 9:19 AM where you are.
There are 0 turns, 10 months and 6 days until the 12th pass.
It is Summer and 89 degrees. It is a bright, sunny day.

The early morning rush to get breakfast in the living caverns have left the latrines completely EMPTY; the chances of someone making their way into the latrines is pretty low until after the full bellies of breakfast result in the sudden urges that comes from drinking all that orange and redfruit juice. Hannah has sought out the relative calm of this hallowed place, with the stall door open, and her legs splayed out. The tell-tale sound of "tinkling" isn't heard, so it's safe to assume that she's not doing her business (or if she is, she's done). HOWEVER, the bandage around her thigh is fresh and new, although she's currently working to unwind it. Set to the side, balanced on the little shelf for female unmentionables, is a pot of numbweed. Hannah's got her pale, sky-blue dress hitched up, legs all exposed. Her pale hair is unbound and falling around her shoulders and face, which she fights in the way that all girls fight long hair when semi-bent over and trying to do a task. "Shards," she hisses, sucking in a breath.

Lendai is a High Reachian girl, through and through. Even her short tenure at Ista to Stand and Impress her Talicanitath hasn't taken the ice from her veins (or her loins, ba-ZINGA!). And Southern? Southern is so woefully hot. Thus, any and all extra material has been shed. Much like Hannah, Lendai sports only a light sundress, breezy and thin, though the color is pink to contrast the junior's blue. Even her knot has been shed this day, as the minute weight only adds to the sweaty hot that is the Senior Weyrwoman. After consuming an alarming amount of cold water this morning to counteract the heat, this is a woman who is hurting to go peepee. Practically dancing, Lendai all but RUNS into the latrines, almost gleeful at what she assumes is the empty room. Better that way, no one shall hear the waterfall that will soon be falling from this overfilled bladder. Though as she makes a beeline for an open stall, she is stopped short to see it occupied. By none other than Hannah. Midway to pulling her own dress up and her drawers down, Lendai ceases all movement as she scans her eyes over the younger goldrider whose own gown is hitched up, spots the nasty looking wound, the jar of numbweed, and easily puts two and two together. Her need to urinate is pushed to the side for a second. "HANNAH!" Her finger is pointing accusingly at the injury. "What?! Who!? Who did this to you!?" A dance begins and her bladder reminds her that IT IS FULL KTHX. "YOU… You stay RIGHT THERE, you hear me? RIGHT. THERE. I will be. RIGHT. BACK." And the Senior Weyrwoman makes her way to the next stall over to do her business.

That awkward moment when someone busts in on your stall while you're doing something rather private? Yeah, that's the expression that Hannah wears: deer-in-the-headlights with round eyes, mouth slightly parted, and first the flush, then the paling of her cheeks. "I— " She starts to say, the bandage unwound to show a long slash and then a smaller slash down the creamy skin of her thigh. It's ugly, red, and crusty and has been nicely, neatly stitched up. Then, Lendai is gone. When the WATERFALL of pee courses out of Lendai — c'mon, anyone can hear that! — Hannah winces and directs her attention to smothering the wound with numbweed. She keeps her lips zipped, however, until her senior is DONE. She pretends like NO ONE IS THERE, because these stalls? Are secretly THEIR OWN PRIVATE WORLD. Ahem. A light hitch of her breath escapes, but the numbweed helps. Is she fumbling through this? Trying to hastily re-wrap it before Lendai can be finished? Is Lendai turbo-peeing to see who will get done first?!

Oh Lendai is absolutely turbo-peeing. If ever a woman has squeezed urine out of her harder, Lendai would like to meet her. If there is a splash hear, have no fear, it's probably just the goldrider's bladder having been urged free from her body with the speed in which she is peeing. Her business done, the senior is quick to make herself presentable, wash her hands, and head right back over towards the stall that harbors Hannah and her nefarious deeds. Face a bit pink-twinged from exertion, the older of the two needs a moment to get her thoughts in order. Mouth opened, mouth shut, mouth opened yet again all the while her eyes on the angry looking wound. "Now." She finally gets out, wiping her wet hands on the back of her dress. "Tell me." Moderately dry hands lift in front of her, a single finger pointing at the stitched owie, whether it's covered or not. Lendai now knows it is there. Her eyes are narrowed, her face is all business. "Who did that?" There is no negotiation available in her tone. Answers are needed. Right. Now.

Hannah is as quick as she can be, hastily numbweeding and re-wrapping; it's a race against Lendai's ability to empty her bladder in one enormous waterfall and Hannah's ability to play healer. So when they converge, it's a stale-mate as the junior has just finished securing the bandage but her skirt is still up about her waist, her own cheeks flushed from the exertion of bandaging and the certain knowledge that DOOM is coming. "A feline." Surely not an entirely acceptable answer. Which the junior knows full well, but she'd rather not be flashing her nethers at the senior, so instead she focuses on adjusting her own dress to cover EVERYTHING. She doesn't stand up just yet, though. "I saw something up the river, and I followed it." Is there a hedging to this story? Shoulders sink in a little as Hannah makes herself even smaller, admonished. "And so we went in to check it out and there was a feline there and some other stuff, but I'm okay! Really." Is that assurance? Is it working? Is it fanning the flames of Lendai's rage?

It's complete bafflement on Lendai's face as Hannah tells the tale of her injury. Bafflement fades away to bemusement, if only for a few sevendays ago, it was Hannah fuming at Lendai for needless risks taken. It seems the tides have turned yet again. The senior's face hardens, but she does not explode. Oh no, not yet. There is more to this story, she can smell it. "So. You were out in the wilds." Her eye twitches. Not a good sign. "The wilds I believe I remember asking you not to go into." Her throat is cleared, Lendai standing a little taller. "You saw something, no, no. Wait. We? We saw something?" A step taken into the stall, towards the younger woman who is quickly trying to right her apparel. "I would love to know who this 'we' is, if you please." An eyebrow inches upwards, arms are crossed at her chest as the Senior Weyrwoman becomes an immovable object in the doorway of the bathroom stall. "And please, please, do not skimp on any details of this story. I would like to know every…" Before she erupts into Mount Lendai.

"No, no, Lendai. I wasn't in the wilds," Hannah rushes on to say, "I was at the river, near the lake." That's totally different, right?? The junior seems to think so as she presses her palms together and sticks them between her knees. Peeking up at Lendai through the fall of moonlight pale hair and pale-fringed lashes, she bites her bottom lip. "Jedi was there and so was Th'seus. We found some more of — it wasn't a ship at first, but it was. Something is going on, Lendai." Momentarily pulled away from her own imminent demise, Hannah's brows furrow as she slowly unwinds the tail of the dinghy, the long cave system, the site of the old, old shipwreck and what once seemed to hold a rather significantly sized campground to the little bridge that crossed the chasm and the feline. "It came out of the darkness, Lendai." The goldrider shudders, wrapping her arms around her middle. "Th'seus and Jedi took care of it. It's not quite what I expected when I wanted to hunt them." She doesn't seem to realize she let that part slip. However, it is true that the experience has left Hannah shaken.

The whole ship business is stored away in her mind for a discussion for a later time. For now, Lendai has but one thing on her mind, and one thing only. Busting some kneecaps. "When you wanted to hunt them?!" And so the eruption begins. Arms are thrown into the air, direct rage focused on Hannah and only Hannah. "All this, all this! Mere months after I just got done punishing you and Bailey for making the same stupid, ridiculous mistake! Felines are not toys! They are not cute, cuddly little kittens to play with and then spear through the heart at your leisure!" There's a bleeding heart PETA member in Lendai's soul, as she winces at her very own words. "ANd yet time and time again you seem to think it's fine, perfectly acceptable for a goldrider, a fucking Junior Weyrwoman of Southern Weyr to rope in other dragonriders and hunt the felines!" Not being able to stand still any longer, the goldrider moves away from the stall, now pacing back and forth, her footfalls heavy as her anger simmers and boils over. "Of bloody course it came out of the bloody darkness you fool!" The words are hissed out as she about face towards the junior once more. "It's what they do! How… how is your dragon allowing you to do these stupid, idiotic things? Surely, surely she knows?" Because if not, Lendai has no problems illuminating Pern's largest gold on her rider's actions. "Th'seus and Jedi, is it? Well. I shall be having a word with those two bloody morons as well! I'm done, done, with your obvious need for an adrenaline rush! You are a goldrider, Hannah of Southern." She quips out, straight and poigant. "You are a role model for all the people here. You are very well the next Senior should I step down or die. Yet you act more like a weyrling with no regard for her own life!"

Lendai's words, gushing from the proverbial Mount Vesuvius of Pern, hammer into Hannah and cause the young woman to sink keeper and deeper into herself. Some of Lendai's misconceptions are almost corrected with a mouse-squeak of, "I— " but the senior rages on. The humiliation of being yelled at is compounded by it being done in the latrines which doesn't have the best atmosphere, however fancy Southern's may be. It is entirely possible that this is the second such lashing that she's gotten since this event occured, given how contrite she is. She almost opens her mouth to say something, but it's a good time to not clue in Lendai on Dhiammarath not always having been in the know here. "We weren't hunting them, honest!" This finally gets yelped out, not unlike a lashed teenager trying to provide some measure of reason for her actions. "We were looking at the — the cave. Someone is chaining them up!" Hastily, words fall out of the junior's mouth, almost imploringly. "I just want to know! I just — I just…" Like adventure? But the recent one has left her shaken, the appearance of the reflective eyes of the animal jumping out of the dark something she won't likely forget. "I don't want anything to do with felines," she mutters, miserably. Then tinier, quieter, and so much more pathetic for how sincere she is. "I'm sorry."

"You aren't even remotely sorry yet!" Lendai is not yet appeased. Even with Hannah's sincerity and contriteness, the raging storm that is the senior has not yet had the sacrifice she so demands. "You are grounded. Yet again! And I will be taking aside Jedi and Th'seus and see them both grounded as well! For here on forth, should I hear word of anyone hunting felines for sport. For… for any reason!" Frothing at the mouth is what Lendai is doing, her emotions scattering her thoughts, forgetting, however briefly, that dragons are the only population control that the felines have other than each other. "The only time you are able to leave this Weyr is should you have diplomatic duties as any cotholds, understand? Then it is there and back, and you make Dhiammarath checks in from the moment she leaves Southern, arrives at her location, leaves that location, and gets back home." The lava is starting to slow. Keeping up that level of fury is draining, after all. A moment of silence, a few gasps of air into her lungs to catch her breath. "You are one of the most powerful people in this Weyr, Hannah. You and Bailey both. Only myself and Q'fex stands above you. Though you seem to find it acceptable to put your own life at risk, time and time again, foolishly off trying to figure out mysteries, hunting felines, and Faranth knows what else. Should I see you free falling off of your dragon anytime soon, I'll surely die of a heart attack." Because srsly, at this point Lendai wouldn't put it past Hannah. "You are not a greenrider. You are not a bluerider. And you are NOT a sharding brownrider! You ride gold. You are my back up. And until one of our three golds delights us with a gold egg to be your back up, you are not to be stupid." But Lendai still can. "I cannot believe that Th'seus allowed you to do such a stupid, stupid thing! I'm kicking him square in the balls the moment I see him." This last part is mumbled aloud.

Hannah, at first, seems to just shrink smaller and smaller. That is until those she cares about come into the pathway of all that mountainous lava, then she's hopping up off the toilet, forgetting about her injury until her weight hits her leg. Wincing, she pushes the palm of her hand to the wall and stares at Lendai, something in her expression that asks for… leniency? Mercy? "No. Don't punish them. We weren't hunting felines." The strength in her voice is wound of steel, drawn from some inner depth that leaves that feral bit of her to meet the rage of Lendai's Vesuvius. "I — We were investigating what was going on in this weyr, and Weyrwoman, with all due respect, we need to investigate what's going on. The feline was… " If she could get away with being that flippant, she would totally wave her hand but she DOESN'T. "… wasn't supposed to be there. It was a SHIP." Trying to penetrate the one-track brain that Lendai's got going here, "That we were after. Please," again her voice rests on a please, though the hint of feral creature within is threaded through it. "I'll accept my punishment. I'll accept being grounded. I'll accept having to check in, because we were stupid in the feline thing. I understand now." The last mutter from Lendai has the junior drawing herself up to the spare inches of her small height, and regardless of their difference in station, the dangerous quality of Hannah comes out. Gone is the reserve, the sweet pliability. In a husky tone that holds hints of midnight graveyards, as brows raise, "No man allows me anything." Except. You know. Th'seus wouldn't have allowed her in the first place… HAD HE KNOWN.

"You realize you truly are not helping your case at all, right? You were not hunting felines, alright. Fine. But you were absolutely doing something you seem to understand you shouldn't have been doing. I've heard very little about these ships. Mere mentions of their mysteriousness. Though instead of coming to me, going to our guard, crackdust, Hannah! Even going to Q'fex! You chose to gather up only yourself, a brownrider, and a bronzerider to try to unwind what is clearly a dangerous situation?" This is not Scooby Doo. There is no giant, talking dog and a running and hiding through multiple doors scene while music plays in the background to save them all. "I always thought you the smartest of the three of us, Hannah. The wisest, if you will. For all you are younger than Bailey and I. I feel I was wrong. You bloody children in your bloody twenties. I would take teenagers over you bloody be-damned psudeo-adults." Most of Lendai's fury has already evaporated. She is simply mildly raging now, bubbling bursts of lava that simply flame in and out. "I will be punishing all three of you, or insisting Q'fex does the punishing. For a Wingleader and a Wingsecond to also think three mere dragonriders are enough to save the bloody day. We've thread on the horizon, Hannah! I know you can feel it, because I can too! The dragons are restless/! And it's coursing through all of our veins. Is now //truly to time to kill yourself?" She huffs and puffs a bit more, before the volcano finally peters out. "Grounded. Until further bloody notice. You are on inventory duty. I want them checked, double checked, triple checked. I want written reports on every last bloody thing our stores and kitchens have in stock. I want a well detailed list of what we do need before Thread starts. Seek out the Healers, get a list from them as well. We need to prepare, we need to worry about Southern. We need to worry about our babies. As far as… as ships and felines. We…" Lendai falters, not entirely sure where to go with that. "Let's… assemble a meeting. Of whoever you think should be involved and we will logically discuss what has been found and what should be done. If you go out one more time, do not tempt me, girl, I will handcuff you to your weyr." And not the sexy, fun time kind of handcuffing either. More like the peeing in a bucket and only able to move about 4 feet in a circle kind of way.

Lendai rages, Lendai talks, and all of Hannah's strength peteres out as the wind is taken from her proverbial sails. That she would beg further on their behalf is evident, but instead she holds to her silence. Lips pressed together in a manner that could very well have been an expression used when she was a teenager. Thread — everything mentioned is pounded into her, despite Lendai weilding nothing more than the battering ram of her voice. What else can she say? So she says: "Yes, ma'am. I understand." This comes after she turns her head to the side, eyes cast downward. The benefit of being the shortest in the room is that no one can see past the shuttering of pale lashes and the curve of flushed cheeks. That every word is heard and considered — that's evident; never could Lendai be confused that her message has been… pounded in. In the toilets.

It's one thing to be dressed down. It's entirely another to be dressed down in the bathroom. At least in Hannah's favor, only the toilets and sinks are privy to her shame. And perhaps a floating deuce that one disgusting resident did not have the decency to flush away. So it floats on and lingers. But it's okay, because the poo is not talking. "Good." Lendai speaks again, once she has acknowledgement that her words were heard and digested. So she stands there, but only for a moment. A look goes to the right, a look goes to the left. All is still clear, though the small hush of far away voices can almost be heard as the folk who have finished their lunches begin the trek back to work. The Weyr, as always, must continue to function. The Senior Weyrwoman fades away to simply Lendai, who then lurches forward and wraps her arms tightly around the diminutive weyrwoman. A squeeze of the arms, the reassurance of all is well. It's a longer-then-needed type of hug. It would be awkward if only for the friendship between the two. Finally, she releases, steps back, though hands wrap around the left and right shoulder on Hannah's form and gives the girl a SHAKE. Nothing too jarring, just enough to have some movement. "Stop hurting yourself!" Her voice is rough with emotion. "And stop hiding it from me!" Orders from a friend, not from a boss. "Take the rest of today off. Get off your leg. Lay down. I'll have lunch and dinner sent up to you." D'awwww. Her eyes turn to steel a moment, her next words chilly. "I'm to find Q'fex. It's past time the Weyrleaders stop avoiding one another."

Is that a sniffle? Hannah's composure crumbles when she's taken into her friend's arm in that tight, longer-than-is-usually-okay frienship hug. "I'm sorry," husky voice is rough, pained. "I'm not trying to…" muffled is the sound of Hannah's voice where she's pressed probably to somewhere that's soft on Lendai's torso. Maternal boob hug, right? "I don't want to hide it… I do want…" But that would steer right into the whole conundrum of jumping into the mysteries and the searching and the ships and the — all the things. At Lendai's orders for rest, when they both pull away after she's given the good, ol' friendly shaken-not-stirred routine, the junior manages a wavering smile. "I will." The moment crumbles a little at the hint of steel in Lendai's voice, for all beneath all the friendship and the caring — a real and true thing — there is the tangle of Leadership and duties and command. Especially when Lendai mentions Q'fex, which leads to Hannah thinking about what she's responsible for. At least none are the wiser. NONE. 'Cept that turd.

"It's okay." Lendai states, letting go of a held in sigh and giving a weak but there smile. "Just. Y'know. Stop it." And stuff. It sounds lame even to the Weyrwoman. A pat on the shoulder and she lets go of the younger woman altogether. "Go, go, go now. Shoo! Get to your weyr and, for goodness, stay there until tomorrow." It's like being double grounded! Hannah's being sent to her room. With love. "We'll reconvene about the other matters later on. After I talk with the Weyrleader." That said, Lendai gives the other goldrider one last, quick little hug, before she's turning on her heel and essentially stomping out of the latrines. Most likely to find her wayward Weyrleader or maybe work off some aggression with her flamethrower. Southern, beware! Lendai has fire!

When Hannah is left alone, yet again, in the latrines, it's a quiet woman that pulls the door shut to the stall. And even more quiet when she sinks back onto the toilet and puts her elbows on top of her knees and rests her had in her hands. The silence is welcoming, even if she can hear the hubub of the general weyr slowly making it's way closer and closer to these depths. Everyone has a right to private time in the washroom, right? Hannah stays there for a good, long while with her face pressed to the palms of her hands before slowly getting up and snatching up that numbweed. Laborously, she makes her way out of the latrines and through the hallways, taking care to stay to the least-used ones, until she does finally disappear into her weyr.
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