====November 2, 2013
====I'yn Sadaiya, Trek
====I'yn has a request, Trek has mild concerns, and Sadaiya is just full of questions.

Who I'yn, Sadaiya, Trek
What I'yn has a request, Trek has mild concerns, and Sadaiya is just full of questions.
When Spring, 9 months and 27 days until the 12th Pass
Where Dragonhealer Yard, Igen Weyr

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Dragonhealer Yard

Painfully elegant, a stubborn brand of cleanliness is retained in the gentle colors of faded murals and various curtains hung from the rusted metal poles meant to shelter injured dragons on spacious couches lining the permanently soot-stained limestone walls. Of a dusty no-color somewhere between brown and gold, the floor extends onward, fading beneath ragged cabinets built to withstand anything from lashing draconic tails to various medicinal spills.

Does Mirage do a lot of drills? Probably not really, compared to most, so I'yn has spent most of his workday studying things. Diplomacy and relations between weyrs, mostly. Once he's gotten a chance at a break, though — it's lunchtime, and Vazirynath has actually gone off to get something to eat (and he prefers not to watch that) — I'yn is a young man on a mission. He makes his way into the dragonhealer yard and hovers at the entrance, standing at his full height (not that there's much to it) and attempting to look as collected and confident as possible. "Hello?" he calls, hunting down the dragonhealer on duty — and hoping it's someone he likes.

He won't have too far to look. Kanyith's dark blue hide is easy to spot amidst all that pale adobe, and Trek's movements soon give her presence away nearby. She has a small ceramic pot in hand, with a long-handled something sticking out of it. At the other rider's hello, Trek comes back from around Kanyith's far side and waves to I'yn. "Come on over!" she calls, while Kanyith settles himself into a lying posture. It would become apparent, should I'yn move to that far side, just why he's lying down, and why that ceramic pot is giving off the aroma of some sort of strongly herbal poultice.

Oh good: someone he likes. A brief flashback to ages ago, Kohleth clutching, Riyn eagerly watching Trek as she took the gold egg from a protesting Itzquintlith for autopsy. I'yn relaxes a little as he walks with some purpose into that general direction, giving Kanyith a curious look — from the other end of the dragon, at first, though he will eventually move around — if or when he is invited. "Quite a smell," he says easily, keeping a bit of distance out of respect, in case the dragon is injured or doesn't want anyone but his rider close. "I was wondering if I might ask you something?"

Trek is the very same, indeed, though she was taking that egg to someone, rather than doing the cutting, herself. Did she watch? Oh yeah. "You can come on over here," the bluerider informs I'yn, her tone light, but just slightly distracted. "Just a bit of a battle wound. And Kanyith's never cared much for numbweed, so we have to use this gunk instead." It's not much of a wound. Just a ragged, deep scrape, probably from some other dragon's wing talon, but the look of it. Trek doesn't pause in the actions of beginning to press the poultice into the scrape, which, going by the already drying puddles on the ground, has already been washed. She does peek around to get a better look at the other rider, though, followed by, "I'yn! How've you been?"

I'yn would definitely have watched too. At an actual invitation, the overly polite rider does as he's asked and goes over to get a better look. When he's recognized, he smiles: "Oh, we're all right. The princess is off eating. And at least you have an alternative he does tolerate — did you make it yourself?" That was definitely not the question, but I'yn is distracted by vocational interest very easily, even managing to forget the traditional 'and yourself?' because the poultice has his focus.

"Oh you poor baby!" Sadaiya pops her head out of the infirmary, then skitters over to the vaguely-wounded blue with matronly fretting in her eyes. "What happened? Is he okay? I mean barring that's actually numbweed and poor Kanyith is actually putting up with it." Coo-coo. Fret-fret. Standing on her tippietoes, Sadie cranes her neck and chews somewhat overdramatically on her full lower lip.

And Trek is always happy to talk shop, going by the bright smile that follows I'yn's question. "I can, but I actually got one of the Healer apprentices to make this for me. You have to stew it for a while, and to be honest, I was just a tad bit too hungover this morning." The admission comes as easily as the next application of poultice, which is being smoothed against Kanyith's dark hide with a wide spoon. The bluerider is about to say something else when Sadaiya's questions begin. Trek drops the spoon back into the ceramic pot, then kind of… salute-waves to the goldrider. "Don't worry," she quickly informs her, waving off Sadaiya's fretting. "He just got a little cut up while trying to tangle with a green yesterday." On cue, the blue gives a low, airy sort of hum that might almost sound embarrassed. Or maybe exasperated.

"Well, we're — they're good for that," I'yn admits easily, still occasionally mis-identifying himself as such. It's a rank he held for such a long time it's hard to let go of, even a turn and change after Impression. "And that's actually why I'm here — about apprenticing." Now he looks a bit nervous, hands in his pockets, eyes leaving Trek for a moment before returning to her face — once he's glanced at Kanyith and given him a little smile. "I was wondering if you'd consider me. I do have a decade of experience as a Healer, and Vazirynath is also interested."

Dropping back to full-footed on the ground, Sadaiya's expression turns crafty. "Niiiiiice. Who's the lucky lady, you big stud? Best flights are the ones that need bandages afterwards, huh?" She's still mostly addressing the blue, patting his flank affectionately. "Good job, hot stuff. Hey, I'yn. Oooh, was it Vazirynath? I don't think I saw her glowing, but I've been, um, indisposed." Trek gets a conspiratorial wink and half-shrug.

Kanyith ends up laying his head on the ground, snout pointed just slightly away from the humans. Trek's nose wrinkles as she watches, then she starts adding one last layer of poultice, just making sure everything is covered. "Unfortunately," she says in a stage whisper, "trying to catch is not the same as actually catching." She draws the spoon slowly along the cut to push out any remaining air bubbles, then steps away from the blue's side. "And no, it was not I'yn's, here," she adds, winking to the greenrider. "Now, if you want to learn dragonhealing, we can totally start working on that. Ky here will want to kind of, uh… test Vazirynath a little bit. It's nothing intense, just… well, I don't know how they know, but they know, you know?"

"She would've tried to make sure you didn't notice anyway," I'yn points out, after Trek confirms that Vazirynath hasn't recently risen. "But she's still only had the one and I think she wants to keep it that way, but hasn't figured out a way to never rise again." His poor anti-mating dragon. She just doesn't like it, okay? Trek's answer is surprising at how easy and relaxed she is about the whole thing; nothing he should've been nervous about. And yet. "She won't mind," he confirms, grinning. "She's been pushing me to train."

"Yeah, she doesn't look nearly shocked and dismayed enough," Sadaiya says, grinning. "Awww, poor stud. I'm sure you'll have ample opportunity in the future, woncha." Another few pats for the sore loser, emphasis on sore. "Flights aren't everyone's cup of klah, and it's certainly CONVENIENT to not have to worry about her being, like, 'oh is it Turnover? FLIGHT TIME!' 'I hear there's a gather nearby! Time to make everyone crazy in the pants!' like some greens can get. Test?" Sadaiya blinks a few times, tipping her head. "More dragonhealy goodness?"

Trek gives I'yn a quick and minimally improper once-over before she sighs, shaking her head slightly. She doesn't explain why, and instead mosies on over to Sadaiya, though careful to keep the herbal poultice away from the goldrider's nose. Not that it's a bad smell. Just strong. "What do you say, goldrider, ma'am?" Is that a hint of tease? Probably. "Think he's got the right stuff? We're going to need quite a few more dragonhealers before that wriggly, disgusting Thread starts messing up our lives. Can't have guys who crack under pressure, or…" She trails off and gives I'yn a more serious look. "You're sure you want to learn from me? Wouldn't prefer one of the guys teaching your or something? Just asking, 'cause… some of the locals…" Yeah, she probably doesn't need to explain the rest, right? Trek's just a girl in the world.

"Can deal," I'yn changes the end of the sentence to suit his purposes, a strangely bold move on his part since he's normally much more reserved. But he had a point to make. "I'd be happy to learn from you. You're obviously skilled and I remember you from Ista before, I don't have any reason to not want to work with you. Except politics. Which I don't like to pay any attention to." Maybe he's in the wrong wing? Or perhaps it's just personally, since he seems okay at saying the right thing at the right time in a given circumstance.

The tip of her tongue sticking out, both of Sadaiya's eyebrows join in a waggle of epic, insinuating proportions. "And how," she murmurs, though her gaze still stays on the nose-clearing herbal bandage. I'yn's agreement has her eyes flickering up, and she adds, "ooh, good answer, kiddo, given the com-pa-nyyyy," in a sing-song, the corners of her mouth curving upwards in a smile that is pure feminine Smug. "Well, also you're a good rider, plus Impressed to one of Jivayath's daughters! Which, I suppose, makes the two of you practically kin!"

Relief is evident as Trek gives I'yn a quick nod, then grins. "Excellent. Then… it'll probably be a day or two before Kanyith's feeling social enough. He just needs to sort of… check for empathy, or something. I mean, not or something, just… I don't know how he decides, but not all dragons are up for it, no matter how willing the riders." She studies I'yn a moment longer, then nods again. "In any case, you'd be less an apprentice, and more a trainee." She stops to give Sadaiya a crooked smile. "Well, the dragons might be. Best not to think about it too much, right?"

Oh, they're siblings? I'yn didn't know, even if Vazirynath might have; she doesn't seem to be paying too much attention to the conversation, only the slightest hint of jasmine scent lingering around his mind to indicate her presence. In fairness, I'yn ignores her brutalizing herdbeasts too. "Well I've done the apprentice game a while — I already know how to mix salves, for instance," he allows with a smile, "and Syteran gave me books on advanced dragon anatomy as an Impression gift so I've got a bit of a jump start, I think. Here's to Vazirynath not failing." She's never shown that much friendliness, but that doesn't mean the green lacks empathy.

Another wink-and-leer for Trek's benefit, then the goldrider gets Insta-Grumpy. Well, sort of. "How can he be such a sweetheart in one breath and noogie my head in the next?" bemoans Sadaiya of her cousin, fisting her hands and pushing them into her soft hips. "Trek, have you ever met him? Syteran, I mean. I'm guessing, since he's a Healer and all, that you'd recognize him in passing. He's got this goatee that's like…" And she makes a gesture at her face. "And eyebrows that are all…" and she knits her brows together, then arches them. "And a nose that's ALL THE WAY TOTALLY HUGE and he's a total pain in my butt. I love him, though."

"I know the one," Trek answers, both for Sadaiya's benefit and I'yn's. "But anyway, we can definitely get started pretty soon. And it's not like you couldn't learn more, regardless, just…" She waves her free hand and gives I'yn another grin. "It will just change how and when we try out different parts of it, that's all. I'll write to the… you know, wingleader types. Mine and yours. And the Weyrsecond. Can't imagine they'd veto the idea, though."

I'yn nods, seeming to have faded back into his general 'quiet observer' mode of operating — after he's tried to mask his laughter at Sadaiya's Syteran description and utterly failed to. "Bunch of people were encouraging me, so," he offers up as an actual verbal contribution. "Don't know why they'd mind, unless they get weird about a girl having a trainee but —" He makes a slight sour face.

"If they do, I'll become a Healer, too, just so I can chart out all the places they can bite me," grouses Sadaiya, eyes slightly wild with her fed-uppedness at the whole concept.

Trek gives Sadaiya a lopsided grin, then nods again to I'yn. "We'll stick to A'lory, then. I can't imagine he'd make an issue of it, and if he doesn't, then… it won't go higher up." Ahem. She sets down the poultice and steps back up to Kanyith's side to press her hands against the hide above and below the cut. "No inflammation," is all she says in explanation, though, before picking up the pot again and smiling at the other two. "Okay. I'yn, I'll talk to A'lory. And Sadaiya—." She cuts herself off and just… smiles. "I think I'd better go take care of this headache of mine. I love when Ky chases, but the day after…" She trails off, shaking her head.

The goldrider gets another laugh out of I'yn — she's funny and he's in a good mood, the paired winnings of getting him to actually laugh. "Thank you, Trek," the greenrider replies with a grin. "I really appreciate it. And will continue to appreciate it, I hope." Provided it works out with A'lory, anyway. And it should, right? "I'd better get back to Vazirynath myself — you get some sleep, or — whatever helps." As for Sadaiya, she gets a salute, whether or not the Nowtimers might think saluting a weyrwoman was weird.

"And time for me to go remind Jivayath that she is pretty, myself," Sadaiya notes airily, flapping back a jaunty salute at both. ISN'T THIS ALL CONVENIENT? "But I hope Kanyith's ego mends itself, and congratulations on the whole, um, training thing you two are doing. Trek's pretty amazing." This smile is genuine and, so, thus the afternoon goes on with headaches and cooing and dragon love.

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