====November 2, 2013
====A'lory, K'vvan, Kyara, S'kyre and I'tani, Sienna, Shea
====Whirlwind finds an empty weyr. And … other things.

Who A'lory, K'vvan, Kyara, S'kyre and I'tani, Sienna, Shea
What Whirlwind finds an empty weyr. And … other things.
When There are 0 turns, 9 months and 27 days until the 12th pass.
Where North Bowl & The Whirlwind Lounge To-be, Igen Weyr



North Bowl
In the quieter spaces of the Northern Bowl, there is less activity; all is kept serene for young, forming draconic bonds. Beneath the sweep of skies' ever-changing colors, this round little panorama hosts the short distances between the Hatching Cavern and the weyrlings' ultimate destination: the barracks and training grounds. More packed dirt and tiny little hillocks than clean white sand, the floor is an uneven thing, a startling trap for the unwary and the clumsy. Further onward, the Ground Weyrs beckon, a haven for those who may seek medical attention.

It's SPRING. The birds are singing, the trees are blooming, the grasses or growing. Wait. This is Igen. No trees, no birds, no grasses. Just sand and sun. And a huge group of new Weyrlings, which is where Sienna has been for the last how long has it been? Days? Sevendays? Forever. At the moment however, she's leaning groggily against Kehemath, sipping some klah. It's mid-afternoon and the weyrlings are practicing stretches, watched over by a few of the other WLMs in the training grounds. Standing on the outskirts, Sienna is taking a little break with the blessed klah mug cradled in her fingers.

Long, lean, sleek even; and brown. Very brown. This is Atsusath as he swoops down to land with a light spring, "Well what's got into you?" is asked by his rider. The brown's answer is to blink a few times before springing lightly upwards, "Well that's different," this said with a rather large grin to S'kyre's face. What is it that is said about such things? Never trust a grinning wherry, and never trust I'tani or S'kyre when they're grinning? Something like tht anyway.

Warning, storm cloud approaching. If it was canon, a small raincloud would follow K'vvan as he stalks across the bowl. He ignores the weyrlings as they pratice, his gaze set somewhere in the distance and not on the scene before him. His footsteps take him close to the twins, but he doesn't call out or acknowledge them at all.

Sienna glances around and spots S'kyre and then K'vvan approaching, and she lifts her free hand in a small wave to them both. "Whirlies," she says with a small, nostalgic smile.

S'kyre gives Sienna a wave, and because it's there, his stupid grin, "Whirlies!" he calls back sounding entirely too pleased with himself. I'tani is conspicous by his very absence, "How're you, Ma'am?" asked with the salute that is only right and proper given her rank as AWLM.

Even though things are quieter in the North Bowl, it seems that Kyara isn't going to find anywhere quiet enough for her purposes today. The fact that her lifemate can be seen with a distinctly golden illumination to her hide as she lets Kyara slide from her neck is likely a sure indication of why. And look! There are wingmates! The greenrider nearly turns on her heels to go the opposite direction, hauling up with a groan at an unheard admonition from a now-airborne Liareth before she can do so and continuing toward the others. She's not being allowed the avoidance, it seems. At least Sienna's there, too. Trying not to show that she's as wary as she is, she walks slowly up to the group, remembering to salute Sienna and looking very quickly at the mean before her eyes go pointedly elsewhere. "Hi, guys," she gets out - pleasantly, at least.

Sienna's call breaks K'vvan out of his revere, and his head snaps upwards. It takes a long second for him to focus enough on Sienna and gives a very sketchy, mildly disgruntled salute. There's a bit of sarcasm in his voice as he repeats, "whirlies." Zero enthusiasm there. He would take his footsteps forward to get out of this awkward social engagement but… there is Kyara. In his way. She gets a special glare.

Sienna returns the salutes as she gets them and smiles around at the group as they assemble near by. "How's everyone?" she asks, eyes shifting from one face to the next. Hmm. A /distinct/ set of moods here. "Listen, I had a thought…or rather, I remembered a thought I had a while ago and never acted on it."

"Oi! S'ky!" oh look, there's the other half of the mischievous duo, "Why'd y'quit the chase?" this earns I'tani a grin from S'kyre, and a nod upwards towards his own lifemate, "He weren't interested. Why else?" like this should be obvious to S'kyre's brother, then he's looking at Sienna, "Oh?" this is with a bit of over enthusiatic interest, "Go on," and the twins are all ears.

Seriously? Wasn't it bad enough the first twin was here? K'vvan rolls his eyes at the twins as he purposefully STOPS looking at Kyara. "What is it?" At least he attempts to be civil to Sienna?

If K'vvan had held onto the glare any longer, Kyara would have being doing at least that much right back, upon noticing it. As it is, her eyes narrow at him, but now her attention is on Sienna as well. She folds her arms and listens, her interest genuine in her desire for a distraction…and still avoids looking at the twins altogether. Not out of anger with them, just…no.

Sienna appreciates the attempts, honest. "A Whirlwind lounge," she says in a low voice, eager for something other than weyrlings and drills and having to try and include the three girls with the boys and have them not be picked on or unfairly treated. "A ledge we can procure and turn into a nice lounge for Whirlwind riders. And me." Because yeah.

I'tani, and S'kyre move in a bit closer, "Sounds fun," they say together, and of course if it's fun they're game. Likewise if it's a secret they're game, "We're in," the pair say together.

It's enough of an idea that even K'vvan, grumpy as he is, can't help but give it some thinking time. The frown on his face doesn't completly disappear, and he does take a slight shift away from the twins just as they move closer. "Why isn't the Caverns good enough?"

K'vvan's shift away from the twins means he's closer to Kyara, which won't do at all. She hides her own movement away from the other Whirlie greenrider beneath a restless pace as she reaches up to pull her hair back in a runnertail, though her smirk at Sienna's suggestion isn't forced as she paces back. "Too many people," is her offhand reply to some nebulous area near K'vvan. She actually looks at Sienna to nod agreement. "Faranth knows we're worked hard enough to deserve one. It'd be fun to look into."

Sienna grins, "Excellent. Let's fly up then? Around, and see if we can find a suitable ledge that's big enough for everyone to hang out. And they are, I guess, K'vvan, but this would be more private." A clubhouse, essentially.

S'kyre grins at his twin, then at the others gathered. A glance upwards, and there's the form of Ats circling down for his rider. This is followed quickly by I'tani's lifemate, and the twins are soon in the air. This will be good fun.

They don't expect him to decorate do they? K'vvan's frown deepens. But, the twins are already up. Nadeeth, summoned by a thought drops down into the bowl, pacing forwards with welcoming murrs to the wingmates in presence- Kehemath especially. "Fine." K'vvan stalks over to Nadeeth and stands for just a moment looking upwards at her. He murmmers, "… … … … good mood …."

It seems to take quite a bit of persuasion for Kyara to get Liareth to come down for her, but it happens not too long after the twins come along. She's quickly up, not even taking a moment to put on her jacket because she honestly doesn't feel the need for it right now, common sense notwithstanding. And into the air they go as well.

Sienna grins at the others and mounts up after draining her klah and shoving the mug into her pocket. Bulge in the pants means what? Kehemath greets both Nadeeth and Liareth with a happy rumble. Scavenger hunt! Then she's up and away with her rider, Sienna barely having time to buckle in before they're aloft.

Atsusath is watching Kehemath. Why? Well because, that's why. S'kyre awaits some kind of direction, it isn't that he's incapable of thinking for himself. More like he knows what his strong suits are, and leading isn't one of them. I'tani on the other hand has already circled once around the air space of the north bowl. Never the patient one, which is probably why S'kyre isn't the elder twin.

Up in the air, Nadeeth doesn't seem to see any reason to stay far away like K'vvan would wish. Ignoring the grumbling of the guy on her back, Nadeeth floats near to Kehemath, a quiet chatter of murrs and the dragonic equivilent of girl talk being passed along.

Kehemath senses Nadeeth floats ribbons in the air, yellow, green, and a few bright pink to mix it up. All of these to her friend, happiness at being together again.

Kehemath thinks to you, « I bespoke Nadeeth with: Kehemath wraps her friend's mind in a light embrace of sage, puffing playfully at those ribbons. »

Liareth gives the other greens a friendly rumble, but doesn't partake of the girl talk. She's more interested in the two browns they're flying around with. Kyara has to work to get her to pay attention to the ledges below them, keeping an eye out for some potential spots.

As they fly, empty ledges are fairly easy to pick out. But not all of them are a good fit. Some have ledges that have crumbled until nothing is left but a gaping hole that would require lots of tricky flying to get into. Others have promising looking ledges but a peek inside reveals a ledge that is far too small. To the center bowl perhaps? Kehemath is flying along with the others, Sienna peering intently at the ledges they pass as they drift into the airspace over the center bowl. Then there's one that looks promising. The large ledge is huge, large enough for several bronzes to lounge on at once, certainly. « That one? » Kehemath asks.

S'kyre's eyes are scanning for a likely ledge, so the drift towards Liareth is not noticed right away. When he does notice a grin is given to Kyara, and a thump to Atsusath. Pay attention to the task, not the tail kind of thing. He's not likely to win any points for the thump to his brown, but as the dragon does glide far enough away to give his green wingmate room it can be excused. A slight shrug is given to Kyara should she look over towards him. The ledge is spotted by S'kyre about the same time it's spotted by Sienna and Kehemath, and he points towards it with a questioning look thrown to Sienna.

Cervilaevarth is a late addition — who knows where he and Shea were or what they were doing, but they wing in to join the group at the end of the line. Not to be left out! Who knows which of the other dragons invited them, but there they are, the blue's disproportionately massive wingspan catching thermals and bringing them close to the group. « It looks solid, » he informs Kehemath, because of course his opinion must matter. « And empty. A good headquarters. Private, secure. »

Nadeeth's addition to the conversation is a rush of multi-coloured fuzzballs of agreement, as she and K'vvan flip their way onto the lege, preempting anyone else who might wish to land. Without a backward glance, the small green disappears into the space.

Kyara's face is already red from the bite of the air as they fly, so the fact that S'kyre's grin makes an already-overabundantly-warm face turn hotter is of pretty much no consequences. She just shrugs back, a rather inscrutable look turned his way - a rather mischievous-looking smirk, perhaps? Whatever it is, she turns her head quickly. And now that Cervilaevarth is here, she just gives up on getting Lia to pay attention. The most she can do is get her to follow where the others go, which shouldn't be a problem anyway.

Kehemath shifts and dips down, landing nimbly on the ledge and letting Sienna dismount before the green kicks aloft again to find another ledge to perch on. Down on the promising ledge, Sienna steps clear of the landing site and waits for the others to join her. Once they are, the greenrider grins. "Inside then?" she asks, moving in through the large opening, though it narrows as they move further in. "Nice space for the dragons here," the greenrider says as she looks up to the high ceiling, which tapers down as the walls do, and the floor has a subtle rise to it. "Wouldn't flood either, if we ever got rain," she murmurs. "Anyone think to bring glows? It gets dark."

The WhirlieBird Lounge

Naddeth, unlike Kehemath hadn't taken the chance to get off the ledge again, and peers into the darkness as K'vvan slides off her back. "Get on, don't go far though." With one last murr Nadeeth alights from the ledge to make the short hop upwards to Kehemath. Hey friend.

S'kyre and I'tani land, and send their dragons to a nearby ledge before they're following after Sienna and K'vvan. Kyara is given a smirk from one of the twins, and the other is producing a small glow basket. Now why would he have those? Probably best not to ask.

The gentle landing of Cervilaevarth is puncutated by the much less gentle landing sound of Shea's boots on the ledge after she jumps from her dragon's neck into a standing position. "Wouldn't've thought to bring any," she confesses, "though Cervilaevarth claims he absolutely would have had he been able to stop and gather things for the excursion." The dragon always has a plan. "Sorry for, um, interrupting. Insisting happened."

Liareth drops to the ledge as well, letting Kyara depart before coyly winging over to a spot near the browns. And the greenrider is very deliberatedly not looking at the twins again. "I didn't bring any, either," she confesses, her steps drifting forward after the others. She does glance around the ledge, though, and gives an approving nod for the size.

Sienna turns and grins at whatever twin has the glow basket. "Excellent," she says, pleased. "Let's see what else is in here." Moving further, the cavern widens again and branches off into several directions, and Sienna whistles. "Shards, this is quite the find. Let's see what we can find." Which path to choose? Left, center, or right?

K'vvan glances at the produced glow. "Only got one light. We should go the same way, less one of you fancy's explaining a broken leg to W'rin?" Not K'vvan for sure, and he steps closer to the light the twins have out. "Straight ahead anyone?"

I'tani shrugs at the question and heads off down the center branch while S'kyre goes off to the left. The sound of boots echoing is stopped and replaced by a muffled curse, and the twins return shortly. The glow basket having been left with Sienna, "Well the light travels down those paths, but not far enough to see what exactly is there," drat the luck.

"That's super useful," Shea tells S'kyre sarcastically with a grin. They're old buddies. Teammates. She even lightly claps his shoulder when she says that. "Thanks for keeping us posted." Everyone expects Shea to be that way, at least, so it isn't as if she's being mean. "Which one looks more interesting to wander down as a ruly mob?"

Kyara rolls her eyes at K'vvan's words behind his back, stopping at her own mental call to order and clearing her throat. "Maybe start with the left?" she suggests, then calls her firelizards. Blaze and Mios blink in above the group and then go swooping down the center and right tunnels, respectively. Maybe they can see something the rest of them won't. Well, no maybe about it, actually.

Sienna eyes the twins when they return, and nods slowly. "Right. Which is why we were going to go /with/ the light," she says dryly. "Center works for me," she says to K'vvan, stepping forward with the basket held high. Down this pathway the floor is slightly uneven, a mark of it not being used that much. As they approach, they come to a heavy wooden door, closed, with a dented brass knob. "Anyone?" Sienna asks with a grin as she steps aside and holds up the glow. She's not going to be the one to open it. In the right tunnel, Kyara's firelizard will find itself in a cavernous room, its spinning eyes giving glimpses of smooth walls, a lack of furniture, and a massive stone hearth.

K'vvan eyes the doorway. "I vote the twins. At least if one of them dies, we've got the other as backup." Wait, was that a joke? The dim light doesn't seem to show if K'vvan is smiling or not, his tone is completly dry.

S'kyre laughs as he passes K'vvan and just for grins and giggles, drops a hand on the greenrider's shoulder before he's busy trying to pry the door open. The reek of stale air is soon seeping out from around the pried door, "Maybe we should let the air clear a little?" I'tani suggests as he adds his own weight to the task and gets a whiff of the air behind the door.

Nadeeth doesn't have to be proddy for the desending hand to cause K'vvan to twitch. He manages to move enough to avoid more than a briefest touch on his shoulder. Under his breath he mutters quietly. Unfortunatly, once again, his movement AWAY from the twins gets him closer to Kyara.

You overhear K'vvan mutter, "… …" to himself.

Ignoring! That's what Kyara is doing over the fact that K'vvan is closer again, and muttering. She just backs up a step, coming up against someone she can't see at the moment. "Sorry," she murmurs. Then she's getting a picture of what Mios is seeing in the room off the right tunnel, and she hmms. "We might take a look off to the right, next," she suggests. "A pretty nice-sized hearth, in there."

The air behind the door is indeed musty, and the reason for the difficulty in opening it is quickly revealed when they figure out it actually opens /inward/. Push, don't pull. Then, suddenly, a flurry of wings and angry squawks and THINGS are rushing out at them, batting at their faces and hair with their wings and soaring down the tunnel towards the open air. The greenish glowlight reveals flashes of blue and green and brown, gold and bronze.

"F*k" K'vvan curses loudly, dropping down into a crouch. "Why the blazes are there firelizards everywhere?" He brushes at his hair, trying to set it straight again. Backwards he scooches, away from the fair, and backs right into Kyara. "Damnit woman, Why are you always in the way?"

"Blimey, have a look at all 'em wings!" Whether it's I'tani or S'kyre speaking is anyone's guess, but both are ducking behind the nearest figure. Said nearest figure happens to be, "Shea!" and the twins are grinning all over again. Easily distracted, or just happy to see their wingmate? Take your pick, either is likely.

"Oh for —" Shea starts, and is then waving at the air to get the lizards away from her face before she gets to actually finish the sentence. So no one will know what interesting and creative Pernese swear coming from her grand-paternal family line that actually was meant to be. She probably thought they were bats at first (um, providing Pern has bats!) but upon a second blink realizes they're firelizards and manages, "Guess someone was living here after all." A really sizeable wild fair. Her hair's a mess now, having been tossed about by the flailing when she got a pack of firelizard to the face.

Even having shoved herself up against the wall to avoid the sudden flurry of firelizards, Kyara gets run into by K'vvan, who now gets a full glare. "Kind 'f a narrow space, in case you didn't notice," she snaps, accent slipping in her agitation. She looks away from him quickly, rubbing her forehead as she tries to reign the irritability back in. She'd move - if there others crouching, ducking, whatever, in her immediate vicinity.

Sienna ducks as well with a startled shout when they've got firelizards zooming past them down the hallway. Further exploration reveals this room to be a storage room. Shelves line the walls, and while some of the wood has rotted or broken, many of them are still functional. "Ah. You said the room to the right looked promising? Maybe there's tunnelsnakes in there," Sienna says dryly as she walks back to the fork and taking the right one (it's left now because they're coming the other way, but it's right from the entrance). The cavern they've found sports a huge ledge and inner cavern, which narrows to a hallway that divides into three branches. Having explored the center one already, the group is now heading into the right side one. This is clearly the living area, with low ceilings but an impressive spread of /space/. On the outside wall is a massive hearth, lined with sandstone blocks no doubt mined nearby and carted up to this weyr. There's no furniture, but there is plenty of room for some couches, chairs, a bar…whatever they'd want to include.

K'vvan just grunts in return to Kyara's snapped reply. Annoying woman. He VERY CAREFULLY stays away from her this time as he follows Sienna into the new area. Here it is much easier to spread out into, and thus that is exactly what he does. One hand reaches out to touch the sandstone block, brushing along them and knocking dust and sand to the ground.

Like A'lory needed more reason to look disheveled. All those flailing wings have turned his hair into a nest of tangled curls, but he doesn't care: it only enhances his old uncle look. Batting away a last lizard, he follows the group into the next area with a little smirk. Spelunking is fun, yo.

S'kyre drops into step next to A'lory, and just grins. Yes, yes he is up to something. Probably no good. Probably no good that will get him chased around the bazaar by an irate jr. weyrwoman, and an equally irate store owner. Best not to ask.

"Whoah," says Shea, once she's firelizard-free, and trying to mat her flyaway hair back into place. (It's a lost cause, all tangled up.) "This is — bigger than my weyr, I think." Like, the one she actually lives in. Smaller than the wing lounge. But Shea has no need to house a bunch of people at once, or a bar. "And it's only a little disastrously dusty. Cerv's already scoping out possible furniture layouts in his head, of course, in case anyone was worrying he had suddenly fallen down on the job."

Kyara's glare follows K'vvan all the way along as he passes her - just keep movin', boyo - and she keeps quite a pronounced distance from him after that. It's a good thing this new room is as big as it is. Her gaze lands on S'kyre falling in beside A'lory, considering for a moment through the fog in her head before she remembers his prankishness. If he sees her - he's not that far away - he'll spot an eyebrow raised in question. And afterward, she's inspecting that hearth, crouching down to look at the cleanliness of the thing. Such a pleasant fire could be had here in the winter - and aesthetic she's particularly fond of. She rises, nodding - and still keeping one eye on S'kyre.
Sienna stands in the middle of the room and holds up the glow basket so folks can explore. "This looks very promising," she says. "Oh look, there's another room off of this one…" Someone go explore!

K'vvan continues to drag a hand across the walls, moving forward till his hands brush against the wood of the doorway. "What's this?" He asks out loud, managing to be interested dispite his grumpyness. Maybe a distraction was JUST WHAT HE NEEDED to get his mind off a particuarly annoying Vintner lass. He pusts his shoulder to the door, forcing it open.

A low whistle erupts from I'tani as he looks around, and is soon echoed by S'kyre, "Wouldja lookit that?" is asked by one of the twins, as they stand pretty much shoulder to shoulder and turn a slow circle to have a good look round.

Someone? Would that be, say, someone who really enjoys risk-taking whenever it's not risking the lives of others? How convenient, there's one of those right here — Shea is heading straight for the othe rroom. "I'm totally with you, kid," she tells K'vvan, despite the fact that neither of them actually have a glowbasket. They'll just … explore it in the dark. That'll go fantastically well.

A'lory rubs at his nose — dust is so very itchy, after all — and sniffs, raising an eyebrow as S'kyre falls in beside him. As he makes mental notes of room size and the weird dynamics of wingmates, he stifles a grin. Silly young things. "Damn, what'd they use the place for?' He asks of no one in particular. "Hey, take some light." He growls at Shea and K'vvan.

Distance is the name of the game for Kyara right now. She's perfectly content to let the others peruse that other room as she makes a circuit of their current location, envisioning where things might go in here. And a lot of things could go in here. Her firelizards, for their part, decide to flit off to the other rooms, Blaze taking the lead in her ever-present curiosity.

S'kyre watches I'tani move to join Shea and K'vvan, "Oi, I'm not carryin' y'er butt if you break something!" is called to his twin. I'tani snerks, and continues along the way and he's just going to trudge right into the dark right along with the other two.

Someone had better borrow the glow basket from Sienna, otherwise this pose needs to change into 'it's dark and they run into random things'. So, assuming someone DOES take the glows… Did it just get /really/ cold in here? Was that a draft blowing through the room? A chill, a rising of the hairs on the back of the neck? Probably just their imaginations. Though there /is/ something a bit gruesome behind that door, and might explain why this massive ledge is still unoccupied. Perhaps there is a story attached to it, one whispered over drinks during full moons, late at night. In this room, this office, things are still fully furnished. A thick coating of dust covers everything except…there's a pattern on the desk that isn't coated in as thick a layer of dust as other things. Will someone walk around behind the desk to look at that pattern?

Really? The woman's got to come? K'vvan glares backwards at Shea, maybe she'll catch the hint and STAY BACK. I'tani takes the light from Sienna and thus has the light though, and with A'lory all grunkling over there K'vvan can't really tell HIm to go find something else to do. K'vvan steps into the room letting the light spread throught the room. He runs one hand over the fine hairs on his neck, did it just go cold?

No surprises: Shea will. After she's gotten the glowbasket thrust at them by A'lory, she squints around the room and whispers, "Okay, it's freezing in here. On the other hand, free furniture — and check that out." Whatever is behind the desk, Shea is going to be the unfortunate soul to meet it. "Something or someone's been here more recently. Looks like someone wrote in the desk dust or something? Weird," and then she's walking around to the other side of the desk to figure out what's up with that. The woman not only has to come, but she's taking the lead.

If Kyara, who isn't doing so well at telling whether or not there's cold in the air right now, can sense a draft coming from that room…yeah. It's cold in there. Enough to get her to turn around, frowning with concern. She calls her firelizards back, focusing on Blaze for a moment, and they blink ::between::, returning a few moments later with another round glowbasket carried between them. She snatches it out of the air when they drop it, catching A'lory's gaze and brandishing it at him. Catch?

Nope, it's not writing. When Shea moves around and looks down at the desk, standing between the chair and the desk itself, she'll see a shape. It takes a moment to puzzle out perhaps, but when you see it…there's another chill in the air, sudden and swift. It's the shape of a torso, as if someone was laying slumped across the desk for a long time before the body was more recently moved, as the space where it rested is coated in a much more thin layer of dust. Sides, shoulders, head…all are visible in the dust silhouette, as well as a lifted left arm, fingers reaching for…an abandoned mug.

K'vvan draws closer to Shea, seeing the torso outline, "Weird." He shifts around looking at the empty spot on the table, then down at the floor. Are their footfalls? Not that they'd be able to tell with all the steps their group has made.

"Great," Shea groans, eyeing the desk and the area around it suspiciously. "Another — disturbed crime scene or whatever. This Weyr has too many of them. Although apparently Southern has dead bodies too, just not in their wells," the things she gets from Jesha. Cervilaevarth, of course, is already tattling to Ryglinath: who else would he tell about such a development, anyway? "And we don't know that this was a murder, but it sure looks like someone died here and then the body got swiped which is a crime and I hate my life."

Cervilaevarth thinks to you, « I bespoke Ryglinath with: Cervilaevarth is a quiet intrusion at first, the trickle of bubbles out of a shaken champagne bottle's slight opening perhaps, but no explosions. « There was a crime, » he reveals, and now it makes sense why it was of such import for Ryglinath to hear. He provides next a mental image: his lifemate and Nadeeth's in a dark room around a desk covered in dust — with a clear imprint of where a human upper body had fallen, arm stretched out and hand curved as if to wrap around a mug, perhaps. « Someone tampered with a corpse. Definitely not right. » »

Curiosity getting the better of her, Kyara inches toward the entry to the open room, raising the glowbasket higher to shed more light on the outline-bearing desk. It's not cold to her… but the sight does send a shiver up her spine. "Faranth," she breathes, edging closer still. "I wonder how long…and where it is now." The body, that is. And maybe whatever ended up being responsible for the body.

If there were footsteps in the dust, they've been obscured by their own movements, and firelizards and tunnelsnakes and other things that creep and crawl across the floor. "A long time ago though," Sienna says as she approaches. "Look at the thickness of that dust where the body was. Could have been ten, fifteen turns ago. Or longer. Might be some rumors though, and that might explain why this ledge hasn't been occupied. But…it sure seems like a nice spot for a lounge, if you don't mind, you know…" That it seems a death took place here? A long time ago? "Doesn't mean it was murder, either. Maybe he just keeled over, no one noticed, and then…someone did?"

"Fat chance of that, they had to be a rider to get up here. Even Igen would notice a dragon going between." Well, at least K'vvan's pretty sure that someone would notice. Even K'vvan can't be that bad, right?

Cervilaevarth senses Ryglinath's attention is elsewhere initially, but the tickle of champagne-bubbles is soon met by an overwhelming sense of polite attention. (If, as well, a faint-chagrinned shake of something to dislodge incidentally clinging bubbles that have been trod upon). First, there comes, « Have the authorities been alerted? » because this is Ryggles, and there is an order to these things; a moment's hold-please hesitation hangs in the aether, then is replaced by, « Teyaschianniarina would like to know - if the answer to that is no, do you suspect their involvement? » He is clearly uneasy with this possibility, but dutifully relays the message.

"Yeah it doesn't really look like it was a murder. It looks more like some old dude just died," Shea agrees, and reiterates, "But it's absolutely illegal to tamper with a corpse, so unless the guards actually got a clue and dealt with it — somehow — someone stole a body. We should probably tell the Captain. And the Weyrleader." For that she looks at Sienna; surely Kehemath can tip off Valiuth, right? "Cervilaevarth's already gone and told Ryglinath, so I'm sure he's gotten Teya curious at the very least." Yep.

Coming back away from the entry, Kyara frowns in thought, nodding agreement with Shea. Then she sighs, looking around the main space a little wistfully. "Might keep us from making this a restful space for a little while, if it needs investigating." She gives a shrug, looking at Sienna with a raised brow.

Sienna shrugs, "Maybe it was a rider's lover? A weyrmate? Not everyone in ledges /has/ to be a rider…and…what?" she says, blinking at Shea in surprise. "This hardly seems like something the guards or W'rin need to be concerned with. Look at that dust, it obviously happened /turns/ ago. Talk about a cold case…" Shiver.

Cervilaevarth thinks to you, « I bespoke Ryglinath with: Cervilaevarth waits for the humans to figure it out, allowing for only, « They are discussing, » and then the eventual decision they come to gets relayed as well: « And the others seem to disagree with mine that anything should be done, because it was a long long time ago. » This is fair, he supposes, though it's obvious the blue disapproves. Very cold case or not. « That is accurate; it was quite some time ago. It is just strange. A mention should be made. And so I have mentioned it, » whether Shea wanted him to or not, which she probably didn't because he's causing a fuss no one else wanted to deal with. »

"Unless the body was moved recently? Look, this is all stupid. Do you guys want to hang out where a dead guy was recently?" K'vvan turns away from the dusty print. "I've had enough dead guys."

"It should just be reported — not saying there's anything to be investigated. Not that Cervilaevarth didn't already do that, also," Shea adds, shooting a glare back in the direction of where her dragon is. "I personally don't really care if there was a dead guy here recently, we can totally hang out here. It doesn't bother me any, unless there's an odor that bothers Kehemath. I just thought it might be a good idea to mention that a body had been moved, probably illegally. A while ago."

"Could be," Kyara agrees with Sienna, giving a sidelong glance to the twins as they emerge from the room as well. "And it does look like it's been a long time; surely someone knew about it back closer to when it happened. Just didn't clean up." Another shrug. "If it's alright to use it, this'd be a great place. Nothing says someone would have to hang out here if they didn't want to," she adds more quietly - an oblique counter to K'vvan.

Sienna shakes her head, pointing at the dust where the body was. "It can't have been moved recently, look at how thick that is." Glancing at Shea, the greenrider shrugs. "It can go through the proper reports and channels to get to W'rin. I'm sure the guards will come look at it and make a report that'll get to his desk. I'll mention it, but…" They don't talk about work. "Other than this though, it looks like a nice lounge."

Did K'vvan catch Kyara's comment? Absoultly. "Fine, you guys can clean this dump up. If Whirlwind wants to hang with the dead, it's no skin off my back." Turning, he snags the light out of I'tani's hand and stops out of the smaller room back to the hearth.

"The dead guy's probably been gone a decade," Shea calls after K'vvan in a 'wow you are so overreacting' kind of deadpan tone. "And dead even longer than that." But then she's moved on; telling Ryglinath was probably enough to make the point, and she'll mention it to a guard at some point if nobody else does, but it's nothing more than illegal removal of a body — that, or a death scene nobody cleaned up. "Do we have to pay for it? Because I can't see why we wouldn't be allowed to use it but there's the matter of how we get our hands on it in the first place. I think just seizing it isn't the right way to go, even if it would be fun."

Does Kyara look a little smug to see K'vvan storm off to a different room? Perhaps. She wouldn't normally, but. This isn't normally. "Why would we have to pay for it?" she questions the Whirlie bluerider. "Besides, I don't think the idea was to just take it over without telling…someone…" The Weyrleader is Whirlwind's Wingleader, too; naturally he'd know, right? No issue, then!

Sienna shakes her head. "Doubt we'd have to pay, but…because it's not a living weyr, maybe we would have to pay rent? I'll talk to one of the goldriders about it and secure it for us. You guys can work on furnishings and we can all chip in to clean?" Even grumpyK'vvan? Who Sienna ignores when he storms out. Drama K'vvan is drama.

Too bad K'vvan was never at High Reaches in the Oldtime, then he could've been a drama llama.

Clearly, K'vvan can't hear anything. He's putterin in the other room. If they look, they'll see him peering up the chimney, yep, clogged, OF COURSE.

Shea nods as Sienna talks, hooking one thumb through her beltloop idly and eyeing the desk. "Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Worried about, really, since it's not like we're paid all that much, but if we all chip in it can't be that big a deal." Might be a huge weyr, but they're also a large wing. "Financially as well s cleaning up. We might want to get some … new furniture to replace the old stuff, as well as new stuff to fill the empty spaces, though," she adds, eyeing the dead-body-desk warily.

Kyara turns an absent circle, nodding as she goes back to mentally furnishing the place. "No problem," she comments distractedly. "About helping out, I mean. I-" She cuts herself off, eyes vague as she rubs her forehead. "Gotta go," she mutters. And without anything further, she strides off to the ledge. No reason - except the obvious - for that.

Not /that/ big. Whirlwind is less than 30 riders. Right now. "Yeah," Sienna agrees, glancing at the Dead Guy Desk. Dead Guy Desk deserves all caps now. Proper noun, woot. "Okay. Let's do that then." They've got a plan? Yes? Good? Awesome. Whirlies, away!

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