====November 4, 2013
====Ixtli, L'ri
====Letters and gifts across Weyrs.

Who Ixtli, L'ri
What Letters and gifts across Weyrs.
When About 2.5 months after Dhiammarath's clutch hatched; written OOC over the course of a month via @mail.

The package delivered to L'ri by firelizard — one with a notable fade effect in her hide that he might be able to identify as Ixtli's Ligeia — is one of the sort that really would require a gold to deliver it: it is a package about eight inches long and four wide.

Inside is an abstract series of prismatic glass triangles all attached that resemble a collection of stars, on a hook meant for hanging:


and a note:


I apologize for not getting to talk to you after the Hatching — I did come, as promised, along with my brother and his second and her twin, but we didn't have much chance to linger as they had wing business to attend to. But I did want to properly congratulate you on your promotion. I also apologize for it having been so long, but proper gifts take time to make!

So this is for you both, in honor of your first group of weyrlings. I'm suitably impressed at the rank you hold at such a young age, yes, before you ask. I'm sorry it's so small that Cignalusath (did I spell it right?) may not be able to properly enjoy it, but it was something easy to transport to you. If I had more time free right now I would have brought it myself, but things are — tense and a bit strange here right now, to say the least.

But there's no sense in going on about the goings on at Igen; I'm sure you know what you'd like to, and the point of this note was just to offer my congratulations, again, on your job and on your weyrlings. It was a very good hatching. We've just had one too, though I'm sure you know that as well and I don't need to blather about it.

If you don't like the gift, please say so and I'll be happy to make you something else, it was just the first thing that came to mind!


Ligeia is lured into staying long enough for a proper reply to be drafted by treats and praise, but even despite the (admittedly brief) stint of time before the reply is given to her, the handwriting is a bit harried and crampt as if caught whilst in the middle of tending to the Weyrlings, and yet somehow still…very legible. Being Harper trained for a while was clearly good for something!

In the top-left corner of the piece of paper is a sketch, a remarkable re-creation of Ixtli - especially considering how long it's been since they've seen one another last. In the bottom-right corner is a sketch of none other than Ligeia.


I wouldn't have been able to talk as it was, and with the large clutch we had, I wasn't even really able to go to the afterparty! It's only been about two turns since I Impressed Cignalusath (you spelled it right!) and so all of their experiences are still so fresh in my mind. I hope that that makes it easier to relate to them, but with some of the more stubborn ones, it's hard to tell..

But enough about that! I am glad you were able to make it, and so is Cig. I was surprised when the promotion came, I told you how, didn't I? Ja'kai says we're doing fine, but some days I think he has more confidence in our abilities as AWLMs than I do. Cig thinks I'm silly for telling you this, but…it'll be a while before I can really visit, so a letter will have to work just as well as words would normally.

How are you doing? I'm keeping somewhat abreast of what's going on up at Igen, but with the weyrlings.. If you need to talk, I know letters aren't as good, but please feel free to write me as often as you'd like. It's like a burst of sunshine on a rainy day when I hear from you.

Also: we love the suncatcher, but it's not nearly as beautiful as you are. I look forward to seeing you again soon, and perhaps showing you where it'll be hung.


As it turns out, L'ri's handwriting is probably somewhat better than Ixtli's. But Ligeia has decided that she likes L'ri, and so she seems more good-natured when she's back in his presence about a day and a half later. It probably had something to do with the treats, the praise, and the being sketched.

She hasn't got any more presents, but she does have another letter:

Lewarin, if that is what you prefer,

I had no idea you were an artist! I'd hang your previous note up somewhere if I had more of my own space — we're a bit cramped — and it didn't include actual personal information. Sometimes I wish I had the sort of job where I would have my own place, but that's not really how our family tends to live and so here we are. Crowded, but comfortable. And I do like what I do. I'm lucky I have so much freedom to do things as I like. I shouldn't complain. Most women don't have it as good as I do.

I'm pretty sure you did tell me, yes. Wasn't it something about getting a bunch of people mock killed which for The mock threadfall? Your Weyrleader was impressed by your performance. I think that says enough, doesn't it? He was a Wingleader before being Weyrleader so that means he was truly qualified to say something. I think. If I understand the way these things work right; I never concerned myself with the Weyr's ways much before Net Impressed and don't entirely get the way some things are still. Or why they are the way they are. Your Weyrlingmaster must also be qualified to say that you're doing well enough that I'm sure you actually are. I wouldn't worry, anyway, is what I'm trying to say in this uncomfortably long-winded fashion.

I, personally, am busy: with actual work, which is nice. Helping my mother with things and getting commissions done, mostly. It's nice to have commissions at all; I think things are going to get tighter and more unpleasant for me when Thread finally comes, but I'd also rather not think about it much. There will always be things to sell and so there will always be work — the bazaar's lasted a long time. So I shouldn't be worrying either.

Are you so sweet to everyone, or did I somehow manage to earn some special regard? Because I would say that you are flattering me, but I think you would argue that your words are genuine which makes it not flattery, and as I have now had the entire debate in my head I will save us both writing time. I'm sorry it's not as easy for me to hop over there as it might be for you when not so busy, or I would come see it sooner. Let me know if you ever have an afternoon free, though, I can be sure to be closed.


L'ri is nothing if not all-for spoiling Ligeia - perhaps because he can directly spoil her, and it's impossible at the moment to directly spoil Ixtli. So when Ligeia returns this time to her mistress, it is again as spoiled as she was before - although this time there wasn't time enough for sketching - and with a letter.


I do admit Lewarin is…well, it's still more familiar to me than L'ri most days. It doesn't really matter which you call me, I'll answer to both!

I am a man of many secrets, my dear Ixtli! Perhaps that day I show you where Cignalusath and I have hung things, I will also show you my private collection of works of art. Cignalusath is as fond of the arts as I am, as I'm sure you've noticed! But enough about that; your family has a long history of how they do things, don't they? So long as you're comfortable and happy, though, that's all that matters! And if you're ever not, let me know if there's something I can do to help.

Aha… Uhm. Yes, something like that. He might have also just wanted me out of the way - but at least if he did he didn't say so and just…but writing this down, I'm seeing that as unlikely. Weyrleader Q'fex is a man who speaks his mind, and I'm sure he would have told me if I was being useless. Have I ever told you talking to you - even in this manner - is a wonderful way to help clear my head?

I'm glad that things are staying busy in a good way, then! I hope there hasn't been too much more trouble up there. Thread will…complicate things, you're right, but you're also right in that the Bazaar will survive anyway. If I've learned anything during my trips up to Igen, Bazaarfolk are hardy. It'd take a lot more than you-know-who and whatever she's up to and Thread to change that. Only a blind person couldn't see that.

You would have my arguement correct, my dear Ixtli, because even if they seem as flattery to you, I mean them with all the sincerity in every bone of my body. Don't apologize, it's not your fault; it just means the next time we do get to see one another will be all the sweeter for the absence and distance between us. If I find out ahead of time, I'll be sure to let you know!

Yours truly,
Lewarin, L'ri, whatever you'd rather call me.

It would be fair to say that it takes a long time for Ixtli to write back. Four days, or so. It would not be fair to say that this was entirely just because she was busy with commissions, or that Ligeia refused to go to Southern. It would probably be more accurate to say that she tried to write a response eight times and it kept coming out some strange hybrid of flustered and shy.

The final product arrives without any cross-outs, on an impatient Ligeia's leg.


I'll call you what you like to be called, though be careful or I'll start shortening your name to 'Lew' and no one will have a clue who I'm talking about if I ever turn up at Southern to go see you! Though I think if I were going to do that again — visit Southern, I mean — I would probably be with you in the first place. My brother doesn't often have call to go there, even if an old friend of his rides there. I mean, I don't think they're friends anymore. I don't entirely understand what happened. Weyr business. Not mine.

I'd love to see your art-filled ledge and weyr, though. I'm getting used to the heights. Before Itzquintlith it always scared me.

And if talking to me is helpful, by all means keep doing it. I don't mind if you even write letters you never send, though I'd be curious if I ever heard about it. You're right about the bazaar, too. We're tough. We have to be, always have been.

Maybe it's not flattery; flattery is empty, and like I said before, I don't think that's what you're doing. Instead perhaps I will accuse you of flirting with me, and leave it there. (I'm sorry it took me so long to write back, by the way! I know the pressure is on you to reply quickly because you haven't got a firelizard of your own; at least Ligeia seems fond of you and once she's got eggs I will be sure one of them is yours, unless your dragon objects.)

With affection,

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