====December 15, 2013
====Hannah, Lisette
====Running into a former Candidate for Dhiammarath's clutch, Hannah and Lisette hatch some pretty shifty plans.

Who Hannah, Lisette
What Running into a former Candidate for Dhiammarath's clutch, Hannah and Lisette hatch some pretty shifty plans.
When There are 0 turns, 5 months and 18 days until the 12th pass.
Where The Tipsy Kitten, Southern Weyr

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The Tipsy Kitten
Here there be drunkards: a marble bar and the gorgeous array of colored bottles behind it would be enough to draw them in, but more yet lures those to enjoy the recreation the Kitten has to offer. Windows allow light to naturally illuminate the first floor of the tavern in the daytime, while green-tinted glows shine after nightfall. A door behind the bar leads to the tiny kitchen, while a stairway leads above to the rooms available for rent. Among the hubbub and the ruckus, a calamity of tables scatter through the open space, plenty enough for dragonpoker tournaments on restday eve.
To the west, you see three runners.
On the perch are Scout, Ninebirds, Quid, Scheme, Tuesti, Prada, Ellie, Vimes, and Tinker.
Lisette is here.
Obvious exits:
Swinging Door

-- On Pern --
It is evening
It is 7:38 PM where you are.
There are 0 turns, 5 months and 18 days until the 12th pass.
It is the forty-second day of Winter and 70 degrees. Moonlight shines brightly behind partly cloudy skies.

So Lisette hasn't exactly been welcomed back since that whole getting fired thing. But that doesn't mean she isn't able to sneak in when it's completely packed, crowded and the bartender on duty doesn't know any better. Which is exactly what she's done tonight. Having obtained a drink through some means or another, the laundress by day turned not-so-bad looking young woman at night, takes a back seat to the calamity of the evening. She watches as a group of dragonriders lose their minds over a game of poker gone very, very poorly. Her position is an abandoned little table in the back by one of the windows. Though she's watching the commotion, she also appears utterly uninterested at the same time.

Winter in Southern is mild, to say the least, and the folks that litter around the Tipsy Kitten reflect that in various styles of more spring-like garb than winter. Hannah's no different, as her only allowance to the chillier temps are the black leggings worn beneath the skirt of the pale lavender. With small sleeves and a modest neckline, the junior is easily able to fly under the radar except for the pair of wicked tall boots that she saunters in on. Her balance has gotten better with each usage, at least! Seven inches were someone to measure, the boots themselves are well made and obviously new. Hovering in the doorway to watch the explosion of riders with something like irritation, the goldrider chooses to ignore them. They must all be male. Lisette's tucked-away position doesn't go unnoticed, not by the eyeballing that she gets from Hannah, but the woman's first trip is to the bar. To order a drink — something fruity — but Lisette might sense impending interruption if that look the junior gave her was any indication of her near-future intentions.

Lisette notices the entrance of the junior on her pair of impressive boots. She looks on them with an expression of admiration in her pouted-lipped expression. Before returning to staring ahead at the group of arguing men with that same disinterested look returning. However it doesn't stop her from noticing Hannah noticing her and she shifts uncomfortably, perhaps hoping the woman doesn't recognize her from the last clutch of candidates. From her last clutch of candidates. And also, probably, that she hasn't heard all about her bouncing from job to job within the weyr itself. She busies herself now, taking a longer drink and sitting up straighter in her chair, looking more intently forward at the crowd ahead. Pretending to be looking for someone. Perhaps the goldrider's moment of interest will pass. It's never good to be watched like that, she's learned that much.

A long stem'd glass is taken from the bartender right before Hannah pivots on those wicked heels with nary a wobble. The pale hair that used to fall to mid-back has been shorn to shoulder length and frames the pale face, and those large emerald eyes have found their focus: Lisette. With purpose, the goldrider walks towards the former Candidate, though it's hard to tell if she recognizes Lisette or not. Sliding smoothly into a chair at Lisette's table, a secretive smile curves the goldrider's lips. "Hello there." She tips her head to the side, and takes an oh-so-innocent sip of that fruity drink (it's pink). "You seem familiar." A glance cast over her shoulder to the rowdy riders before she turns back to Lisette, one pale brow raised. "Got a stake in that?"

Of all the times to brandish bad attitude or other generally unpleasant features of personality, Lisette is wise enough to know that now is not the time to do any of those things. Gathering herself up she smiles in return to the junior now seated in front of her, feigning surprise at her arrival. Even though she was most definitely tracking her progress up to this moment. "Hello, ma'am." She holds her glass in front of her face, something stronger than Hannah's own pink beverage. "I've been around." The laundress allows with an indulgent roll of her eyes and small smile, glancing past the goldrider to the still arguing men. "Not personally, just idly." Very idly. Very idly. If her tone is an indication of anything at all.

"Men do stupid things," Hannah comments, her own husky tone idle as well, for her attention is on Lisette. "You can't be new here because I feel like I've seen you before." This statement is very pleasantly stated with a touch of the warmth of welcome but it hovers on an indecisive moment that could change that at any moment should Lisette's response prompt it. "Like not being properly appreciative of new decoration ideas." Not that she, herself, have come in contact with that. "I'm Hannah," she introduces, watching the other girl over the rim of her pink-filled glass. "Junior Weyrwoman here." In case Lisette missed that. At least she's not Lendai, right? "You are…?" It's a prompt for an introduction, of course, but by the narrowing of her eyes and the intent look that Hannah gives to Lisette, the goldrider's obviously trying to place Lisette's face. "You're not Merid, are you?"

Lisette's laughter is short, but believing on Hannah's comment as she drops her eyes into her glass and then raises them again. "You can say that again." She takes another sip before rolling her slim shoulders, head tipping in the direction of the weyr proper. "I stood for your last clutch." There doesn't seem to be any surprise from her over the other woman's introductions, she knew who she was before she even sat down at the little table. "Lisette." She answers, supplying her own name simply. At the mention of someone else, she draws her dark eyebrows together questioningly. "Who's Merid?" The girl wonders curiously.

A momentary tap-tap-tap comes from beneath the table as Hannah taps one of those booted feet at the prospect of men being stupid. But that's a topic for another day. "Lisette. Ahhh, I remember you now." The warmth held back by uncertainty floods the husky tone that accompanies a wider smile. "Good to see you stayed around. Did you find a place at the weyr?" That pink drink is given a delicate sip while behind her the men get rowdier. Someone's loudly calling someone out for being a cheat. Meanwhile, back at the table, the goldrider waves a hand, "Some girl that someone's looking for. It seems she's gone missing." She lets that sink in before continuing thoughtfully, "If she ever existed. I've half a mind to go looking for her. Alas. My hands are tied." And Lendai would shank her ass if she did. "For now, anyway."

"You do?" That catches the laundress by some kind of genuine surprise. As for finding a place at the weyr, Lisette's explanation hitches only momentarily before she begins it. "Oh. Yes. I'm working down in the laundry now. It's nice." It is? But if Hannah hasn't heard anything bad about her experiences at the weyr via some other mouth, the girl certainly isn't going to be the one to enlighten her. Running her fingers along the edges of her the glass, she hikes an eyebrow up. "Someone is looking for someone that might have never existed?" Interested now, certainly. She leans her elbows onto the table as her engagement into the conversation grows. "Why would they lie about them existing? Why can't you go looking for her? Couldn't you send someone? Who says they're looking for them to begin with? Oh- I want to know." She sighs then, shoulders sagging briefly. "That mystery has to be more interesting than this." A vague wave of her hand towards the arguing men.

"Of course I do," Hannah comments, leveling a searching look upon the girl. "I try to remember all those who stand for my dragon's clutch. Sometimes, it takes a moment to remember, but I do, eventually, remember." The pink drink has added a touch of color to her cheeks. "I don't think she lied about it, but sometimes people can get confused. Especially if no one can find this 'Merid', if that's even her name." Clearly, Hannah has some serious doubts about this person. "I could send someone looking, but what's the fun in that? We're trying to find the girl, but so far we've come up empty. Personally?" She leans closer to Lisette as one man punches another in the face. For cheating. "I think the girl probably wasn't from here and went back into the jungles or fled to the north for something or other. I just don't know, but there's talk of strange things happening along the river." As for why she can't go, the goldrider doesn't elaborate. Choosing, instead, to turn and look back at the riders that seem to settled back to yelling. "Laundry, huh?" The sharp look given to the laundress could be for any reason. Really.

Lisette chooses not launch further into Hannah's ability to remember all her former charges. There's just a brief press of her lips together before she decides instead to take another drink, watching with wide green eyes as one of the men punches the other right behind the goldrider. "Did this girl do anything that makes her so interesting that you need to pursue her all over the place? Is she in danger? How long has it been since she was last seen?" Her glass is lowered, held in long delicate fingers as she considers the calming exchange happening beyond the junior. "What kind of strange things? Are there more 'missing' women?" She gives another roll of slim shoulders just then. "Mmhm. Laundry." Time to lift the glass again.

In the wake of Lisette's wave of questions, Hannah considers the other girl carefully before finally shrugging and settling back in her chair. "No, it's just — there's so much going on out there. I don't know if this girl is even missing or just didn't live here, but I'd rather know and not worry than not know and worry if there's men kidnapping girls out in the jungles." She nibbles her lower lip, "I'm waiting," not really patiently, "for a good time to go and look, but I can't just leave." She covers this with a sip and a small smile that comes before the excuse, "I've got duties." And a Weyrwoman who will not tolerate it and a man who would happily wring her neck if she went without him. "But soon." That simple statement is muttered into her glass, though Lisette could potentially hear it. "I don't know the answer to most of those questions, but I do aim to find out. If you see a girl named Merid wandering around…" She lets that statement hang.

"Oh, duties." Lisette echoes, a little hollow before she drops her chin into the palm of her hand. She lets her glass go down to the top of the table, eyebrows lifting briefly again. It's possible she did hear that muttered statement, but she doesn't make any sort of issue out of it. "If I see a girl named Merid wandering around I'll just tackle her to the ground and wait for someone to come get you so that you can question her." Because she really looks like the kind of girl that goes around any tackling other people. Right. Instead she flicks her fingers, inspecting her nails now before exhaling. "Maybe I'll just borrow a little dinghy and take it out along the river myself. Has to be more exciting down there than it is here." Clearly brawling men aren't doing it for her.

The brawling factor has definitely gone up a bit. Enough so that the bartender is looking at the men on the verge of a real beatdown with some concern. However, Hannah is as unconcerned with the riders (they're Q'fex's problem) and more interested in Lisette. A flash of what might be jealousy can be seen in her green eyes, before she presses her lips together. Slowly, she then takes another sip of her drink. "That sounds like a good plan," she manages to say levelly and hide the pressure of TAKEMEWITHYOU that seems to want to burst out of her chest. "If you find anything, please let me know." The yearning touches husky tones, though the goldrider manages to hold herself almost aloofly. "I've heard there's interesting things out there. Someone is doing something to ships." Dropping her lashes, the weyrwoman squirms a little in her seat, though she belatedly lets a laugh loose at the thought of Lisette tackling this 'Merid' person. "Do that! The girl deserves it for making so many people worry." She kids. Really.

She doesn't appear to be too interested in the brawl behind them either. One that's started to draw a bit of a crowd, some bets are placed on who's going to leave with a broken nose or not. "One day when I get out of those caverns while there's still daylight in the sky." Lisette rolls her eyes for thoughts of working down in the laundry. But then, she eyes the weyrwoman in front of her curiously. "Doing something to ships? Are you talking about all those abandoned ones?" She wonders, then adds on, "Seems a stupid thing to do. Dumping them. Those things are expensive, not cheap to build you know. If my father saw them out there, it'd break his heart."

Too intent on this conversation, Hannah ignores most of what's happening behind them, though one of the instigators appears to be wearing a knot from a different weyr. Where are all these giants that litter Southern when you need them?! Not doing their damn job! "Why worry about daylight?" the junior asks, fingers curling around the long-stem'd glass in her hands. The pink liquid is nearly gone by now, and the alcohol infused glow in her cheeks and eyes make her a little careless. "Take a good lantern with you and you can check it out at night, but be careful. Maybe not on a boat…" Hannah apparently never has good ideas when it comes to doing these types of things. "Yeah, the abandoned ones, and I don't think whatever is happening to them — well, the people doing it can't remain hidden and have a collection of stored ships with them, can they? I'd think that someone would see that on sweeps." She taps the stem of her glass with her fingernail, "Your father a sailor?"

Apparently not here in the bar drinking and protecting it from outside forces! As long as no one comes crashing towards Hannah's chair, she seems content to ignore them as well too. "Because the jungle is dark." Lisette intones very seriously, giving the goldrider a long look. "And not all of us have a big giant lifemate to come squish our enemies with." Just in cast the older girl has forgotten that little fact of life. But she waves a hand as if that's not a big deal anyway. "And during the day I don't have to worry about where I go. Bad people sleep when the sun is up." Sure, all the time. No bad guy has ever been seen out during the day. Ever. "I just don't understand why they would ditch them. Doesn't seem… feasible in the long run or even smart. But what do I know? I just wash underwear." She gives an airy little twitch of her fingers. "Mmhm. He was Journeyman with the Seacraft. Then he decided to remarry, so he retired, started a new life, new wife, new kids. New crazy idea. Come down south to start a fishing and trading outpost. What could go wrong?"

So far they seem content to smash their own faces, though the bartender is getting ready to intervene. The 'cards' have fallen to the floor and one guy has another guy in a collar-grip. Blah, blah, blah; it's a show of testosterone here. "Well." Hannah will allow that, fingers twitching around the stem of the glass again. "Maybe take someone with you?" she suggests, lifting pale brows and fixating a long look upon the other girl. "Bad people do whatever they want. Don't put stock in day or night, although all of my recent encounters have been at night." Hmmm. Maybe Hannah could fall into this dangerous way of thinking. "Well tell him to be careful. We don't know what or why they are doing to these ships. Or what their intentions are. Some of them have had chained up felines." The big, scary cats. "But not all of them. Some of them drift down the river and show up in the Azov Sea." Teeth nibble her bottom lip, though luckily what the brawl does is turn every attention to the men and not to the girls sitting, discussing illicit things. "I want to know what is going on."

"I guess. But they have to sleep sometimes. And don't they usually like to take up those activities at night when everyone else is in bed? Though maybe that's what everyone thinks and they just do the opposite." Lisette ponders, tapping long fingers against her cheek. "Too bad you can't go with me. You should just skip out on your duties for the day and come take a ride down the river. It'd hardly be anything bad. It's not like we're likely to really find anything just floating along." Right? Just a ride down the river, totally normal. "Come on. It can be fun." She tempts her, wiggling fingers at Hannah even as she glances past and winces when one man takes a particularly painful blow. "Me too. Maybe we'd spot your missing girl running along the shoreline." As simple as that.

Lisette is a tempting seductress that has Hannah biting her lip, completely oblivious to the brawl behind her. Another guy gets taken down by a nutshot. Owie. "I could go with you…" She states this slowly, glancing around the bar as if by merely saying this she's going to call down the Wrath of Lendai. "It would be pretty easy. We could get to the river and just check it out, right? During the daytime," she amends, despite her earlier words. "Maybe Merid would be found near the last place she was seen." Even Hannah states this dubiously as the likelihood of that happening is slim. "We will need to go without Dhiammarath," she adds nonchalantly. Because her lifemate is a tattle-tale and would definitely be telling someone. "If it's during the day," she's quick to amend, "and if I'm skipping out on my duties. I have to look like I'm here." See? It makes sense. Her neck might have a date to be wringed later.

Lisette leans forward again on this note, eyes widening as it seems the junior is about ready to commit to going onto a little day trip with her. "Right, just check it out. We don't even have to get out of it we don't want to. Just a little look-see down the river bend. It would be the first time I've borrowed one of the dinghys out by the docks." Someone might want to look into this whole 'borrowed' thing. It might be perfectly innocent, but then again… "Oh, well. I guess it would be important look like you're around. It wouldn't be hard for her to get to us I'm sure. It's not as if we'd be that far away from the weyr." She seems to be completely confident in her ability to get them there and back without dying.

"I think that could be okay. Especially if we don't get out and see." Although the chances of that happening are slim as Hannah's expression already takes on a calculating look. "We have dinghies out by the docks that can be borrowed?" Now she's eyeing Lisette more sharply, brows drawing in briefly. Since the other girl is offering a chance of unsupervised investigation, she doesn't take exception. Yet. "Certainly. She's only as far as three seconds from me," the goldrider comments with a small smile. Three seconds can be a long time. But nothing's going to happen on this little trip is it? "If I did come with you," now she's leaning on her elbows, pushing herself closer to Lisette, "We'd have to keep it off the radar." IF SHE KNOWS WHAT HANNAH MEANS.

"Rule number one, don't get out and see." Lisette makes a very serious face for this as she shifts her chair closer in. "Oh, sure." About the dinghies. She smiles and gives that little wave of her hand like it's nothing to be worried about. And if Hannah isn't going to take exception at this exact moment, she's not going to bring up how or why it's okay for her to be borrowing these things. "Of course. I'll make sure not to tell my supervisor over lunch how I'm going out on a field trip with the junior weyrwoman and couldn't I just get out a few minutes early?" It's a quiet little smirk. Of course she's not going to make a big deal out of them going anywhere to anyone, she finishes her drink quickly now.

Laughter may come almost involuntarily at Lisette's quip, but Hannah does narrow her eyes and perhaps takes a minute second to consider the ramifications of this little jaunt. "Well, we might need to get out of the boat." See, it always starts there. As the other girl finishes her drink the junior slowly comes to a finish of her own drink before standing. "Let's say tomorrow." Or the next day. Time is fluid, right? "I'll, ah, make sure that my duties are ones that can be missed." And that Lendai has no idea what her junior is up to. "Meet you at the docks at noon?" Only now does the brawl take on epic levels as the table finally crumbles and the bartender jumps in to intervene. This gets Hannah's attention, a frown and consideration of trying to stop it or to just flee the scene of such male display. "Tomorrow." Fleeing wins.

"Might." Lisette agrees with a knowing little smile. As the fight reaches it's most disasterous moment behind them, she wiggles her fingers at the junior's departure. "Mhm. Noon tomorrow at the docks." And fleeing wins out for the laundress as well. Because with things breaking all around her, it's not someplace she wants to be. And that other bartender up front seems to recognize her. So before things can get any hotter in here, she'll slip away as well. Almost like she was never in the bar to begin with.
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