====February 12, 2014
====Sacitca, N'thu
====A brief cousinly heart-to-heart after a long day.

Who Sacitca, N'thu
What A brief cousinly heart-to-heart after a long day.
When It is late night of the sixteenth day of the first month of the first turn of the 12th pass.
Where Cantina Back Alley

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Cantina Back Alley
A little too quiet, a little too dim. The alleyway behind the Dustbowl is not…unpleasant, exactly; the tavern staff have a little raised garden, and the brickwork of the ancient buildings all around offers a subtle beauty, with raised arches leading into little courtyards. And yet. There's something uncomfortable about the way the shadows linger here. Something distressing about the stink of the place, quite unrelated to the midden that lies at its end. Whatever else this alley might be, one thing is as certain as the goosebumps it gives: it's not a place for good little girls and boys.

Since a recent meeting with Igen's Weyrsecond, N'thu has been seen more around his former haunts — his childhood ones, the ones where his family still often is, the ones where riders aren't often if ever welcome but he's got that convenient exception of bloodline and mixed loyalty — than in the past few turns or so. Not that his loyalty to the bazaar wasn't still even present during his brief stint as Weyrleader, but his presence has magnified over the past couple of sevens. And this evening, after dinner with his parents and a few family members, he could've been seen talking in hushed tones with a couple of other of the bazaar's more important sorts (or their children); now he remains in the back alley of the Dustbowl as two more shadowy figures, identified as Tlatoani enforcers if they can be identified by the eyes glancing upon them at all, return to the indoors.

Business wrapped up for the day - or at least, the daytime parts of it - Sacitca slips out of the Cantina not long after the two enforcers head inside. Not that her presence is a big deal to outsiders, but Sacitca is one who doesn't frequent the back alley often. Usually because she's busy with her perfumes and other, more delicate, matters. Dressed for the seasonably cooler weather, she looks as unphased by it as she seems during the warmer months. "I thought I'd find you here, cousin." She says with an unconcerned smile. "How goes your day?"

"Relatively booked," is N'thu's good natured answer, as he extends one of his hands to offer what appears to be a small square of some kind of sweet. "I have been talking to people. About serious matters. For — just about whenever I wasn't doing wing things or trying to convince Itzquintlith that leaving dead things for Elicheritath and then doing the same for Liareth was not actually the message he wanted to be sending either dragon." Sacicta gets to hear the occasional truth of the other side of N'thu's life; the side involving the dragon, simply because with those he is actually close to he will occasionally drop his guard. Expecting her to care, or approve? Certainly not. What Tlatoani would? But it's their fault, he will remind them. They sent him.

The sweet is accepted with another amused smile, and a murmured remark. IF Sactica approves, or if she doesn't is impossible to tell by anyone who doesn't know her. Especially when her smile seems to so easily cross her face at such things. It's the same smile many a dragonrider has seen - and others besides - but as N'thu does know her, and has since childhood.. That she's merely pleased to see him should be fairly obvious. "Talking about serious matters? How like you." It's a goodhearted tease, one that covers her curiosity. "Does he often leave them dead things." Because this seems to be an important matter to know! While she awaits his answer, she'll actually try the proffered sweet after taking in it's smell. Being a perfumer means one is forever curious about such things!

N'thu laughs, unable to resist the amusement at the idea of just that crossing his eyes briefly. "Oh. No. Elicheritath actually likes that sort of thing, and he enjoyed calling on her last time she was proddy, but he doesn't want Liareth to feel left out … which could lead to Liareth thinking he's trying to persuade her to rise, or just that he's leaving her dead things to be rude. Neither of which would be the case, he thinks he's being friendly —" A pause, a brush of hair from his eyes, and a brisk change of subject, as the fact that the sweet in question is some kind of caramelized fruit peel settles on the perfumist's nose. "Your space is small. All of these refugees; much of a dent in business?"

Sacitca smiles again, and shakes her head in amusement. "I admit to being glad that I don't have to understand that." She says freely, not hesitant to voice that opinion in front of her cousin. It's a thought she's probably voiced many a time beforehand, and one she might continue to. The fruit peel is savored a moment before talk turns to shop, and Sacitca turns more serious. "Not enough of one to be really be noticed. Most of their business seems to head for the Cantina, or the liquor stores." She doesn't say it, but the look on her face does: the little business she sees them as actually providing. "Or well. To…other things."

"You would not be against their departure," N'thu tosses out casually, as if this is the kind of conversation topic covered on a daily basis. Which perhaps it is, to an extent; the fact that people are rather tired of the bazaar being overcrowded and full of mooches. Floating it as nonchalantly as N'thu does, when normally this kind of thing is something he would simply joke about — making implausible, ridiculous 'suggestions' for how to handle it — is inconsistent with his normal attitude toward politic. "That, so far, seems to be a relatively mutual idea."

"I would not." Sacitca agrees as if they are merely talking about a clothing article. "They are too.." She doesn't choose further explanitory terms, merely slants her eyes in her cousin's direction again. "They aren't beneficial." More delicate terms, perhaps, than the ones she was initially considering. "It is an idea many share, I would have to agree.." She doesn't fish, merely glances at him curiously again. "Though I will say, with their presence, certain circles seem to value the scented soapsands I sell more." That, at least, is one thing that has gone better in recent days. "Although it's too soon to tell if it's a trend likely to increase." Her carefully neutral expression expresses more doubt than her words will!

N'thu nods; agreement, not verbally expressed but crystal clear. "They are not." There's something in his succinct calmness that reflects more of his lifemate than himself, the schooled verb choices reflecting more of his father than himself. "I would hope for your sake — regardless of the financial windfall — that it is not," the bronzerider admits, making an expression that has lost its ability to be neutral for a moment. "And that the orange candies I stole off Ix maybe eclipsed the unpleasantries of the day slightly."

Sacitca smiles wryly at her cousin, and tilts her head to the side slightly. "From your lips." She won't even pretend to understand why they've been allowed here, holdless or not. Like many others, her viewpoint is that if they were holdless, it was probably for a reason. Hence the rising trend of theft. "Believe me, cousin, I hope it isn't either." Financial windfall or not. "I would rather business be as it were before than…this." A wave of her hand indicates her line of thinking, and she shrugs delicately. If perhaps only with N'thu, she will express her opinions on these matters. "But I suppose we'll see." A smile crosses her face at that, and she shakes her head again slightly. "They did. A lovely smell, and pleasant taste." Of course Sacitca would comment on the smell of them, but what do you expect from a perfumer!

And yet on the other hand — who are the Tlatoani to judge about theft? Not that they allow it under their roof, or any of the roofs they enforce, but so many would take issue just with the enforcing. But ask one, and you'll get a tirade about the holdless being dirty criminals. "It may yet be, soon," he offers, words vague but encouraging; soft, as he reaches to touch her shoulder affectionately and not, for once, also give it a shove. It's been a trying few days. Month. Turn.

Ah, but that's the delicate politics of it all. To not allow it under their own roofs, and to not allow it within their establishments.. Which is probably basis for most of them of the tirade about dirty holdless criminals. When you add the fact that they make regular business difficult. "We can hope." Sacitca doesn't need to further explain for what because they both already know. And some things are better left unsaid. "It's not the same without you around all the time, Nethuel." Not that he never visits, but it's still just not the same.

"Not in either direction," N'thu agrees, for all that he's long since grown used to the Weyr; it's been nearly a decade now since his Impression, but that hasn't changed anyone's view of the fact that he was once Tizoc's heir and people still expect to see him around. Even if he spent his entire adult life as a dragonrider. Even if sometimes that worked to their advantage. Even if it is now. "I'm doing my best to — take advantage of the bridge between two worlds, as it were. There are others who see things as I do." As they do.

"Well, at least there are small graces." Sactica says with a wistful sigh. Perhaps someday something will even come of those small graces. "I should let you get on with anything else you have to do, and not keep stealing your time." A quick little grin crosses her face. "Mother will think I'm dodging her matchmaking attempts again, otherwise." Something Sacitca does occassionally do; but today she merely wanted to exchange words with her cousin! "It was good seeing you, Nethuel." And with a goodbye, and an impish fingerwiggle, Sacitca slips off to head home.

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