==== December 29, 2013
==== Sara, A'lory, T'ral, Zalara, Jithan, Nevelyn (NPC-Nevech, Rionach), Tuli, Nathanael, Erikkhan, Alesa
==== The Harpsichord arrives in Southern! And a fight.

Who Sara, A'lory, T'ral, Zalara, Jithan, Nevelyn (NPC-Nevech, Rionach), Tuli, Nathanael, Erikkhan, Alesa
What The Harpsichord arrives in Southern! And a fight.
When There are 0 turns, 4 months and 6 days until the 12th pass.
Where Southern Docks

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In dark morn and dusky eve fog lies grim and humid against the still waters of Azov Sea. Only the noontime sun burns away the concealing clouds of man's height, revealing that which lies beneath the mist- an awe-inspiring stone pier that stretches far into the inland sea, to the east of the line of orderly boat-slips for the locals and larger, open spaces for transport ships. Fishermen are often as common as seagulls upon the pier's length in particular, ill-concealed and ill-clothed in the loose dun homespun of Southern's natives.
It is the eighty-fourth day of Winter and 77 degrees. It is partly cloudy, but still warm and bright. Clouds have started to drift across the sky again. The jungles are almost dry.

The sea is a beautiful thing. Especially in the eyes of one particular little sea crafter who is posted on watch for the night. There was a cargo ship expected sometime in the next hour or so, and it was this blond crafter's job to spot it (or hear from the dolphins) and run to gather those peoples waiting. It seems like forever when finally Nathanael spots the off-white sails in the distance marking the cargo ship. "'s 'ere!" Off the sea crafter jumps, racing for the weyr to alert those who needed to be alerted… and everyone else of course.

Sara, skirts flapping in the wind comes a-running when the sea crafter had burst into the harper's wing of the weyr with news that the ship was in sight. Behind her trail those she had managed to conscript into helping move the instrument, mostly by making them utterly curious about what had the old-time crafter so excited. Up and onto the dock Sara runs stopping only near the end when she sees that the boat is still too far away for her to see the faces of those on board.

T'ral, standing by with Esanth, grins at Nathanael's cry. The rider his his stocky blue the word and as quick as dragonthought word of the ship's arrival flickers across the Weyr. For any who are interested. And aren't already here. And have access to a dragonrider whose dragon considered the message of any import whatever. STILL. The message is sent.

Erikkhan is not far behind all these gatherers, just as excited as Sara. He stands on the docks near her, rucksack on his back, plump with supplies, a grin on his handsome face. He shades his face with his hands and watches the sea, searching for the nearing ship.

Jithan has received the summons, and hurries down from the main Weyr, Nevelyn in tow. "Now, you finally get to see what I've been so worked up about for the last three sevens, Neve. C'mon, I don't want you to miss any of it!"

The smell of the sea brings back so many memories for Nevelyn as she follows a string of people out onto the docks. She's largely avoided this particular part of the Weyr since her arrival in Southern. But tonight curiosity has gotten the better of her. To her knowledge she's left her son behind in the playroom under the watchful eye of another Nanny. Here's hoping the kid stays put while Nev does her best to stay out of the way. All the bustle lately around the Harper Wing has her itching with curiosity. "I'm right behind you Jithan," she tells him with a light laugh.

Having raised the alarm, Nathanael cannot stay away from this newest attraction. Short hair flaps in the slight wind as he skips back onto the docks. All of the new people are an exciting sight so Nathanael does his best to make the rounds of everyone. After a brief conversation with some of the smith journeymen the boy stops next to Jithan and Nevelyn. "'lo! 's pretty excitin' ain't it?" He stands on his tip toes for a second, looking around the woman. "'s Nevach gonna be comin'?"

There somewhere in the crowd, A'lory chuckles softly at his mate's excitement — not often is she so free in her emotions. And then the thought strikes: why not join her? And so he does, slipping genially through the crowd until he reaches his harper. "Mm. Look at you."

Slowly the boat draws closer, making nary a sound on the waves. As the faces on the edge become clearer Sara raises a hand to wave excitedly at those aboard. A'lory receivesa the biggest smile she has ever given as she links her arm through his. "Soon enough Master Alesa and it will be here, we can get it moved inside and all will be well!"

Zalara smiles as she watches the ship come closer and closer. It's very exciting to be down here at Southern and to help with the move with her only beng an apprentice. She looks all around, but goes back to watching the boat.

T'ral comes up alongside his Harper. Though probably in a somewhat different sense. The bluerider had managed to re-arrange his schedule to be here at the docks for anything the Harpers needed. His mentor spotted in the crowd, T'ral makes a beeline for the man, "Jithan, Sir. This is… we'll never see anything like this again!" Excitement thrums through the air. Esanth rumbles, wingsails rustling as the blue shifts.

Jithan chuckles a little at Nevelyn, grinning. "I know, I know. Sorry, I'm just really looking forward to you seeing this." Nathanael is given a grin, and a shrug. "We left him with one of the Nannies… We'll see how long it takes for him to get away." Because there's no doubt that he's trying. T'ral's appearance also garners a smile, and even a clap on the shoulder. "I wasn't sure if you'd be able to get away, T'ral. I'm glad you could." He stands a little ways back, trying to keep out of the way of those whose baby this is. He'll have /plenty/ of time to examine the cargo on his own.

Nevelyn grins when Nathanael stops next to her and Jithan. "Hello Nathanael. I hadn't planned on it. But you can have a flit sent for him if you'd like. I don't figure it'd take him long to get here." Not knowing where she was going or why when folks took off running and Jithan hauled her here, she hadn't thought to stop and get her son. Leaving him with the other children. She looks curiously at T'ral when he strikes up a conversation with Jithan. "Ships arrive daily," she half mutters in confusion. Yeah she doesn't have any idea what's so special about this particular ship. She's lived on one. In fact the one heading into port looks familiar. But she shakes it off as nonsense. "I'm seeing it Jithan," she says with a chuckle. "Just wish you'd tell me already what all this is about.

Erikkhan picks up on everyone's excitement. He walks up to Sara and A'lory and grins at his fellow harper. "I haven't seen you smile like that in turns Sara. It looks good on you." He beams at her and gives a nodding, man like hello to A'lory.

T'ral leans around Jithan to wave at Nevelyn and Nathanael.

A'lory rests his fingertips on her hand, grinning down at her. "Ha. I knew you were cheating on me!" He teases, leaning in to kiss the top of her head. "With a — what's it called, again?" Squinting, he rests his eyes on that incoming sail. The opportunity is simply too much to pass up. Raising his brows at Erikkhan, he smirks,"Woman prefers instruments to people."

Ripples proceed the ship as it slowly moves towards the docks. To an outsider it seems like confusion runs rampant on deck as there are shouted orders. One of the men a-ship calls out to the only familiar sea-crafter in sight. "Nathanael! Get the ropes and tie her off!" Bobbing his head politely at Jithan and Nevelyn the blond sea-crafter darts off to do just that, catching the ropes them men on deck have tossed out to him one-by-one.

Nevelyn smiles a hello to T'ral when he waves at her. Then looks back out at the ship watching the crew aboard work to bring it in. To her there is no confusion at all as she understands exactly what's happening. She breaks away from Jithan and his 'rider friend to move forward, deftly catching a tossed rope, and help Nathanael secure the lines.

Zalara takes her gloves out of her pocket and she puts them on as the ship is coming to dock. She's ready to help getting this valuable piece of musical instrumentry out of the ship's hold and to where it's supposed to be.

T'ral blinks as Nevelyn strides forward and pitches in to moor the ship. He looks at Jithan and back at Nevelyn. "Huh."

Erikkhan laughs at A'lory's remark. "That's almost the truth there friend, and this is the /harpsichord!/ it was a big deal back home too." Erikk listens to the shouts and orders of the seacrafters and delights in the sea spray on his face.

Nathanael grins over at Nevelyn as she moves forward to help secure the boat. "Ye're good at 't ma'am!" Between the pair they make short work of the ropes. With one last tug at each of his Nathanael skips backwards a step. Cupping his hands around his mouth Nathanael calls out, "'s secure!"

Jithan looks over at T'ral, chuckling. "That's Nevelyn, T'ral, my girlfriend. She used to live on a ship. The Sailing Mercantile or somesuch." He chuckles again at the rider's confusion, and grins when Nathanael compliments her. "Don't worry, Nevelyn," he says, a bit louder so that she can hear. "All will be explained /very/ soon."

Sara simply laughs and reaches out for Erikkhan's arm too. She stands between the two men, eyes glittering as she waits to see Master Alesa, rising up on her toes just momentarily to see over the edge. "Nonsense! I simply can't wait to make sure that the most complicated instrument I've ever worked on is safe and sound."

From the ship's deck, a Harper Master appears. Alesa looks a little bit weary and a little bit green at the gills. Choppy waters, anyone? Eyes widening at the crowd, she waves, zeroing in on Sara.

Nevelyn's laugh rings out over the water as she grins at Nathanael. "I should be," she tells him with a wink, "I used to be part of a crew like that." And the crest on this ship is indeed familiar to her. She knows some of the crew and lifts a hand in greeting when her name is called by the man who'd thrown two ropes to her. She casts a look over her shoulder and turns to walk back to Jithan's side as he speaks to her. "I would hope so. If'n you don't tell me on'a them will."

A'lory snickers, giving Erikkhan a laughing look: see? And then the ship is here, moored right and tight. "Ah, well," he sighs in amusement, "At least it's a valuable historic item. Just try to sleep and eat once a day, lovely."

Bouncing. T'ral is quite literally bouncing on his toes. Part of it is mastering the urge to spring forward and be of some 'help.' Part of it is simple, pure unadulterated excitement. "How can you just stand there so calm, Jithan!"

"Catch the side you two!" A voice calls out from the ship hailing Nevelyn and Nathanael again. Nathanael steps forward again to accept the boards that are pushed over the side to create a pathway down to the dock from the ship. "'s lucky! Pa 'n some've 'em 're out, so it ain't many what are left 'n it looks like them oldtime harpers ain't lookin' t' waste time with whate'er tis they got comin!"

Erikkhan pats Sara's hand and smiles at her. "I'm sure Alesa didn't let any harm come to it Sara, it'll be fine." He catches Alesa's wave from the ship and waves back, seeing how Sara has both hands occupied. A big grin splits the harper's face, he'd been so blessed that so many of his loved ones came forward. He looks around, watching the people gathered here to help. It's a good turn out. He doesn't comment on Sara eating or sleeping, he's been known to have his bouts of insomniatic crazy too.

Sara jabs her elbow gently in to her rider's side, with one last, "Nonsesnse!" Slipping away from them Sara takes the few steps to where the planks are being set out and offering a hand to help Alesa off the boat. "Master Alesa, you look much less then well!"

A'lory is all about the nonsense, yo. As the Master finds herself landbound again, he steps forward, tilting his head sideways. Nearby, Eisheth makes a gentle, querying sound. "Mm. PerhAps supervising from a dragon-back?" He asks softly.

Alesa takes Sara's hand gratefully as she makes her way down the ramp. "My dear, it was not always a smooth journey." She looks behind her to try to catch a glimpse of the treasure of the hour. Hopefully it'll be above decks soon.

The sound of small feet tearing up the docks is lost in the hustle of all the adults. So Nevelyn misses Nevach's arrival. She's too busy helping Nathanael catch the side of the ship. Putting her weight and surprisingly powerful muscles into the work.

Zalara moves into position to help unload the Harpsichord along with some of the other smith apprentices who have come to help with the unloading.

Erikkhan meanders along to help greet Alesa. "Master Alesa, it is grand to see you again. Can I get you anything?" Erikkhan notes the slightly green tone to the woman and a look of concern crosses his face, though he cannot seem to contain his excitement either, and it rolls off of him in waves.

Abord the ship the sailors are already working to release the harpsichord from its sea journey shakles. Behind everyone the cart that Sara had managed to hire to transport the harpischord up to the weyr arrives. Seeing the crowd upon the dock the driver jumps down and makes his way through the crowd to the side of the senior journeyman. "Miss, could you get them what isn't helping with the unloading back up a tick? Ain't got room to swing a stunned feline let alone bring my cart down."

Jithan is busy watching, staying a bit back from the Oldtimer Harpers, as if he's unsure what kind of reception he'd be liable to get. Knowing that he's not nearly as helpful as Nevelyn would be in this kind of a situation, he stays out of her way, letting her do her thing, though he /does/ watch her rather closely. When the sailor asks folks to move back, he's amongst the first to do so.

The quick dart of movement catches T'ral's eye and he moves quickly to snag Nevach before he gets into danger, little as he is. Crouching beside the boy he grins, saying, "Nevach! Hey! It's T'ral. Your mom's at the boat, but you should probably stay back, hey?" He grins, "You want to watch from up there?" He points alongside Nevach's cheek up to where Esanth sits a short distance away, but with a good view of the happenings. The dragon rumbles a greeting, eyes not moving from the ship and its occupants.

The boards now firmly in place Nathanael skips backwards again, grinning up at Nevelyn again. He holds out a gallant hand to the much taller woman. "Walk ye off ma'am?" Watch out Jithan, Nathanael's got the charm on!

Nevach finds himself snagged by T'ral and he laughs openly at the 'rider. "I's born on a ship bigger than that one, Sir." In other words he knows what to do on the docks. Still the offer to sit astride a real live dragon gives the kid pause. "But I'd /love/ to visit with Esanth! Thanks!!" He manages not to knock anyone down as he scurries off through the crowd and disappears. Soon popping up again as he climbs the straps and settles himself atop Esanth. Leaning over to stroke gorgeous blue hide as he watches the happenings. Nevelyn, meanwhile, takes the hand Nathanael offers with a gracious smile. "Why thank you Nathanael. I truly appreciate it."

"Erikkhan, would you take care of Alesa? The weyr assures me that we are welcome to use the guest rooms for as long as needed." Sara steps back away from Alesa so that Erikkhan can take her place if necessary. Raising her voice, "Thank you everyone! If you could please step back, the harpsichord is almost ready to be brought down." Not waiting for people to listen Sara moves forward again, "Zalara, could you please check to be sure the straps are tied correctly?" Then a few more steps to A'lory's side before he can escape completely. "Al! Would you and Eisheth be willing to catch if the scaffolding doesn't hold?" Not that it wouldn't, but Sara isn't about to take a chance with the treasure.

Zalara smiles at Sara and she gives the thumbs up as she hurries around the harpsichord to check each and every straps on it. She hmms as she finds one that is sorta loose so she quickly re-ties it so that it's on more securely. She's soon finished with the checking and she moves over towards Sara quickly, "It looks good we are ready to get it out." She reports before she goes back to helping the others.

Alesa smiles at both Erikkhan and Sara."Thank you both, but I'm not going anywhere until I see that it's been put in its proper place." Stubborn! "Also, Sara, there were a few bumps along the way. I /think/ a small bit of the top carving might have cracked off, but it was hard to tell in the glowlight.." she adds worriedly.

Jithan notices that his adopted son has shown up to the party when he's snatched up by T'ral, and then the best of all possible things happens as the 'rider offers Nevach a chance to /touch/ a dragon. "Well, that fixes that problem…" he murmurs, and goes back to watching Nevelyn, and the unloading process. And Nevelyn. ;)

Erikkhan nods and takes Sara's place at Alesa's side. "Of course!" He listens to Alesa report to to Sara, flinching at the sound of the damage. Any damage is frowned upon, but it at least sounds fixable. "Beyond being sea sick, did the trip go well?" Erikk asks, knowing better than to push Alesa to rest.

Nathanel straightens himself up as tall as his 4'8" allows to walk the weyr nanny back to her escort. Arriving at Jithan's side Nathanael doesn't quite take back his hand back, though once Nevelyn takes hers away the apprentice skips away spying Nevech atop a dragon. A blue dragon.

Sara returns back to Alesa's side and listens to the report. "Once we have it safely in the weyr we'll inspect the damage. Really, as long as a majority of the structure is still sound I think I can put everything else to rights, even if I have to replace every piece myself!" Sara says firmly, not allowing the slight bad news to sour the mood of triumph that overwhelms the time.

T'ral grins and waves up at Nevach as the boy clambers up. Sure looks like he spent time in the rigging. When folks are asked to move back, steps back with Jithan, a crooked grin plastered on his face, cheeks aching. To Jithan, "Have you seen any like it, even pictures?" He notes the Harpers -their excitement plain even at some remove- fretting somewhat over the Masterharper who looks a bit green about the gills. Nothing being dockside and a cool beverage wouldn't fix. He waves at Nathanael and Nevelyn, pointing up at Esanth when he catches Nevelyn's eye. "Nathanael, you can go up, if you want." Esanth, Weyr Junglegym.

Nevelyn holds onto Nathanael's hand until they get back to Jithan. Then she lets go with a smile at the lad. He's gonna be a heartbreaker one of these days, she just knows it. "So all this has been over some instrument?" This is said to Jithan as she stands back out of the way with the rest. She follows T'ral's motion when he invites Nathanael to join someone and spies her son. "When'd he get here?" She needs to sew that kid to his cot!

As those upon the dock and beach chatter the sailors have finished their preparations. Using the hooks and pulleys built into the ship itself the wrapped Harpsichord is slowly winched upwards into the air, swaying gently in the stiff southern breeze. Larger then the normal horse and a bit heavier the swaddled instrument looks poised to drop at any second as it swings out over the water to prepare to be lowered onto the wagon that sits patiently waiting for it.

Zalara starts to pull on the rope that she was assigned to. Her young muscles strain as she starts to take steps back as the instrument starts to rise up. She grits her teeth as she puts all her effort into it.

Jithan looks over at T'ral, shaking his head. "I've not. I really can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to having it here. You're welcome, of course, to come by at any time and /carefully/, Apprentice Taralde, look at it. If you ask nicely, I might even let you /play/ it, after I've had my share." He gives the rider a wink, holding his hand out to Neve as she rejoins them. "Thank you for helping them, love," he murmurs to her, eyes gleaming with exceitment. "Not just any instrument, Neve. One so old, and complex, that the Hall doesn't even have /records/ of it."

Invited to sit on a dragon? Yeah, Nevelyn's charms don't hold an OUNCE to that. Nathanael is on Esanth's back seconds later, beaming at the boy already there. "Thank'e T'ral 'n Esanth!"

Nevelyn watches the workers on the ship work the wench to unload the cargo and the breath catches in her throat. She spies a too familiar face amongst the ship crew and feels her eyes widen before they fly to Nevach and then back to the man holding one of the many ropes. Oh dear.. She clears her throat when Jithan takes her hand and turns a smile on him. Act cool! Yeah right. "Of course I helped," she responds to his thanks. "So it's a lost treasure of sorts eh?"

"Mm," Alesa murmurs to Erikkhan, "Twasn't horrible. My little blue enjoyed the sea air, and so did I. " And to Sara, "It didn't feel like it was extensive but you'll get a good look soon, at least. " And towards Nevelyn, she bristles. "Oh yes./some instrument/. More like Pern's last harpsichord and a priceless piece of history and knowledge for not only our craft but everybody else on this planet." Hmph.

Even with the excitement of the goingsons, Jithan notices that catch in Nevelyn's breath. His eyes immediately fly to Nevach, thinking that the boy has gone and gotten himself in some trouble, but when he sees that everything is okay he looks back to her. "Everything okay?"

Slowly and deliberately the Harpsichord finish its sweep over the ocean. Sara's attention is riveted on the instrument, breath held as it seems to hang over the water for much too long. Only once the instrument is safely over the dock again does the senior journeyman take a deep breath. "Zalara! When it is finally down, come on over here and help us tie it up securely. The roads here are not as cleanly put together as those up north. I don't want to chance it jostling at all." Turning to Alesa, Sara lowers her tone so only the trio of harpers can hear, "Would you like to ride with it, or shall I have the apprentices so you can stretch your legs?"

Esanth rumbles loud enough for the boys to feel, wings shifting, settling cattywampus. T'ral sketches a salute at Nathanael, "No trouble." He'd no idea that Nathanael was so keen on dragons (dur, who isn't at that age?) and makes a note to ask the boy's father if he could take him up some time. Preferably before Fall started in earnest. He banish grim thoughts, looking instead towards the Harpers and their treasure. He wipes his palms on his pants, bouncing again. JITHAN, LOOK. "Hah. I'm last on the list of folks who'll get to so much as breathe on it I'm sure. It's something to have it here." Itchy hands.

Nevelyn catches the bristling and lifts a brow to Alesa. "No disrespect meant Master Harper. Just getting' a feel for what I been spendin' my restdays cleaning and preparing for." You can thank her for working until her fingers bled to prepare the space where it'll sit. After all she did help out. Huff. She flicks her gaze back to Jithan and looks undecided. To tell him or not to tell him that is the question? Is it possible Rio will stay aboard the ship and not notice her and Nevach out here? She manages a flustered smile. "Yeah everything is fine," she tells him. But the "I think" is muttered. Nevach is distracted from the hubbub on the dock when Esanth rumbles. He looks at Nathanael as though the other boy has answers to what just happened.

Why is Igen's junior weyrwoman at Southern? That's for Tuli to know. But that's definitely her: tall skinny woman with enormous hair, nicely dressed, a lumpy satchel flung lightly over one shoulder. She comes tooling down the docks, attracted by the sight of the watching crowd. Don't mind her, just playin' tourist.

Zalara nods as she still works her ropes to get the instrument set down on the wagon. "Okay Journeywoman Sara." She calls out as she continues to help to lower the harpsichord down towards the wagon.

Nathanael shrugs at Nevelyn in a clear 'I dunno either' reaction as their most-posh chair shifts his attention. "Ye 'kay sir Esanth?" Nathanael calls out to the dragon, though his eyes search out for where T'ral has gone to for the answer.

T'ral notes the big fancy dragonrider knot. He squnches his face at Jithan. You overhear T'ral mutter, "… … go … her? … … only Southern rider here." to Jithan.

Jithan looks over at the bouncing T'ral, grinning. "Lad, you're a rider now. There /are/ certain privileges that come with that, you know." Eyes track the harpsichord to it's resting spot in the back of the cart, though he does take note of the sparring between Nevelyn and Alesa. Neve holds her own, though, so he doesn't intervene, yet. Let the Master get her landlegs back first. When T'ral mutters to him, he chuckles and shrugs. "It probably wouldn't hurt, lad."

Nevelyn has been situated in the Weyr long enough that she pays little mind to her son and Esanth. Assuming he's safe atop the blue so long as he stays there. Her eyes keep straying back to the man on the deck of the ship who's manning one of the ropes. Except that he doesn't seem to be there anymore. Oh dear. Where'd he go? Nevach isn't comforted much by Nathanael's shrug. But as the other boy doesn't dismount and run neither does he. Neve is busily scanning the deck of the ship to no avail.

Downward descends the harpsichord. Matched groans from ship and cart echo outwards as the cart takes the weight and the ship releases it. Sara has abandoned Alesa, leaving her in Erikkhan's hands to help guide the large instrument onto its resting place. The last of that tension in her shoulders is dropped. Dropping her dignity the harper woman is pulling herself up onto the cart and begins to undo the straps that had held it protectively in the air. From this vantage point she spies the jounior weyrwoman, "Hello ma'am!" Sara calls out to her as she finishes unsnapping the straps.

Pulling his weyrling uniform straight, wrapping a smart tuck into his shirt - Stars and shards why hadn't he been tapped into a wing yet so he could wear something… something not a weyrling uniform? - he strides up to Igen's Junior Weyrwoman and snaps a smart salute, "Good day, ma'am, Southern welcomes Igen. I'm T'ral, blue Esanth's. If you need anything while here, please let me know." He relaxes from his formal greeting, but stays nearby. This just became a work event.

Zalara starts to move once the cart quickly after she puts down her ropes. Once the straps are off for moving and lifting it she wills start to strap it down into the cart. She moves quickly as she's been practicing this so they can get the harpsichord into place as soon as possible. She soon finishes up and reports to Sara, "All ready to go."

Esanth, without touching thier minds, projects a sense of collected excitement to the boys hanging from his straps.

Jithan is busy watching the harpsichord, and just assumes that Nevelyn is more interested in the ship. Ah well, it was a nice thought… He grins a little at T'ral's greeting, nodding to himself. They'd taught that one well before handing him off to Esanth…

"Oh, no need to make a fuss." Tuli dismisses T'ral's salute with a trace of a smile, and gesture of her own: 'at ease'. "My business at Southern is done and over with." It must have had something to do with the satchel: she tugs pointedly on its strap. "I'm only here now to see how the harpsichord fared its trip." The goldrider takes Sara's greeting as invitation to venture closer, leaning over a few inches to take a look.

The harpsichord is ready for transport to the Weyr and Nevelyn is distracted by it. She takes her eyes off the planks leading to the ship too early. Instead looking at the instrument then turning to smile at Jithan. "It's quite a lovely piece of work," she tells him. Meanwhile a tall dark skinned man has made his way off the ship and is threading his way through the crowd. On a path that will lead him up behind Nevelyn. And Nevach bounces in his seat because of the air of excitement. "So many folks come to see this," he tells Nathanael and turns to grin at the older boy. "I'm glad I didn't miss it."

All the while a patient — if slightly bemused — A'lory watches from above, mounted on Eisheth. As all seems ready, the pair circles idly, admiring the festive little gathering.

Nathanael nods in agreement. "Aye! Pa didno' say what was comin' 'n, jus' that them harpers what found 'e paintin's last turn was bringin' somethin' jus' as special." The seacrafter peers down at the instrument. "Jus' looks like wood t' me."

T'ral grins, "Yes, ma'am. No fuss." He shows a polite and healthy disinterest in the satchel, but keeps keeps nearby without hovering, should the junior weyrwoman have need of anything. It's simply a langiappe that he's now closer to the harpsichord. He darts curious looks at it while keeping an attentive eye on the goldrider.

Alesa decides to walk along side the cart, taking the first chance to stretch her legs. To Nevelyn, she nods. "Duly noted, then. " A small smile towards Nathanael, "A marvelous piece of wood that makes beauty and art happen. You'll see. "

Rioanch has no idea if he'll be welcome or not here in Southern. But he can't pass up a chance to see Nevelyn and Nevach again. Though at the moment he doesn't see the boy anywhere in the crowd. Not deterred he steps up behind Neve and wraps his arms about her waist, lifting and twirling her around before setting her back down. "C'mere girl!" Nevelyn squeaks and spins about to look up at Rio the moment her feet hit the docks again. "Why aren't you on the Mercantile?"

Nevach nods his agreement with Nathanael. "I dunno what it is either. But my Dad's sure been acting funny for a while over it. An' he looks awful happy now.." He looks back at Jithan just in time to spot Rionach and his Mother. "Uh oh"

Zalara hops down off the wagon so she can walk along behind the wagon ready to give it a push to help it along.

Settled on the cart firmly now, Sara finally takes a moment to peel off some of those protective coverings which had encased it. The temptation to see the precious instrument just too much now that it is relatively safe to do so. "Thank you Zalara," the smith apprentice gets a smile from the harper before she is again examining the instrument for any damage sustained in its ages of storage and them abrupt movements. Only too soon though is the woman tearing herself away from the smooth lines of ancient wood, recovering them for the short trip up and into the weyr proper. "Thank you, everyone who came out and helped. We'll be keeping the harpsichord in the Harper area for now, though I do hope we can come to an agreement for a more public place to put it soon enough." Down Sara jumps from the edge of the cart. As her feet touch down the driver flicks his reins and off the Harpsichord goes upwards and towards the weyr, Erikkhan and Sara falling into place just beside Alesa.

Zalara nods politely to Sara, "I'm always happy to help." She helps push it up towards the harper area.

Well, this might get interesting now. When Nevelyn is suddenly lifted upwards and squeaks, he whirls around, looking towards the source of the… entertainment with eyes gone a cold, icy blue. "Can I help you, good sailor?" he asks, taking a half step towards the man. "I'd ask you to take your hands off the lady."

Alesa keeps on rolling, rolling towards the weyr.

"Looking forward to hearing it played! Be sure to give us a concert, Harper!" Tuli calls after the departing Sara, raising a hand in a polite wave. The woman looks on the verge of departure, until her attention is caught by the budding drama nearby. Eyebrows raised, she waits and watches.

T'ral is torn. Harpsichord. Junior Weyrwoman. Harpsichord. Weyrwoman. Come on, follow the wagon! Aw. Seriously? MAN. Oh. Wait. Jithan. T'ral's focus is completely here, looking keenly between Jithan and the man who'd scooped up Nevelyn.

Joy turns to worry as Nevech's face suddenly falls. Nathanael traces his gaze over to where the strange man has suddenly grabbed the weyr harper's waist. "He your real pa?" Nathanael inquires, looking between the boy and man. "Mayhap ye jus' stay 'ere till ye Ma 'n harper Jithan figure 'im out?" Nathanael makes ready to grab the boy… and hopes Esanth will make sure he stays, though who knows what dragons will do!

Nevach looks back at Nathanael and nods his head. "Yeah he's my real dad. Thought he was gone for good." He looks back at his mother worriedly. "I dunno. Maybe I should go down there and distract him."

Rionach smiles at Nevelyn and shrugs his shoulders. "I'll catch her when we sail back northward. Heard this crew talkin' about comin down here an' couldn't help but sign on for it." He takes eyes off of Neve to look at Jithan. He knows that hungry stare and flicks a confused look at Neve. "Jus' sayin' hello to the mother o'my son, Sir." He does step back but his shoulders square up. Nevelyn isn't exactly over joyed to see him again and it shows. "Just thought you had to eh? How's my Mother faring?" She feels she has to ask while she has a chance to do so. Being without firelizards of her own all her life, she couldn't hardly write. She side steps toward Jithan and away from Rio.

T'ral relaxes as Nevelyn moves to Jithan's side. He wasn't sure who he'd been ready to tackle. Probably the weyrwoman.

"I dun think it'd be a good idea Nev…" Nathanael says, though he doesn't hook his hands into the boy's belt to keep him in place just yet. "If'n ye ma wants ye, she'll be callin' for ye. Sides, ye see ov'r there?" One hand snakes past Nevech's face to point to where the junior weyrwoman stands, "'hat's 'e knot've 'e weyrwoman. Ain't nothin' bad gonna 'appen with 'er 'round." Oh the blind faith of the young…

Jithan arches an eyebrow at that bit of information, looking to Nevelyn for conformation, then back to Rionach. "You're Nevach's father, huh? Well met then. I'm Jithan, one of the Harper's of the Weyr here. One hand stays behind his back, though, and anyone behind him might see a long, wickedly thin knife disappearing back into a well hidden sheath.

Zalara continues to help with the harpsichord and the wagon. She doesn't really know anyone here at Southern.

Nevach follows Nathanael's hand until he spies an unfamiliar Weyrwoman. "Not one o'ours." He sighs heavily. "Da..Rionach," he corrects himself, "was on' the ship what Mom and I lived on. He didn't say nuthin when Mom and I were put off here some ways back." He looks at Jithan and spies the knife disappearing. Okay that cuts it he's going down there! He slides his leg over the blue's neck and reaches for the straps.

Rionach nods his head, "I'm Rionach," he supplies since Nevelyn clearly isn't going to. "I take it you're the new bedwarmer?" He flicks a smile at Neve, "How many more ye got 'round here? Big place after all." He chuckles at his own joke because he's so damn funny. "Yer Mom is still doin' her job well. Missed you for quite a while after Cap put you off though. Looks like yer doin' well." Nevelyn sighs and rolls her eyes at Rio. Quite used to the brash attitude of crewmen. "Jithan is the only one," she tells the unwelcome man. "I'm glad she's doing alright. Tell her I'm fine and I love her when you see her next."

"Nevech, 's proly still no'a good idea t' be gettin' down…" The worry hasn't left the seacrafter's voice and Nathanael turns his entreaty to the dragon they perch upon. "I dunno if'n he should be gettin off Esanth…"

T'ral bristles at the sailor's address of Nevelyn. He doesn't have much use for folks throwing barbs. The situation is plenty tense, he'd noted the blade (!) in Jithan's hand. He narrows his eyes at the sailor and looks toward the weyrwoman, ready to get her safely away from any violence should it erupt. Esanth sends a sense of calm at the two boys, shifting his shoulder and turning his great, heavy-jawed head looking at Nevach. The message is clear-ish. Stay put.

Jithan nods a little, offering Rionach his hand, which any sane man that might know Jithan wouldn't take. "Bedwarmer, something like that," he says with half a smile. When the other man takes his hand, though, something… changes into that look, it becomes almost predatory. A deft twist of the wrist has the sailor's wrist bent at a rather painful angle, and then Jithan steps foward, foot snaking out to hook around the back of Rio's knee, push/pulling it forward and towards the ground. In the end, Jithan is standing behind the kneeling sailor, lifting his arm at an angle that threatens to dislocate the shoulder. "Rionach, this is Nevelyn, my girlfriend. Would you like to say hello again?"

Nevach turns his eyes on Nathanael and frowns. "If'n your new Pa was about ta stab yer ol' one what would you do?!" How can he be expected to stay all the way up here when the action is down there. "I'll go get underfoot like I'm good at and Ma'll make him leave. She always does." When he goes to turn back around though Esanth is giving him the stink eye. "Well hell," he mutters the first curse word since leaving the ship and sits back down with a huff. He's left sitting here watching from afar and none too happy. "Get 'im Dad!" He'd cheer Jithan on from closer but he doesn't want to be a dragon snack.

Nevelyn's eyes fly wide when Jithan turns a jovial Rionach into a kneeling ball of ouch. "Oh my!" She slides forward and bats Rio's free hand away from his belt, claiming the man's belt knife. Notably she slips it into the back of her skirt and steps back again. "Are you kidding me?!" Rionach is indignant to say the least. But the pressure on his arm and shoulder have him gasping. "Alright man! Ease off! Hey Nevelyn. Nice to see you a-ow-gain." He frowns up at his former consort. "You wanna call this ol' fuck off?"

Thankful that the dragon has kept the boy on his back, Nathanael wiggles his way back and jumps down. "I'ma gonna find 'e cap'n. 'e'd be knowin' what t' do." Qiuck as one of the dolphins that Nathanael so admires the blond boy races up the dock to disappear onto the ship.

T'ral quickly takes a step to put himself between the altercation and the weyrwoman who is… not even looking this way. T'ral shakes his head, splitting his attention between the weyrwoman and his friend and mentor who seems rather capable of holding his own. He moves around into Jithan's line of sight and makes his presence known to the Harper. I got your back. He shrugs, Not that you seem to need it. Esanth continues to project soothing thoughts at the younger boy, rumbling and looking after Nathanael as the Seacrafter scarpers off to find the Captain.

Jithan smiles grimly as the man readdresses Nevelyn, looking up at her for a moment, right up until that last little comment from Rio. Rather then dislocating the shoulder, as would be so very easy to do, the Harper straightens tough fingers into a knife's edge, and drives them hard into the bundle of nerves beneath Rio's armpit. Letting go of the screaming man as the captain of the ship comes rushing onto the deck, Jithan gives the man a broad smile. "Captain! As one crafter to another, could you do me a favor and keep this man aboard your ship whenever you make port here, please?" His voice is all sweetness and light, even as he nudges Rio with the toe of his boot. "Nevelyn, be a dear and give the Captain that knife, would you?"

Nevach sorely wants to follow after Nathanael and hollers after the boy. "Don't just leave me up here! Esanth's fixing to eat me!!" Seriously people! Isn't anyone worried about the seven turn old being eyeballed like a tasty treat over here? No?! Well isn't that a fine slice of nice? He looks at Esanth with a 'sooth this' expression.

Rionach is gasping on the dock and swearing about consorts turning girlfriends. Meanwhile Nevelyn manages to glare at her protector almost as much as Rio. "He'll need this," she tells the Captain and produces the knife with a flick of her wrist. "Please tell the Captain of the Mercantile that Nevelyn and Nevach are hail and hearty when you return Rio." She knows full well her father will be there for that conversation so her Mother will hear of it. She sighs softly and walks back to Jithan's side with a sad smile. "We really have to talk about your violent tendency. The rest of the crew are worse than Rio will ever be."

Nathanael freely ignores the calls of the boy as he walks away. Of COURSE Esanth isn't going to eat him. That's silly. The captain fetched Nathanael hovers right on his heels, worried look all over his face. "Sir, Journeyman Dorrono's gonna be back real soon 'n the dock'll be full've unloadin' catch."

Violent tendencies? Jithan? No! That was just, uh, a reaction, yeah. "Maybe they'll get the message from that one, then," he says, tilting his chin at Rio. Looking up at the sounds of Nevach's voice, he smiles at the lad and gestures him down. "C'mon down here, Nevach. I think we're going to go home now, eh, Nevelyn? I wanna go get a look at that harpsichord, and show you what all this fuss has been about."

Finally!! Nevach eyes Esanth warily but descends to the ground. "Thanks T'ral." He scampers over to Jithan and his mother. Popping up between then and eyeing Rionach. "See you later Rio," he says pointedly and slips his hand into the edge of Jithan's pocket. Yeah it's a loud and clear who's been better to the kid.

Rionach gets to his feet and wraps his good arm up under the assaulted one. "Good to see ya kid," he nods at Nevach. Eyeing the little boy in surprise at how much he's grown in so short a time. Has it really been that long? Wow. "Hopefully I'll see you on better terms next time Neve." At the captain's order he turns around and follows the man back to the ship.

Nevelyn nods goodbye to Rionach and looks down at Nevach with a proud smile. "Yeah let's head home. See what trouble we can stir up with the Igen Harpers over this harp thing eh?" She looks back at Jithan with a soft sigh. "Just don't do that to the Cap of the Merc and you'll be fine."

T'ral moves to the knot of people, eying Jithan with a touch more regard. And a good bit of wariness. There'd been rumors of the man's temper and… dangerousness… but T'ral -Taralde- had never seen it or even really given the rumors much credit. People liked to natter on about all manner of ridiculous things in the dorms after hours. T'ral finds himself reevaluating that ready dismissal. Nevelyn and Nevach get considering looks, she'd handled herself rather well at that. Before and after the harpsichord. Reevaluations all around. One of the only sour notes of the night, that Nevach had been frightened by Esanth. The other sour note, that Prymelia hadn't been here. He falls in with the others and accompanies them back to the Weyr. An exciting day all around.

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