==== December 17, 2013
==== Sadaiya, W'rin
==== Sadaiya and W'rin wake up after the leadership flight, in the council chambers.

Who Sadaiya, W'rin
What Sadaiya and W'rin wake up after the leadership flight, in the council chambers.
When 5 months and 12 days until the 12th pass.
Where Igen Weyr

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Council Chambers
However disheveled the corridor outside might lie, THIS room - the sole dominion of the Weyr's upper elite - is always sparkling, ever swept, ever dusted, its walls scrubbed free of the grime of ages. A certain spartan grandeur fills the Council Chamber, with its foreboding stonework and heavy wooden door. A round table fills the bulk of the space, an ancient creation of fire-hardened wood, carved with the three dune'd symbol of Igen Weyr. Chairs surround: hard-backed things (with thin cushions) for the most part, but two grandiose chairs, on opposite sides of the table, that seat Weyrwoman and Weyrleader. The walls are lined with elegant old tapestries, depicting scenes of ancient Igen glories.

Romance! Sadaiya is flopped, face down, a leg and arm sprawled carelessly over W'rin's enormous torso, her other arm dangling off the edge of the council room table on which they lay. At some point, a tapestry was used as a makeshift blanket to cover the two. Chairs are upended EVERYWHERE, their cushions scattered about all willy-nilly. Slowly, though, the newly minted Senior Weyrwoman groans, lifting up her head and blearily attempting to ascertain her exact location. "Whaaa? Owww, my baaack," she complains, creaking into a sitting-up position to rub at the sore muscles in her shoulder. Using the ball of her foot, she nudges at W'rin's calf. "Hey, Weyrleader sir, wake your butt up."

It is a good thing the council chambers table is so sturdy. Sadaiya's back pain complaints only cause the W'rin to flop over unceremoniously, the sound the wood makes in protest is probably indicative of the discomfort the weyrwoman is currently in. "What…Sleep is good." And it is the first time his dragon has been settled enough for him to sleep continuously in a while. Wait the warmth of another body is slowly moving away and the weyrleader finally cracks his eyes open. Hey where is she going? And then? Reality. "Oh fuck." Slowly, hey inertia is a bitch, the man draws himself up beside the goldrider. "Fuck. Sadie. I tried."

"Eh, it's okay, though my first order is that you should definitely restart that vacation as soon as you can." Sadaiya stretches, her voice stretching with her in the odd pitch shift that happens when moving thus. She lets gravity do the rest, though, and her arm falls heavily around W'rin's shoulders, resting her face on the mass of his upper arm. "As for the rest, well, we'll handle that as it comes. I'm sure it'll be okay." The patting she administers with her shoulder-resting hand makes soft slappy noises. "I do diplomacy. I word good. Just not, y'know, NOW. The one who should be apologizing is me for Jivayath dragging Valiuth away from your bungalow or tent or whatever you guys were… you know… yeah."

"Yes. Keroon. You should come." W'rin presses his beard against the top of Sadaiya's head with a chuckle. "Now that you can." Without getting all the other golds worked up in a tizzy. "Politics." The man grunts heavily at the idea, "5 months till threadfall, and everyone is worried about how I speak to them." The patting draws a grunted chuckle and the touching cheek rocks back and forth as the man shakes his head. "Still, perhaps - the mix. If people see we are friends, that we work together…" Surely it will change some minds, a smile curls up the man's face, as a paw drops on top of her hand giving an affectionate squeeze. "And you are weyrwoman. Are you ready?"

Sadaiya pauses a bit, thinking, her jaw tensing against W'rin's arm. "I'm ready," she answers, slowly, "Just nervous. It feels like either the position of Senior is cursed, or just… well, I'll have to be on my guard, I suppose." A sigh flibbers her lips and deflates her into a slouch. "And of COURSE I'll be there to support you, and gladly since I firmly believe that folks need to keep their eyes on preparation for threadfall and, especially in that regard, you're an excellent leader. Just, y'know, let me do the talking sometimes. Learning how to handle self-important holder types was one of the first things I was taught. We'll just have to work on our talking together and things will be dandy." At this, Sadie returns the squeeze, flexing her fingers, then patting again.

"We'll both be on our guard - for you." W'rin is about to let another one go down on his watch, especially one he cares about, arms shift out from under the woman's touch to offer a man-mountain sized embrace. "We'll be fine. With you talking and Faranth - you can take care of all the holders you want. I'll just stand there and make sure none of them look at you the wrong way…and I'll try not to screw anymore of their wives." An attempt at humor, "What makes you think I wouldn't let you do the talking? Dealing with holders, tithes, the bazaar that's your thing. You're in charge on that front. I'm just here to help you."

"Sounds good to me," comes the muffled reply from the vicinity of W'rin's chest, and Sadaiya's arms fall to encircle the man's trunk as best she can with her wee little limbs (much like a T-rex). "We'll be a great team. Balance each other and all that. It may be not what you wanted, but something like a consensual indiscretion shouldn't matter in the face of ANY of Igen's functions. You made an error. We all do. Faranth knows I've made you, ah - the polite word is 'frustrated' - a great many times with things I've done without thinking them through. You learned from it, we move on and show the folks at Keroon our unfeigned solidarity. We'll get into fights, butt heads, scream at each other sometimes, but it's all in the name of figuring out what's best for the people of the Weyr and those we protect."

"We'll see." Is all W'rin has to offer about his torrid affair with the wife of the man who's gather they'll be attending soon. "All of our actions have consequences." But he seems willing enough to move on to the topic of their working relationship, ah finally someone who understands him and how he functions. With a laugh which begins somewhere deep within he offers a final squeeze. "Yes, we will. And is how I know, you at least, will be able to do this." With a lopsided smile offered down to the woman in his arms, "Just don't forget, I do respect you, and you are my friend, and we are both in this for Igen." Sex. It brings out the softer side of the man. Too bad he can sleep with all of Pern.

The smile on Sadaiya's now upturned (and significantly less hairy) face mirrors W'rin's own. "For Igen," she echoes. "And because I feel the same way about you, ya big lug." She uses her torso to push affectionately at W'rin's, then notices the resulting jiggle of her chest and giggles, extracting an arm to pull the tapestry up to cover herself. "Woops! Hrm. Where DID our clothes even GO?" Brow furrowing, she peers around as best she can.

There is some relief in the way the man relaxes, if only slightly, beneath the push. Any blushing at the movement of the chesticles is hidden by his beard, but for propriety's sake the man does look away from the woman, suddenly rather aware of both of their nakedness, both literally and metaphorically. "Um..Maybe under those files?" W'rin points to a stack of papers which once inhabited the table on which they consummated their leadership. "Or that bookshelf." Cough.

"Lemme look," Sadaiya says, thoughtlessly wrapping the entire tapestry around her body and taking it with on her Quest For Pants. Crouching slowly in her thick (ehe) wrapping of fabric, her stiff (ehehe) muscles protest enough to make her whimper slightly, and she straightens, opting instead to toe at the files carefully. "Oh, here's my shirt… and I thiiink that's your pants by the door… yeah, they were just blocked by some chairs. Hey! My skirt's here, too. Excellent. Hey, can you come pick these up for me?" At least she's not ordering him, but she does assume that he'll comply and putters around, half muttering, half singing. "Hrm… underwear underwear underwear, where in the weyr is my underwear~."

"Heeeeyy…" W'rin groans in protest as he left free ball'n it. Hopefully no one walks in until they are sure the two are -finished. And of course the man complies, a squeaking noise comes from sticky sweat dried skin being peeled away from the wood beneath the man's cheeks. And at a sulking pace he finds his way to the directed pile, and he BENDS OVER to pick up her things. Maybe she should have done it, or at least offered him the blanket to cover his backside. Tights are next, and he's busy tugging them on, as the woman mentions her underwear. "Underwear…Faranth's tits, Sienna. I left her to the felines - wait. Was there a man in her breasts when we left?" The previous evening is coming back slowly, and its about this time he lifts his hands to his swollen nose and winces. "Hey! A'dan hit me!" Pout.

At least now poor W'rin's balls are blue from the sudden exposure to air and not his unceremonious Sienna interruptus! Speaking of, "Oooh, yeah, the huge bald guy? Well, lanky huge, not…" Her fingers sort of wiggle in W'rin's general direction as she gives up the pretense of using the tapestry as cover and just sorta whips it off, folding it neatly and patting it back on the table. "Anyway, I think they, ah… I mean flights are flights, and greenriders gotta green. Besides, I guaranTEE that she was, like, at least ten times more mortified than you are. He's a nice guy, though." A'dan's mention has her brow-furrowing again as she pads around the council chambers in nothing but the aforementioned expression of deep thought. "Wait, really? OHHH YEAH! I sort of tried to, um, join in, but he just kinda pushed me down by my face. Not in any violent way. More like I toppled because I was swinging my arms around like a lunatic… ah! Underwear!" Plopping her round rump into a chair next to them, she uses her toes to retrieve her panties. A quick inspection reveals them to be another casualty of the evening's events. "Awww, you're KIDDING me. W'rin, these were SILK! Also…ew, you have blood, like, all up in your beard. I thought it was a shadow. Anyway, what was THAT all about? Hormones or some kind of pre-existing beef with each other?"

W'rin shrugs, "We were both pretty wound up already. She usually tries to keep herself in the weyr I think, but I made her bring me back." Acceptance doesn't necessarily mean he's going to cheer for the guys good fortune. "And..I mean. She deserved to get some." Or something. That's sweet, right? At least he's trying. His brows pull together, "Pushed you down 'by your face' - in a not a violent way?" The man would facepalm if the pain wouldn't make him cry like a little girl. At least his bottom half is fully dressed now. "They were in the way!" A squat finger jabs out at the offending things that use to be undergarments. "I was only problem solving. With my teeth." Cough. The question about A'dan draws an ever larger more perplexed heave of his shoulder. "No. I like the guy. We go way back. Grew up together. I hope it was the flight. Just walked up and decked me. Bastard." Though he hardly seems heated about it. Flights are flights, and Valiuth doesn't hold back on stirring up trouble among the chasers. "Just, I mean. I don't need to go get you another pair right? People can't tell? Sienna wasn't wearing any yesterday and I didn't even know till she gave me a peek."

"Nah, I'm good. I'll just get another pair, though I have several. Which, y'know, I'm certain you wanted to know." Grunting, Sadaiya pushes herself back to standing, making faces as she scuffles back over to fetch the rest of her clothes. "Sienna'll understand, but she'll still feel bad about it. Just get yourself cleaned up as best you can, wear something nice, bring her some dinner or something and try to distract her. And, most of all, make sure to plan another getaway." Retrieving her clothing with another symphony of grunts, she slips it on with a fair amount of ease (hooray for skirts and shirts being able to BOTH go on over the head). "Ech. And there's blood on the back of my shirt. I know this because I put it on backwards, duh. Eh, I can just…" And she tugs it off again, flipping it inside out and patting it down. "There. At least I can get back to my weyr this way."

"Uh. Sorry." W'rin offers the sweet words every woman wants to hear the morning after. " I didn't mean to bleed on you." At least its sincere, and then he starts to tick off the thinks he needs to do because of his stupid motherf-ing bronze dragon. "Another vacation, dinner, wear something nice, distract." He sighs heavily, "Keroon's ball is tomorrow. Will we be attending?" He knows he's SOL, and doesn't even bother to wait for an answer, as he holds open the door for the woman once she's dressed. "I'll bring my formal leathers." SIGH.

Quickly sizing W'rin up, Sadaiya sighs. "I suppose, since we don't have much time to prepare you. What color is it? I have this turquoise and green and blue affair with dyed feathers and sequins lined up, so I hope at least it doesn't clash. We have got to get you a really good suit though." The babbling follows as she makes her way to the door, re-securing her hair in an at least passable ponytail. At the doorway, she stops, swiveling to give her cohort a gigantic smile. "We're the leaders here now! High five!" And her little hand comes up, palm pointed at W'rin.

"I dress well!" The weyrleader puts up a half-hearted protest. Cohort, better than consort. And relenting his position that this is the worst thing to have ever happened and offers a W'rin sized high-five. WOOPS, sorry. And thus beings the reign of W'rin and Sadaiya, as he follows after her back into the caverns.

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