==== Jan 6, 2014
==== K'vvan, Erissa
==== Erissa tracks down K'vvan with a gift to conclude their previous deal.

Who K'vvan, Erissa
What Erissa tracks down K'vvan with a gift to conclude their previous deal.
When It is the 15th day of Autumn.
Where Baths, Igen Weyr

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It is late night
It is 9:37 PM where you are.
There are 0 turns, 3 months and 15 days until the 12th pass.
It is the fifteenth day of Autumn and 69 degrees. It is a clear night.

Erissa is on a mission.

A mission labeled Operation Corner K’vvan.

Her second-in-command takes his role very seriously and does his due diligence by reaching out to the rider’s green, Nadeeth.

A crisp ocean breeze comes out of nowhere, cold and elusive at first as it skirts the edges of the green’s mind, then warms in hue and depth as it draws closer. «Hello. Can I ask where your rider is?» Just the fact, ma’am. Just the facts.

Green ribbons wave in the breezes, floating upwards at times and downwards in others as the chill smooths the mental pathway. There is curiosity in the ribbons as they explore the breezes without the black worry that had tinted their last meeting. An answer is not forthcoming this time. Instead, a question returns to vibrate down the long silk lengths. «Why do you seek for him?»

To-wing Nadeeth takes herself, lifting upwards from her lonely weyr. The air above the weyr is hot, even this time of day, and the little green has no issue gaining altitude as she works her way upwards on strong wingbeats, her jeweled gaze seeking for where the blue rests himself so she may do a more proper introduction. When she sees him not her ribbons tug gently at him. « Join? » is the quiet invitation for the blue.

Danorath keeps a close eye on those ribbons, collecting the clues they drop like breadcrumbs into the passing winds that are his touch. No shadows hide amidst his hues, just clear honest intentions. «My rider has something for him.» is answered first, and then when the invitation comes an image limned in brighter hues of humor follows. Nadeeth, seen from an angle slightly above and behind her current position. The Star Stones. «If you can find me.» is the teasing challenge. Not much of one, to be sure, but he can’t resist.

« He will not want it. » This statement is delivered with the firmness of a square knot. There is no complex embroidery writ upon the ribbons today, just a simple expanse of green silk stretching outwards to tickle his mind with its playful length. «He does not wish to see her. She saw what he wishes to keep hidden.» At the end of the ribbon, hidden deep within its folds is velvet blackness which peeks though as the winds shift through them. Curving through the air Nadeeth does not dive right away. Instead she takes a moment to dance through the air, adding a sense of pleasure to be flying to the vibrations to the blue. Only for a moment though, till she spins as if chasing a shadow upon her tail and floating downwards to come to rest upon the star stones. There is deep curosity for the blue himself there, « Valiuth’s wing? » Is her comment and question, the vision of the large ship crashing upon the waves is pulled up to add to the inquiry.

«He must. She only wishes to deliver it. No talk. No play this time.» Lengths of green silk are caught and sifted gently through the whims of a whirling wind like fingers through a woman’s hair. Great faceted eyes reflect the sunshine in brilliant hues that follow Nadeeth’s progress through the air, tingeing his mental touch with humor as she comes to land with him on the Star Stones. Wings etched in near-black shadows rustle in welcome, whispers of the deepest ocean fathoms in their wake. Direct as always, he returns the image of a ship with that of the bronze who embodies it, but verbally simply says, «Yes.»

Nadeeth's ribbons flap in the wind, a game of hide and seek as the twist. «Deliver it?» Coyness smooths along the playful lengths, a hint of yellow innocence curling a single tread though the green. «He is good.» The small dragon affirms solidly. Flipping her wings to settle them correctly along her spine Nadeeth draws closer a single wing tip separating the two. No more mention of her rider, instead Nadeeth broadcasts curiosity for the sea hued dragon himself.

Danorath doesn’t clarify, distracted by the playful twists and turns of colorful ribbons. Winds thick with the salty tang of the sea watch them closely, spinning them about with careful but curious caution. All bits of evidence in the case of ‘Who is Nadeeth?’ Her assurance garners a single water spouted grunt of acknowedgement. «I am glad. Will you tell me where he is?» As she draws physically closer he remains stiffly still. On duty here. Got a mission and all that. Even so, he is male, and not immune to a pretty turn of tail. Luminous eyes flicker in the sunlight as he turns cerulean-splashed head to keep her in sight.

Hide and seek does the single yellow thread play among the green ribbons, teasing the salty winds by winking in and out of sight. As the waterspout springs to life delight sings down the silk and they swirl themselves togther around where the water had spouted, seeking for where it went. A single thread stretches itself away from the salty water, reaching to Nadeeth’s lifemate. The answer to her inquiry comes back as expected, «He does not wish to see yours. She brought back the black.» A hint of apology follows this, the small green does not wish to bear bad news. Instead, she slips behind the blue, coming up his other side and rubbing playfully along his side very gently to see if she can push some of that stiffness away. «You are of the ocean, like Sikorth, and Valiuth.»

Danorath plays it cool and watchful, the rich sapphire depths behind the crisp breezes of his touch a mysterious void of fathoms unseen. Beneath the veneer, however, hints the cresting surf of playful possibility, teased by the coy flicker of colorful ribbons. Her reply does not sit well, his words carrying an undertow of determination.

«She is not asking his permission. He will want this. Where is he?»

Then she’s moving up alongside him and he pulls wings in close to give her more room. But wait, did she do that on purpose? He’s on duty here! No fraternizing while on the job! Of course, he could emphasize that by moving further away, but that would just be rude. No need for that!

Fuzzballs of laughter ring fall like rain; their light patter dipping into the ocean to leave them bobbing along in the salty surf. «He does not wish to be disturbed while he cleans him….» Her mind thought is distracted momentarily by her lifemate, and she pulls her ribbons back just slightly with a sigh, some of the fuzzballs sinking slowly away. «Yours could leave it with one of them which cleans to pass on.» This helpful suggestion is passed on with the image of a drudge. Her small head rubs against his crest as she crouches down. «You are small, like me.»

Danorath smiles inwardly as she inadvertently slips him the information he needs to know. On a tight private frequency he sends the location to Erissa, the vibrant swell of his mental touch cresting with satisfaction at yet another job done well. Puffing slightly, deep sea waves ripple down wither’s and tail pushed and whipped by stiff ocean winds. Neck stretching he lifts his muzzle over her small head, pride blossoming. The winds that carry his words churn blue hues into an orchestrated frenzy, elegant and poetic even as they take dragonic shape and close in on swatches of red, obliterating them in one quick strike. «I am swift and strong.»

Erissa turns on her heels and marches straight for the public baths the moment Danorath relays the location. Perfect. At this late hour there shouldn’t be anyone else around. Briefly patting the pocket of her riding jacket she reassures herself that what she wants to give the greenrider is still there. He’s going to take the damn thing if she has to shove it forcibly down his throat! Minutes later she strides into the thick, damp air of the bathing cavern and stops at the edge of the pool. Narrowing a hard look from one side to the other, blue-gray hues scan for her target.

No hint escapes to warn the green that she has let slip what she ought not to have, thus no warning is relayed to her lifemate. Instead she brushes past the blue teasing as she dances away from him. Her ribbons curl around the red swatches, gently pulling them away from the blue. «To fly with Valiuth it must be thus.» She agrees readily. There is no lancing of gray shame though her silken voice, simple fact presents itself. « Fly with me?» The green pulls herself away and pushes skyward grace etched in every move of muscle beneath the emerald hide.

K’vvan sits in a far corner, obscured by the steam of the room and the privacy he so craves. His eyes are closed against the warmth relaxing finally in the quiet of the room. The pain that had etched his face falls away in these moments, years falling from his face.

Mental denial darkens Danorath’s broadcast as the green’s wily ribbons entice the red away. No - thread must scored! That’s aiding and abetting, missy! Launching after his green temptress, Dano’s stocky strength glides into lithe agility in the air. Wings catch and pull on the thermals from below, launching him higher at a faster pace. Mental scape brightens in flight where he excels the most, like the sun shining on the surface of the sea. Powerful downstrokes quickly bring him near to Nadeeth and he zips by her with a teasing brush of tail. «Fly with me

Erissa snatches a towel from the rack as she passes it and walks to the far side of the pool to where the greenrider rests, stepping quietly to not alert him. Once there she plants her feet, sets fists to slender hips, and tilts her chin down.

With a quick clearing of throat she drawls, “Well now, there you are Twitchy.”

A dance it shall be! The playful bush is met with showers of fuzzballs which defy gravity to float through the bright sunlit seascape. Nadeeth twirls awing pushing herself to catch the playful blue and zip infront of him to force him to curve away. She twines as closely as she dares in this dance, the joy of flying with a willing partner filling her minds ribbons with both fuzz of laughter and streaks of sapphire shooting down her green ribbons.

For one as twitchy as the greenrider he really is very unobservant. The woman's approach is not noted until she stands above him and speaks. "I swear someone hates me." K'vvan groans to himself as his eyes open to the sight of the blond woman. She is close enough to his naked form to cause discomfort and so he stands slowly, the water deep enough to cover to his narrow hips, and takes a few steps away towards the center of the pool. "I should know better then to ask Nadeeth to not answer a friendly dragon's question. What do you want Erissa?" There is unease in his voice and he crosses his arms across his chest in a small attempt to cover himself from her view.

Danorath closes his eyes to the sky and arches his body into a sleek arrow that shoots straight and high. No fancy dancing for this forward fellow! On the surface he’s clear and to the point, while deeper fathoms are dark and hidden in cold shadows. As the wily green twines closer he tugs on those ribbons to keep them close and pull them along for the ride. Joy rides on the crest of frothy white waves, weightless freedom lifting spread wings to soar. Ichor pounding through his veins the blue opens sapphire-splashed muzzle and bellows to the clouds and sun. «We fly!»

Erissa can’t resist a darting glance over what of him shows, perhaps even a slight twitch of lips for what doesn’t show, but then gray-shadowed blues lock on his green and there they stay. She doesn’t intend to drag this out, not being completely sadistical enough to want to torment the poor man when he’s obviously neurotic about being around her, but something in his posture and tone digs at the sore spot his abrasive attitude had created.

Blond head tilts and sun-bleached layers sway across one eye. “You know, you don’t have to act like I’m carrying some sort of disease.”

It isn’t often the lithe green meets another her size who can so easily match her in the air. As he bellows out Nadeeth continues to tease the larger dragon by darting around and tickling his hide with a flicking tail and teasing brushes of wingtips before spinning away again soundlessly as the fuzzballs of laughter continue to rain down.

“What do you want Erissa?” K’vvan demands crossing his arms across his chest. The pathway to his clothing is quite blocked by the woman though K’vvan eyes the far side of the pool where extra towels lay. “You won that stupid bet, and I’ve nothing more to say to you.”

Though their riders might not be getting along so well, Danorath rather likes the wily green. Her flying is impressive, for one, and he has a keen appreciation for innate skills in that category. Short and stocky compared to most blues he’s also packed with muscle that moves his frame through the air as easily as breathing. Being even smaller, Nadeeth can make quicker turns but he’s no spring chicken himself and ocean depths stir with the challenge of keeping up with her as she teases and darts away.

“I didn’t win. You quit,” Erissa clarifies, sounding more petulant than she intends. What is it about the man that just makes her want to scratch his eyes out??? With a forced sigh she drops the towel in her hand to the floor at the edge of the pool, then reaches into her jacket pocket and pulls out the rolled coil of garish pink ribbon. Bending over she puts it on the towel, not speaking until she’s standing straight again. “No matter how much of an ass you wanna be your dragon deserves something nice. So take it. I didn’t really want it anyway.” The last is added with a toss of white-blond head, pride thusly assuaged.

Deed done. Delivery made. She whips about on a heel and moves to leave, nothing more to say.

Leaving K’vvan standing in waist deep water in utter confusion. He looks between the blond haired woman and the ribbon sitting on the towel so close by. The pink winks garishly back at him, only adding to the absurdity of the scene. Only after Erissa is gone does K’vvan slosh forward to pick up the ribbon and allowing it to coil in his hands. »What was that?« the thought is tossed out to the green galavanting about the sky with her new best friend.

«A gift!» Nadeeth stitches upon his mind, ribbons of gold and blue wrapping themselves around boxes covered in beautiful fabric. Her thoughts are loud, swirling out to both the blue and her lifemate. In the sky she breaks off her flight with the sea-hued male; swirling away as if she herself was an emerald ribbon let loose into the heavy Igen winds. «I come!» her ribbons wave a goodby to Dano as she drops to land lightly in the sand at the edge of the bazaar, eager for her mate to come and and show him this new thing he has been given.

The ribbon still sliding between his fingers K’vvan pulls himself out of the bath. That towel Erissa had dropped is wound around his waist as he heads for his clothing. He’ll have to figure this out…. later. When Nadeeth wasn’t wanting to see it.

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