==== September 18, 2013
==== Kultir , Lysia
==== A sympathetic shoulder is offered and the beauty of the jungles is enjoyed

Who Kultir , Lysia
What A sympathetic shoulder is offered and the beauty of the jungles is enjoyed
When There is 1 turn 2 months and 12 days until the 12th pass.
Where Turquoise Pools, Southern Weyr

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Turquoise Pools
Such beauty! Water the color of pure turquoise reflects the filtered light of Rukbat that comes through the small opening of the upper canopy; surrounded on all sides by lush greenery, the jungle stream tumbles into the brilliantly colored waters of the pool creating a waterfall that refracts the light into giving a near-constant, imperfect rainbow. The stream continues on, long past these hidden pools of turquoise, leaving behind the crown jewel of Southern's getaway spots. The spray of water from the small waterfall mists the rocks, and at some point in the centuries that Southern has been inhabited a quaint stone bridge was built to span the width of the small pools. Vines and jungle growth further add to the sense of seclusion, surrounded on all sides by nothing but nature. A small stand of bamboo and palm trees grows here.

The sounds of wood on wood echoes beneath the trees, not quite a rhythmic noise and from the lower pitched sounds it's not quite human either. Kultir is jungle grimed and sweat stained, a long branch grasped in both hands. Just as Lysia emerges into the little clearing around the pool, he pulls back and smashes the branch into the bole of a much abused tree. When he's finally vented the last of his frustration and anger, he drops the branch and slumps down on the slight slope and covers his head with his arms as his shoulders heave to get his breath back.

Lysia had decided that crawling around on the jungle floor didn’t sound all that unappealing today. She’s dealt with worse than jungle grime here of late. And she’d been promised that this time of morning the pool should be abandoned. Giving her the perfect spot to unwind away from the demands of the kitchens. Well those people had been /wrong/! Much to her dismay she slides down the path and finds none other than Kultir already there. And apparently /very/ offended by a tree. What the? “Um,” she says hesitantly, “sorry to intrude Jungleman.” She stands there looking torn between staying in the seclusion or running away from the angry candidate. “You okay?” Her decision is apparently made for the moment and she drops her gear on the ground. “What did the tree say that gets it a reward like that?”

Kultir lifts his head wearily, the anger in his eyes fading even as he focuses on Lysia. "Ye ain't intrudin'." he mutters and drops his hand to rest on his arm across his knees. He shrugs one shoulder, glancing at the tree briefly. "Depends on who ye ask iff'n I be 'okay' 'r not." His eyes close and he sighs heavily, fighting to not take his temper out on one who doesn't deserve it.

Lysia has gotten more used to dealing with precocious folks around here. That seem to think because she’s young and small she’ll be easier to push around. So Kultir doesn’t entirely intimidate her anymore. For all of his grousing some days he’s never actually hurt her. When he tells her that she isn’t intruding she ventures a few steps toward him. “Well I suppose I’m asking /you/ since the palm tree won’t talk to me.” She gives him a quirky smile and waves at the poor abused tree. “Why don’t we sit on the bridge a spell and talk about it?” Over time she’s really grown fond of Kultir, and he’s a blast to have in her kitchens. So she offers him a bit of friendship.

Kultir sighs softly as she approaches and lifts his head. He returns her smile though it's weak and half-hearted at best, the dull look in his eyes turn them darker than normal. He pushes himself to his feet and moves toward the little bridge and settles back to a seat, leaving plenty of room for her to have a seat as well. He leans his elbows on his knees and clasps his hands tightly. "What's t' talk about?" he asks softly. "I got orders and … I'll follow 'em. Don' mean I gotta like 'em."

Lysia follows Kultir onto the bridge and settles down near him. Turning her back to lean against the bridge support. “So you have orders that you don’t care for,” she surmises and nods her head in understanding. “I can certainly understand resenting orders.” She’s answered to a lot of unwanted orders in her life. Haven’t most folks? “What I’m not sure about is why you’re out here trying to take down the jungle one tree at a time.” She chuckles and pulls her knees up to rest her wrists lightly atop them. “What’s happened to get you so riled up about it?”

Kultir snorts a laugh at her summation and rather witty not-quite-question. "That 'bout sums it up, yeah." he says still looking at his clenched hands. Her question though, causes a bit of redness to come up in the shells of his ears and his voice to harden a bit in anger. For the most part he's a very gentle person but … his temper can be … explosive at times. He sighs heavily, shoving that wave of emotion back down where it belongs. "The Senior Weyrwoman told me off at supper last night … warned me I'd lose m' knot iff'n I kep' seein' Kalea. But … all we do is have supper and talk. We ain't doin' nothin' wrong." He frowns mightily and clenches his hands so tight the knuckles whiten and the bones of his wrists pop with the tension.

Lysia can’t help but chuckle when Kultir laughs. She sits there watching for a moment. Listening to what he has to say. Her expression goes through a predictable change from smiling to worried and landing on shocked. “Wow,” she breathes in an almost whisper. “So you an’ the ‘rider had worked it out so to speak. An’ now the Senior Weyrwoman has forcefully broken the two of you up again?” The rollercoaster that is Kultir’s life baffles her a little. “Why would she do that if’n you weren’t doing anything wrong? You musta broke some major rule to get the attention o’one of the Weyrwomen.” She’s never had the pleasure or in Kultir’s case displeasure of even meeting any of the Goldriders. From the sounds of it, she’s rather glad for that.

Kultir sighs softly and shrugs again, dredging up the energy to look up at her. "Apparently just being friends is breaking some kinda rule." he mutters, dropping his eyes to stare at his hands again. "Weren' told we couldn't be friends …" He can't seem to pull himself out of this depression he's sunk into, the one person would /might/ be able to break it is the one he's not allowed to even speak to. "If it weren't f'r how disappointed Kalea would be … I'd go t' the Weyrwoman's office right now and hand 'em back the sharding knot. /She/ wants m' t' have this chance …"

Lysia is fairly certain that she and Kultir are alone out here. Still she can’t help feeling the urge to look around for rampaging Weyrwomen. Is /she/ going to get into trouble for being Kultir’s friend? She doesn’t entirely know. And she’s not a little bit confused. “So you are just supposed to go through candidacy without any friends at all?” Her brow furrows and she shakes her head, “No /surely/ not! I mean /everyone/ needs friends, right?” She flaps her hand where it dangles over her knee. With a soft sigh she looks right back at Kultir. And feels sympathy for the pain she sees reflected there. “I don’t know how the whole knot thing works. Is it something you can just give back?” And why would he want to?! “I mean if your ‘mate wants you to have the chance, I guess that must be important to her.” She’s guessing here.

Kultir catches his breath slightly at her first question and he shakes his head. "I don't think that's the case. I … I think she was more offended that Kalea and I had weyrmated and that I am so much younger than anything else. At least … I don't know." he says with a sigh. "I don't know what they want anymore … I did everything they said, no sex, no alcohol, no fighting, chores, classes, exercises … After a while I was even kinda happy with how things were agoin'." He runs his hands through his hair, loosening the stiff strands where sweat has dried in it. He shrugs slightly. "Apparently a Candidate can turn it back in if they feel they aren't up to it or … well, it can be taken away too. And Kalea isn't quite the only reason I still have it … I'd like to see if I'm good enough to be her equal." He quirks a sad smile up at her and shrugs slightly.

Lysia hums softly and shakes her head. “Now /that/ I don’t get.” She scoffs and sort of laughs wryly. “After all some o’the weyrfolk around here are younger’n you and got lots of dalliances going on. “ She lifts her shoulders in a shrug. “Only thing I can figure is maybe the Weyrwoman frowns on weyrmates period or somethin’. I’ve heard stories about the Senior Weyrwoman. An’ not all of ‘em are nice.” Could be the woman is just on a mean kick of some kind. Who knows? She chuckles and nods her head when he starts rattling off the list of rules he’s followed. “Good thing tanglin’ with trees don’t count then.” She quirks a smile at him. “I suppose if you’re so bent on proving something like /that/ you’d best hang in there then. Don’t know why you’d want to prove to be somebody equal. She make you feel like you aren’t good enough or something?”

Kultir laughs a bit bitterly and nods. "I know! And lots of the Candidates in the Barracks are 12 turns at the most. What's gonna happen if they Impress? They'd be … /maybe/ 14 when a green rises and the others chase? Not likely t' catch maybe but … they're still gonna be havin' sex with some'un." He's not too sure how he feels about that, some of the little girls who've been Searched remind him a lot of his little sister. When she asks her last question he looks up and shakes his head firmly. "/Kalea/ doesn't make me feel like I'm not good enough, no. I … just want to know if /dragons/ find me acceptable … you know?" He sighs, unable to make his mouth form the words that are in his head properly.

Lysia is aware that several of the candidates are quite young. She’s met a few of them when they’ve worked in the kitchens. Until he says something though it hadn’t really occurred to her the age they’d be when their dragons mature. Should those kids Impress. “Wow,” she murmurs and tilts her head in thought, “I never thought of that. But you’re right.” She shrugs her shoulders and chuckles. “Maybe there some kind of taboo against weyrmating around here. I guess perhaps ya’ll are just supposed to be single?” Which doesn’t sound right exactly. After all a couple of the kitchen staff have been weyrmated in their pasts. Huh, odd thoughts. She grins and nods her head when he admits to wanting to know if a hatchling will find him acceptable. “Well then I suppose the only way to find out if you have what it takes is to hang in there and do what ya gotta do.”

Kultir nods as she finally realizes what he's managed to figure out a while back. "You could be right … It doesn't sound right but, it's a possibility." He sighs softly and shrugs. "At this point, I'm not all that sure I care to right now." He flushes slightly when he realizes that he's just lied to himself … and to her, however inadvertently.

Lysia shifts and stretches her legs out in front of her. “It would make sense to me,” she tells him, “if they had some sort of issue with weyrmating I mean. Else wise I don’t get why they’d get so down about you being friends with her. The only reason I think of is because you two were lovers.” It’s probably not all that logical really. But it sounds good to her. When he professes not wanting to continue on she starts laughing at him. “Well aren’t you a walking contradiction?” She shakes her head at him, “I get that you’re angry. An’ I don’t blame you for that. But so far it sounds to me like you sort of /have/ to do what you’re told. After all you don’t want to disappoint your woman, and you want to see a hatchling up close and personal.”

Kultir chuckles softly at her comment and nods. "That's me … a walking contradiction. I get myself balanced and something or someone comes around and shakes things up again which leaves me unbalanced and angry and not knowing just what I want anymore." he says softly, perfectly logical and sounding much older than his 17 turns. He smiles more broadly and looks up at her, nodding. "Ye'r right … I don' wanna disappoint Kalea. And … I /do/ want to see the Hatchlings up close … and personal." Oddly, the tension is draining out of his shoulders letting his hands loosen and his smiles to come more easily though the slight scowl doesn't disappear completely.

Lysia tilts her head back against the stone and laughs. “Oh man,” she says after a moment, “at least you realize it I guess. Some folks just stay confused and have no idea why.” Her amused chuckles rock her slender shoulders. “There’s nothing wrong with being angry. /I/ get angry at least a few times every day. Can’t let it get in the way of your goal though.” She’s in his age group after all. So she understands how he feels in a way. “You have to use your frustration for your own good. Turn it into determination if you have to.”

Kultir chuckles again and finally turns to plant his back against another upright of the bridge so he can look at her. He rolls his broad shoulders and tilts his head to stretch the tension out of them. "I guess … I'm growin' up a bit, like folks say I gotta do. And I have no intention of losing this knot …" he says, flicking the tail of white. "Turn my frustration to determination? Hmmm, yeah … guess I can do that. I've been havin' a bit o' trouble not bitin' people's heads off today … kinda why I came out here." He doesn't mention that he'd skived out on his chores today … he's done his share and more so he feels like he's allowed a day of hooky every once in a while.

Lysia now has a really good view of Kultir. He’s terribly attractive when he isn’t a raving mad man. She can see what his greenrider sees in him. Or at least what /she/ sees in him as a teenage girl. “We all have to grow up sometime.” She’s been working on that herself. “I thought I had a pretty good grasp of it until they Searched the Head cook. Now I’m just trying not to lose my mind in the mayhem.” Keeping the kitchens running smoothly isn’t exactly easy on a great day. Yesterday had /not/ been a great day. “Well I’m glad that my head is still attached then,” she quips with a smile. He’s managed not to scare her out of here. And for that’s she’s grateful.

Kultir is totally unconscious of how his looks affect other people so he misses any reaction she may have. "Yulena? Yeah, I suppose that could be a bit rough on the folks left behind to pick up the slack." he says, crossing his arms loosely across his chest. He sighs softly, his gaze turning toward the sparkles on the pool and going a little vacant. After a moment or two, he heaves another sigh and asks, "So … what are ye doin' out here instead o' workin' ye'r tail off in th' kitchens? Finally get a restday?" He quirks a slight smile in her direction before returning his gaze to the water.

For Lysia his being unaware of the butterflies in her belly is a terribly good thing. After all it isn’t as if he’s actually her type. And she’s positive she isn’t his. Can’t help the fact that he’s cute though. “Yeah it’s been crazy. I hadn’t been here very long when they up and took her. If I hadn’t been here I’m not sure /what/ they would have done.” The staff had just wandered around like they hadn’t a brain the first morning. It had driven her nuts! “Oh well, um..” Lysia looks away from Kultir when he asks if this is her restday. “Not exactly. I sort of left a note late last night and just slept in this morning.”

Kultir laughs almost normally and nods a slight bow in her direction. "Hey, whatever ye gotta do t' get some rest, eh?" he says, that charming grin showing it's presence briefly. "Jes' hope ye don' get in trouble come time f'r ye t' be back. I hear Renalde … the Headman … don' like 'idlers'." He gives her a wink of encouragement. He shrugs slightly and a slightly mischivious expression crosses his face and glances at her out of the corner of his eye. "Truth to tell … I was supposed t' have kitchen duty again this mornin'." he says, not at all repentant about it either.

Lysia smirks while Kultir laughs at her. “I suppose if I get into trouble, then I do. I haven’t had a restday since Yulena was searched.” If she’d had to spend one more day in those kitchens without a break she’d lose her mind. She shrugs her shoulders when he speaks of Renalde. “You know I haven’t met him. I’ve only ever met Nora.” So she couldn’t say what the Headman would think of her choosing a restday. When he admits he was supposed to have kitchen duty she groans aloud and covers her face with her hands. “What if /all/ my help has decided not to show up today?” Now there’s a thought that brings panic to her eyes. “Maybe this whole taking a break thing wasn’t such a good idea.” She drops her hands and thunks her head back against the stone.

Kultir grins at her when she starts worrying and reaches over far enough to pat her hand lightly. "Don' worry 'bout it. I saw a passel o' Candidates … including Yulena, headin' that direction when I skived out. Things'll be fine wi' her in charge." he says pacifically. He returns to his resting posture and sighs softly. He drops his head back to rest against the upright which turns his gaze up to the tree canopy, studying it like he's never seen it before. "I wonder if they'd be pissed off if I went to find Rya …" he mutters to himself since he can't see the green's rider. He blinks, shaking his head and frowning at his thoughts. "No … course I cain't …"

Lysia is rather shocked when Kultir pats her hand. She sits there staring at her hand long after he’s moved his own away again. “She was? Oh thank Faranth!” Able to breathe again at this news, Lysia looks up and smiles. “I suppose I should work something out so that she can spell me once in a while for a restday.” Or she could high-jack someone with cooking experience and let them suffer in her place. She really will have to figure something out next time. When he mentions seeking out Rya, it takes her a few moments to figure it out. “Wait isn’t that the dragon you broke up with a while back?” Okay so that wasn’t worded exactly intelligently. Way to go, Lysia! That’s the way to make sense! “The dragon of your ex right? The woman you were /told/ by the Sr. Weyrwoman to stay away from?” She chuckles and shakes her head, “Where the dragon is the ‘rider can’t be far. And you’d be courtin getting that knot shoved somewhere uncomfortable I’d imagine. If you were caught breaking the rules again..”

Kultir chuckles softly at her rather broken and scattered questions and shrugs slightly. "Yeah, Rya's Kalea's green. And I never broke up with Rya … she misunderstood me." he says, grinning. He sighs and lifts his shoulders helplessly. "I can't git her outta m' head, s'all …" He lifts one knee and wraps his hands around it, fingers interlaced. "An' ye'r right … whereever Rya is then Kalea will be there too. S'not like I can call Rya to me … I don' belong t' her." There's a tinge of sadness in his tone but also a note of … yes, determination.

Lysia frowns a little at Kultir’s defeatist attitude. “Listen Jungleman,” she tilts her head so she can stare at him. “sounds to me like staying busy might be the best thing for you. When you’re busy, you don’t have time to think.” She realizes that’s probably not what he wants to hear. And she is a little nervous that he might start growling like a feral animal. “Even if you /could/ somehow call Rya to you I would figure that her ‘rider would be along.” Does it work that way? No clue! She decides she doesn’t particularly need to know the ins and outs of it. “It might not be a bad idea to try to put your ex out of your head. Or at least try.” She shrugs her shoulders and looks at him with sympathy. “I know it sucks. But you won’t get anything done if you mope around. I mean if /people/ don’t want to be around you because you’re surly.. what will a baby dragon think of your attitude?” Boy is she stretching herself thin here trying to get him thinking right.

Kultir frowns slightly, not wanting to hear exactly what he's been getting from everyone else he has to be around but he doesn't growl and rage at her. "I guess you're right … that's what everyone else has been saying too." he mutters. He sighs heavily and laughs a bit bitterly. "I've been told that more than once since last night too. Might be fine for folks who don't have a steady bedmate or are Weyrborn but … not so easy for me." He clenches his jaw tightly, forcing his rising feelings of anger back down again. He glances at her and frowns slightly. "I … hadn't thought of that either …" He shakes his head and kind of wilts where he sits.

Lysia frowns a little and sighs. “Well perhaps you should consider the fact that /you/ don’t have a regular bedmate at the moment either.” After all he’d professed to have been following the rules. That he and his ex were just maintaining a friendship. “I wasn’t born here either,” she reminds him in a soft tone. “So I understand your confusion about these rules. I don’t get them either.” She shrugs her shoulders and looks truly puzzled over it. “I just have to figure that they have them for some reason. Maybe if you found someone who could explain /why/ the rules are the way they are?” It couldn’t hurt after all. Could it? Well it depends on whether he’s open to the information she supposes. “I just know that walking around angry and beating on trees isn’t solving much.”

Kultir sighs and pushes himself upright again and nods. "I suppose that's all I can do. I doubt I'll be able to forget her but … maybe I can keep myself busy enough that I won't … " he says, breaking off without finishing what he'd been about to say though the tone of his voice might have given it away. He shrugs at her suggestion. "I'm not exactly …. enamored of the Weyrlingmaster staff right now. Not sure they'd tell me anything other than 'That's just the way it is, kid. Deal with it." anyway." He chuckles softly as he glances at the tree he'd been whacking with a branch and nods. "You are right there … just makes my hands sore."

Lysia can’t help but smile slightly at Kultir’s words, so she turns her head to gaze interestedly at the trees. “They what?” Her smile is gone when she turns again to stare at Kultir incredulous. “Surely not! It’s their job to make folks comfortable with the whole candidacy thing isn’t it?” She shakes her head in disgust over the staff he speaks of. “If they can’t be bothered to explain things decently to folks I don’t know /why/ they’d be allowed the task. This place makes less sense to me every day.” Her lips twist wryly, “Some days I’m of a mind that everyone with any position around here spends all their time jockeying to create more problems than they solve.” It’s a sad thing really.

Kultir shrugs at Lysia's rather accurate statement of his own feelings. "You'd think they'd want to make sure the Candidates were coping okay but … /no one/ said anything about cutting ties completely with any riders we'd known before we got this sharding knot." he says, the anger tinging his voice again before he can throttle it down. He shrugs and sighs. "Guess if I'm gonna 'prove my commitment' I better get back and do whatever they tell me to again …" Not that he pushes himself up immediately or anything, he really doesn't want to have to go back yet and will only do so if forced by circumstances.

Lysia nods her head in emphatic agreement with Kultir. “I would think that happy candidates would be a whole lot easier to deal with than a roomful of unhappy people.” Why do people insist on treating each other cruelly anyhow? What does it gain anyone? “I suppose if I were you I’d cut off ties with any ‘rider you know. Try to avoid them all?” Is that even possible given that he’s a candidate? It doesn’t sound exactly feasible. But then from the sounds of it nothing those people have demanded sounds feasible. “I don’t want to offend you or anything. But I’m sure glad /I/ don’t have to deal with what you do. I have enough people making crazy demands that make no sense as it is.” She sits there looking at him for a moment after he says he should get back. “I suppose perhaps you should get back then.” She heaves a much put upon sigh, “And I guess I should get back too.”

Kultir sighs softly as she too says she's got to get back to work and shrugs. "I suppose so. I don't want to but … I'll go." he mutters, pushing himself to his feet. "Kinda surprised someone hasn't come crashing through here looking for me anyway …" He starts up the slope before turning back with a crooked grin and says, "Don't run into any felines out here, eh?" Then he's off, nearly disappearing in the thick undergrowth in a few steps.

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