==== October 26, 2013
==== Aaron, Donatien, Nevelyn, Nevach, Sori, Tamagryn
==== A batch of people go for a swim

Who Aaron, Donatien, Nevelyn, Nevach, Sori, Tamagryn
What A little time spent in the sea
When There are 0 turns, 10 months and 18 days until the 12th pass.
Where Sea of Azov, Southern Weyr

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Sea of Azov
An inland sea, and vast: the glassy stretch of calm waters stretches distant from the dark-pebbled northern beaches to the snow-capped mountains of the far south. Shallow it is, and perilous for those ships that traverse the length of Black Rock River: bottoms lurk among scattered stretches of dark stone that loom visible and hidden just below the surface both. The clarity of the water is startling from north to south, with the single exception of the delta to the northwest: there, the riverwaters remain eternally conflicted, a mire of dark silt swallowed by the towering cliffs the river cuts through. The packtail, yellowfin, and spiderclaw is plentiful beneath the waves.

Aaron has sought out the relatively cool waters of Azov to get a away from the beating heat of the sun shining down, regardless of what +time says. He's standing in the water, though he's mostly submerged, just enjoying the coolness of the clear, blue water against the heat of the afternoon.

Derwyth glides over the forest slowly, his brown wings slowly beating as he skims the tree tops. The brown banks and starts to circle slowly over the beach, dropping with each circle before backwinging and dropping to the sand. A man riding the dragon pats the brown on the kneck and slides off. "Thanks Der" he grins. "I'll scrub you later if you want." he offers, but the brown just huffs and wades into the water himself, wings held above the waves. Tamagryn picks a place on the wet sand to dispose of his leathers, then runs into the waves after Derwyth. "Hey, wait up!"

Nevelyn and Nevach have a similar idea as they approach the water. "Just don't swim out too far," Neve calls after the seven turn old who is quickly splashing into deeper water than his mother. "I'll be fine Mom!" Nevach looks back over his shoulder for a scant moment before turning and disappearing beneath the surf. Nevelyn sighs and shakes her head as she wades waist deep into the water and splashes her arms.

Aaron watches from his perch as the dragon and his rider arrive, and then smiles when he notices Nevelyn and The Kid. Familiar faces, and a new one too, hooray! He starts walking towards the shore, slowly crouching to keep just his head above the water. Waves are ignored and allowed to crash over him as he heads on an intercept course for Nevach…

Tamagryn is done wading and dives through a wave to catch up with the floating brown swimdock. The dragon is preoccupied watching snails on the sandy bottom and the man overtakes him quickly, sliding up on the browns back and streatching out in the sun. "Whatcha lookin at?" he asks, eyes unfocusing as the dragon feeds him the view underwater.

Little shipfish boy that he is, Nevach is unaware of Aaron's approach. Busily digging in the sand beneath the waves like any normal ship born child is want to do. He's unaware of a lot of things it seems. Including Nevelyn's blinking expression as she watches the dragon and 'rider arrive for their own swim. She hopes that it's possible for Nevach to stay out of the way of the beast and not get drowned or something worse. Thankfully they appear to be at a safe enough distance from where her son disappeared beneath the waves a short time ago. A glance in that direction reveals a bobbing head and she lifts a hand to wave in greeting as she wades in that general direction.

Aaron grins back at Nevelyn, then, when he's just behind Nevach, shoots his hands out, catching the boy under the arms and lifting him up as he stands, easily clearing his feet from the water. "Gotcha, Nevach!" he says, laughing. "Afternoon, Nevelyn! How are you?" And eye gets cast over to the brown and his presumed rider, and he grins. "And a good afternoon to you too, brownrider!" the giant Smith calls out.

Tamagryn chuckles and slaps the browns back. "You dork." He shakes his head and looks up at the greeting. After a lost expression on his face and looking around for more dragons, it's fed into his head that he's the one being addressed. "Oh.. um, Heya!" he gives a bit of a wave.

Nevach is totally unprepared for someone to just grab him up out of the water. And so he comes up with a sputtering cough at first while he hangs there limply in Aaron's hands. With the agility of youth he twists himself to see who has him and squeals happily when he spies Aaron at the end of the huge hands and arms holding him up. "Aaron!!!" Nevelyn shakes her head and laughs at her son's boisterous cry and dips into the water up to her shoulders. "Afternoon Aaron." Her greeting is much more sedate and quiet. "We're faring quite well thank you. How are you?" She glances over at Tamagryn and lifts her hand out of the water to wave in greeting.

Aaron laughs a little at the expression on Tamagryn's face, chuckling. "New around here?" he asks, since he doesn't recognize the not-rider or the dragon. Nevach is set on Aaron's shoulder, and he carries the boy like that for a moment. "I'm doing great… Glad to be back here from up north. I forgot how bloody cold Telgar gets at this time of year." Hooray summer! "I see the Weyr hasn't been destroyed, so nothing could've gone too wrong in my absence…"

Derwyth continues paddling around in the water, watching the legs wandering around up the shore. All the sudden the small boy is grabbed and yanked out of the sight of the brown, making his head erupt from the water as he follows where the kid is at. Hy's eyes betray a couple flecks of red, then go green again. "It's ok Der, he was just tackled by that guy." The man nods and smirks. "Yea… We're from Ista.. old time. This is Derwyth, my sire's dragon, I'm Tamagryn."

Nevelyn has been kept so busy chasing Weyrbrats she hadn't even realized that Aaron had gone anywhere. Some friend she is, right? Jeeze Neve! She has the grace to blush when the big smith reveals the information and looks up at him standing there with her son happily perched on his shoulder. "Did you have a good trip?" Her question is embarrassed but genuine. Nevach on the other hand has no such qualms and settles on Aaron's shoulder, gripping the top of the man's head with both hands. "Tel.." He makes an attempt and then leans to look at Aaron upside down, "Where's at?"

Aaron notices that red, and waves to the dragon this time with his now-free hand. "Don't worry, Derwyth, I'm not gonna hurt him. Well met then, Tamagryn and Derwyth! Welcome to Southern. I'm Aaron, the Weyrsmith here, I think," he says with a lopsided grin. Looking up at Nevach, he chuckles. "Way, way north of here, on the Northern Continent. It's where my craft's main hall is. Not nearly as nice as here." Neve's embarrassment is noticed, and he chuckles. "It's not like I had much notice. Not a fun trip, but it's over and done with for now."

Nevach is confused by the lack of immediate attention and lifts his head to peer curiously at the brown dragon and uh.. rider? Not rider? He's seven don't expect him to know these things! He knows enough to sit up straight for a moment and knock of a salute to the draggie pair before his mother can chastise him. Eventually Aaron looks up at him and Nevach puffs up happily. "Ye shoulda took me. I'm handy on a ship ye know." Nevelyn rolls her eyes but doesn't remark on the handiness of her young son. Or lack thereof. "I'm certainly glad that you've made it safely home." Unlike her lovely child she has /no/ intention of setting foot on a ship again anytime soon.

Tamagryn nods at what the smith is saying before. "You are an oldtimer like us?" he asks. At the immediate reaction to the Derwyths movement he blinks and pats the dragons kneck with a grin. "Don't worry about him, he was making sure the boy wasn't drowning."

It's a wonderful day, and the best part of it is Sori has a rest day. So of course she's off to the beach, and it's the only when she can no longer walk flat footed that she stops. This puts her several feet away from everyone else, and not a dolphin in sight drat the luck.

A quiet, warm day brings Donatien out to for a long swim. He strips down to underpants and quickly makes his way into the water, heaving a gusty sigh as he lengthens out and starts to swim around, waving briefly to the gathered group before doing a few freestyle wide circles around them.

Aaron chuckles up at Nevach, shaking his head. "No lad, I didn't take a boat. Took a quick little ride ::between::. Was cold enough when I got to Telgar that I wasn't sure we didn't get stuck ::between::!" he says with a grin. Nevelyn gets a chuckle too, and a nod. "Aye, it's good to be back. I missed the sun and the warmth." To Tam, he shakes his head. "Nope, I'm a nowtimer, though most of my contemporaries would happily deny me as such," he says with a chuckle. Sori gets a notice, and he grins, moving towards the mini-Smith, setting Nevach down as he does. "Sori! They kept the same restday schedule while I was gone, I take it?" Dien gets a wave back, and a grin.

Sori scowls, "No, I had to demand a rest day," she's not pleased by that, "I think that journeyman that was put in charge when you left thought I didn't need a rest day," not that Sori's an easy person to convince to take a break. It's the principle of it all really, the girl wants the option to take a rest day should she want to, "The schedule was put back to rights not too long ago. Probably because you were coming back."

Derwyth drops his head to blow bubbles in the water as he moves a bit closer to the group of people, wanting to watch the bubbly boy more. Tamagryn doesn't mind and just lays out on the dragons back as they float on the water, the waves gently rolling over their backs as they break the waves for the rest.

Nevelyn pays enough attention to make note of the new arrivals and smile in greeting. A wave given here and there as she turns to see either Sori on the shore or Dien swimming by. "Mama won't let me go near them dragons," Nevach informs Aaron with all the purpose of a child. He squeaks slightly when Aaron deposits him back in the water and moves off without so much as a 'see ya'. A glance at his mother reveals him heaving a slight shrug and disappearing once more beneath the waves. Nevelyn sighs softly and has time to nod at Aaron, "I'm sure it was nice to venture somewhere colder for a time." Then she too is watching the big Smith move off toward the Apprentice. She chuckles softly and hovers nearby the pair of feet sticking above the surface of the waves as Nevach plays in the shifting sand.

Swimmers come and go but Dien has switched over to an easy backstroke, putting a bit of speed on. He looks to make sure he deosn't run into anyone or anything, but soon enough it's time for a break, so Dien makes his way over to the little group, "Heyla," he tells everyone, nodding to each. "Weyrsmith, you're back!" he continues with cheer, "How was… Telgar, I'm guessing?"

Tamagryn pats the browns kneck and tilts his head to the side. "C'mon." he suggests. The brown backs away from the group and wades down the shore a ways before padding out onto the wet sand to drip dry.

Aaron watches Sori suddenly run off on some remembered chore, and shrugs, falling backwards into the water with a big splash. He's tall enough that he can sit on the sand where he's at, and just enjoys the coolness of the water for a moment before scooting back towards the group. He'll deal with /that/ problem later. "So what brings y'all to Southern, Tamagryn?" he asks, then casts a look at Nev. "You won't let him near dragons?" he asks, puzzled. They live in a Weyr, after all… Dien gets a grin and a shrug from Aaron, who eventually stands back up. "Cold, in both weather and reception. They're still rather unhappy with me, but can't deny that the new-old techniques are improvements… Faranth forfend something teaches them something new."

Tamagryn slides down Derwyths back and shakes his hair out, then wanders back up to the group, wading back into the water. "Hmm? Oh, I share the weyr with my sire, M'rgin. I didn't have any place else to go after moving forward, so I just live there now." the man grimaces a bit and looks around. "It is a nice place though, I like it."

Nevelyn watches the pair of feet disappear beneath the water before glancing up at Dien's approach. "Hello," she greets the man with a welcoming smile. Before she can say anything more Nevach pops up on the surface of the water and draws in a loud gasping breath. "Look it!" He holds up a colorful shell for all to see. Neve laughs softly and shakes her head at her son. "I was beginning to wonder if you'd surface for air or if you'd gave up and developed gills." She reaches out and maneuvers Nevach out of Dein's way as the boy had popped up in an inconvenient spot. A glance over at Aaron has her shaking her head. "He wants to bother them all and it isn't polite."

Donatien nods in agreement with Aaron, chuckling, "Mine occasionally sends me a letter, asking if I'd like to reconsider settling here, but," a wave of hand to the beach, "I have no intention of that!" A little grin at Tamagryn, nodding in agreement and then Dien nods down at Nevach, "A very nice shell," he tells the young lad solemnly before looking appreciatively at Derwyth.

Aaron knows /all about/ sharing weyrs. Cough. "Well, if you want to stick around, I'm sure we could find you something to do around here. Plenty of work to go around, after all." Nevach gets a chuckle from the big man, and he squats down, bringing himself on level with the boy. "What've you found there, Nevach?" he asks, peering at the shell. "Very nice! You should keep it." Dien's admission gets a grin from him. "Yeah, I'm done with snow, thank you very much. A childhood in Ista does /not/ prepare one for an apprenticeship in Telgar."

Derwyth pads up behind the naked man and nudges him in the shoulder. "Hmm? oh, I gotta get going, M'rg wants his ride back." He walks back up the beach to grab his clothes, then climbs back up onto the dragon, piling the clothes in his lap to be… somewhat decent. He gives a wave, then they're off.

Nevach traces the bumpy patterns on the shell with a pruned finger. "Ain't it?" This is asked of Donatien as Nevach grins up at the man. He settles back against his mother and investigates his prize. "I gotta be sure somethin don' live in it first," he tells Aaron before his mother can remark about it. "It isn't nice to steal someone's home." Yeah that doesn't sound like a harried repeat of something he's heard often. Nevelyn has witnessed snow a time or two. But she's never lived anywhere cold for long. The ships always keep on sailing after all. At least until she'd found herself deposited here.

Donatien nods seriously back down to Nevach, and then, "A very good idea, young man." He doesn't crouch down as Aaron does, for a variety of reasons, but chuckles, "After a posting to Bitra, that was quite enough for me, myself," Dien will confess, "I do prefer the heat here, more than just for my knees. Even though," he says thoughtfully, "It still took me long enough to get posted somewhere nice and warm." A wink at Aaron, "The colder the clime, the warmer the la…" and JUST in time, Dien remembers small ears about and finishes his sentence there.

Aaron waves farewell the to not-rider and the dragon, then chuckles as he watches Nevach play with the shell. "That's very true, and very nice of you to do for the little critter." He looks up at Nevelyn and grins, chuckling. "See, boys can learn, we just have to be told a few times. Dien's almost-finished sentence gets a laugh, and a shake of his head. "12 Turns at Telgar was plenty for me. Went back to Ista, then Igen, and now I'm here, and I'm intending to /stay/ here."

Nevelyn smiles proudly at Nevach's wise statement. She glances at Dien and chuckles softly, "I've been beyond grateful that we ended up here in the lovely warmth." She'd have been on the next ship and hunting down her previous home if they'd put them off in some cold misbegotten part of the world. She glances at Aaron and nods her head, "He's wonderfully smart." Nevach wriggles away from his mother and swirls his shell beneath the surface of the water. "Ye can't leave anyhow," he pragmatically informs Aaron when he pauses in his play. "Ye haven't taken me out on yer boat yet and ye promised."

Donatien turns to watch Derwyth take off with Tamagryn, chuckling slightly to himself, but it's Nevach's matter-of-fact reasoning that gets a full laugh from the Weaver. "You're caught," he tells the Weyrsmith, pointing a finger at the man, shaking his head in mock-disappointment. Anyways, "Well, sir, lady, young lad, if you'll excuse me," Dien says cheerfully, "I have a few more laps to swim. I'll be back in a wee while." With that, Dien makes his way back out in the open water, flinging himself into a butterfly stroke for a couple of laps about.

Aaron reaches out and ruffles the kid's wet hair, grinning. "Aye, that I do, and I haven't forgotten. I've no desire to leave anyways. Couple of riders down here that would hunt me down if I did, and drag me back. If the weather's okay tomorrow, we should go for a sail, if your mother's okay with it?" he asks, looking up at Nevelyn. Dien's accusation gets a chuckle and a nod. "That I am, good sir Weaver. Enjoy your swim!"

The things little kids will say aloud. Nevelyn has the grace to blush since her son has no idea he’s ousted the Smith. Nor would the child understand well enough to care. “Why don’t you put the shell back for a critter’s home and see what else you can find eh?” She reaches out and pats Nevach’s shoulder lightly. “Have a nice swim,” she tells Donatien with a short distracted nod. Her eyes latch onto Aaron’s even as her son spins about in the water. “Really?!” Nevach demands before his mother can say a word. “Can we Mom, please?!” Nevelyn had planned to relax tomorrow and sighs a bit. It would be a nice distraction though so she shrugs her shoulders and smiles at Aaron. “As long as you’re sure we won’t be any trouble,” she agrees. Though she’s nearly drowned out by Nevach’s joyful whoop.

It's not long before Donatien slows down to a nice easy freestyle again, splashing around before going underwater. Duhn nuh, duhn nuh. Unfortunately for Dien's underwater disguise, his little bronze has gotten bored of sleeping and sunning, so he comes flitting about in search of his person, and just sails above the snorkling weaver. Dien discovers this almost too late and pops out of the water near Nevach, grousing, "Excellent timing." Soldier just lands on Dien's shoulder and chirps in smug satisfaction.

Aaron tilts his head at the blush, chuckling a little. "Don't blush, Nevelyn. I did promise the lad, after all, and it's good that he's willing to hold me to my word." He laughs long and loud at the boy's reaction, but notices Nevelyn's sigh. Standing up, he leans a bit closer to her, lowering his voice so Nevach won't hear over his playing. "If you'd rather stay ashore, I can handle him fine. He's better behaved then some of my apprentices." Soldier's antics get a grin from Aaron, and he looks up for a moment to assure himself that he's not about to be dive bombed by any of his flits…

Nevach would bounce with joy but he's currently treading water. His attention is on Aaron and not on the antics of a firelizard. "I can't wait," he tells the Smith and his mother both. The sudden appearance of Donatien has the boy squawking and diving for Aaron. "What's it?!" The brief glance over his shoulder gives the kid an impression of a flit headed man. And that's enough to freak him totally. Nevelyn flushes even worse when Aaron leans close to her. Sinking lower into the water with a shake of her head. "He'll get underfoot for sure if I'm not there. Besides I was rather looking forward to it too." She masks her reaction to the Smith by laughing long and loud at Nevach's reaction to Dien's sudden appearance. "You're alright honey."

Donatien is a man of many surprises, apparently, but he didn't mean to scare the kid. A mutely sheepish look at Nevelyn and Nevach: "Sorry about that," he says. Soldier just chirps. He had the utter right of it. Donatien raises an eyebrow at the bronze, who chrrs and hops down one extended arm to murr at Nevach. "Soldier would like to apologize," Dien says blithely, ignoring the tail wrapping around his forearm.

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