==== December 11, 2013
==== Atzi, A'lory, Jhael, Mayte, Sadaiya, Sienna, S'kyre, W'rin
==== A Few Bets, A Few Beers, A Prank

Who Atzi, A'lory, Jhael, Mayte, Sadaiya, Sienna, S'kyre, W'rin
What A Few Bets, A Few Beers, A Prank
When 6 months and 0 days until the 12th pass.
Where Igen Weyr


The Pit
One does not enter The Pit so much as descend into it. Why else the name? The Steen ancestors paid for their square footage with sweat, excavating the area and building curved walls up around it. Wide, smooth steps descend into a large entry area that overlooks the pit and galleries. Floors, ceilings and walls have been whitewashed with limestone paste, increasing the amount of light reflected back from the numerous glow baskets hung on the walls. A rounded doorway to the north leads one into the business' office. Continuing on through the lobby brings one to another set of six stairs that descend into the galleries surrounding the sand-filled pits. A low wall separates audience from combatants, but even at its highest point, those in the galleries are never more than twenty feet away from the action. The sand is raked daily, with fresh sand added whenever the blood to soil ratio becomes too great.

It is late in the day, outside the summer heat is sweltering, even as the light starts its slow waning. Inside The Pit it is also hot, the heat multiplied by the pressing of bodies in the stands and the exertion of the bloodied fighters on the stands. W'rin is here, settled amongst a group of wingleaders and seconds and a few other riders, the crowd is loud and rowdy, the men hollering at those they betted for, as drinks slouch. A particular loud crunching noise from the ring and one of the fighters goes down, the crowd draws to a sudden and only momentary silence, before the hooting and booing begin. "Faranth!" The weyrleader would go on, his hands in the air as if it could change the outcome of the fight, and those riders (most of those with him) who won slink off for the moment to collected their earnings.

Late in the day, and S'kyre along with his twin have just finished their sweep. Where else to go but The Pit? They stand at the end of the row of seats as they watch the end of the fight. No bets to collect, or to mourn losing as they've only just arrived, "Bad luck that," one says to the other before they're looking for a place to sit, and find they're actually not going to be able to find some place out of the way. Mostly they want out of the way so they can discuss their next 'project', ah well can't win at everything.

W'rin knows that voices, and his head swivels around to spot the twins, his expression a mock grumpiness as he shakes his cranium at them. "Bah, I just bet on the other guy so there'd be a bit of sport in it. No fun if everyone's going for the same guy." The particular man being discussed, as the weyrleader turns back around to see, is still being scraped gingerly out of the dirt. "Bastard didn't stand a chance though. Glad I didn't put much down." A hand is waved at the seats next to him, those guys can find seats around. "Come on guys. No need for marks, just tell me who you think is going to win the next one." Drink? Is implied as he holds one up in an offer.

Uh. They could go to the Cantina. Atzi scoots out of S'kyre's way. Or was that the other one? Out of the way means near her. She slumps, flipping the betting token in her hand. Grimacing as the Healers help the loser fix his face she smiles up at S'kyre… the other one…? "Evening. Did you find the Junior Weyrwoman?"

S'kyre grins at W'rin as he and I'tani move to take the seats indicated. I'tani watches the combatants on the sands for a while. He's a good eye for these things, and for all the one he points to is considerably shorter and not nearly as burly I'tani points to him just the same, "Him. He may be smaller, but look at how he bounces. You can see that he's got more speed, and I bet he's stronger than he looks," S'ky grins at his twin, "Really? How much?" and he's reaching for his pouch. I'tani shakes his head as he holds up his hands, "I'm not betting against you. I always lose," he grumps back.

S'kyre grins at W'rin as he and I'tani move to take the seats indicated. I'tani watches the combatants on the sands for a while. He's a good eye for these things, and for all the one he points to is considerably shorter and not nearly as burly I'tani points to him just the same, "Him. He may be smaller, but look at how he bounces. You can see that he's got more speed, and I bet he's stronger than he looks," S'ky grins at his twin, "Really? How much?" and he's reaching for his pouch. I'tani shakes his head as he holds up his hands, "I'm not betting against you. I always lose," he grumps back. Atzi's given a grin and a light headshake, "No, but she can't hide forever," can she? Well maybe?

W'rin his eyes first to Atzi and then back to the twins, what are they up to. He can't be sure, but if it is what they discussed he can certainly lend a hand. "Boys, if you need me to deliver something to her…say a gift. I'd be happy to." He lifts his eyebrows. He'd be an "innocent" by stander in the whole thing. A few fingers are shot to Atzi in a wave. The discussion of fighters draws a gruff grunt from the man, "You always lose and you'd be on that one?" He points a finger at I'tani, and then flicks to to S'kyre, "Then I'm betting with your twin, on the bigger one."

Oh, good. It was the right one… Right? She leans past the twins and gives the Weyrleader an inclination of her head that approaches a bow. "Well, I've gone and wasted what I came to wager." She frowns at the worthless token, but looks up, hopeful. Always lose, huh? You can bet Atzi will be keeping score. BET TRACKER ENGAGED.

I'tani simply shrugs at W'rin. Atzi is given a grin, "I'd still bet on the smaller guy," because he is just a sucker sometimes. S'kyre shrugs, "He doesn't always lose," after all, I'tani had wagered they both would Impress, "He did wager rather heavily that we'd walk away with brown when we Impressed," I'tani chuckles at that memory, "Well y'know there were so many betting against us. Someone had to bet on us," sagenod.

Atzi gets a laugh from W'rin who shrugs, "Just for fun now, no marks. Who wins." He nods his head down to the sands, where the two fighters are warming up now that the KO-ed guy from the last fight has been removed, and the ring workers are raking over the splattering of blood so the sands are fresh for the next fight. "I'tani," The correct is pointed out, it was a skill their wingleader had to develop early on, "Says the smaller one wins cause he's going to be faster - I'm not so sure he should under estimate a large man." The brownrider gets a raised eyebrow look from the giant of a man who sits before them. Know what he means? "I'm with S'kyre, however, sometimes big guys move better than you think." Wink.Wink.Nudge.Nudge.

It is in-between fights at the pit, a large man, and a slightly smaller one are warming up as the crew cleans the sands. W'rin is in the stands, a few other riders scattered about him, S'kyre and Atzi are nearby, the three are discussing bets - though not actually placing them.

Atzi smiles at the Weyrleader, the man had the look of someone who knew his way around busting heads. "For fun then. I pick the smaller guy." She gives her own sage nod to I'tani. He bet that BOTH twins would Impress and BOTH would walk away with brown. The odds are staggering.

With as little ceremony as possible, clad in her every-day regalia (as opposed to her marginally more opulent formal attire), Sadaiya picks her ways through the stands, a few feet ahead of her cohort. A few helloes are exchanged, some salutes, and a general air of casualness. She even has a huge mug of something foamy in one hand and a meatroll in the other. As fortune has it, she manages to squish herself an opening next to W'rin and gestures to Sienna. "Here. I'll sit my big ol' butt on the end so you guys don't have to deal with it."

Sienna moves in after Sadaiya, still using her cane but not leaning on it as heavily as she has been. Another outing, and it'd better go better than the last one. "Thanks, Sadie," she says with a smile as she gives W'rin a proper salute and then settles down beside the Weyrleader, peering down into the pit. "Anyone we know going into the ring?"

S'kyre stands as Sienna and Sadaiya approach, more so that Sienna has a place to sit than because he's a gentleman. Anyone that knows S'ky would simply die of laughter if it were ever suggested that he was such a thing as a gentleman. So of course that's what he's doing right now even if he does refuse to admit it, "Well I'm still going to bet on the bigger guy. I mean that Smith Aaron's pretty fast, and so's W'rin. Both big guys," so there. I'tani shrugs, "Suit y'erself," because this is just going to be fun anyway. Watch I'tani lose the bet and have to sweep the couches for both their dragons for a month.

Grunting at Atzi, W'rin shakes his head, "Every likes the underdog. 'Ain't gunna win though. And this two knuckle heads impressing…" W'rin jabs his thumb in their direction, "That's just shit luck. Pretty sure their dragons had egg goo in their eyes. Must have thought they were someone else." But the way he chuckles after, it is clearly meant as an affectionate, not that he would ever admit to it, jest. But then the junior weyrwoman and his weyrmate have stolen his attention, "Ladies." Well, time to clean up the language, but the Weyrleader doesn't seem too upset as he lifts his glass towards Sadaiya's frothy mug. "To when fights had class?" He jabs a finger at the bigger one. "Also, that one is going to win, don't you think?" His weyrmate? Well, it's public so he's not going to touch her, but he does offer a wink in greeting, and a salute.

And, tailing the two women by some two feet is the lanky and uncomfortable A'lory, dragged with great reluctance out of his weyr by an insistent Sadaiya. Oh, the sheer effrontery of long-standing friendship! And yet, he's here, slouching reluctantly down the aisle, avoiding physical contact, until might find a place to sit near the group he knows.

Atzi laughs, her speaking voice is rough, clipped, but her laugh is sweet, "I've no skin in this, Weyrleader, and can freely indulge my contrariness." She wrinkles her nose at W'rin, eyes widening. Did she just do that to the Weyrleader? She sits back, looking back and forth. She shuffles in her seat to make room for the new arrivals. A weak little smile and curtsy for the Junior Weyrwoman. She tugs S'kyre's sleeve, pointing redundantly. "PSSSST. SHE'S HERE."

"A'l! Get your skinny butt over here!" It's more the projection of the weyrwoman's voice than her meatroll-waving, stunty little arm that pinpoints her location to A'lory, though it's not like the bright, expensive silks of her outfit don't stand out. "Hey, you guys, scoot down." Sadaiya's insistence has a few people on the other end of the long bench skittering away, instantly granting the knot of riders a significant amount more leg room. "To class! And to being a goldrider, because now no one has to sit on anyone's laps!"

Sienna is fine not being touched right now, though she does return W'rin's wink and then focus her attention back onto the sands. "Thank you," she murmurs to S'kyre when he rises, appreciating it but not dwelling on it. "I just bet on the fights W'rin is in. Are you going to do one tonight?" Because if he is, she needs to leave. When A'lory arrives Sienna offers him a salute as well, studying him for a moment before her focus shifts. Then she laughs at Sadaiya. "Awwww," she teases. "What if I wanted to sit in someone's lap?"

Well those were his friends, but they've moved off so they can be rowdy and not formal - which is hard with this many rankers around. Four in all so far. W'rin just grunt at Sadayia in a scoffed bit of laughter. "Yes, perhaps we all wanted to sit in each others laps. A'lory?" The giant man pats his lap in a joke, and then cocks his chin up slightly in a manly greeting. "No real bets, we're just lookin' at the fighters and deciding who we'd think would win." It's a friendly game tonight. "A'lory, Atzi." The man makes introductions to the only one who hasn't met the bartender.

A'lory shifts, startled, when his name's put out there in the street, and grouches his way over, lest the small woman get louder — it's been known to happen. "Mmph. You seem to spend a lot of energy star

S'kyre chuckles at Atzi's tugging on his sleeve. I'tani slips quietly out of The Pit, when he returns he's carrying a box. Roughly rectangular, and rather shallow it's passed to S'kyre who grins. With a flourishing bow, the box is presented to Sadaiya, "We saw these last time we were down visiting Aaron, and thought they'd look nice against your complexion," the twins grin as they find a place to sit. They're probably going to be hiding from Sadaiya, but for now? Nah they've just given her a thoughtful gift.

A'lory shifts, startled, when his name's put out there in the street, and grouches his way over, lest the small woman get louder — it's been known to happen. "Mmph. You seem to spend a lot of energy staring at my ass," the lanky one intones sardonically. "Careful, that smith of yours'll be jealous." And then he's settled in with the group, giving Sienna a slight nod before eyeing W'rin consideringly. "Not going to happen. That's just asking for trouble." He'll stick to having the women sit in his lap, thanks. Atzi is given a rather more formal inclination of his head.

"Blah at that." Bringing her meatroll back to position one, Sadaiya squishes onto the end of the bench, trapping A'lory between herself and Sienna because discomfort doesn't have to be the sole dominion of the fighters. "Ahhh, this is much better. It's kinda weird! People usually don't sit next to me here unless it's Tan or unless I force them to. Wonder why that is?" This is mostly asked of her ale mug, and her reflected voice amplifies oddly back at her thoughtfully furrowed face. Swallowing, she continues, "Oh well. Usually it means I can spread my lunch out and everything, not that I'd let my foot DIRECTLY touch the seats here. Or the floor." To illustrate, she lifts a shoe, and it makes that strange little movie theater *squitch* as it pulls off of the sticky floor.

Sienna laughs, soft and light, shaking her head. Lifting a hand, she tucks curls behind her ear and peers down at the pit again, before her eyes scan the crowd. "Aww, a present?" Does she sound a bit suspicious as she watches Sadie with that box? You bet. She knows the twins after all. "Sadie. You got a present. Open it carefully."

W'rin remembers last time he got a box. He smelled delightful for days. Hey eyes A'lory suspiciously, the twins are up to something - but have they taken a page from the weyrsecond. "I wish I had the problem." The man grunts at Sadaiya. "No one wanting to sit by me sounds delightful." Maybe they can do some sort of freaky Friday thing. Alas, Pern doesn't have Fridays. Whiskey is finally sipped at, look he's being a good boy today. Somewhere down on the sands a bell rings, and the two men start the slow circling dance.

A'lory gets a scoff. "You are nasty," Sadaiya notes with a disdainful crinkle of her nose around a mouthful of meatroll (she's one to talk right now). "Oooh, wait, box! Sorry! Didn't hear you over the noise." Swallowing, she accepts the flat box with a tip of her head, balancing her ale between her knees. She opens it carefully and, "OH! It's beautiful! Oh, it smells so WONDERFUL!" With childish glee, an orchid garland is pulled out of the package and subsequently ringed over her head. "There! Oh, you are an absolute GEM! This is an amazing gift."

Dirty little trader boys usually get turned back at the doorway to The Pit. Perhaps some make the assumption that this particulary dirty little boy is one of those refugees that are flitering into the bazaar. Jhael's eyes are wide open, and his hands are tucked behind his back

Dirty little trader boys usually get turned back at the doorway to The Pit. Perhaps some make the assumption that this particulary dirty little boy is one of those refugees that are flitering into the bazaar. Jhael's eyes are wide open, and his hands are tucked behind his back as if saying that really, he's up to no trouble tonight. Slowly he drifts towards the loud speakers, though he makes pains to stay behind them and not attract attention. Okay, except for that purse where he manages to slip out a small mark before drifting on.

Oh here's trouble. And THEN Mayte walks in. Hands jammed into her pockets, the older apprentice is just seemingly out for a timely stroll, checking the sights, hearing the sounds, and not betting on whoever is in the Pit today. A familiar crowd is spotted and Mayte slowly makes her way over, definitely not hip-checking people out of her way; such subtlety is not Mayte's style. It lasts as long as it needs to, which is until Mayte arrives in front of the knot of W'rin, Sadaiya, and A'lory with a little salute. Well hello.

Sienna chuckles at W'rin. "You're just so sexy everyone is drawn to you." Glancing at his whiskey she looks around until she sees a serving wench, signaling her over and ordering a light ale. Looking back at Sadaiya when she opens the box (does the greenrider lean away a bit?), she looks…surprised when it turns out to be flowers. Are there bugs in them? Suspicious AWLM is suspicious. When Mayte arrives the greenrider grins, returning the salute with a happy smile. "Hi, Mayte. How are you?"

W'rin comenses to grumbling under his breath at being called sexy, and being called sexy in public. Flowers? Is that was discussed, and they smell nice. "Is this some sort of mega prank, by not being a prank?" Beady eyes squint at the twins, are they seriously messing with his mind. The newcomers draw the weyrleader's attention momentarily. "Mayte." A little grin may curl up underneath his beard at the salute, which is returned crisply. That other kid, though, the one slinking about gets a finger jabbed at him. "You." Who is that? "Kid. Come here. Who do you think is gunna win, the big one?" Eyebrows waggle, the one like him, "Or the scrappy skinny one?"

Slowly, very very slowly the blooms release their delicate aroma into the air. As the air gets heated they start to droop, and the aroma starts to smell lightly sour. Wait an hour. The ripeness? The midden would smell sweeter. I'tani and S'kyre have found a different place to sit and watch the fight below. When the full aroma hits, they want to be no where near.

Jhael's eyes narrow just a moment as the weyrleader cocks a finger at him. He hesitates a long moment, but then shrugs. Hands innocently tucked behind his back the filthy waif drifts closer. His skinny frame leans over a nearby bar. "The skinny one. He's waiting for the idiot to wear himself out."

Mayte takes a seat and looks out over the crowd, then the fighters, and hmms analytically at Jhael's response, eyeing the pair in the ring. That is, until her nose starts to wrinkle at a very strange scent. At first, Mayte tries to ignore it. And that's not working so well, so Mayte turns to look over who could be making that. Person nearby. Other person nearby. W'rin? Mayte's eyes narrow a little as she stares at him.

No one has the balls to call a Weyrwoman out for stinkin'?

Jhael snifs the air, then his armpit. Nope, nothing smells bad here yet.

Sienna grins as she accepts her ale, and when W'rin begins to grumble. She'll leave him alone now though. Watching Jhael approach, Sienna's expression shifts slightly. Sympathy? Pity? It's hard to tell as her nose twitches and she looks around. HMM.

"Yeah, I agree. He's got way more endurance for holding up over time…" Turning, Sadaiya sees the wretched child and her heart positively leaps into her eyes. "Oh you poor THING! Do you need something to eat?" Her nose wrinkles and she leans slightly away from the boy, unaware of the true source of the smell and misplacing it. "And a bath. Oh, we should get you cleaned up, honey. Get you some clothes from stores or something." Tipping her head back, she guzzles her ale with the open throat of a pro and the indicator of a lucky weyrmate. Standing without ceremony, she lifts the garland from her head and drapes it over Sienna's. "Here, hold on to this for me?" Standing, she picks through the crowd and stands at the rail next to Jhael, for once the taller of a pair. "Anything at all, I'll help you. Hi, I'm Sadaiya!"

S'kyre and I'tani are by now on the opposite side of the spectator's area. They are watching, and they are chortling oh so quietly. A direct score, and the best part is that as yet no one realizes where the source of that smell is really coming from. Poor Jhael had the bad timing to enter into The Pit just as the blooms begin to sour. Indeed, they have managed their mischief. The only question that remains is should they hang around, or scram while they still can?

W'rin doesn't seem the least bit aware he's put the kid in an awkward situation, go figure. "Sure, he's got endurance Sadaiya, but one false move from the skinny one and BLAM - lights out." The weyrleader shakes his head, "Sides, you could both be underestimating the quickness of the big guy. Sometimes they can surprise you." Just ask his weyrmate. COUGH. But then his nose is wrinkling up, "Faranth's tits! Who cut the cheese! Sadaiya - did you fart!?" Leaning away the man pinches his nose, oh been the smell is traveling and his eyes glare at his weyrmate. Someone dunk the women!

"He who denied it supplied it, Weyrleader," Sadaiya replies casually, still cooing over the apparently needy child.

Only the slightest of smiles slides across Jhael's face as the goldrider approaches. It lasts only a nanosecond, befor Jhael replaces it with his best wayward child-in-dire-straits look. "Ma'am, Ain't here to be a bother…" His dusky brown eyes look upward at the taller woman. He rubs one barefoot against the back of his other leg. The smell isn't as bad as the middens, yet, so Jhael doesn't blink.

Sienna has…flowers now? She blinks, eyes lifting upwards, and she reaches up to gently take it off and offer it to W'rin. "You want to wear it?" she teases. Then…she sniffs it. And then she turns and /glares/ across the arena. Where are they. "It's this," she mutters to W'rin, lifting herself to her feet with a hand on her cane. Looking for someone to take it, it seems.

The chortling mirth of a the brownriding pair is easily missed as they slip out of The Pit. Leaving now would be the better part of valor at this point. I'tani grins mischeviously at S'kyre just as the door closes on them.

"I did no such thing!" W'rin points at Sadaiya, "And you're denying it now too!" So there goes her theory, but then Sienna is offering the foot-ripe-flowers to him and the man leaps up and jumps back a few steps, also proving big men can move quickly when threatened. "Smell better than that pink stuff A'lory got me with a few months back." Alas, he's leaving his weyrmate to a dangerous fate.

Sienna snorts. "It was delicious," she argues. "Though I had a few lesbian lover dreams until your smell returned to normal." Say what now? Looking around, the greenrider hails another passing wench and hands it over with instructions to toss it into the garbage heap.

The rest of the commotion goes unnoticed since Sadie has the task of being manipulated ahead of her to attend to. "Here, let me get you some food. Excuse me!" Her hand flails, waving down a roaming roll and pie vendor. "Give this little guy anything he wants. Within reason, of course." Rustling around in her cleavage produces a small mark-sack and a few raised eyebrows, and she slaps down a 3 mark piece. "Will that help you, sweetie pie?" For a sitting duck, she sure coos like a pigeon.

Mayte sits back, watching the pantomime before her, still trying to ascertain where that… Sienna has it now, so Mayte shuffles away from the garland, bumping into a disgruntled neighbour. This… Mayte is just shaking her head. Something more to write home about

Jhael straights up, allowing an oh-too-artifical light to enter into those brown eyes. "Thank'e ma'am!" The vendor is less sure of Jhael's innocence, but the mark is there… so he hands over the rolls and pie. Jhael takes both in utterly filthy hands and begins to bolt down the food, as if he is starving. Which he might be, he's sure skinny enough for it.

Well a comment like that will stop W'rin in his tracks, "Wuhh, wuhh, what?" Brows furrowing, "Look just cause I smelled like a woman for a few days don' ain't done you like…" Oh wait, public. Scrowling at his near faux pas. Meanwhile he's gone back to scrambling over the back of a stand to remove himself from danger.

Sienna just /grins/ at her weyrmate. He fell right into her trap. PUBLIC. Muahaha. Sitting again, she looks rather satisfied with herself and picks up the mug again to sip at it.

Someone, somewhere near the weyrleader, begins to sing-song "W'rin smelled like puuu-ssy."

"Only after I'm done with him." That wasn't Sienna who said that, was it? She'd never say something like that. Plus she's drinking her ale.

Mayte can't help but overhear what W'rin says, and turns to eye the large man with even more suspicion. But she's not singing that little ditty. NOPE. A slow, sad shake of her head, and Mayte comments, "Maybe if he still smelled that way, we wouldn't have had to change labels…" but the nuts guy is coming by and Mayte successfully wrangles a small bag for a fair bargain from the man and innocently noms on them.

No nuts for Mayte! She might get pregnant.

Dang right!

Whoa whoa, she's been doing the green drink stuff.

Sadaiya has the glow of a self-satisfied person of privilege helping someone in need, like a person at Whole Foods giving the bellringer a couple dollars. "My goodness, you're hungry! So what's your name?" Her voice isn't QUITE babying, but has that briskish, chipper sort of quality of someone talking to an innocent child and not a seasoned con artist. "I'd like to do anything I can to help you, and if you ever need anything, you can come to me with it. Where have you been staying that you're so small and dirty?"

Atzi has been watching the fight, but the rowdiness in the stands is getting more interesting by the moment… except for that smell, "Fauggh." She grimaces, covering her face and scooting further away. The little guy lands a quick jab on the bigger and Atzi turns to point it out to… I'tani? She looks around and sees the two scarpering off, laughing and full of mischief. At that point, Sienna is uncovering the truth of the orchid garland and Atzi mentally amends the little ledger back at the Dustbowl, moving that credits under S'kyre's name to a column for future damages.

One has to thank the stars for being telepathically bonded to another life. "Oh man." W'rin coughs into his hand, eyeing the rotating garland. "Duty calls. Must be off." He coughs again and departs so quickly he even leaves his whiskey behind. Hopefully Sienna bathes before coming home, at least A'lory's prank made him smell good, even if if 'good' meant like a teenage girl getting ready for her first date.

Sienna will finish his whiskey, and then watch the fights until she has to get back to the Healers for yet another checkup.

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