==== October 13, 2013
==== Aaron, Donatien, Nathanael, Nevelyn, Sori
==== Drinks and conversation were had.

Who Aaron, Donatien, Nathanael, Nevelyn, Sori
What A round at the Smithy
When There are 0 turns, 11 months and 27 days until the 12th pass.
Where Smith Wing, SW

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Smith Wing
Clearly a place where Things Happen, the Weyr's Smithy is a busy place. Long lines of wooden workbenches and tool racks greet visitors. The tops of the benches bare heavy scars of cutting and burning in some places, and remain pristine in others. One side of the area is given over to a cluster of forges, anvils, bellows, and quenching tubs. Two noticeably smaller forges are tucked off by themselves, obviously intended for finer work or even jewelry. On the opposite side of the hall, as far away from the heat and flames of the forges as possible, is an area for the woodcrafting contingent of the Weyr's Smiths. Carefully stacked cords of wood line one wall, drying before use. In the very back of the Smithy, as far as it could be from everything else, is the massive structure of a smelting furnace, fed by a set of four massive bellows that are set up to be pumped by two people each. Stairs on either side of the structure give access to the top of it, and a primitive crane assembly looms over all of that, ready to lift massive crucibles of molten metal from the furnace. Various doors, all with good locks, lead off of the open space, either to store rooms or offices for the more senior Smiths.

It’s a rare sight to see Nevelyn without a passel of children around her, or at least her own son Nevach. Today is one of those rare moments however. Good thing she isn’t attempting to hide from the heat today. Because in here wouldn’t be the place for that at all. “Whew!” She swipes the back of her hand across her brow and looks around for a spot out of the way to tie her hair up.

Aaron looks up at the voice, and spies the woman it belongs to. She gets a smile, and a chuckle as she ducks into the Smithy. "Afternoon, Nevelyn," the big Smith intones, making a final note in the notebook beside him, then closing it and tucking his pencil behind his ear. "What brings you out my way today?" Hot? Well, of course it's hot, it's summer in Southern! Turn's end just won't be the same.

Nevelyn isn’t used to the heat in quite this intensity. It’s much cooler living aboard a ship after all. She looks over and smiles at Aaron even as she pins her hair up off her neck with a thin rod of wood. “Afternoon,” her voice is lilting when she drops her arms and returns Aaron’s greeting with a tilt of her head. “I was hopin’ you’d be able to snip the bracelet off my ankle.” She shakes the foot with the thin circle of metal for emphasis. “I’ve made up my mind to stay a while.”

Aaron takes a look down at the little bracelet, and arches an eyebrow, but doesn't say a word. "Not a problem, Nevelyn," he says, climbing to his feet and grabbing a pair of long-handled cutters from a nearby tool rack. "Any particular place you want it snipped?" he asks, bring the cutters over and taking a knife at he side. "Glad to hear you're going to stay on. We've got a pretty decent place here."

Nevelyn lifts her shoulders and lets them fall in a shrug, “I just want it gone and melted down.” She no longer belongs to the crew of the Sailing Mercantile. When he asks her no questions right off, she doesn’t provide any explanation. Just props her foot up on the bench he’d been sitting on and waits. “Nevach has really taken to the place. At first t’was a sadness having to explain that his family isn’t coming back for him. But he’s decided that his mama is enough to get him by.” She chuckles and shakes her head. Ahh the reasoning of young children. “An’ I don’t mind it here all that much. Save for the blasted heat it’s not so bad.”

Aaron positions the cutters carefully, and then snips the anklet off with ease, the long handles of the cutters letting the blades go through the metal like butter. Strong fingers open the anklet up, and he pulls it off, careful not to scratch her skin with it. "Well, he's a sweet kid, he's sure to have all the girls cooing over him in a few years," he says, looking up at her with a wink. Once the anklet's off, he stands up with it in one hand and the cutters in the other. "Gone it shall be," he says with a smile, putting the cutters back in their rack, and then tossing the anklet into a bin full of scrap metal waiting to be melted back into ingots. "I think that most find that their mama is family enough," he says with a chuckle. "Care for a drink? I've got cold juice, water, and beer."

Nevelyn watches the cutters slice through the bracelet and can’t help the catch in her breath. It’s rather something to watch one’s life disappear. She doesn’t say anything when Aaron rises, just drops her foot back to the ground and backs up out of the big man’s way. “He can be a handful /now/ I shudder to think of ‘im a few years from now.” Kids have a way of growing up too fast to suit their mothers. “I appreciate that, Aaron. Thank you.” The clink of the bracelet falling in with the bin of scrap is a tone she’ll never forget. “A beer would be right nice.”

Aaron notices the catching of breath with a look of concern. "I didn't cut you, did I?" he asks, heading for the cabinet that his keys hang from and pulling out a couple beers from the frosty interior. He comes back over and hands one to the Nanny, gesturing towards a stool. "Too future happiness," he says with a grin, hoisting his bottle before taking a sip. "Anything you need a hand with getting settled in?"

Nevelyn gives her head a negative shake, “You didn’t hurt me none.” She waits while he retrieves the beer and accepts it with a smile. “Thanks.” She pops the top and settles herself on the stool. Crossing long legs and smoothing her skirt with one hand. Her laugh is soft yet ringing when she hoists her own beer to his toast before sipping the brew. “Mmm, that’s quite good.” It’s a little surprising given the swill she’d had a taste of in the Tavern a while back. “Not unless you want to spell me next time and wear the children’s lunch yourself.” She chuckles at that because she’d left a poor drudge to do just that.

Aaron chuckles softly, shaking his head. "No, I'll have enough of that do to on my own in coming Turns, he says with a smiles." Him and Neve are sitting on opposite sides of a work bench, both of them holding freshly opened bottles of Aaron's beer. Because beer is delicious, that's why. He smiles at the compliment, bowing his head. "Thanks. That's the second batch, I've been kind of experimenting. Figured it would sell better then whiskey in these climes."

Crisis over, Donatien is returning to the Smith wing, looking no more rested than before, a little more five-o'clock-shadowey, and any irritation drains from his face as he moves back towards his seat, "Hello again, the Smith wing," he tells Aaron and then gives Nevelyn a smile, "And to you as well." Slowly sitting down, Dien stretches his legs in front of him and ahhs. "Nice to be sitting again."

Nevelyn smirks at Aaron and gives him a look over. “I can only imagine so.” She sips her beer again before smiling. “Only the second eh? Well you’ve done a right fine job with it. I’m used to it being warm and far less refreshing.” This is all said of the beer of course. She looks up when Donatien’s voice draws her attention. “Afternoon. I’m Nevelyn.” This is provided because she can’t remember having made Dien’s acquaintance before. “Been on your feet all morning I take it?”

Aaron grins a Dien's rearrival, gesturing him to a stool. "Afternoon, Dien. Nevelyn, this is Donatien, our newest Weaver and cobbler. Nevelyn's smirk gets a chuckle out of him. "I suppose it depends on how this hatching goes, since Yulena's Standing. AGAIN." Because that's just annoying to the man. "Crisis averted, Dien?" he asks, referencing the other man's hasty departure earlier.

Donatien smiles politely to Nevelyn, "Well-met, Nevelyn," he says, and then there's a little rolling of eyes at Aaron's question, "A couple of my younger apprentices were… debating certain subjects." With their fists, but Dien shrugs that off, "They'd managed to get some hides soaked thoroughly into the wrong baths, and ruined two of them." Alas. Back to Nevelyn, Dien grins, "So, on my feet longer than I like on my self-appointed rest-day. And may I enquire what you do within the Weyr?" Smooth-talker, our Dien.

Splish, splash, splish, splash… The sound of water sloshing up the sides of a bucket precedes the sound of footfalls and the eventual arrival of one short sea crafter by several seconds. Nathanael's eyes are fixed on the bucket, one lip held between his teeth as he attempts to keep as much water in the bucket as possible. At the doorframe he pauses, looking up to see if he can catch sight of who is suppose to receive the bucket. "Ay! Smith Aaron!" He calls this out in a high clear voice, still having yet to have it settle into a lower tone.

“Well met,” Nevelyn tells Donatien when Aaron introduces the man. “A weaver eh? I can see how that profession would keep you busy.” She returns her attention to Aaron long enough to chuckle and send him a smile of sympathy. “I’m sure it’ll turn out well for the two of ya.” She assumes sympathy is appropriate since one’s mate is taken off the market to Stand. Something she will be forever grateful she’ll never have to do. Celibacy is just /not/ her thing. Thank you very much! She beams at Dien and chuckles. “Hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of your day then. I’ve been appointed as a Nanny for the Weyr. Let’s me keep an eye on my own runt whilst I care for everyone else’s.”

Aaron chuckles softly, grinning. "Send 'em over here. I've got some bricks that need made yet. That'll take the energy to fight out of 'em." He looks up at hearing his name called, smiling at Thanael. "Is that my seawater, Apprentice?" he asks, slipping off the stool to take the bucket from the boy with disgusting ease, walking over to a quenching trough and dumping it in. "Thank you, Nathanael," he says with a smile. "Care for some juice or something?" Nevelyn's well wishes get a smile, and a nod. "Oh, it will, one way or another. She's worth waiting for."

Donatien slowly massages his knee and huffs a little, "I'll definitely consider that, if you can promise their hands won't get too stiff to work fabrics and needles." But by the quirk of Dien's eyebrow, he's considering it. At Aaron's distraction, the Weaver turns to look over at Nathanael, and grins as he recognizes the boy, but doesn't immediately say anything except to tell Nevelyn, "Ahh, a courageous duty if I may say so myself. I'd rather look after cloth and boot-making any day over the care of small children." At least boots don't scream when they sit on a shelf for too long.

Nathanael willingly gives up his burden to the big smith, watching a bit enviously as the burden to him is nothing to the large man. As the woman speaks of her new job however, Nathanael slides a bit further away. His last few experiences with nannies had not worked out well. "I'd 'ove sum sir, if'n it ain't a bother?" Nathanael beams up at Aaron, taking another step away from the Nanny. Just in case you know?

Nevelyn looks up when Nathanael struggles in with his burden of water. She smiles in welcome before taking a sip of her beer. Content to listen to the strains of conversation for a moment. “I’m sure she’d be happy to hear that,” she says after watching Aaron dump the buckets of water. “Women love to hear things like that.” Donatien wins her attention with his comment on children. “I love looking after them myself. It’s just nice to wrangle a break from it now and again.” Movement out of the corner of her eye draws her attention back to Thanael. It’s wild the knack Nannies and mothers have for finding sneaking children isn’t it? “Afternoon,” she greets the kid with a smile.

After a bit of sleep, and a bath Sori's looking more awake than she had when she left earlier. The boxes she abandoned remain where she'd left them, so she promptly seats herself in front of them and begins to sharpen blades.

Aaron goes and gets The Littlest Seacrafter a cup, then opens up the beer cabinet and pulls out a pitcher of redfruit juice. It's ice cold, and condensation starts to form on the glass almost instantly. The pitcher is returned to it's spot, and the cabinet is shut, though the keys stay hanging in the lock. He hands the boy the cup, then resumes his own seat, finally getting to take a swig of his beer. Nevelyn's compliment gets a smile, and a little shrug. "It'll be nice to see her after the hatching, one way or another. She's been kept so busy it's been near impossible to have a word with her since she was Searched." Sori's reentrance is watched, the Zombie apprentice getting a smile. "Feeling better, Sori?"

The eyes of the Nanny pierce Nathanael and he scoots even a little bit further away, perhaps behind Aaron if he steps forward just a little pace. She can't possibly sweep him into her care if he's hidden by the massive Smith, right? "'noon ma'am." He says quietly, respectfully. The drink is taken from Aaron in the shuffling of feet and he lifts it to his lips. The coolness makes it so that Nathanael must drink slowly. A thin dribble escapes from his mouth drawling a red line down his chin.

Once the talk turns to What Women Want, Donatien is suspiciously quiet, focusing on Nathanael's travails with his bucket until Aaron has removed it. Then Nathanael gets a curious once over, "Hello there," Dien says, "Were you the young fisherman in the Living Caverns a few days ago?" Of course it was, but Donatien is ready to reintroduce himself. Nevelyn's enthusiasm for her career choice gets her a cheerful enough grin - "To each our own, of course." Sori's re-entry gets a curious look over and to the edges she's sharpening.

Nevelyn is happily people watching since she’s suddenly surrounded by a slew of them. She lifts her beer bottle to take a swig from it before holding the coolness against the back of her neck. Sori gets a curious glance but no comment since no greeting was made. So she moves her attention and smile to Aaron for a second. “I’m so glad that I don’t have to deal with any of that. I believe I’ll stay single quite a while ‘round here.” Or at least she assumes this will be so. Nathanael gets another glance from her and she pulls a handkerchief from a pocket in her dress and dangles it toward the kid without a word. “I suppose so,” she agrees with Dien and laughs softly. “I’ve no interest at all in making clothes and the like. But looking after children just comes natural.”

Sori looks up at Aaron, and gives a nod, "Won't cut my finger off," she answers, then she blinks round the room just noticing the people present. She's not at all tired, nope, just dedicated, "Hello," is offered to all present, because of them all Nathanael is the only one that looks vaguely familiar. Sori lives under a rock, well okay not under a rock but in the Smithy. Doesn't get out much.

Aaron chuckles softly as Thanael hides behind him, reaching back to ruffle the kid's hair. "Ya done good, Thanael. You need your belt knife sharpened or anything?" Dien's silence is noted, but nothing is said, and he just settles back onto his stool, quite happy to not be working in the awful heat of the day. Nevelyn's words get a snicker, and he shakes his head, then stops. "Well, single maybe. Not unoccupied though. Just wait until the next gold goes up." Granted, that might be next month, or in two turns, Who knows? The nanny's offer of a hanky to Thanael get's a grin, and he ushers the boy forward so he can see it. Sori's reaction to the greeting gets a chuckle, and a shakes of his head. He can't really complain, though, since she does great work.

Nathanael is reluctantly pushed out of hiding, Aaron's manhanding leaving his already wild blond hair even more disheveled- his face gathering a rather red tinge of embarrassment at the words of the Weaver. "'msorry 'bout that sir, Pa wasn' happy 'at I dropped 'e fish. 'ad to 'elp 'e 'ead cook clean 'em all." The Nanny's handkerchief is blinked at, and he reaches up to rub his chin with an edge of his rough sleve, looking down at the stain now there on it. Oops? "Um, no thank'e sir, ain't brought it up w' 'e."

The Smith apprentice seems hard at work and intent to continue, so Donatien turns and looks over to Aaron and Nevelyn with a chuckle, "Ah, yes, one of the more interesting aspects of working in Weyrs," he says with what is possibly a big, shit-eating grin. For a moment the Weaver's lost to memories and comes back to himself, sighing happily. Watching Nevelyn trying to lure a reluctant Thanael out into the open, Dien quietly asks Aaron, "Your woman got Searched?" A shake of the head, "Sounds rough." Dien looks over at Nathanael, his sympathetic look switching to a grin, "Ahhh, no worries, young man. It was a large load you had there. You're still steadier than most of my apprentices." Benevolent good will and all.

“Hello there,” Nevelyn smiles at Sori once the girl deigns to greet those present. Her attention is quickly captured by Aaron’s comment and she laughs. “Why wait for the Golds to fly?” She quirks a brow at him and smiles saucily. Weyr life is apparently something Nevelyn is settling into rather well. Her gaze flicks to Nathanael but the kid wipes his chin on his sleeve. So she shakes her head slightly and tucks the kerchief back into her pocket. He’s too old for her to go worrying after his juice smeared chin. She sits and sips her beer. Listening to Dien chatter with the young kid.

Sori's blinking at Nathanael, "Pretty sure the nanny's not gonna bite you," she says softly to the seacraft apprentice, a blinking look is given to the weaver and she's back to sharpening what turns out to be the last blade in the box of waiting to be sharpened knives. It isn't so much that the apprentice has 'deigned' to greet anyone as it is she's just really slow to notice people when she's focused on finishing up projects, "Anything else what needs sharpened?" she asks Aaron with a quirk of her eyebrow. She's not as irritated as she had been earlier clearly.

The Nanny's dismissal of him is taken in stride, and Nathanael draws closer to his fello apprentice. His whisper to her is quiet as he continues to watch all the adults chatting as adults would do.

You overhear Nathanael mutter, "… … … … … 'p by … … … … … Ain't … … wanna … …" to Sori.

Aaron chuckles at Dien's question, giving the other man a half a grin. "Well, one of 'em did. The other one's already a rider, after all." Smugness? From Aaron? Certainly not! Nevelyn's comments get a laugh, and he hoists his beer to her. "That's the spirit!" he says with a laugh, taking a sip of his beer. Aaron rolls his eyes at the staining on the Seacrafter's shirt, but doesn't say a word either. Sori's questions gets a thoughtful glance around the Smithy, and then a shake of his head. "No, I think we're good, unless you're really that bored and want to work on that order of fish hooks?" he asks, watching Thanael whispering away.

Sori rolls her eyes at both Nathanael, and Aaron, "Pass," is said to the latter while to the former she whispers something in return, then leans back a little to look round at the various rings and buckles. Doing a mental count.
You overhear Sori mutter, "My … mother was … … She … so … … … too …" to Nathanael.

Nathanael eyes Sori, blue eyes rather big. "'e ain't n'er been caught up by one of 'em who thinks 'e're too young to be doin' y' job!" His voice is a touch louder this time as he responds to Sori. He flicks a glacne back at the adults and modulates his voice lower, as he shifts from foot to foot, and sips at his juice.
You overhear Nathanael mutter, "… … 'cuz … short, … know? … thinks … … 'n … …" to Sori.

Who’s she going to bite? Nevelyn looks over at Sori when the girl makes mention of her position in the Weyr. “I very rarely bite folks,” she confirms with a laughing nod of her head. “And never children at that.” She coughs lightly and grins at Aaron when he toasts her with his beer. Lifting her own aloft before draining the last of it. “Well at least only half the party is off limits eh?” This is said to Aaron as she tweaks the top back onto the bottle and holds the empty out to him. She flicks a glance toward the apprentices while they whisper and mutter to one another. Curious a bit but not enough to comment.

Donatien blinks in slight surprise at Aaron, "Well, well," he says. There would be a beer hoist if Dien had one, but he'll just have to look moderately impressed, "A man as busy as yourself?" Nevelyn does have a good point, which Dien heartily concurs with, "It's nice to, ahem, have an idea of preference," he says with a little grin. Nathanael's raised voice gets a curious look, but the young boy goes back to muttering, so Dien huhs. Apprentices will be apprentices.

Sori laughs out right at Nathanael, "I'm not exactly tall," she rolls her eyes as she looks round at Aaron, Nevelyn, and Dien.
You overhear Sori mutter, "I've … exactly two … … … … life … … … You, … …" to Nathanael.

Aaron grins at the other two adults, leaving the apprentices to plot away. He takes a sip of his beer, then is about to speak when a breathless young apprentice runs up and wordlessly hands him a message. Aaron opens it up and read it quickly, then again a bit slower. He sighs, climbing to his feet as he drains the rest of the beer. Neve's empty is taken, and he gives her and Dien a smile. "Duty calls, I'm afraid. It was a pleasure chatting with all of you." The empties are placed into a bottle holder, and he locks the cabinet, pocketing his keys before heading out without another word.

"'e 'er taller 'n 'e!" Nathanael points out with all the reasoning of a newly minted teenager. The juice is finally finished and Nathanel wipes his mouth on his sleeve again, not seeming to mind the juicy redness left behind. The sudden disappearance of the large Smith causes Nathanel to tilt his head sideways. "'e think 'e'd want 'e t' take 'e dirties down t' 'e kitchen?"

Nevelyn pretty much ignores the apprentices for the moment. Considering she isn’t able to hear them and they aren’t exactly joining in the conversation. The newest arrival earns a blink of curiosity however that encompasses Aaron and his note. “Thanks for the beer. Have a good one,” she tells the big man when he announces that he must return to work. She chuckles softly and then looks over at Dien with a grin. “I suppose I should clear out of his shop so’s I’m not in the way.” She uncrosses her legs and slips off the stool onto her feet. “I’ll have to bring my boy by your shop soon. He’s about grown out of his boots again.” This is said with a smile to Dien. Thanael earns a glance from her with his question and she shrugs her shoulders. “I honestly wouldn’t know what he’d want you to do with them.”

Ahhh, the alarm of the frantic apprentice; Dien too has felt its urgent summons. A wave to Aaron's retreating form and then Donatien looks over to Nevelyn, rising to his feet as she does, but a sight slower. "Feel free to come with your son at anytime," the Weaver tells Nevelyn with a smile, "I've got plenty of footwear ready for little feet - er, how old is he again?" That's sort of a big question, isn't it. Nathanael's question raises an eyebrow, "I think Smith Aaron would be right pleased if you had a moment to do that. A cluttered workroom is never as efficient." But that's this Weaver's opinion, "But in your own time."

Sori shrugs, "One of the newer apprentices will run the dirties to the kitchen," she should know after all. It had been her task for a long time before a new apprentice arrived and took over the task, "Y'er not in the way, Ma'am," Sori says to Nevelyn, because really? The nanny isn't in the way. If she were, she'd know very quickly. So would anyone else present that's not a smith apprentice come to that.

Nathanael ponders all of the various responses to his innocent question. "'ll do 't." He says this with all proper solemnness, but those educated adults wise to the ways of teenagers might see the bright flash of mischief in his volunteerism. With a last cheerful wave to Sori he skips over to the cups, easily scooping the much smaller burden into one hand and dumping them into the bucket he had carried the sea water up in.

Nevelyn smiles happily at Donatien. “He’s seven turns.” And yes she looks young to have a son of that many Turns. It’s a fact of life that she begun Motherhood early. “And he’s in the middle of a growth it seems. I’ve decided it’s got ta be the variety in his diet these days.” She chuckles and lifts a shoulder in a shrug. “More on offer here than on tha ship.” Yet another thing she’s decided the Weyr truly has in its favor. “T’was real nice meeting you, Donatien.” She flicks a smile at Sori and Nathanael. “I appreciate you saying so,” she tells Sori. “But I should get back to the children anyhow. I’ve taken a longer break than I probably ought of have.” Thanael gets a second glance when he volunteers so readily. Still he isn’t /her/ charge so she refrains from making comment. Merely lifting a hand in farewell to everyone. “See ya’ll ‘round.”

Sori chuckles as she watches Nathanael scoop up the cups, "Well, thanks," she says, certain that the apprentice who's task it is to clear dirtied dishes from the Smithy will be relieved to not have that task.

Donatien nods to the Nanny, "I've plenty of boots for the size of your lad. Until later, then." Nathanael's helpful air brings a grin to Dien's face, "Young man, you're a credit to your craft in helpfulness." It's entirely unclear if the older man noticed the cheeky flash in the Seacrafter's face, but Dien at least doesn't comment on it, preferring to look to Sori with a smile, "And I too should let you work in peace and check on my apprentices and make sure no more hides are ruined. Good day to you, Apprentice!" Since Arnaut hasn't come rushing in, they likely haven't, but you never know with young boys… well, younger than Nathanael at least. With that, Dien is slowly making his way over to his side of the craft complex, whistling a little tune under his breath.

Nathanael, quite pleased with himself at finding an excuse to remain in the weyr for a bit longer, grins at the departing adults, skipping himself out of the smithy whisting a slightly off tune sea chanty.

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