==== December 8th, 2013
==== Kyara, Sienna, K'ane, O'ell, K'vvan, Sadaiya, A'lory, various dragons
==== Continued from Part I. Things escalate quickly once Sienna finds herself held at knife-point. The outcome is far from pretty.

Who Kyara, Sienna, K'ane, O'ell, K'vvan, Sadaiya, A'lory, various dragons
What Continued from Part I. Things escalate quickly once Sienna finds herself held at knife-point. The outcome is far from pretty.
When Late night. There are 6 months and 7 days until the 12th Pass.
Where Lost Oasis


Lost Oasis
Blocked from view in the south by one of the largest sandstone formations jutting from the desert, this lovely oasis is truly a hidden jewel in the sand. Leagues away from any trace of civilization, it boasts a tranquil blue pool of fresh water and shallow stream fed by an unseen spring beyond a dark crevice in the bluff. Trees spring up against the rock, providing merciful shade and filling in the narrow recesses surrounding the water. The height of the outcropping funnels a near-constant light breeze through the place, cooling the air considerably in comparison to the desert beyond.

However, for all its beauty, there is an unaccountable air of fear and uncertainty about this oasis. At night, the otherwise friendly wind can cross the space with a low, unnerving howl, and creatures passing in the shadows do so in nervous, unseen movements. This has, unfortunately, been a place of grisly discoveries for Igen Weyr - most likely due to its out-of-the-way nature. Sweep riders have observed no renegades, bandits, or criminals of any other stripe in the area thus far, adding to the mystery here.

And the plot thickens. K'ane fastens his grip on the person-bundle, holding on while Kyara yells. "Calm y's…" The bronzerider is cut off by the sound of that voice, and he turns, yanking the bundled-person around with him instinctively. His eyes search the darkness to find Sienna and her…captor?, in a timely manner as Kehemath has come charging back and Dhioth communicates the details of this complication. "Haven't y'ever heard never t'fuck with dragonriders?" K'ane's voice is of HONEST bewilderment. Probably because Dhioth is landing heavily in proximity to the pair, finally come from the air, his neck held high and his head lost to he darkness of the night.

The new voice stops Kyara dead, and she spins around, jaw clenching as fear shoots cold up the back of her neck. Beyond the trees, Liareth bellows an angry challenge in response to what flashes through her rider and leaps away from her charges; they're not going anywhere, bound as they are. At least, not easily. Or quickly enough to escape entirely. The younger green lights near Kehemath, growling, as Kyara stares hard at the figure behind her friend. "Indeed," she murmurs after K'ane, fingering the knife in her own hand. "Get. Away. NOW. Before you find out why." Hard, flat, and cold comes the greenrider's voice as she sorts through the storm of possible action in her mind.

"You brought this upon yourselves. I did not seek out dragonriders to harm. And yet, it seems it might come to that," the man says, shifting in the shadows. Sienna bites back a gasp and Kehemath's tail lashes as her teeth snap at the air. "Call him back, rider," the man says coldly when Dhioth lands, "or he'll keen her loss. That bundle belongs to me. An exchange. The bundle for the greenrider's life, and I am not to be followed."

"He's kinda headstrong," K'ane cracks in reply to calling Dhioth, his grip firming on the bundle. "An' let's be honest, shall we? We've got your balls in a vice. Y'kill the girl and I will feed y'your own dick, one slice at a time." His voice turns cold. If the person of the shadows wanted to play poker, he picked the wrong man to bluff. "There would be no escaping my wrath, or his." Judgment passes in a dark baritone, rumbled counterpart by Dhioth's breath. K'ane shakes the bundle once: "Tell me, should I kill it now?" His voice is so pleasant. It's incongruous, given the expression on the big man's face.

Kyara grits her teeth, eyes flicking between the man, Sienna, K'ane, and back as Liareth emphasizes just how precarious the situation is with the image of the knife at Sienna's back. "Or ours," she adds, a never-heard sinister quality to her voice being echoed by the snarl of her lifemate on the shore. Nothing more, though; she's quite content to let K'ane do the talking here as she cobbles her own ideas together. But words are not going to get Sienna any further away from that knife, at the moment. It's taking all her will to stay level-headed for now, though one idea manifests itself in silence above and beyond the notice of the man who threatens - two small, winged forms popping into the air and hovering. Waiting for a signal. But not yet.

The man's laugh is soft, almost velvety, and Sienna shudders at the sound of it. "Please, be my guest," the man says to K'ane's suggestion of killing the bundle. "Slowly, if you'd be so kind. Though I did not think riders meddled in the affairs of traders. Interesting." Sienna is still motionless, afraid to move and afraid to speak, and focusing most of her energy on keeping Kehemath from doing something royally stupid.

"Th' weyr will interfere in any business it wants t', y'dumbass." K'ane isn't buying time, is he? Whyever would he do THAT? Maybe he just likes to see Sienna, y'know, breathing. "Let her go, slowly, an' we'll let you live. Rider's honor." A beat. "Far better'n whatever you have t'your name, I'm sure." Dhioth shifts slightly, his head still lost in the darkness far above. How quick can a grown bronze dragon strike? It should be a… pressing question for consideration, all things considered, and the bronze shifts just SLIGHTLY: just enough to attract attention away from the fact that the two winged forms behind the man have multiplied into four.

Kyara forces herself to draw breath evenly, making certain she retains a veneer of relative calm. Spotting the doubled number of firelizards, she pointedly keeps her eyes locked on the man behind Sienna, giving nothing away as she simultaneously keeps her two in check. Waiting. Dhioth's shift certainly draws her attention, so hopefully it will do the same for the bastard with the knife…

The man snorts softly, causing Sienna to twitch (ugh, evil boogers on her neck. GROSS) and shudder again. "No honor among thieves," he responds. Then, with Dhioth's shifting, the man's gaze lifts and he growls, digging the blade into Sienna's back. With a cry the greenrider steps forward and twists, bringing her own blade up to smash the hilt against the man's shoulder. It's an attempt at an attack but her aim is off, plus, you know…pain. But it makes him stagger as Sienna scrambles back, dropping her knife as her hand goes to press against her back, wet with blood. Kehemath roars and surges forward, the nimble green curling a paw around her rider and hauling her back to safety.

There's the play K'ane has been waiting for. When Sienna moves to free herself, he roughly tosses the bundle to the side — away from Kyara — and springs forwards in an unleashed-coil forward surge of muscle and ire that puts him on a direct course with the man with the knife. His own belt knife has been palmed left-handed, and he leads with a right-handed bare strike of closed fist towards the stumbling man — perhaps a feint, considering that Dhioth's head is coming hurtling down on the other side, teeth bared and a growl seeming omnipresent given how forsakenly loud it is.

The enraged roar that comes from Liareth happens in perfect unison with the sound that emerges from Kyara's throat. Between firelizards now ordered to dive-bomb and tear at him and K'ane now hurtling his way, that man has no chance left. Confident that K'ane, Dhioth, and the firelizards have that situation well in hand, Kyara restrains her initial instinct to fling a knife at a now-moving target and bolts to where Sienna is with Kehemath, sliding to a stop in the sand and trying to get at her friend past an understandably protective dragon. "Sienna! Kehemath, you have to let me see, alright?" she calls up to her friend's green, voice strained as Liareth comes alongside and crouches to let Kyara snatch something off her straps. The younger green croons at the older - not comforting, but entreating to let her lifemate help.

The man will not be brought down so easily. Clearly an excellent fighter he catches his balance and goes on the attack, slashing his blade at K'ane, ready to fight to the finish. However, he doesn't have a dragon, so…he's probably going to lose. Still, he's taking swings and making attempts to fight his way out of this. At first Kehemath recoils from Kyara, hissing angrily when she approaches her lifemate. Growling, shifting, snarling until Sienna's sharp tone calls her back under control. "Kyara," Sienna says, her voice wavering. "Please. I don't know…how bad it is…" And there is fear in her tone.

The smile that settles on K'ane's face is probably unsightly. Finally, a fight he can get behind. This doesn't mean that the bronzerider doesn't get slashed by a swipe of the man's knife, but he grimaces and presses the advantage of Dhioth basically cornering the man by going for a move to disarm the man and go in for close-quarters wrestling. Dhioth's roar right before the move is likely strategic — or maybe he's finally processing Kehemath's bleedthrough of Sienna's pain. No time to be distracted, though: it's time for the kill. (Or at least the disarm, though it wouldn't be the first time K'ane went just a little overboard…)

Kyara has little choice but to keep back until Kehemath relents, stepping in quickly to grab Sienna's hand with one of her own and then looking beyond, fingers brushing at the back of Sienna's jacket until they find the hole from the knife…and blood. She pales a bit, swallowing past a burning lump in her throat as she pushes herself to stay focused on what needs to be done. She's no Healer, but she knows enough to start. "Sienna, get your jacket off. Lia…" She glances up at her lifemate, wide-eyed. This would be one of those moments where training to stretch the mindlink applies, uncomfortable as it is. "Go get a Healer, love. Now." Liareth doesn't hesitate, knowing full well the urgency in her rider's mind as she leaps airborne, takes a few beats into the air, and vanishes. Attention back on Sienna, she grips her friend's hand tightly. "You're going to be fine, Sienna. Let's get you sitting."

While K'ane and the shadow man do their dance of death, Sienna shifts a bit on Kehemath's paw, lying on her stomach. "I…don't think I should move," she admits quietly, squeezing Kyara's hand back. "How bad is it?" she asks, voice quiet but calm. "Is K'ane…" Injured? Dead? Beating some guy to a pulp? She really hopes it's the last one, the asshole. "Need guards too. For the other four. Get them back to the weyr. And that other…thing." The mummy guy. She stops rambling and sighs, twitching at the pain breathing gives her, closing her eyes. "W'rin," she whispers, though it's a fleeting hope. With this catastrophe, the Weyrleader is going to be far too busy to come see her right away. She knows that.

<Igen Weyr> Dhioth is a sudden surge of silver…and blood, dark intent and disastrous anger. There is no righteousness here, but the dark side of the force that binds Dhioth together. The Sith is strong in this one after all. « There is trouble at the oasis. » There is a sudden, swift charged thrill of black satisfaction, the gurgling of blood over his fortress of stone as rubies cast in moonlight, and the bronze abruptly disappears from the link.

The struggle rages for a few moments more. K'ane's cursing comes freely when the man scores a scratch over an eyebrow, nearly taking out his eye, and the anger that roars from Dhioth is darker yet. A scuffle of feet, the sound of fists hitting flesh, a skitter of a knife dislodged from a hand. Then, in the midst of it all, there is a stomach-churning crunching crack that reverberates in the hollow silence. Where there were once two men gasping for air, the silence finds only one.

O'ell has no clue WHAT Dhioth meant, and frankly neither did Jafyth. It was more of a “did someone give that dragon a bucket of cheap whiskey? Dammit, we better check” sort of moment then anything else, at first. That, and danger. The rider of the pair is a sucker for danger. Thus, they flew out towards the oasis to see just what the call for help was.

K'vvan was only half dressed after a bath when Nadeeth's shrill hiss had cut through the air demanding he come now. Without second thought the green rider had dashed out of the baths only grabbing his shirt as an after thought to follow the thought sent by Kehemath to come now. Nadeeth flicks between as soon as is safe and seconds later they dive down towards the creepy oasis where K'vvan tumbles off her back looking for where the trouble is.

With a quick rejoinder to Liareth about the guards, Kyara keeps one hand on Sienna's back, still trying to gauge the wound with the other. No moving, then. "Fighting," she tells the other greenrider concerning K'ane, swiftly digging into her pouch. "Lia will bring guards. Breathe easy." A clean swatch of cloth folded beneath her hand, Kyara holds it over the wound and presses, grimacing because she knows it's going to hurt pretty badly. But the blood has to be stopped. "Sorry." When Sienna whispers for W'rin, that's when tears start to burn at Kyara's eyes. "He's gonna kill you if you go anywhere but here, and me for letting something like this happen," the Whirlwind rider says, her own voice wavering. "Don't fall asleep, Sienna. Talk to me. Tell me how the weyrlings are doing or something." Or something. Anything. As the wait for Liareth to return continues and others arrive.

It's dark, the oasis lit by thin slivers of moon and starlight. It's also a bit chaotic, with the scent of blood and dust in the air. Four men lay near the shore, hands behind their backs while they watch a fight unfolding. Maybe one of them is trying to get away. Or maybe he's just stretching, it's hard to tell. Somewhere there's another man wrapped up in blankets and secured, the poor guy…everyone has forgotten about mummy-man. Kehemath stands bristling on the shore as well, her paw outstretched while Sienna lies across it on her stomach, Kyara holding a cloth against a wound in the greenrider's back. And K'ane… "K'ane?!" Sienna calls, lifting her head when it sounds like the battle is over. No keening, but…there's a note of franticness in her voice when she calls to the bronzerider. Kehemath snarls when others approach, the skittish green bristling and shifting her hind legs, though the paw holding Sienna remains perfectly still. Hissing when the pressure is put onto her wound, Sienna grunts and twitches. "I'm not going to sleep," she murmurs.

"What, for the love of all the riders on Pern, is going ON here?" yells Sadaiya as she flings herself from her lifemate's back, anger blazing around the both of them like a palpable, living thing. It's hard to stomp on sand, but nevertheless, the goldrider manages to do so and brings herself as close to the crowd as she dares. Jivayath hangs back, her eyes whirling quickly in threatening reds and oranges as she whips her neck around to hiss at stranger and friend alike.

"I'm here," comes the panted reply, the fatigue and shakes of a fight hitting K'ane hard. "I'm here," and he's stumbling towards the two, heedless of his own slices except to smear the blood from his eyebrow out the way of his eye. The bronzerider drops to his knees next to Kyara, calloused hands reaching out and then withdrawing almost as soon, hovering over the greenrider's core anxiously. "I can't see. Kyara, how 's it? Sienna," the last word a little louder, "Just breathe, y'll be fine, there's healers comin'." Like she couldn't hear him ask for how bad it was just a minute ago. Dumb K'ane's are dumb! Also bloody and possibly murderous.

Jafyth radiates calm. ZEN. He is the immovable mountain and there is distress whipping around like a cyclone, making him dig his paws into the sand like anchors and send assurance out as he's able. "Well, I ain't a healer… but." O’ell’s brow furrows anyway when he drops down off of his bronze's foreleg and approaches with caution the scene. "Who's the bunch of numbnuts you got rolled up there? They need to be dropped between?" It's said so calmly that one might think he's got that sarcasm thing going on. But no, he's really serious; the words spoken after he's realized there are bloodied riders. "How many of you are hurt and how badly?" Cause he's just one among many helpful arrivals.

Nadeeth makes a beeline for Kehemath, nuzzling her gently with reassurance. Rider takes steps towards Kyara and K'ane, his eyes flicking around the entire scene and taking it in. "Has someone gone for the healers?"

A'lory is suddenly there, all calm, grim efficiency. "All right, kids, I'm looking at a mess and no answers. Suppose we change that, say, now. Before I get annoyed." As it takes very much. Behind him, the distinctly annoyed — his nap was interrupted — Eisheth is growling, eyes spinning red-orange. "Injured types, get your asses on your dragons and back to the Weyr, right now."

"Good. Good." Kyara is fighting to keep her voice even, her eyes darting anxiously to K'ane beside her. "Not too much blood, but fairly deep, I'm guessing. She'll be okay, as long as-" And the thought gets mercifully completed as Liareth reappears, bugling her arrival with three passengers astride her neck. She's down as quickly as she dares, and Kyara raises her voice to the Healer. "Over here! Quickly!" Finally, the greenrider gets a moment to take in all those around her, trying to piece together questions and formulate answers. "Our sweep went sideways," she grates out. "All of us are hurt somehow, but Sienna caught a knife in the back. The ones face down in the dirt over there started all this." A'lory's words are heard and acknowledged, but Kyara isn't moving. Not until the Healer takes over, and not without an argument, much as she wouldn't normally. "With respect, sir, I'm not in a position to yet. If you'd like a report, I'll gladly give it." But her attention is squarely back on Sienna after that.

Sienna breathes a shallow sigh of relief when she sees K'ane isn't dead. Good. That's a good thing. "Are you okay? Is he dead?" she asks, trying to peer through the darkness. Then…"Shards and shells." There are suddenly a lot of people around. She twitches and Kehemath twitches, the skittish green shifting uncomfortably and beginning to growl again until Nadeeth is there. That calms Kehemath and she settles again, but still…all these people and dragons pressing close are making her agitated. Sienna is about to answer A'lory when Kyara does instead, and the AWLM lets her. She does laugh though, even though it's brief. "I didn't catch it," she giggles, a touch of shock settling in and making her a bit loopy.

A tall, dark-haired healer slips off of Liareth's back, a medical bag in hand. He shoves past riders who are crowding around. His voice is crisp and clear. "Back up riders." He kneels beside the injured woman. "Can you sit up?" He'll help her so he can examine the injury.

A'lory raises his eyebrows, ever thoughtful. "Are you too injured to move? Barring that, are you a healer? If the answer to both those questions is no, then I suggest you get moving, rider, or have a very good reason why." His gaze takes in the bodies in the sand. "The uninjured riders will see to these." He turns to eye Sadaiya thoughtfully. "It seems we live in interesting times all of a sudden."

"Wait, sweeps? Knives? Why were there knives?" Sadaiya, ever short, appears to be lost in the dark and sort of paces in a circle, barking out questions to passers-by. "And does anyone have SOMETHING like a glow? I can't see for crap."

O'ell glances back and forth amidst all the people; sometimes, there are just too many cooks in the kitchen. "Sir." That's for A'lory. And then to Sadaiya he turns. "Ma'am." He DOES have a glow in his pocket and he's happy to see her, or something. He hands it over. And once the call for uninjured riders to get the criminal element out of the way is given, he ambles over and hauls one of em up by the scruff of the neck. "Bob. Can I call you Bob? Sure I can. You're in no position to argue. You wanna hop? Or do you prefer dragging?" Pause. "Oh what's that? Oh they gagged you too? Shame. Move your ass that way." Shove.

Bob snorts. "I'm not gagged, you dick," he growls, walking just fine with only his hands tied behind his back. And an eyeroll. Stupid riders.

"You will be soon if you don't shut it." O'ell whistles, continuing to shove his new best buddy along.

BFFs forever, yo.

Buddy comedy: start.

O'ell thinks not.

K'vvan is one of those shoved back by the healer and he stands. He pushes himself to his feet and moves away, passing O'ell to grab another of the men in ropes and drag him to his feet. Nadeeth digs her claws into the sand at her feet and nuzzles Kehemath again for good measure. She isn't leaving till her friend does. Whatever K'vvan's plans might be. Unlike O'ell, he doesn't bother to attempt to speak to him.

K'ane ignores all of those swirling around. "What th' kid said." His terse response to A'lory comes with an effortless, "Sir," at the end. He's focused on Sienna, and not going anywhere for just a moment, not even standing to address the Weyrsecond as he does. It's important what he says next, to him, if not others: "Y'did good, girl." He swipes at the blood from his eyebrow and then rises with a creak of muscle and bone. "I'm afraid I killed him, sir," flicker of eyes towards Sadie, " — ma'am, though y'may want to check for yourself." Oh, right: did we forget to tell everyone about the corpse Dhioth is hovering over? Whups. K'ane, though, is headed bloodied towards the shallows, where some muffled cursing can be heard. The bronzerider's face is savage as he reaches down to yank up the mummy-man. "Y'better be worth all this, y'fucker."

"Dude, no!" Sadaiya squeaks, her hands coming up reflexively in front of her. "I am NOT touching a dead dude, even if he isn't dead!" Jivayath, in the background, has calmed somewhat, at least enough to not hiss at EVERYONE. "Speaking of, WHY is he maybe dead?"

Dhioth has an answer for that, because he was listening in. He's always listening in. « That is what a man gets for challenging riders of Igen. » His anger builds as insurmountable granite, a fortress within a fortress: « For threatening, for injuring riders of Igen. » Physically he curls tighter around his grisly treat. « For threatening Kehemath's. » This is more violent than the rest, nearly hissed mentally.

A'lory rolls his eyes skyward. "That was not a suggestion, riders. Move." His gaze settles on K'ane, eyes hard. "I am here, fresh out of patience. I will hear your reports elsewhere, or would you all maybe like to wait around and see if there are more conveniently flying knives about?" Sadaiya's objecting to touching a dead dude does earn a smirk, even when he's annoyed. It's funny. "Let the healers deal with the body. Good enough."

"I have to keep pressure on the wound, sir," Kyara returns to the Weyrsecond, her teeth all but gritted. Does he not see that what she's doing is necessary? At least her voice is even for that, if strained. Then the Healer does come to take over, and finally the greenrider does move. Except she grips Sienna's hand once more over the last comment. "Not intentionally, anyway," Kyara returns, trying to chuckle and only coming up with a harsh facsimile. "I'm getting out of the way now. Hang in there, Sienna. I'll see you again soon." Then she stands and reluctantly moves out of the way, briefly touching K'ane's shoulder as she moves a bit beyond the bronzerider to find Sadaiya. "We saw something down here and came to investigate," she explains, her posture tensing as she's clearly trying not to let the tears out. "One of them decided to throw a rock at me. Sienna bound the first two, I chased the others, and I tripped over that one," she gestures to the mummy-wrapped man. "After we got the others, we came back to investigate, and the man with the knife just…appeared out of nowhere behind Sienna. She got hurt when Dhioth distracted him, and then…" She glances back at K'ane. "K'ane took care of him. I went back for Sienna. All defense."

O'ell has done his job now. One tied up criminal to be brought back to the weyr and handed over to the guards. And he can continue his convivial evening of drinking at home.

Eisheth thinks «Shut it.» A barked order, peremptory and rather close to his rider's annoyed tone. «Do your boasting later.»

Sienna exhales a soft laugh. "I probably could but I really, really don't want to. Every time I move, it hurts." She's lying on her stomach though, so if the Healer just pushes up her jacket and her tunic, and her under tunic, he can see the injury fairly well by the swirling light of Kehemath's gaze. Turning her head to look at K'ane, Sienna's features twist at the sight of his injuries. Reaching out, she gropes for his hand to give it a tight, fierce squeeze before he's rising and she lets him go. "Go on, Kyara, I'll be okay," Sienna whispers. "Got to follow orders."

« Yours asked, he answered, » Kehemath snaps, her thoughts colored with her rider's pain.

Eisheth thinks «He didn't ask Dhioth. As I said, shut it. »

Kehemath shuts it, but the scent of sage in her mindscape burns sharp and acrid.

Jivayath blazes anew, putting force behind her sending. « I'd love to know HOW this bickering is going to stop the blood. »

The healer takes Kyara's place, his hands applying the pressure she had just removed. "I really hope you didn't love this shirt, as I'm going to have to cut it." He is ignoring everyone behind him, including the pesky Weyrsecond as he pulls out a pair of scissors and swiftly cuts a long, jagged hole in Sienna's shirt, the better to examine without further agitating the wound. Bandages sop up the blood under his expert hands to get a better look at the cut itself. Without the blood, the wound itself is much smaller then it could be considering. "Well rider, you're lucky. This missed everything important. This is going to hurt," and he begins to spread redwort on the wound.

Nadeeth curls her ribbons around Kehemath's pulling it back from the argument with the bronze and gold riders, attempting to smother the scent of sage.

Dhioth simmers, a low boil of blood-rubied anger. « There is more than blood to this, » he directs to Jivayath, before a portion of his rider's sarcasm takes over his tone: « But excuse me, dumber heads are prevailing on me to shut up. » Given he's monumentally larger than Eisheth and still in the frazzled anger of his rider's bloodlust, it's a testament to his control that he's even listening to the Weyrsecond's bronze, unbolstered by a gold's command as he is.

"Shards!" exclaims Sadaiya, her deflecting hands dropping as she darts away from K'ane, dodging human forms to find Sienna's side in the dark with the help of her agitated lifemate. Skidding to a halt, she drops to her knees behind her best friend's head, far enough to leave the Healer room to work but close enough to touch the green rider's hair. "Hey, doll. Dare I ask how your day was?"

A'lory flicks his gaze towards the Healers, now quite available and at their jobs. "Now that there are Healers here, feel free to do as you were asked to do." The pesky Weyrsecond is not going away, since interested parties decided to call out to the entire Weyr. "Go."

Liareth swirls heat and fog across the minds of all present - an attempt to calm, but still anger-laced. « It will not, » she says, commiserating with Jivayath. « Please. All of ours are aggravated enough without us arguing. » Not really peacekeeping, but practical. Firelight flickers, somehow irritated and soothing all at once.

K'ane has what he went for - the mummy-man, whoever he is, ensconced firmly in his bloodied, calloused hands (no, K'ane isn't giving this one over for anything) - and stops only briefly to murmur something at Kyara and Sienna before quickmarching his bundle to Dhioth, mounting and winging back to the Weyr in hard-jawed, silent anger.

K'vvan totally has one of those guys and is shaking him even as he begins to complain. "Shut up, dips*t." is K'vvan's advice. He pulls him equal with Nadeeth then pauses. "Sir.. Nadeeth is keeping Kehemath calm." This is why he's not leaving; please don't yell at him.

«Back to the Weyr, Dhioth. Now. » Monumentally smaller or no, Eisheth rests sure in his authority. « You are of no help here, and I am not interested in hearing more from you. Move

Jivayath asserts herself, acrid perfumes smearing their stench all over her words. « Get your jobs done. Get the wounded out of here. Save the riders. One more crack from EITHER of you and…well you don't want to know the answer. » Neither does the dragon herself, likely, but that's neither here nor there. Anger like that will come up with something suitably punishy.

Squinting a look at K'vvan, A'lory offers a slight grin. "I can see that, K'vvan. Stuff a wad of something in his mouth would you?" And he turns back to eye the injured rider still on the ground, patiently waiting to be sure she can be moved. "Damned sure I'm very uninterested in hearing from him." As for the rest, there's some satisfaction at seeing them actually on their way out of there, and fast.

"Yeah. Okay." That's half-whispered back to Sienna before Kyara stops and regards A'lory with a hard, questioning look. A little understanding? No? Perhaps it's a little too much to ask from the bronzerider at this point. She will follow orders, of course. Like she always does. "Yes, sir," she counters the Weyrsecond crisply, watching K'ane's departure before casting one glance back at her friend. Liareth nudges her - reminding her that she's probably got a nicely bruised rib or two - and croons to both Kehemath and Nadeeth before crouching down to let Kyara up. She's still trying to keep it together…but there's no stopping the few tears that leak from the corners of her eyes as the pair becomes airborne. Back home it is. But guess who's not sleeping.

Sienna just snorts softly at the healer's warning that it's going to hurt. But then there's a long, weak, almost whimpered exhale of relief. "Thank Faranth for that," she whispers. "Bring on the pain, I gave birth to W'rin's twins." There's a little snicker at her little joke, and then Sadaiya is there. "I'm fine, Sadie, thanks to Kyara and K'ane." Turning her head a bit, she frowns at A'lory, but says nothing. She's still not sure if he outranks her or not. "Can you get A'lory to relax?" she murmurs to her friend.

While the other riders talk, the Healer continues to work, a smile breaking his face at Sienna's half-hearted jest. "Stay still, dear," he murmurs, and then is reaching down for the numbweed salve to apply it copiously to the wound. Generously he spreads it, then applies it. Bandages follow soon after. "This will do till we can get you back to the Weyr proper." He looks up at the large green hovering beside them. "I want her riding with someone else back to the Weyr, and not alone. Perhaps with you?" He shifts his gaze towards Sadaiya.

"Well you'll have to excuse me if your name combined with 'knife' and something about a dead guy don't exactly inspire confidence," Sadaiya murmurs, patting at a few loose strands of Sienna's hair. "Also, you are the second person who has asked me to get A'lory to calm down today. At least Igen is predictable in that regard. Peaston is a dick, A'lory needs to calm the hell down. This, though, I mean…what on earth?" As the healer addresses her, Sadie nods. "Oh of course I will. Not a problem. Do we have to keep her flat somehow or upright or what?"

"No, she can sit up. Just be careful, and get her into the infirmary right away," the healer replies, and moves to help Sienna sit, then stand. "Let's go, my dear."

K'vvan's captive begins to make a sound and K'vvan shifts his grip from the man's ropes to his hair. "You can also shut up again." Other riders have come and collected the last trio of malcontents, disappearing upwards between on order. Only K'vvan's man remains at the scene…where K'vvan will also remain until Kehemath and Sienna are gone.

Sienna exhales in relief when the numbweed finally touches her skin. "This is good," she murmurs. "Thank you." Shifting her gaze to Sadaiya, the greenrider smirks, and then looks back at the Healer. "Can someone check on K'ane and Kyara as well? A'lory sent them off but…they're also injured. They should have been checked over before they were made to go back home…" Frown. "Peaston?" She doesn't get that reference. "I-" and then she's being moved, gritting her teeth and whimpering. "No, no, no," she protests. "I need to lay down the whole way back. Just let Kehemath carry me, it'll be okay. Sadie and Jiv can fly straight with us, it's not that far."

With a slight grunt, Sadaiya rises with a slight spray of sand. "C'mon. We'll get you set up in the infirmary. It'll be nostalgic, like the eight million hours you spent there pushing out the twins!" Her voice has a distinctly false note of cheerfulness to it, almost manic. "We can BOTH fly on Kehemath, how about that? Healers know what's up, y'know, and I do not want to have to get a spatula to get you off of the ground if something else happens."

A slight snort of "RIDERS," comes from the healer as he packs up his bag. "Just get her home; she isn't about to die yet." He makes steps towards another rider who hasn't quite left yet and is taken away.

K'vvan pushes his captive onto Nadeeth's back and ties him down. "I'll help you get him onto her back, ma'am," K'vvan says once the man is secured.

Sienna snorts softly, giving Sadaiya a look before she blanches a bit. "Shards, W'rin is going to be furious," she mutters. "Just let Kehemath carry me here in her hand. Sadie, get on Jiv, we'll fly straight. It'll be okay. K'vvan," she glances his way, "thanks for coming." She means it. "We'll see you back at the Weyr."

"Nope!" chirps Sadaiya cheekily, looping an arm around Sienna's waist. "Can't do it. It's the rules, plus I outrank you. You don't want me to use my scary weyrwoman voice, right? I go with you on Kehemath. Oooh! I could even have Jivayath ORDER Kehemath. There's all sorts of perks to being me." Only the flash of light against the tears on her cheeks betrays Sadie's true worry. That and her totally strained voice.

Nadeeth sends out a tiny, tiny, tiny ribbon (she's totally afraid of Jivayath btw) to Kehemath, urging her to help her rider to pppllleeeasssee just do what the woman says.

Jivayath bwahahas. All bow to my l33t sup3r10r1ty.

Sienna sighs, rolling her eyes. "Fine then. Mount up on Kehemath and buckle in. I'm lying flat. There's no way I'm putting my back through sitting up on a ride home. I couldn't even put the belt around me." Kehemath curls her palm loosely, showing that Sienna can stay on her palm without falling off. Green dragon palm cage!

Kehemath snorts softly, mentally nuzzling Nadeeth before eying Jivayath. Those aren't even real words. n00b.

Nadeeth twists her ribbons away, skary, plez gets up, go?

"Yes, Kehemath, I know, but I'm still the boss." And with that, Sadaiya helps Sienna get herself situated and makes extra fuss about tying the poor woman in herself. They're off.

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