====September 15, 2013
==== Mayte, K'vvan, A'lory, M'yck
==== Mayte and K'vvan want to go spelunking in the Abandoned Caverns, only to be stopped in their tracks by M'yck. A'lory peeks in. After, it gets cute.

Who Mayte, K'vvan, A'lory, M'yck
What In the midst of spelunking, Mayte and K'vvan are arrested… in their tracks, by M'yck
When One Turn, two months, and 25 days until the 12th Pass
Where Abandoned Caverns



Abandoned Caverns
A tragedy of 400 turns ago wasted this cavern system which was, at its demise, private living quarters. The 'door' barring the entrance is a combination of loose wood planks and lumps of rubble too bothersome to move and suitable to make entering an unattractive past time. Not that there's anything captivating of the interior remains; a legitimate cave in of the base rock obstructs most of the ground though the chamber expands past its original dimensions when the wall to an adjoining room also collapsed. Grit and fine chips of stone carpet the floor, shreds of a rug are visible from under the weight of boulders. There is one undamaged glow sconce, but the vermin calling this abandoned cavern home aren't disclosing its salvageability.

Curious apprentices are good for one thing, and one thing only - hard labour. Fortunately, Mayte is on break, and moves into the cavern, oohing quietly to herself, "Gosh. What do you think happened here?" It's a testament to the discouraging powers of highers-up that Mayte has been in the Weyr for a few months and has yet to have explored these Caverns. And like all curious explorateuses, she came in by herself because who would waste the energy on assaulting a sole widdle apprentice? Some Rocks? Ridiculous. This trip is evidently planned because Mayte has a waterskin and a little basket of glows in her hands.

Cautiously entering the darkness from behind Mayte, a large shadowy figure moves slow and steady. Stopping at the entrance, M'yck's booming voice bounces off of the bare stone walls and repeats itself, over and over until it fades away. "Hey. What are you doing in here?" Arms crossed, his eyes track the glow's movements as it betrays Mayte's attempt at sneaking.

Don't jump… don't jump… Mayte does jump, turning quickly, the waterskin in her hand nearly popping from her deathgrip on it, "Just explo…" the sight of M'yck does manage to halt the explanation, "Oh. I'm exploring…" and because it's the sensible thing to do, she adds, "Sir." She waves the glows gently in front of her, "I'm not going in very far," because asking permission would be too much, so let's go for cold, hard fact. "I wanted to see what happened here." Detective Mayte, CSI: Igen Weyr squad.

"You don't have work to do?" M'yck apparently does not believe in breaks. "It's dangerous in here. Can't just be walking about." Though he rarely yells, the bluerider's words almost always contains a tone which suggests compliance. "Is that you, drink girl?" M'yck squints his eyes and peers into the dark, eyes straining as he attempts to uncover the trespasser's identity. "Shit fell, it's not complicated." Piercing the protective bubble, he takes a few more steps into the rubble.

There are spies everywhere in the Weyr, the most obvious being green dragons who have taking a liking to particular little female apprentices. Perhaps this is why K'vvan is suddenly striding into the dark of the caverns, his eyes blinking against the sudden darkness that envelops him. "Mayte?" he calls out, not able to see much of anything, in particular, the disliked blue rider.

"My Journeywoman has given me the evening off," is Mayte's simple explanation, and she eyes the bluerider as he moves closer to the darkness and further out of visual discerning, "Who?" What's a drink girl? Mayte is a Vintner, thank you. "Well, I guess that could have happened," her tone is only moderately dubious, not outright calling M'yck a liar, "But what if it was something else? Was it an accident?" K'vvan's entry into the cavern, gets a slightly annoyed huff that her cover is blown, "Yes, it's me. I'm over here," though from the echoes in the cavern, she's hard to pinpoint. "How did you know I was here?" she calls to K'vvan.

Though Mayte hasn't offered a direct response to M'yck's question, it is answered when K'vvan makes his entrance. Once identified, Mayte is largely ignored to focus on the new arrival. "K'vvan," it's a hello, of sorts. "Do you two come down here often?" Accusatory and short tempered, M'yck's head swivels back and forth between the two. "Well it wasn't on purpose…" His voice trails off as he nears the end of his words, indicating his thoughts on her hypothesis.

K'vvan wrinkles his nose a bit as the voice is identified as M'yck. A few steps into the darkness brings him close enough to be able to see the blue rider. "M'yck." His voice is cool. "Of course you would be slinking in dark corners." He turns his attention away from the rider, dismissing him as M'yck dismissed Mayte. "You okay Mayte? Nadeeth said you'd come in here alone."

Mayte shakes her head uselessly, carefully picking her way towards the other two voices, entirely forgetting to answer verbally. M'yck's hypothesis is taken into consideration, "I suppose… but why would the roof fall in now?" she asks, hopefully rhetorically, "Well, then, I mean." K'vvan's greeting to M'yck is met with a little wince as Mayte joins the band, "I was just looking around. Never been here before," and a quick look is shot at M'yck, "Why did you come in here?" she wonders. Unless he's the one who assaults little apprentices! Suspicious look.

It is dark, that is true. However, the look that M'yck sends K'vvan's way is likely detectable by that odd sixth sense. "Mind your tongue," if his normal tone promotes compliance, this one demands it. Slowly turning his head to Mayte, the bluerider offers his thoughts on the roof. "Who said it fell in recently? I've not seen anyone coming in or out of here since I've been here." And when Mayte questions him, "And then I saw you strolling in."

Look is met with look, man, if looks could create fire, there would be plenty of light here now. K'vvan uses the sound of Mayte's voice to draw nearer to the little vinter, putting himself almost between the caustic blue rider and his friend.

Mayte huffs quietly, "I didn't say it happened recently, or we would know what happened." Waving the glowbasket around, she continues, "You probably could have heard the sound, even where I'm from." Looking around for a beat, Mayte's eyes widen, "At Benden. Because I couldn't have done this." A little thing like her? Even so, her voice is a little defensive. She looks off into the gloom for a moment and then her eyes narrow a little at M'yck, "The last time I saw you…" her voice and its echoes trail off, the hand with the waterskin coming up to wave gently in the bluerider's direction, Mayte's face the epitome of trying to recall.

"I'm not saying you did this," M'yck's face adopts a look of confusion. "I came in here because folks shouldn't be in here. Period. I don't want to have to drag you out when the cavern collapses further." His eyes flick to K'vvan for a moment, before returning to the girl. "In the Catina." If she can't remember the rest, M'yck will not jog her memory.

"If it was that dangerous, they would block off the entrance." K'vvan folds his arms over his chest, staring at M'yck. And lurking just slightly out of the way so he isn't in the way of the pair, but so that M'yck can't get too close to her either.

Oh. Well. That's better. "I wasn't going to go in very far," and Mayte's trying to sound reassuring, but the idea of M'yck bodily dragging her out earns a wrinkled nose of disgust as well. Speaking of disgust, she glowers, "Yeeeeah, that's right. You took my drink." The addendum 'jerk' is framed by Mayte's lips but she humphs instead, "Was it at least any good?" Underneath the disgruntled tone, her voice lilts in curiosity - a professional vintner to be. She opens her skin and takes a large swallow, then holds it to K'vvan, "Would you like some? The air is dusty." The water isn't even wavered in M'yck's direction - he's already had his shot.

M'yck makes a show of looking over his shoulder towards the entrance, then back to K'vvan. "Did you miss the wooden boards? Or step right over them and ignore it?" Point made, the bluerider's eyes linger for a few more moments before shifting back to Mayte. "It got the job done," is his response, choosing not to expand on his thoughts. Remember now, M'yck doesn't need offerings. Recognizing K'vvan's protective nature, the bluerider takes a few long strides, circling around the two and blocking them from venturing further into the cavern.

K'vvan takes the water from Mayte, taking a quick sip. His eyes follow M'yck as he circles around the pair. A step forward again puts Mayte behind him. "She can go deeper in if she wants, she brought what she needed. And Nadeeth would hear her if she called." The little factoid slips out before K'vvan can bite it back.

Mayte purses her lips, "That good, then." That short statement is followed by a cheeky grin, "I'm still trying to figure out a name for them." With her free hand, Mayte gently pats one pocket, eyeing M'yck but not turning to follow him completely in his circling, "You wanna come with?" The invitation is in name only, by the tone of it, and though her eyes widen in slight surprise as the vintner looks way too far up at K'vvan, she adds, "Yeah, see, Nadeeth's around." SuperGreen to save the dayyyyy!

"K'vvan," Like a warning shot, M'yck proves that he knows the rider's name. "Get out of the cavern. Both of you." Hardened eyes demonstrate the seriousness of the order as the bluerider squares his shoulders to the greenrider. "Now." Crossing his arms about his chest, he'll do nothing but stare. And wait.

It takes every once of K'vvan Control(tm) for K'vvan to not hit the arrogent jerk standing in front of him. "You've no authority here blue rider, and if the girl wants to look around, she is allowed to." K'vvan's fists have curled, but he's keeping them in check, mostly by shoving them into his pockets.

Mayte sighs quietly, examining M'yck. The hand on her pocket tries to shift back down surreptitiously though the Vintner swallows. She watches M'yck curiously, "Are you sure?" she asks, just in case he might be kidding, but ums quietly, "K'vv?" Since M'yck is a lot larger than Peaston and everything, "We can… see other sights." Like these Caverns, sans M'yck,…

The word arrogance does not do the bluerider's attitude justice. As K'vvan's demeanor digs in to defiance, M'yck's eyes narrow in the darkness. "I've no care as to your wing, kid." Choice words smash at the younger rider's buttons. "I'll blame keeping the peace to get your ass out of here. So." A moment of silence lingers in the black void. "You can walk out. Or you can be dragged out." His eyes will flick to Mayte for a moment before they come back to rest on K'vvan.

Defiance for sure. "I've no desire to get into a fight with you." This at least only half true. Of course K'vvan wants to punch him. But there is the nasty little thing about not wanting to get kicked out of the Weyr for it. "Back off."

Quickly seeing the approaching end to any freedom once A'lory hears about this, Mayte starts to sound a bit desperate, "At least can we move out of here if you're going to have a fight?" she asks. If something falls on their heads, at least it won't CLEARLY be her fault. "Or, you know, talk it out over some wine." The possibility has a sort of glumness to it, like Mayte KNOWS this won't work, but it's worth the gamble anyhow.

"Then follow instructions." Ask, then make. M'yck takes a step to the side, providing K'vvan and Mayte with the necessary room to make their exit. Watching the two expectantly, "The goal is not to fight." Then, in a slightly lower octave. "And that's not what it'll be, regardless of your next decision." When Mayte chirps up, "Offering more alcohol, are we?"

IT HURTS. K'vvan's nails are digging into his palms, but W'rin's face is RIGHT THERE ROARING in K'vvan's mind. "You and I will have out day blue rider." He almost growls this. "After you rider." No, he's not moving till M'yck does. He doesn't trust the blue rider behind him.

So does this mean that Mayte shouldn't move until K'vvan does, or is that another game? She eyes them both warily, but doesn't move but to snort at M'yck, "Yeah, since I can't really do anything else right now. Last time I got into a fi…" A little wince and Mayte shakes her head. If M'yck hasn't heard the news by now… "Oh, shard it," Mayte says crossly, and takes a step to the door, looking over her shoulder to see if they're following, "You know, there's always the Pit in the Bazaar…" That's right, young lady, ENCOURAGE this…

It doesn't happen often, but M'yck will ask again. "I insist," on the day, or K'vvan leave first? It's dark, but a wink from the bluerider may indicate he's prepared for anything. When Mayte begins to move, "See, she understands. Now you." Short, pointed words instruct K'vvan- it's clear he's not budging. Ask. Then make.

He may be constraining himself, but MOVING is not something that he is currently capable of doing. So K'vvan STARES at M'yck in the dimness. Even Mayte's swearing doesn't get a rise out of him.

If that's asking, Mayte already knows what 'make' consists of. "You insist a lot, don't you," she grumbles, reaching out to take ahold of K'vvan's wrist. "Come on, K'vvan. If the Weyrsecond hears about this, I'll be toast," she mutters quietly. Ooops, hi, echo. "We're leaving," she says more loudly to M'yck, her back stiffening because she really doesn't WANT to understand, but she does - she has lost this round, again. Tugging at the stone-responsive greenrider to follow her, she asks M'yck, "Have you even BEEN to my store at all?"

"I am just doing my job," M'yck informs Mayte, as his left hand rises toward K'vvan. Moving to assist K'vvan in moving towards the exit, the bluerider will try to lightly push him. "Let's go," he insists again, as he refocuses on the girl. "Weyrsecond? What did you do?" Like a bee to honey, he's always seeking out the bad in people. "As a customer?"

K'vvan is STONE right now. Neither Mayte's tug or M'yck's push are likely to move him as he is grounded, FIGHTING the irrational rage that has reached up to swirl around him.

Mayte rolls her eyes, "Of course." Not too sassy, was that? Oh hey… Um, K'vvan doesn't seem to be moving. "K'vv. Let's go find Nadeeth and some pleasant company." In contrast to who they've found here. Harrumph. Mayte's expression turns surprised, sheepish, annoyed and finally, exasperated, "Oh, you didn't hear about that raid in the Bazaar?" A beat, then Mayte turns to look fully to M'yck, "I was representing my store, the guard burst in and I - got an elbow to the jaw." Yup, she says that super-casually, like it happens every other meeting, "Then the Weyrsecond yelled at me," because doesn't he yell at everyone? "and confined me to the store for a fortnight… which is JUST over, thanks… and I was thinking I hadn't seen you in there."

The only way to move stone is with a chisel. Therefore, M'yck's fingers turn to tools as he attempts to nick a pressure point or two, nudging K'vvan towards the desired result: leaving. "Let's go, kid." His tone is stern, and he's not enjoying the experience. "We are cleansing areas of disrepute. That would seemingly include your store." A canned response, clearly echoed from leadership. "Now. /Move/."

K'vvan BITES his lip, piercing the skin, flinching as M'yck hits those pressure points. He steps away, but deeper into the caverns, and not towards the light. "MAyte. Go. Now."

Mayte is shaking her head, "No, no, they were going after another store, or its owner. And the bruise on my jaw is pretty much all gone," and Mayte tips her chin proudly to display the faintly yellow and green skin - even if it's too dark to properly see it. This results in Mayte relinquishing her hold on K'vvan for a moment and then he steps away, deeper in, and Mayte blinks. "K'vv, we have to go now." And by 'we', Mayte is indicating an index finger between her and himself. M'yck can make up his own mind. "Come on." A worried look at the bluerider, "I don't want to stay, let's leave!" Wait, wasn't it Mayte who came in here in the first place?

As soon as K'vvan will step back, M'yck will follow with a purpose. "Listen to the girl," M'yck warns, reaching out again, but this time to grab him. If he's successful, fingers will dig in like knives, grabbing hold and pulling him towards the exit. If not, he's outstretched and wide open.

Give the kid a break. Ha arms remain stiffly at his sides as M'yck jerks him forward by his leather riding jacket. "Let go." K'vvan manages to get this out before biting his lips again. M'yck might notice a difference when he touches K'vvan, there isn't any flabby there now, it is all solid muscle.

This strange holding pattern, in the dark, with M'yck, is all well and fun, but enough is enough, "K'vvan." Mayte's tone is sharp, perhaps one Karrigon is used to. "We are going. Now." Ignoring that M'yck totally knows her name, she continues, "Let the nice bluerider take you to the door," and even Mayte's tongue has trouble wrapping around that idea, even though it's trying to sound gentler, "And we'll go elsewhere."

Stubborn as M'yck is, muscle and defiance will do little to deter him. As he has his initial hooks sank in, M'yck steps closer, attempting to diminish any space between them. "You're acting like a fuckin' child. Let's go." Fingers will continue to dig in as Mayte provides her insight.

The day is simply full of interesting scenes today! A'lory is making his way through the Caverns, surveying it for some unknown purpose, only there is a scuffle in the darker recesses. How unfortunate that he finds K'vvan and Mayte a part of it. "Well, now, children. What have we here?" His tone suggests the answer had better be stellar.

K'vvan is just here, blindly raging, thanks. His eyes have closed as he tries to keep himself composed, more than unable to respond to Mayte, M'yck or A'lory right now. M'yck's stronger arms re finally moving the thinner rider just by force, and he stumbles closer to the doorway and A'lory.

And this party just keeps getting better because, as Mayte covers her eyes in disbelief. "Hi, Weyrsecond," she says distractedly, eyes all on K'vvan and M'yck's dark outlines. "Well, the good bluerider," because she survived that first attempt, "and I are trying to encourage K'vvan to come out of the Caverns." No need to discuss just why they're here, trying to encourage K'vvan to come out of the caverns, is there? "But K'vvan is… upset," and oh thank Faranth, K'vvan is moving again, "And a bit… um, catatonic?"

The Weyrsecond's voice is slightly comforting to M'yck, evidenced by the nod and greeting. "Sir," is stated as an acknowledgement of his presence as he turns to follow after the stumbling Whirlie. "Keep it going," he orders, using his words to chase the pair out of the cavern.

"I see," A'lory drawls jovially. "A moment, M'yck, if you would." Because that state of catatonia is somewhat intriguing to see in a grown man, A'lory would study the effects of it. Moving toward the little group, he tucks his hands into his pockets and strolls, a cheerfully ominous, scruffy shadow amongst shadows. "I admit to perishing of curiosity: why are you all — " And one blunt, ink-stained finger points most decidedly downward. " — here?" Did they think they would escape the question so easily? How little they know him. A'lory always wants to know why. It's his motus operandi. And so, he waits expectantly, like an eager puppy, to hear this most entertaining tale. And while he's at it, he's gonna throw one out to M'yck. "And why did you feel the need to chase them out of here, other than the danger of the place caving in?" The which he is not entirely sure will happen right this moment.

K'vvan? Yeah, he's a PICTURE of a young man seriously trying not to do exactly what he wants to do, which is PUNCH THE STUPID BLUE RIDER. But no. A thin trail of blood here, from where K'vvan is CONTROLLING himself. Mayte, answer, please, now?

Mayte doesn't quite deflate, she just takes up a fraction less room than earlier. She doesn't even LOOK at M'yck because she knows how this will go - evidence of the last time's bruise at the very least hard to spot in this light, "I came in here because I was curious about in. I brought glows and water, and I wasn't going to go very far." Mayte's tone doesn't even attempt pleading her case further than the facts, "Then he came in," a wave at M'yck and K'vvan, "And K'vvan followed. Rider M'yck wanted us to leave right away, but… I reeeeally wanted to see. And K'vvan said he would stop me from getting hurt." She's totally not swooning.

Ceasing his snapping at K'vvan's heels, M'yck provides A'lory with his specimen. Straightening up as he enters what little light creeps into the void, the bluerider responds to the questioning. "Exactly that, Sir. Making sure these two don't get themselves hurt. Initially found the girl, and the rider came soon after." His eyes flick to the two before returning to A'lory. "After repeated requests to disperse, this one," a finger towards K'vvan. "Resisted."

A'lory actually rather likes this case she's presented — sound, reasonable, cautious. "I see." Insert wolfish grin here. "Well, Rider M'yck — release the boy ere he has a brainstorm, if you please. I trust — " And he levels a stern, warning glance on K'vvan, who should know by now very well what that stare means. " — you younglings will not explore too far, now will you, and stay within calling distance of yon green dragon? Should the place decide — after some four hundred Turns — that it would like to fall, I would prefer it if you were easy to dig out of here. No need to manhandle the lad; the situation is not that grim." He raises his eyebrows at M'yck, interested. "Mm. Did he. Well. He's well within his rights to, in this case — you have no authority to force his departure from here, no matter your opinion of where he should be. Release him, M'yck."

The voice of authority is finally speaking. K'vvan is finally released and he retreats from M'yck a few paces. DEEP breaths are being taken and he nods at A'lory, and even manages a " yes, sir."

Mayte is not the dumbest grape on the vine, but it still takes her a moment, caught up in her fantasy of never seeing the light of day again, to realize… what A'lory's said. And then there's some time of processing what that means, and only finally, as K'vvan replies, does Mayte purse her lips together to avoid looking like a stunned fish. "Sir?" she asks, "You… I'm not grounded again?" Because Kalligon was starting to make a friend.

Taking a deep breath, M'yck only has one move available, "Yes, Sir." Looking over to K'vvan, though, "Be careful, don't wanna get hurt." Mayte gets a look as well. "Anything else, Sir?"

"All is well." A'lory, ever the benevolent — look out, there, M'yck, you've officially been Grunkled. "I will ensure their safety, shall I?" Of course he shall, after his usual fashion. K'vvan and Mayte are eyed with a faint sparkle of the eye as the skinny Weyrsecond idly smoothes the curls from his brow — it's hard work being so… A'lory-like! — and smiles benignly upon the pair.

Look, K'vvan is just over here, finally having gained some composure. He wipes the bit of blood from his lip and turns to spit what had pooled in his mouth off to the side. Mayte gets a bit of a sheepish look, and he makes tracks AROUND M'yck. "Sorry," And he means it, really, really, really means it. Muttering.

K’vvan whisper, "But I didn't hit him, right?" to Mayte.

Mayte looks almost… sympathetically over at M'yck, and encounters that look… even the darkness of the Caverns is less compelling than that look. "Of course, sir," she tells M'yck very honestly. Not a smidgen of WINNING in that tone. And then, oh yes, Mayte looks at K'vvan, ensuring nothing other than some skin was broken and shakes her head, "Nope," she replies softly. Well done! Prizes for all! A'lory gets a curious stare - sure, the man had apologized for yelling, but don't most adults do that? Don't they?

All the tracks have been made, and so all the points have been made. As M'yck makes his way out, A'lory turns to K'vvan, giving him a nod of approval. "You controlled yourself admirably there, K'vvan. I commend you." Because A'lory might well have punched M'yck himself. Well done, young rapscallion. And for Mayte, a squinty-eyed stare, more teasing than serious. "And you, girl… " He grins, then, unable to remain serious. "Don't damage him anywhere visible, please. I'm not explaining that to W'rin." With that and a wink, the Weyrsecond strolls quite affably out, leaving K'vvan and Mayte to their own devices — probably to go and investigate other things to get into.
K'vvan stares at A'lory's back. Red, this time nothing to do with anger runs across his face. Thank goodness for dark.

Mayte watches the two menaces (for entirely different reasons) walk out, blinking a bit. She turns to the red K'vvan and slowly lays a hand on his arm, "Did that really just happen?" She thought her wherry was cooked, man!

Flabbergasted is K'vvan. "I… have NO idea what just happened Mayte. I thought He was going to toss is for sure." He wipes his lip again, no blood this time though.

It is still dim in here, right? K'vvan looks down at the girl from where he is slumped against a wall, still utterly surprised. "Sorry for freezing like that."

Mayte gently touches fingertips to K'vvan's knuckles, then lets her hand drop. She's still got glowbasket and waterskin in here, and it casts interesting shadows. For a moment Mayte pauses, then sighs, "It's okay. You were keeping from punching him, right? And it worked." Big phew there. "And," the mischievous apprentice grins, "We didn't get into trouble, probably because you didn't hit him." Ooo's a good boy, then?

"Yeah, the idiot." A grin finally spreads across his face and he reaches out for her hand. He's starting to get all touchie tolerant here!

Mayte giggles very very slightly, scratching the crown of her head-scarf unconsciously. Imagine if Mayte got used to this thing! "Are you feeling better, at least?" she asks, not quite looking down but as K'vvan's hand enfolds hers, Mayte is definitely not moving away from it. Maybe touchy can be okay. But K'vvan only!

"Yeah, though Nadeeth is telling me I'm stupid," and something about Whirlwind. He runs a thumb gently over the palm of her hand.

Mayte snorts, "But you didn't, and that's why we're not in trouble." Oh, and because it was the Weyrsecond who found them. Mayte does look down now at their hands and then quickly back up, a serious expression in her dark eyes. The itching of her crown continues and some strands of hair are scratched out of their confines.

"Do you have to wear that thing?" K'vvan points to the head wrap with his free.hand.

Startled from her thoughts, Mayte blinks owlishly, "This? Um. Probably in public, but," a little breathless laugh, "I guess I'm okay here." Despite her eagerness to get-it-off-get-it-off!!, Mayte takes time t slowly undo clasps and knots - the fabric, however solid, is still soft to the touch.

K'vvan reaches up to help with the knots and other stuff that FEMALE wear entails.

You'd think with two hands, it would be easier, but nooo. However, all fun things must come to an end, and the fabric does fall, letting Mayte's hair tumble out from under it. "Oh," she says, closing her eyes, letting her hair wave back and forth, "That feels so nice again…" If Pern had TVs, this would be an Herbal Essences commercial.
K'vvan takes a moment to reach out to touch that hair of hers, now standing way too close. Close enough he starts to feel uncomfortable and begins to take a step backwards.

A little sigh as K'vvan starts to back up, but Mayte eyes the wall behind him. She does a good deed one time, and never gets any again. Story of her life. Patting down the new errant hairs that have been begging to get out of that scarf for soooo long, Mayte smiles up at K'vvan, a little sheepishly. Still, she daringly brushes her knuckles against his. Risque!

Mayte is too young for getting any. K'vvan hits against the wall, having forgotten it was so close. "Hey… Mayte? The other night…."

Everyone thinks Mayte is too young to get any, except for Mayte herself. If Mayte was any older, she would press the advantage, but K'vvan's words distract her enough, "You mean the other night, in the bazaar?" Just a second, she's pulling at the dowdy collar of the shirt. Mmmm is for Modesty, right?

No, you know…. after. When Nadeeth left us alone." K'vvan doesn't elaborate for a second, "Sorry I was so…. forward. I wouldn't want to… ever… you know?" K'vvan stammers his way though that, red on his cheeks again.

Mayte nods quietly, "Yeah. I remember." Oh look, it's regrets! Mayte sighs and takes a step back. "You know," she says slowly, "If you had been sober, I would have been all for it. I didn't want to take advantage of you, that night." Maybe it's the frustration of the afternoon, or maybe K'vvan needs it spelled out, "Maybe I want you to, 'you know'. You've been wonderful, and sweet, but I'm…" Vexed Mayte is vexed, running a hand through her hair, "I can't believe I'm saying this, but, you're driving me crazy." Mayte has tried all the wiles, and NOT tried the wiles, and it's taken her backwards. An immodest girl/woman in modest times.

FROWN. "You… want to? But…" There is clear confusion in K'vvan's tone at this turn of events. He runs a hand though his hair, brushing it back and it falls forward again. "Are you sure? Because, I mean, are you really sure?"

If it looks like a wherry, and it smells like a wherry, Mayte is still suspicious that this is a sign of progress. "Well… Yeah." Le duh, if Pern had French, "I really like you, K'vvan. Really really hard." Even if he can barely put one romantic foot in front of the other. "You're a good guy, you treat me really well, and…" This is where it becomes uncomfortable, "I wouldn't mind… um, stepping out with you. And what that entails." A meaningful look, "Like, waking up with you NOT on the ledge." Good deeds never went unpunished like THIS before.

K'vvan stares. Stares. "Oh! but, ah," K'vvan looks down at the girl, a slightly foolish smile finding his face. "I wouldn't mind the walking, bit I'm… I'm not quite ready for the other… can we go… slow?"

Mayte sags slightly, a slightly relieved smile on her face - K'vvan hasn't run out the door. This is a whe.. er, victory. "Alright," Mayte says, one of those big smiles coming on, "I get that. And… Yeah. I'm good with slow." Slow forwards is better than fast backwards (thanks, C'ptain and Obviouth), and Mayte purposefully reaches her hand out to brush the back of it against K'vvan's hand again. And things seem to have come full circle: Mayte is still without pants. "I like you, K'vv," and somehow, she misses the end of his name. "Can I kiss you?" Because we're all with the openness now, right?

No one has shortened his name in a long time, and he likes it. "Sure." Well, actually, he isn't sure at all but he leans forward anyway.

If it gets this willing reaction from K'vvan, Mayte will call him K'vv forever. She reaches up and very cautiously curls one hand over K'vv's shoulder, then presses her lips into his for a moment, then two, then thr… Wow, K'vvan's tall. Dangit, she overbalances slightly and has to brace herself, both hands, against falling into the poor man, "eep!"

mnmmmmm apprentice! K'vvan holds totally still through the kiss. When she over balances though, he grabs her, arms wrapping around her waist in an instinctive need to keep her safe. He gathers her close right against him in fact, and he realizes it and freezes, but forgets to let her go.

Mayte is tasty apprentice, yes? For a moment, the kiss doesn't seem to be going well, until Mayte loses her balance and … is held up by K'vvan's muscular arms. "Oh!" is what she says and freezes herself, looking up at him. Gradually, dark eyes change from surprised to deeper and she licks her lips, a little nervous habit since she can't play with her hair in that stupid scarf

Even K'vvan can't mess this one up. Bending his head he presses his lips gently to hers, his arms holding the girl right there for now.

Nope, K'vv is doing super well, here! Mayte's breath hitches ever so quietly and responds to the kiss, very content as she is, until oxygen becomes necessary, and she pulls away just a little. "Umm." It's not the uncertain 'um', it's the 'umm' of enjoyment. "That was really nice," and ensuing giggle that shakes Mayte's chest. Soon, the light starts to die and she sighs, sadly, turning to look at K'vv's chest and rest her forehead there so briefly. "Glows are dying. I guess we should had back."

It is good she brakes when she does, K'vvan is getting super close to his touching limit for the day. Or week. "Yeah." He lets her go and steps away to gather up the glows and whatever was lost in their adventure.

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