September 20, 2013

Aaron, Katarina

Taking the dragon out for a spin

Who Aaron, Katarina
What Some fun with Xenokkarath
When 1 turn 2 months and 9 days until the 12th pass
Where Southern Weyr & Environs

Katarina stands on the ledge pulling her riding gloves on. She'd sent Aaron inside to change into warmer clothing. After she checks her own gear, she walks over to Xenok to check his straps. A pull here and a tug there and the dragon is ready to go. Katarina mounts and talks to Xenokkarath silently and does her straps as they wait for the burly Smith.

You sense that Xenokkarath creeps into your mind with a vein of excitement. The desert wind brushes your face as the sent of hot sand and Ozone surrounds you.

Aaron doesn't take long at all, having brought everything up with him. Boots, pants, and jacket are all quickly donned, and before long the giant man is back on the ledge, helmet and goggles in hand. With an assist from Xenok, he climbs up onto the brown's neck with practiced ease and starts to strap himself in. "Alright, I'm good!" he says, excitement clear in his voice. "And I'm about to melt. Shall we?"

Katarina giggles and turns to make sure his straps are tight and then she nods at him. "Ready?" She asks, and before Aaron can answer, Xenokkarath's giant muscles bulge and then they're airborne. The ground creeps away by feet….yards, as he pushes his way up with his mighty wings. Katarina whoops loudly over the rush of wind and Xenokkarath's roar of excitement.

You sense that Xenokkarath leaks to you a feeling of joyous excitement

Aaron is indeed ready, and lets loose a joyous whoop of laughter as Xenok takes to the skies. Leaning forward, he yells into Kat's ear, hoping that she hears him over the growing rush of air. "Thank you both for this!!!" And that's all there really is to say as his eyes take in the view of the Weyr from the air, a sight that never gets old!

Katarina giggles and nods as the take to the skies. They climb higher and higher, and the higher they get the colder it gets…the harder it is to breathe. Katarina looks over the side and the weyr is an ant hill. Nope, not high enough yet. She urges Xenokkarath on with a slap to his haunch. "Come on love…le's show 'I'm wha' ye've got"

Aaron is so wrapped up in the flight, absorbing the experience, that he doesn't seem to notice the cold or the lack of air for a good long while. When he does, his only reaction is to finally pull on his helmet and strap the goggles in place. He's been a-dragonback many a times since being assigned to Igen, but never on a flight taken just for the joy of it. He thinks about trying to speak, but can't think of any words adequate to express his joy in this.

Katarina is lost in the thrill. When they reach a height where the cold is bitter and the air so thin it makes a person dizzy, Xenokkarath evens out. The trio drift for a moment, Xenokkarath giving the humans a moment to enjoy the view. Katarina takes that moment, drinking in the sight of Pern in all her glory, from this far above. then she turns, gives Aaron a mischievous smile and wink and then slaps Xenokkarath on the haunch. Xenok gives a loving rumble and nosedives. Katarina leans forward and puts herself flush with Xenokkarath's neck, hoping that Aaron knows to do the same. Xenokkarath flattened his wings to his sides and begins a lazy spin. (think of how a drill bit turns.) The air speeds by them as the ground seems to creep towards them. Katarina thrills in the apparent slow motion view.

Aaron has no idea what's coming, and is busy admiring the view. That smile he gets from Kat is all the warning he gets, and then… OHSHITOHSHITOHSHIT GOING DOWN! Only Kat's demonstration of what to do preserves him, and he tries to make himself as small as possible (ahahahahaha!) against the big brown's neck. Hands grip desperately against whatever they can reach, the cold having numbed them and made them feel like heavy, useless clubs at the ends of his arms. Screaming? There might be a little bit of that, if it can be heard over the slipstream.

Katarina lets out wild whoops of excitement. Xenokkarath unfurls his wings and they soar up for a moment before evening out. Xenok flies at a steady rate, giving Kat and Aaron a chance to sit up and let the adrenalin cool a little.

Aaron notices that they're not falling any more about ten second into the not-fallingness, and slowly sits back up straight, relaxing tingling fingers from their death grip on the riding straps. "THAT WAS AMAZING!" he shouts! "Do it again! Woooohooooo!"

Katarina rises up from Xenokkarath's neck and laughs. "Did ye 'ear 'im Xenok?" The brown rumbles an ascent. Katarina looks back at Aaron and smiles. "Ye sure love?" She gives him an out, just in case he needs a minute.

Aaron returns that smile with a fierce grin of his own and a nod. "That was amazing! I wanna see what you two can really do!" It seems that our Smith has found something more entertaining then feline hunting, and arguably less dangerous!

"Alrigh' love, hold on ta yer arse!" She leans in close go Xenok's neck again and gives him the briefest of touches. They glide for a moment as Kat speaks with Xenok, and the dragon rumbles and seems to agree. Kat gives Aaron the signal to lean in just before Xenokkarath dips his nose and begins to plummet. The dragon flaps his wings a few times, speeding up their decent before pinning his wings to his side in that same drill spin. He plummets for a few hundred feet before unfurling his wings. He does a few barrel rolls, a few lazy eights and then he's plummeting again….

Aaron is hanging on for dear life again, but if anyone were to take a peek into his head, they'd find nothing but a rush of adrenaline and unaldurated glee. This sort of freedom, just for the joy of it… He's never experienced anything like this.

Katarina is whooping with joy as they spiral down. Xenokkarath unfurls his wings, just hundreds of yards above the ground, pumping them hard so that they can climb the skies once more. Katarina's eyes stream with water but her entire being vibrates with joy.

She isn't the only one whooping it up. Aaron finally relaxes his death grip against the straps, one hand in the air and the other affectionately pounding on the great brown beastie beneath him. "That was AMAZING! Kat, thank you so much! And tell Xenok he's /awesome/ for me, please?!"

Katarina laughs and nods. "Ye're welcome Aaron and I will." Xenok doesn't fly as high this time before he dives. Below lies the canopy of the jungles and it rushes up at them at a rapid pace. Xenokkarath evens out just above the canopy and glides along it. Katarina sits up and puts her arms out to the wind, her joyous laughter peeling out behind her. "/This/….this is what I love most about being a rider…" She says, as if thinking aloud.

Aaron leans forward once Xenok's in level flight, pressing his chest to Kat's back. "I can totally see that," he says with laughter in his voice. "This beats working in the forge any day of the week. Wow!" Yup, still at a loss for words!

Katarina laughs softly. "I coulda tol' ye tha'!" She is being deliberately obnoxious as she wrinkles up her nose and turns to wink at him, looking mischievous. Xenokkarath continues his lazy flight, wheeling around to head back towards the weyr.

Aaron doesn't think she's the least bit obnoxious, though he does reach forward and tickle her just a little. "Aye, you could've, but I don't think I would've appreciated it as much." He grins, then leans back a little, looking out and just enjoying the view.

Katarina laughs and joins Aaron in enjoying the view. "I'm glad ye're enjoyin' yerself love." She leans in against Aaron and watches the scenery fly by.

Aaron wraps his arms around the little rider, quite content to just hold her there as they fly back to the Weyr. "How could I not? Great company and, well, that's gotta be one of the most amazing things I've ever done. All of my flights up until now have consisted of taking off, going ::between:: as soon as it was safe, and then landing. Nothing like that."

Katarina smiles. "Och well I'm gla' Xenok an' I could give ye yer firs' taste o' it then." She smiles as they come up over the rim of the bowl and start to head towards the river cliffs.

Aaron mmms, deep in his chest, and doesn't say anything else, content to just hold her and enjoy the scenery. He stays like that until Kat's weyr comes into view, at which point he lets go with a little sigh and prepares himself for the landing. "That's the problem," he finally responds. "Now I'm gonna want to keep doing it." Oh, darn.

Katarina chuckles as they land. "I don' see a problem with tha'" She slides off Xenok and is just a little unsteady when she hits the ground. She slaps Xenok on the side and smiles. "Thank ye love…" She murmers to the dragon. "If ye would go inside and ge' us somethin' ta drink, Ill meet ye after I remove Xenok's straps."

Aaron unbuckles himself and slides off too, though he pauses to give Xenok a respectful bow. "Thank you, Xenokkarath," he says. Kat gets a quick kiss from the Smith, and then he goes inside the weyr, busying himself behind the bar.

You sense that Xenokkarath winds through leaving feelings of exhilaration and a happy heart. He'd enjoyed the flight to. He leaves you with a the soft caress of a warm desert wind.

Katarina walks into the weyr after de-strapping Xenok and rubbing him down. She peels off her gloves and riding jacket and tosses them over the back of a couch. "I'm gla' ye had fun love." She says in a sing song voice as she idles up to the bar.

Aaron has already stripped off his riding gear and is back down to his normal clothes, sleeves pushed up against the heat from outside. He's gotten all to used to cooler weather. "I had a blast… I honestly had no idea that it'd be that… exhilarating. Thank you, again." He's got two glasses of cool juice poured, and hands her one. "To future happiness," he says with a wink, stealing her toast.

Katarina chuckles and clinks her glass to his. "To future happiness. .." She echoes, taking in some of that nice cool juice. She has to hide a yawn behind her hand. "Mayhaps a nap before dinner, I dinna know abou' ye…bu' I'm worn ou'" She smiles and gives Aaron a wink.

Aaron hmmmms softly, grinning at that wink. "That… sounds like an excellent idea," he says, sipping at his juice and heading deeper into the weyr.

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