====December 19th, 2013
==== S'kyre reflects on his first encounter with Thread, and I'tani suggests they celebrate staying alive.

Who S'kyre, I'tani, and their dragons
What A quiet reflection by S'kyre turns into a suggestion of celebration by I'tani
When There are 0 turns, 5 months and 6 days until the 12th pass
Where Igen



Atsusath's Ledge
Neither small, or large this ledge is large enough to comfortably allow for two dragons to sun themselves. The ledge is neat, clean, and organized something that isn't what would be expected given the personality of the rider that lives in
the weyr beyond.

S'kyre leans against the arch of the opening of the ledge. Sleeping on his couch is Atsusath, there are the tell tale signs of recent thread scoring on Atsusath's left flank. A matching healing thread score can be found to cross from left shoulder down to upper arm on S'kyre.

A pot of numbweed is in easy reach as rider watches dragon, “You did well. Though I'd prefer if we ducked faster,” the comment is soft, and the snort from the brown comes slowly, « We did well. I will duck faster next time. That hurt. I don't wish to repeat that experience. »

Atsusath's comment is unexpected, “I thought you were sleeping. Do you hurt now? Would you like me to apply some more numbweed?” The questions are answered with a snort, « You are hurt too. We will heal faster than most. »

“S'kyre!” I'tani's voice is distant at first, then grows as he and Wacieth draw closer. S'kyre blinks and steps out of the way as his twin's brown back wings into a landing on the ledge, “S'kyre are you alright?” ah brotherly concern. A nod is given to I'tani, “I'm fine. It was very miner, so we should be back in the air in no time.”

I'tani nods, “Wacie and I were lucky. Not so much some of the younger greens,” S'kyre nods, “I heard. Thirteen lost, all told I suppose that's not so bad but it would have been better to not have lost any. I don't want to hear what W'rin will say about that,” I'tani gives a nod, and looks at Atsusath, “He'll be alright, yes?”

A soft rumble from Atsusath is given, and both browns gently nudge I'tani. This action earns a grin from both riders, and a clap on S'kyre's good shoulder from I'tani, “Let's go celebrate. We'll hear W'rin's raging soon enough.”

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