==== December 20th, 2013
==== Kyara, Sienna
==== Two friends regroup a bit the morning after the Threadfall over Keroon.

Who Kyara, Sienna
What Two friends regroup a bit the morning after the Threadfall over Keroon.
When Morning. There are five months and five days until the 12th Pass. Supposedly.
Where Dragonhealer Yard, Igen Weyr


Dragonhealer Yard
Painfully elegant, a stubborn brand of cleanliness is retained in the gentle colors of faded murals and various curtains hung from the rusted metal poles meant to shelter injured dragons on spacious couches lining the permanently soot-stained limestone walls. Of a dusty no-color somewhere between brown and gold, the floor extends onward, fading beneath ragged cabinets built to withstand anything from lashing draconic tails to various medicinal spills.

Daybreak did not reveal the day before to be a dream - much to Kyara's chagrin. Not that she expected it to. The streak of fire across her leg, while much duller in pain than the night before, reminded her all too clearly upon waking, as did her perception of the pain from Lia's wing. She went out to renew the numbweed on her lifemate before tending to her own, and while the wounds are comparatively superficial, Kyara isn't taking any chances - despite Liareth's reassurances. She has them down in the dragonhealer yard now, off to the side from those more badly injured, and the greenrider stands with her hand upon Lia's neck as her dragon is looked over - her expression inscrutable as she gazes over the other scored dragons present here.

Sienna and Kehemath have been with the Weyrlings, as they had been since the Fall began. Kehemath belched no flame, seared no Thread, but she and her rider zipped around the skies and helped lead the Weyrlings to resupply missions and communication assistance. Sienna is making her own rounds, first to the dragonhealer yard. Spotting Kyara and Liareth, her steps quicken slightly as she approaches, eyes scanning both of them, swiftly and searchingly.

Kyara doesn't spot Sienna right away, her gaze still crossing the yard in slow surveillance. Once she does, however, the still-somewhat-shell-shocked veneer of inscrutability drops away, her eyebrows lifting as she takes a slightly stiff couple of steps away from Lia. "We're alright," she states evenly, if with a bit of a rasp. "We survived; we're alright." Hug, incoming; it's almost as if she needs assurance that she's not fooling herself by her own words.

Sienna needs a hug too, as she embraces her friend tightly. Very tightly, just holding her, breathing in slow, deep, even breaths. "Thank Faranth for that," she whispers thickly, breath hitching slightly before it steadies again.

Holding just as tightly, Kyara screws her eyes shut hard when tears burn around the edges, not speaking until she's sure her own voice is going to hold up. "I'm not sure this feels…real, yet," she murmurs. "I mean, my leg and Lia's wing are pretty clearly telling me it's sharding real…and those are nothing, relatively. Not compared to…" Faranth, she can't even say that part; she feels what Lia's echoing back from other dragons still, and those compounded by their riders. She swallows, restarts. "Those of us who were your weyrlings…you taught us well, see?" she ventures, fingers absently stroking her friend's hair a few times before she pulls away a bit to look at her. "And the ones you have now did brilliantly; we were never wanting for firestone. Freak Fall or no, we…we did as we ought." She bites her lip a little bit, even chancing a bit of a smirk. "Some of us in dresses, no less."

Sienna squeezes her eyes shut and hugs her close. "It…I know…" she whispers, nodding as she listens. Then she blushes, a soft, shuddering breath taken and let out again. "I…I hope so. I'm glad for it," she whispers at the reassurances, looking at her friend with red, wet eyes. Then she snorts. Those dresses. Faranth. She's never going anywhere in a dress again ever.

"Might not have even got through to my skin, if I'd been in leathers," Kyara supposes, shaking her head ruefully as she spots the dragonhealer coming her way. "Another couple days, and she'll be fine for between again," the man tells her quietly, eyes and voice haggard from his exertions through the night. "Don't neglect your own hide, greenrider. Clear skies." Kyara gives the man a gentle clap on the shoulder and a flick of a salute, and Liareth moves in close to her lifemate and Sienna, quiet croon of assurance aimed at the AWLM. "Can we…move just over there, maybe?" She gestures beyond the boundary of the yard, to where it meets the Bowl. "It hurts, standing here. Feeling them." She glances at the other injured dragons. "It's something new to have to learn to tune out." Even now she's shifting in the direction she indicated. "Did any of the weyrlings get scored at all?"

Sienna nods, "Well, hopefully we never again have to ride Fall in our gather best," she murmurs, a brief and slightly selfish thought for her destroyed gown. "Sure, we can move wherever you want," she says quietly, smiling softly at Liareth. As they move away, Sienna gives a quiet but rather matter-of-fact account of the Weyrlings and how they fared. "They flew well, considering," she concludes softly.

Once they're beyond the yard, Kyara leads off to the left, putting the place out of sight around the side of an outcrop that partially forms the complex in which the infirmary and ground weyrs are built - a spot still mostly shaded from the morning sun. At a silent request, Liareth flips her right wing open, allowing Kyara to inspect the shallow scores that have been newly coated in numbweed. "That would be ideal, yes," Kyara agrees, fingers tracing along the thin yet resilient foresail. It'd be a lie to say she hasn't had a flicker of selfish thought over her own lost dress, too; that thing was beautiful. Lia folds her wing closed, and Kyara leans up against the outcrop, slowly sliding to sit in the sand with her scored leg kept straight. A sigh escapes her, and she glances up at her friend. "Considering," she echoes, nodding. "Lia told me…one of Southern's weyrlings got caught really badly. The dragon, not the rider, but still. Just goes to show how much Thread truly doesn't discriminate." Tears well up again at the memory of death, and she leans her head back against the rock. "I'll bet W'rin would like to strangle a few starcrafters about now." The feeble attempt at levity doesn't even sound like one to her, and doesn't help her tears; the greenrider's breath hitches a few times. "It…we did everything we could, didn't we, Sienna? People died…but not because we failed. Right?" The question is almost weak as Kyara voices it - her own method of continuing to sort things out.

Sienna and Kehemath follow, one of Sienna's hands reaching out to rest briefly and gently against her lifemate's neck, especially as they both watch Liareth's wing. The greenrider settles slowly and carefully beside her friend, her still healing back giving her more twinges after the harsh flying of Fall. "Thread is Thread," she murmurs. "It…doesn't pick and choose, it just is." She glances at her dragon, having had some experience with that sort of wildness. Mindless. Instinct. As for W'rin and the starcrafters, the greenrider just shrugs with a small smile. Then she reaches for Kyara's hand and sighs. "We did everything we could. Every single thing. We've been training for Turns. We were taken by surprise. We…did the best we could. We didn't fail them." She has to believe that or she'll never sleep again.

Kyara lets her hand be taken, her grip gradually tightening as she listens to Sienna's words, and she nods. She lets her head fall to rest on her friend's shoulder for a long, silent moment, while Liareth settles in the sand before them - perhaps a little protectively, her tail curling around to settle against her lifemate. "How's your back doing?" the greenrider asks suddenly, brow furrowing slightly as she raises her head to look at Sienna again. "Between can't have helped the healing…"

Sienna shifts her other arm around Kyara's shoulders, hugging her close. "It hurts," Sienna says quietly with a small shrug. "Wasn't so much between as the…jerking around in the straps." That was hard flying, but she can't hide the look of pride to Kehemath as the nimble green settles beside Liareth with a low rumble. "But it's healing, it'll be fine," she says almost dismissively.

Though her look for Sienna is a shade uncertain, Kyara smiles a little. "Good," she answers. "Yeah, it was pretty crazy up there. Got my ribs aching again, that's for certain. Though it was more the wind than a lack of grace, hm?" Liareth rumbles at the question half-voiced her way, sounding at bit smug and drawing a bit of a chuckle from her rider. "I wasn't expecting fighting Thread to feel like that," Kyara observes quietly. "Lia and I becoming so one in focus, so other. Almost like a flight, in that way." She blinks, frowning. "If we hadn't been so caught off-guard, I almost would have felt like fighting Thread was…I don't know, almost thrilling in some awful, twisted sense. Terrible…but fulfilling at the same time." She shivers under Sienna's arm. "It almost feels wrong to say that, but it's true."

Sienna smiles a bit. "Part of me wishes we'd flamed," she admits, glancing at her lifemate. "I know what you mean about the oneness though. Linked so close. And it was thrilling. No other word for it. It wasn't good, but…it was definitely thrilling. It's not wrong. It was exciting in the worst possible way. Life or death. And…Faranth, but we felt alive."

Kyara's look at Sienna now is more on the surprised side - not of the 'what are you talking about' variety, but more of the 'never thought of it that way' sort. "Alive. That's…yeah, that's how we felt. Once that first bit of shock and panic wore off." Of course, the shock and panic were all her; she isn't sure whether or not Liareth has any concept of those things apart from what she gets from Kyara. "I guess it only makes sense, though. It's…what we're for, after all. And maybe that'll be a little less convoluted the next time we fight. Whenever that is." She groans a little, scrubbing a hand over her face. "Faranth, how are we even supposed to know, now? I guess we'll all just have to keep a double-sharp ear out for orders…" She sighs, wincing as she shifts her leg a bit and then looking to Sienna again, smirking ruefully. "When it rains, it pours, yeah? No surprise for us, I suppose. I guess these things are what make us who we're supposed to be, here and now."

Sienna nods, listening quietly as Kyara speaks. "That…I don't know," she admits, looking skyward for a moment. "But that's neither of our jobs, really…" To figure that out. "We just keep doing what we're doing I suppose. As best as we can, which is pretty damn good."

Kyara nods agreement again, slowly. Sienna's last few words sink in a little more, and an actual smile - small, but present - curves her lips. "Yeah. Pretty damn good. And it can only get better from here on." She hugs Sienna once more and then shifts to stand, rising slowly and offering her friend both hands for help up. "At least, that's the hope, I know." She sighs again, glancing around the Bowl as if there's something different about it, something she'd never noticed before. Perhaps there is. "Everything still hurts," she murmurs. Physically, or emotionally? Both, really. "That'll just be the way of it, I guess. Thanks for finding me out here, Sienna. Catch up with me again later, if you want. I'm thinking a drink or two might be in order, tonight." There's still a lot that could stand some numbing.

Sienna helps Kyara up and then accepts her help to rise herself, offering another hug. "Right," she says with a small but genuine smile. "We'll do that," she promises with a nod, pushing curls out of her face. "Of course I will. You both take care, we'll see you later." Kehemath offers her friend a gentle, tender nuzzle before the pair are heading off back to the training grounds.

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